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    Here’s a Quick & Easy Way to Get Your NEW Website(s) Indexed FAST (24-48 hours)!

    Scott Casey in SEO

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share a neat way to get your new website indexed quickly. I use this method with every new site that I register…AND it works great! ... [read more]

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    Advanced SEO - A fundamental problem for link builders

    searchpath in SEO

    Hi guys - I'm new to Warrior Forum, but I have an SEO question for the advanced agency SEO's out there - help! My problem is this - one of ... [read more]

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    Experts need your help for my google results...

    vedicsoft in SEO

    Hi Friends, I have multiple domain names one is and second one is when i search for vedicsoft my 1st domain is indexing on index page where as ... [read more]

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    cpc variations between adwords and market samurai?!?

    Instantfruit in SEO

    Hi Guys Im using google keyword tools for niche keyword research, its slow going so I've installed demo of market samurai. Whats disturbing is an apparent massive discrepancy in CPC ... [read more]

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    Rewrote 1 year old site, how to tell search engine

    livemusic in SEO

    I put up a dummy page a year ago using Wordpress. Have now finally wrote the 'real' page. How should I have Google reindex it or should I do that?

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    BING Effective

    sahar123 in SEO

    Hello Users, My doubt is if i did Paid advertising in Bing may i get useful Leads? like google ? If any one did Bing PPC Please give suggestions.

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    Making a affiliate site GOOGLE FRIENDLY

    chini in SEO

    Ok I have a site a specific cooking appliance microwaves. Its ranked relatively well. The site is a high quality affiliate site (not those crappy affiliate sites) but its still ... [read more]

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    Quality Article Writers - Do You Want X-Men To Write Articles For You?

    Boris_yo in SEO

    Recently on Facebook they requested to add them so i did. Today when viewing their profile i noticed this: They state that known internet marketers were using them and they ... [read more]

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    Free SEO Course - Revised Edition

    derekjansen in SEO

    Hi Warriors Just a note to let you know that I have recently revised my free SEO course, which now includes a lesson on social media and SEO. For those ... [read more]

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    Hubpages and Squidoo Still Relevant?

    pyles in SEO

    Is it worth putting a few hours into making a few hubs/lenses on each about my niche and linking back to my site? I have never used either of these ... [read more]

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    how to fix 404's?

    mdsurf in SEO

    i looked at my webmaster tools today and saw that i had a bunch of 404 pages. i was originially using wordpress and by default it automatically put a "/" ... [read more]

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    Step by Step Guide to Checking Your Site's Onpage SEO

    Mushin in SEO

    Found this very useful article offering step by step instructions on how to check your website and make sure that you have good SEO practices in place. I thought I'll ... [read more]

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    What do you use for tracking?

    skydragon89 in SEO

    Hi guys Lately I've been looking for some powerful tool for tracking my seo progress All the rankings, each page traffic, minuts/seconds visitors on the site One good tool for ... [read more]

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    About Anchor text

    firescorpz in SEO

    Hi, For Anchor, must it necessary contain my keyword? I am asking because I feel that if I want someone to click on the link to my website, I have ... [read more]

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    Is google giving negative vote for spamming??

    rafiseo in SEO

    I noticed that if I create forum profile backlinks that are not relevant to my site and also blog backlinks SERP rank of my website is decreased!! What it means? ... [read more]

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    Your Help Is Needed

    waslad in SEO

    Good Day Worriors please i have a challenges and i want you to put me through because the best place to visit when it come to internet business is worrior ... [read more]

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    Alt Text help

    CatherineMay in SEO

    Here late at night I'm trying to figure out something I should have learned a long time ago, which is including alt text for images. I've spent a good bit ... [read more]

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    my site disappear from serp

    tom_asyuro in SEO

    My 4 month niche site suddenly disappear from SERP, not only for the main targeted keyword, but it happens for all possible keyword that it has. Anyone can help me? ... [read more]

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    social bookmark links.

