How Many Backlinks Do You Need?

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I know the importance of getting backlinks to help with pagerank. But how many do you need?

I recently got tired of manually submitting my blog to online directories so I used this website here: For just $12, they submit your website to over a thousand online search engines and directories.

After that, I continued to submit my site to blog directories to get more backlinks. The thing is, it is tedious and time-consuming. There are hundreds of blog directories that I've found, and I've only submitted to about 20 or so. How necessary is this? Should I continue to submit my site to these directories, or is 1,000 enough? I've got statcounter and I'm seeing where my website is coming up in certain search terms. But I'm still not getting much traffic, only 4 hits a day or so.

I'm also doing article marketing, that hasn't been a big hit yet.

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    Unfortunately it is like asking how long is a piece of string really. Yes back links are great but there is no way to determine how many you need to make a difference. For example I put five hundred articles up and saw little results but on another occasion I put just one article up and got to the number one spot on Google.

    Here is what I do and maybe this might help but bare in mind it does take time to build any decent amount of back links to any site; I split my day into hours and then I allocate a different task to each hour and I do this every day making sure that I spend 90% of my time on advertising and driving traffic to my sign up pages and websites.

    By doing this every day religiously you soon manage to build up a regular stream of traffic but not just from one source but many and as each day passes your back links or traffic increases building and building as each day passes.

    I now have websites that I no longer have to market because they are able to stand on there own two feet and apart from the odd bit of TLC now and again they make reasonable amounts of money and I am able to concentrate on creating other similar sites.
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    Submitting your site to thousands of directories is a complete waste of time and only triggers spam filters big time. That's year 2000 marketing.

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    This simplest way is to determine first the number of backlinks of the competitor you want to defeat have. Then out number their backlinks. But don't forget that your backlinks should come from relevant sites.

    There are lots of tools for determining a site's backlink, one is Yahoo's site explorer.
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    Hi Christine,

    When it comes to backlinks ,you should never think of it in terms of quantity, it's quality that counts. One high quality backlink can be worth more than 10,000 of those free-for-all links.

    So you could easily need thousands of links to try to compete with a single link garnered by a savvy competitor. One of you is working hard, the other, smart.

    Another thing to consider is how many natural backlinks you are getting. If your natural backlinks are coming very slow, then your time might be better spent improving your content. With really great content, all you need is a single backlink to get the ball rolling.

    Here's a tip for choosing the best kind of backlinks to go for. Forget what everyone else tells you and focus on a single factor when evaluating a potential link. Focus solely on how much referral traffic that link is likely to send you.

    Don't worry about nofollow attributes or the page rank of the site. Those are just things that will send you down a path of disappointment. What you really want is targeted traffic. Don't get distracted by little green bars and links from pages that aren't likely to send you traffic.

    Backlinks that send you targeted traffic make your site bulletproof from ranking changes due to algorithm updates. Real traffic will get you natural backlinks, the kind the search engines value the most.
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    i have been trying to get ranked for like a month now, im on page 5 of google, but still have page rank 0... i think it has to do with the time it takes google to update.
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    The more quality links , the better . If you want to be the first in Google , supposing that your site is well optimized and has lots of unique articles , than you would need 10 or maybe more quality links to succeed . If you don't have quality content than you would need a lot more links .
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    Submitting thousands of directory within a week will ask the Google to smell something fishy. I think it is better enough to build the links slowly than getting millions in minutes...
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    Seems to me that you have got only crap backlinks so far and mate if you are into buying and selling backlinks than there is high chances that google penalise your website.

    Just to remind you that there is one box which called SAND BOX.
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    Just build your backlinks with the good and reputed websites and directories. This is the mantras and there is no limit. You just have to judge your competitor backlinks and just try to get that much at least and rest job will be done by your quality contain

    Best of luck
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    You have to do anything and every until you get there. However, you dont need to spend too much to get backlinks, you only need education and action. You can check out, EasyOnlineBiz.

    Lots of luck...
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    The amount of backlinks you will need will depend purely on the competition. If you're trying to rank for "biometric roadrunner philosophy," one backlink ought to do just fine. If you're trying to rank high for the search term "porn," you'll probably want somewhere in the neighborhood of 212,000,000 backlinks.
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    Quality back link are most important rather then quantity back link if u have good quality back link then u get good result and also u get good PR for your web site.
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    Lets face it, we are all playing the same guessing games as everyone else when it comes to working out how the search engines index our sites or how the search algorithms rank our backlinks. One thing's for sure though, 'content is king' and any site that has been enriched with relevant content will win in the long run without having to resort to a complex, 'never ending' back link campaign.....just my opinion though.
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    I use a programme called market samurai that tells you about your competitors websites if you look at enough sites you will start seeing a pattern, MS creators did this and you can see how many links your competitors has so all you need to do is everything they have done and then do some more.

    so if they have 1000 back link do 1050
    backlinks from .gov sites are like gold

    I think of backlinks like votes and give them values a pr0-1 website back link is worth 1 a pr2 website backlink is worth 2 and so on, so check there links and beat them

    thats my 2 pence worth
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    If I have more backlinks, my website will be on the first page of Google???
    How many backlinks do I need?
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    How many backlinks do you need?

    ...................too much is never enough
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    where to buy directory submission good and cheap
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    There is no exact amount of backlinks that guarantees you this page rank.

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