Good Affordable Keyword Tool/Software?

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Hi Warriors,

I'm looking for affordable keyword tools/software/plugins which are around 20 bucks a month.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :-)
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    Have you tried Long Tail Pro? If not then try it does have a free version as well.
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    A great keyword tool I use is Micro Niche Finder:

    Micro Niche Finder - The Keyword Tool for Internet Marketers

    It is updated all the time and you pay a one off fee.

    It is great for digging out niches, finding out strength of competition and lets you know how may backlinks the top guys have.

    A plugin for SEO has to be Yoast SEO Plugin if you are using Wordpress:

    WordPress SEO Plugin

    Hope this helps.
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    Keyword researching tool? Why not Adwords Keyword Planner which owned by Google. This is free!

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