    Bozigian in SEO

    Can people write articles for website and use same article and social bookmark to social directories like digg ? Is safe? Do help get extra backlink?

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    Do these Blog Comments Work?

    Ernie Lo in SEO

    When doing blog commenting: Instead of using your keywords in the name field, Im thinking of just using my first name so it doesnt look like a spam comment. Is ... [read more]

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    Google+ project: Better than Facebook?

    chubbsky in SEO

    Hey guys, have you seen this: Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google+ project: Real-life sharing, rethought for the web Looks like Google is going to give Facebook a run for ... [read more]

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    Web 2.0 Duplicate content ... ?

    skydragon89 in SEO

    Hi all of you SEO experts I was wondering - I heard in one program that if you put duplicate content on multiple web2.0 sites, as long as you don't ... [read more]

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    Are you happy with the Google PR update?

    davidbarter in SEO

    Google PR Update (27-June-2011) Google updated the page ranks of websites Globally. Most of the websites page ranks have been improved and webmasters and seo's are discussing it every where. ... [read more]

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    Links From Social Bookmarking Question

    onpointinfo in SEO

    I am in the real estate niche, and unsure if it is a waste of time for me to do social bookmarking. I am not ranking at all, have no ... [read more]

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    Enough with crappy press release websites !

    julien731 in SEO

    Despite the provocative title, I'd like to thank all of you who are sharing your linking plans ! It's not to hurt anyone, I just wanted to catch your attention... ... [read more]

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    Keyword Tool

    imaydit58 in SEO

    I am in search of a keyword tool where you can load a list of keywords into and it will return the competition and search results, in hope of better ... [read more]

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    copying backlinks

    Fazal Mayar in SEO

    hey, with yahoo explorer i can see any sites links, should i copy? problem is that i only blog comment, i dont do anything else, a bit lazy! seo is ... [read more]

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    How to Resolve This Hostgator Issue?

    Serenity090 in SEO

    Hey Warriors, Have Got Payment Issue... Today i tried to Pay on Hostgator using my CC but it was rejected. I contacted to my Bank They said there is no ... [read more]

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    online4cash in SEO

    Hello Warriors..!! I Got Rank in 15th Page of Google Search Engine with the keywords which have 1,000,000 globally monthly research. I want to take it to the 1st page ... [read more]

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    My website's keyword ranking dropped suddenly..

    jessyjose123 in SEO

    Hello Webmaster, For the past 4 months my website ranked 5th for a particular keyword but after pr updation my site ranks at 415..What could be the reason for this? ... [read more]

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    What do you do to index and rank new sites quickly?

    Chris Endres in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I have been starting to develop adsense sites and I have been looking for tips and tricks to get new sites indexed and ranked quickly. I am using ... [read more]

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    A Website dropped to the 5th Page, Let's discuss..

    InTheMaking in SEO

    Okay So throughout the sites I've had, I've had about 3 manage to drop to about Page 5, after a month or so. Now you can say it's the honeymoon ... [read more]

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    Article Submission Blast

    Seofarmer in SEO

    I am new to Article Marketing Robot, and I am wondering how many blast I can do per account? Or is it safer to go with 1 blast per account? ... [read more]

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    Submit Website To 18 Auto Approval Directories For Free!

    MattewP in SEO

    Submit Website To 18 Auto Approval Directories For Free! At wwwDotsubmitlinksiteDotcom

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    Autoblogging After Google Panda..Any Success?

    hashif16 in SEO

    Hello, How many visitors you are Getting from Autoblog after Panda Algorithm? Regards, Hashif.M

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    press release

    arshavin in SEO

    I think that press releases should be done at the beginning of a campaign to help get some quality backlinks and indexed faster? Lets say i didnt do this when ... [read more]

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    Submit Your Guest Post

    jmackenzie008 in SEO

    Hi Guys, if you all wish you can submit your guest post on my blog here submit guest post and have some back links. Cheers

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    arricle submission duplicate problem??

