Do exact match domains still rank? (ex:

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Simple answer.


I haven't seen much of a change at all for exact match domains that I own. The main thing to note here is to have proper onpage optimization. But overall EMDs are ranking just fine for me and I've seen others doing well with them.

I'd like to share a snippet from SEOMoz (or Moz..).

"The ranking ability of exact and partial match domains (EMD/PMD) has been heavily debated by SEOs recently, and it appears Google is still adjusting their ranking ability (e.g. this recent post by Dr. Pete). In our data collected in early June (before the June 25 update), we found EMD correlations to be relatively high at 0.17 (0.20 if the EMD is also a dot-com), just about on par with the value from our 2011 study:


"The increase in correlations between March and June says that the EMDs that are still present are ranking higher overall in the SERPs, even though they are less prevalent. Could this be Google removing lower quality EMDs?"

Source: 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors - Moz

I'd like to add on that I definitely see what they are talking about.

If you're setting up junky EMDs with a bunch of BS content just to rank.. good riddens you don't deserve to rank anyways.

But if your using an EMD and actually putting work into it and continuing to work on it... they seem to hold a lot of value and in many cases I've seen better rankings as of late, especially with localized results.
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    Lower quality EMD's can still work as long as the quality is not too low like a 3 page site that's over monetized.

    I have quite a few EMD's that are ranking well and in the range of 20-40 pages large.

    I am just much more careful with using the EMD as anchor text as that seems to be a huge killer to me (talking about affiliate sites btw), normal sites can handle a lot more.
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    Yeah, they work really well now that Google has decided to focus so much on branding. A money keyword will actually be interpreted as your brand so you can increase your "money anchor text" distribution. But you still have to be careful because if you overdo it you'll get smacked
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    Do you guys prefer EMDs with dashes or without? I have a high traffic page that I want to spin off to its own site and give it an EMD.

    Edit: NVM, I see another hyphen discussion..
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    Thanks Justin!

    Btw, where did u find your writers? I'm about to try out writers from Elance.
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    An EMD by itself isn't SEO.
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    EMD still works. You just need more focus on your SEO plan because may be your targeted keyword has lot of competition...

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