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    Page 1 filter?

    Matt Ward in SEO

    Has anyone experienced having a site that simply would not go past Google page 2 no matter how much you pushed it? I have a site that bounces between spot ... [read more]

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    Ultimate longtail SEO: My Drip Feed Blast Plan

    evolutionvisions in SEO

    Hey guys, I've been a longtime member on another forum and thought that I would come over here and share some of my very successful strategies. This is one of ... [read more]

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    Which CPC results should I trust?

    JohnJD in SEO

    Hi Guys, I'm just starting my first adventure with Adsense. I found this keyword (education KW) that on Market Samurai shows 2400 Exact searches per month -SEOC 42400 and a ... [read more]

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    Can someone Explain 'Pingbacks' and 'Trackbacks' Please

    Karen Connell in SEO

    Can someone please tell me what pingbacks and trackbacks are in idiot proof language? I've seen this a lot but am not sure if they're good or bad - and ... [read more]

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    Free Backlinks! Thought This Might Help!!

    areoo in SEO

    Here are some free ones... hope it would help Free Automatic Website Link Submission Webmaster Deck - Giving You Tools To Bring The Bucks!!! Auto Backlink Generator Auto Backlink Generator ... [read more]

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    sHow do i find all KWs site is ranking for????

    tear11 in SEO

    I have a city niche sites and I want to find out all Keywords my site rnks for? Any tools that you just plugin url and list ranking for site ... [read more]

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    Does Google Think Your Site is Fast?

    TotalGaz in SEO

    Google webmaster keeps telling me that my website is slow at a loading time of 5.2 secs. I see the 20th percentile recommended speed is below 1.5 sec I have ... [read more]

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    PR 1 to PR 3 - How Big a Deal Is It?

    KenTheriot in SEO

    Today my site went from PR 1 to PR 3, and I know this is a good thing, but I'm still a bit hazy as to exactly what this means ... [read more]

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    domain name question

    arkhamindustries in SEO

    I am setting up some sites for amazon reviews and i am using the niche research tool of SENuke X to help me decide on keywords to shoot for and ... [read more]

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    What Do You Think Of This Idea?

    JasonParker in SEO

    So I have a couple hours of extra time every day and I want to run this idea by you SEO freaks... I'm thinking about posting 5 articles per day ... [read more]

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    Please Answer - Redirecting vs Direct Linking

    friendclk in SEO

    For some reason this is not clear to me anymore. When a company says no direct linking in paid search, does that mean that I can't have my own site ... [read more]

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    Number of posts for an SEO friendly website?

    mince001 in SEO

    What would you consider an acceptable number of posts for a website that will be seen as good value to readers in the eyes of Google. Obviously the content is ... [read more]

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    Broad vs Exact

    Carl Brown in SEO

    Can anyone explain to me how you can have a 2 word keyword phrase and get <10 for exact and 6,120,000 for broad? I assume a 1 word keyword has ... [read more]

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    Need Help from Warriors - To buy ScrapeBox

    Mr.H in SEO

    HI warriors, i wanna buy scrapebox but don't have paypal or international visacard coz it's not allowed in my country so i'm looking for someone to help me and buy ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking software - best thing about them - multi accounts or multiple site submissions

    high_plains_drifter in SEO

    I am a bit confused about social bookmarking software. Does their power come from being able to create multiple accounts on 1 site and helping your bookmark gain popularity to ... [read more]

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    Keyword research

    taffiliae in SEO

    Hi Warriors Help, choosing a domain name. If I choose a plural keyword example rabbits instead of rabbit singular for a domain name ie Would the plural attract traffic ... [read more]

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    How to check backlinks of your competitors

    gman0156 in SEO

    when it's time of competitor check we normally check at thier backlinks at yahoo site explorer. My question is how to check it between 1. backlinks from the original page ... [read more]

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    Best online back links checker?