    OnlineEbola in SEO

    Hello warriors , I have a new site up currently and wantes to try my hand in article marketing in order to gain somw backlinks to my site. My question ... [read more]

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    online4cash in SEO

    Hello Warriors..!! I Am Newbie In Webdesign..! Whenever I Checked My Website's backlinking, It Seems.. Google: 0 Bing: 51 Yahoo: 0 Alexa: 0 Why Only Bing Catch The Backlinking ? ... [read more]

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    Could I be penalized by Google for having many backlinks coming to my new site?

    NRC1983 in SEO

    I have site that is about a month and a half old, and I have recently submitted alot of articles (in the hundreds), could I be penalized for having a ... [read more]

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    SEO for other languages?

    KennethYu in SEO

    Hey SEO expert, I'm going to do my first foreign-language offsite optimization job. I'm wondering what's the best way to go about building backlinks? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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    Manual Link Submission Vs Link Submission by Software

    sanjay1234 in SEO

    Dear All As I am new to web media so I m trying to learn all about this...... I want to know that what is the basic difference between Manual ... [read more]

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    Landing Page not compatible with PPC, but not sure why?

    chocobo244 in SEO

    Dear WF, Would like to ask for Warriors to feedback on my url below. as it was banned by Google Adwords and below is what they have explained. Wasnt ... [read more]

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    is bluebacklinks flag reliable?

    gman0156 in SEO

    Is flag reliable? I'm not good at read script myself so, I use it to track doFollow and noFollow links. Thanks, Gough

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    Does two PR 3 equal PR 6?

    Keep Trying in SEO

    I find it easy to find PR 3 websites for back links, but difficult to find PR 6 back links. Because 3 + 3 = 6, does two PR 3 ... [read more]

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    Ad center ads

    ashishbhatnagar in SEO

    I want to know that Can I publish Adcenter ads on my website. I have seen that plenty of peoples running Adcenter ads on his website.So kindly tell me the ... [read more]

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    Adsense Code Placement questions please

    Craig Fenton in SEO

    Hi Warriors: Could you please give me some information. If you have a website/Blogger Blog/WordPress Blog and are using Adsense for the first time where would you place the code ... [read more]

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    Improved ranking after paying for advertisement

    rahmanpaidar in SEO

    Has anyone else noticed a big jump in google ranking after paying them for advertisement? Or is it just me? The site is young (about 8 or 9 months old). ... [read more]

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    WTH is happening with google???

    Jonas B in SEO

    It seems like they are changing alot of stuff.. first the panda updates.. then the google+1, now they are going for a much more modern layout??? So exciting Do you ... [read more]

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    AdSense Question - Can I Keyword Stuff My Site?

    ActionToCash in SEO

    Hi Warriors, For those of you who use AdSense on your sites I have a quick question. If I want AdSense ads for a particular keyword to appear on one ... [read more]

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    Will Hiding The Content In My Meta Effect SEO on my site?

    jpaissa27 in SEO

    Hello, I'm helping an offline client with her site and I told her it is recommended for her to put a lot of content on the specific page she would ... [read more]

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    Google big design change!

    miranon in SEO

    Check this out. I like it!

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    Paying to Someone to help me make an adsense account.

    Chulbul Pandey in SEO

    so i hv tried like 20 times.. but everytime they find a reason to not accept.. so i hv finally decided to pay someone who already gt adsense to help ... [read more]

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    Google search quirk....

    paulgl in SEO

    Just noticed some type of a trivia game on google's homepage. How long it's been there, I dunno. Can't be too long. Google is asking strange type of questions, all ... [read more]

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    What AD network is better or equal to Adsense for av.CPC?

    Zavarzin in SEO

    Please, can you tell me what are the profitable PPC networks other than Adsense that you can make decent money with? How much do the pay per click? Please compare ... [read more]