How much per click do eBay partner network pay on average?

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I got accepted for the eBay affiliate network yesterday on my Amazon sites. I'm looking to split-test the two networks. From what I understand, eBay pays on a per-click model, based on the past performance of your traffic and their search/buying history?

Does anybody have any rough figures of what's achievable per click?
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    I can only comment on my experience with squidoo.

    I add both ebay and amazon, and amazon to ebay is like
    comparing a whale with a flea.

    It is much easier to buy from amazon for most people, and
    toss in private parties to deal with and there you have it.

    Amazon has a huge trust factor.

    Anyone wanting ebay will undoubtedly go to ebay in the
    first place.

    Ebay has a far different pricing structure than amazon, as
    ebay pays for the value of a click, not just a sale. Your
    clicks have got to be valuable to ebay. I think they even
    give you a running tab on your estimated cost per click on
    a daily basis. Looks like they want you to recruit new people
    to join ebay, so even if you don't make a sale, you have
    signed up a new person for future bidding.

    I would put ebay on pages that are ripe for people that might
    like online auctions.


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