    NRC1983 in SEO

    I was just wondering, what is the best online back link checker, I have tried many and none of them seem to pick up all of the back links I ... [read more]

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    what is the benefit of war room?

    rafiseo in SEO

    I want to know what is the benefit of War Room? If I become a member of war room what benefit/benefits will I get? Thanks for replies.....

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    Tracking Pretty Link clicks, Same IP Address has hundreds of clicks? (Wordpress site)

    jaxpot in SEO

    Hi everyone, I am working on a few Wordpress sites for Amazon affiliate marketing, and I am using Pretty Link (free version) for most of my outbound links, and it ... [read more]

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    Finally some progress!!!

    Henri Lind in SEO

    My site has been flowing in Serps for weeks, usually between 12-14 page for my main keyword. And now i got into page 11 i know it is not big ... [read more]

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    Un-registered Exact High Keyword Searches Domain Names

    daleduan in SEO

    The easiest way to get to Google's page 1 or Top5 position is to get an "exact keyword-phrase search" domain names. For example, when you search for the keyword "forex ... [read more]

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    Interlinking Your Blogs, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc..

    Emoney in SEO

    Hi Warriors, just another question of mine I have a couple of wordpress blogs in related niches to each other, and I was thinking of adding widgets to those blogs ... [read more]

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    Google Dropped To A PR9! LOL!!!

    thebitbotdotcom in SEO

    At least for this morning...hilarious!

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    How To Index Your Website A Bit Fast By Google. Free :)

    kamalmix in SEO

    Hello Fellow Warriors. Today I am gonna tell you about "How to get indexed fast by Google" for free. For example, you are having website which you are not using ... [read more]

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    Anyone have a good keyword tool to recommend?

    louise0evans in SEO

    Hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question regarding an effective keyword tool.... At the moment im using traffic travis, some say its a good keyword tool, and others ... [read more]

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    How I got Page 1 results for “Wordpress 3 review” with 1 article and 1 forum post

    tomcam in SEO

    Not long after version 3 of WordPress came out around a year ago it occurred to me that this would be a time to try some organic SEO based on ... [read more]

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    How do I make my site visible only in UK?

    davidbarter in SEO

    I have a website .uk domain. What I want is that I only want to make it visible in Google UK ( I dont want it to appear in the ... [read more]

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    What are the list of High Authority Sites?

    sappacis13 in SEO

    Hi can you give me some list of high authority sites? Thank you so much. God Bless!

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    Article Spinning For Backlinking- advice needed

    mince001 in SEO

    What is the uniqueness % that works best ?

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    Stuck In The Rankigs. What Would You Do?

    steveperch in SEO

    Hi Warriors, My site has been stuck at number eight in the rankings for about a month now. I've been adding about 20-40 backlinks as well as three articles per ... [read more]

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    Article submission software for Mac?

    NRC1983 in SEO

    I have come across some article submission software, some with free trials, but they are all for PC, is there any that can be used with Mac?

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    Step by step Backlinking Strategy anyone?

    mince001 in SEO

    I utilise many backlinking strategies for my websites mainly depending on the competition and country targeted. I have posted an example today on a thread I created. Could you share ... [read more]

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    Can I run Adwords campaign ?

    salmanbaig in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I'm confused a bit whether to use Adwords on my blog running google adsense !! Could you please help me out Thanks

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    Using Images on your website? Copyright Issues

    mince001 in SEO

    Everyone is using images on their websites. This is where issues regarding copyright come into place. what I do to find images that I can use is do an advanced ... [read more]

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    Best CMS for SEO

    Bartoss in SEO

    I find it hard to believe that this hasn't been asked before but I couldn't find an answer using the search tool. The question is simple: Is a CMS good ... [read more]

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    A quick question about keyword research thats been bugging me....

    Sonny Am in SEO

    Hi, Ive started on my seo journey and researching blackhat as well as whitehat techniques, something that has come up time and time again, is the importance of proper keyword ... [read more]

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    RSS Feeds

    arshavin in SEO

    Could someone please explain a little about these and what tactics i should think about using. Any software that you recommend? I have a basic understanding on what these are ... [read more]

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    Local keyword search help!

    baggio1000000 in SEO

    Hi again. I am targeting only one city, Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am doing water systems and drinking water for keywords. When I put my keywords in the meta description, ... [read more]

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    How Do You Get Additional Keywords From??

    Captain_Morgan in SEO

    Hey Guys I have 1 site called for example Now i want to add an extra 4 more keywords to bring in some traffic, now I know i must ... [read more]

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    Creating Websites for SB's, What type of Checklist do I need?

    Dano1981 in SEO

    hello warriors, I'm starting on a path to design websites for consumers and small business. They are actually templates, to be accurate. I'll be fitting them them a customers products ... [read more]

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    A little help with getting started please...

    thebluesquire in SEO

    Hi everyone, I've been a lurker on this forum for some time now but have finally decided to get serious with this and created an account so I can join ... [read more]

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    "Blog Directories" SEO Value?

    Michael Stetina in SEO

    Are blog directories like OnTopList valuable for backlinks?

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    Adwords, Squeeze Pages & Freebies. Friends or Foes?

    GuerrillaIM in SEO

    Part of the revised adwords T&C state that you are not allowed to offer a "freebie" in exchange for someones personal details. They also state that information collection must be ... [read more]

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    adsense local search numbers

    arshavin in SEO

    When you guys are creating a micro niche site. Can you tell me what local search criteria you are aiming for? I know everyone has different opinions its just i'm ... [read more]

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    Newbie Seeks Google Panda Advice

    VocalCoach in SEO

    Hi. I am new to Warrior Forum. I am not an Internet Marketer. I am a music producer and vocal coach trying to rank a little better. I have a ... [read more]

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    First attempt at SEO plan... what do you think?

    tallkat in SEO

    Hey everyone, I have been a long time avid reader of this forum, but this is the first time i've jumped in and am actually saying hi! Basically I run ... [read more]

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    Other services link Buil My Rank

    beccol in SEO

    I found Build My Rank (BMR) to be very effective for new sites and wanted to find out if there are other services like this? As you are aware you ... [read more]

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    How to Produce .EDU and .Gov Backlinks?

    jwmann2 in SEO

    No idea where to start to produce .EDU or .Gov backlinks for SEO. How have some of you been able to get your links into these websites? Where could I ... [read more]

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    If You Could Only Choose 5, Which SEO Techniques Would You Choose?

    blackhawkup in SEO

    Hi, I want to conduct some research about SEO. I'm not going to display exactly what I'm researching or trying to find out because i dont want to skew the ... [read more]

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    The best FREE article spinner + article spinning guide

    Anthony W in SEO

    In a really good mood cause I found the most kick ass article spinner and tested it out with great results : ) This article spinner is browser based so ... [read more]

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    Same site. Two browsers. Different rankings on Google. Why?

    Duane Lawton in SEO

    I have a site optimized for a what I call a "local long-tail keyword phrase". When I put in the keyword phrase using Safari browser (I use a Mac) my ... [read more]

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    PR or edu/gov backlinks. What's better???

    BlakeM in SEO

    Obvious the PR matters. For example, a PR 10 backlink trumps a edu/gov backlink. But what about PR1, PR2, and PR3? :confused: I think once you get to PR3 it ... [read more]

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    How to see your SERP without doing it manually

    livemusic in SEO

    Other than typing your keyword into Google and viewing the results, page by page, is there an automated way to tell where your page stands?

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    Facebook Ad Coupon

    sulmaanaslam in SEO

    Hi, I am a new Advertiser on Facebook and Just Started a Campaign. I am looking for Facebook Ad Coupon. Can Anyone tell me where Can i get them from? ... [read more]

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    Adsense says i received a payment to my bank account but i can't see anything ?

    Adam Moran in SEO

    Hi just arrived to my payment threshold in adsense but...Adsense says i received a payment to my bank account but i can't see anything, they say i should received it ... [read more]