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    Wordpress ecommerce

    orisin in SEO

    Hello I am starting an ecommerce site, and I was wondering if I can get recommendations on good, user friendly plugins/themes (if they're free great!) tnx

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    What Page is My Site On?

    gbarrows31 in SEO

    Does anyone know how to find out what page my site lands on on Google? I mean like page 45 or 48 or even page 2? Thanks for your help. ... [read more]

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    has there been some changes in google?

    daveyace in SEO

    my site has lost all its rankings in google but it is still indexed does anyone know if google has made some changes?

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    Do site directories still amount to anything ?

    AndreiMihai in SEO

    I haven't been using site directories for over a year, but I see some quality sites doing this and I started wondering. Do links from site directories matter ? If ... [read more]

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    Questions on Panda...

    xylement in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I have questions regarding the Google Panda update. Anyone know how is the system catch or track duplicates? Is there anyway to bypass it? How about change the ... [read more]

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    .net or .org, physical product site

    thedog in SEO

    Hi guys, which do you think is better, .org or .net? I searched this subject, and didn't find anything, so thought I'd ask. From an seo point of view, are ... [read more]

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    Build My rank!

    Dmreed4311 in SEO

    Who here uses it and is it worth the money?

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    domains vs subdomains

    arkhamindustries in SEO

    how much does having a subdomain for a site really hurt you in the rankings? is it really shooting yourself in the foot from the start? I am just trying ... [read more]

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    How to stop the Google Yo Yo Effect?

    boulderjoe in SEO

    My site is rentscouter dot com This is the fourth time this has happened (pre and post-Panda) and I would like to know how to make it stop. My site ... [read more]

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    I need the Country block code. Any help from here?

    mynameisabhijit in SEO

    Hi! friends, I am Abhijit here. I have an adsense account for about 4 years old and that is doing well for me. But suddenly i saw some terrible picture ... [read more]

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    Has anyone had ANY success against the panda update?

    Brendan Mace in SEO

    This question is particularly aimed towards sites that were hit by the panda update. According to google, the panda was a manual update. Which means that it was NOT an ... [read more]

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    Need help in h2 tags html in wordpress

    newmovies in SEO

    I have fixed the h2 tags correctly at my homepage . Maked my wordpress pages as sections so that google will index my sections in right format in serach engine. ... [read more]

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    Anyone use Senuke X/Xrumer?

    InTheMaking in SEO

    Looking for someone that can sort of guide me through any problems I find while trying to figure out Senuke X and Xrumer. If you've figured them out and are ... [read more]

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    Name Some Web 2.0 Portals!

    amo992 in SEO

    Hey, Could you guys list some of the Web 2.0 portals that you use? What's the most effective way to use them? :confused: Thanks in advance!

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    Using Only Wire on a static WP site?

    Crispy Cake Head in SEO

    I have a review site running WP and was wondering if Only Wire would help with backlinks if I am not posting much content, though there are people contributing with ... [read more]

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    Help me to get adwords account

    Gruzin in SEO

    Hi I was advertising on google and then I got banned bcs they couldn't verify my billing info. Since then I was trying to creat and creat new accounts but ... [read more]

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    livemusic in SEO

    Say that is taken. (Example only.) I bought over a year ago but the domain has just been parked, no content. Now, is available. Ready to add ... [read more]

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    Who sowed panic Panda or the people themselves?

    pr0n1x in SEO

    Hello. Quite some time already interested in making money through the Internet. I read a lot of information, I bought a couple of programs. Here at last decided to try ... [read more]

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    Website Set Up for On Page SEO

    whitechapel75 in SEO

    Hi there, i am fairly new to this forum and i am hoping to rely on a few warriors for some recommendations/advice I am currently developing a wordpress site based ... [read more]

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    Search engine footprints ie "site:" and filtering by youtube video

    rayfigs in SEO

    Hello I have been coming across a lot of filtering techniques to use in google like site: intite: inurl: etc, I was hoping to find any resources which would help ... [read more]

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    Tool to combine 2 keywords

    alxvallejo in SEO

    It's a simple concept but I can only find this and it omits the "+" for broad match... Combine Keywords: PPC, Domain Name, Word Combination Tool

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    Best adsense/SEO WP Theme for niche site

    Stunner40 in SEO

    I was looking for suggestions on a free wp theme that I could use to post written articles for my niche site. This would probably be a one page site ... [read more]

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    Is it okay to edit a page (SEO concerns)

    livemusic in SEO

    What if I have a site where the page is a bit outdated with its info, is it okay to change some text or add some text? Or does this ... [read more]

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    I own 2 websites that get 250 unique views a month, what to do with them??

    Matthew NY in SEO

    Hey everyone. About 6 months ago I put up two websites that I intended on monetizing strictly by AdSense. However, I stopped IM stuff for a while due to being ... [read more]

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    What schould i put after my main KW in my domain?

    Alexander Simons in SEO

    What schould i put after my main keyword in the domain for best SEO? mainkewordinfo? mainkeywordreview? mainkeywordsite? mainkeyword(letter)? And if i chose to add a letter what letter schould i ... [read more]

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    Is random links on wordpress a good idea ? Seo navigation wordpress help ?

    cctvinstallers in SEO

    Is it a good idea to use a wordpress plugin that lists 10 or 15 random posts on each page ? Near the bottom? I thought it may be a ... [read more]

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    adsense plugin

    arshavin in SEO

    Is there a adsense plugin that turns my wordpress theme into allowing adsense ads?

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    Local Keyword Generator

    kasida in SEO

    I am looking for local keyword generator specifically for Canada and other countries like UK, Germany would be very helpful. A list of all possible combination of locations and keywords ... [read more]

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    Does Kontera affect ranking in Google?

    wpo1408 in SEO

    What do you think? Does adding Kontera reduce page rank? Regards, Owen.

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    Multiple Adsense/Analytics/Hosting Accounts

    jasmith in SEO

    hey all I've heard people talk about having multiple adsense, hosting and analytics accounts if they have lots of little niche sites to protect themselves in case google shuts an ... [read more]

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    Sites Disappearing From Google - Coincidence?

    Mike Hlatky in SEO

    Over the past week or so, I have had roughly 10 different sites disappear from the Google search results. Prior to last week, I have had a total of 2 ... [read more]

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    What Is The Best Site Data & SEO Tool ?

    goindeep in SEO

    Hi there I am looking for a service which will tell me everything about my website and its footprint on the net. I am particularly interested in a 10/10 backlink ... [read more]

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    what is your opinion about article directories?

    stunning boy in SEO

    hi !! guys what is your opinion about article marketing/ article directories for link building & traffic? is it still useful ? and is it right to submit the same ... [read more]

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    Best Fiverr Gigs

    arshavin in SEO

    I think i read in the past on the forum about a topic on here stating all the best gigs on fiverr. I cant find this in the search function. ... [read more]

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    AMR and ScrapeBox Safe?

    That Guy in SEO

    So I'm thinking about buying AMR and ScrapeBox soon, but after hearing about the most recent Panda 2.2 update I'm having some second thoughts. I'm just thinking that a lot ... [read more]

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    Can I buy Scrapebox in India ?? Please help me out guys...what is the procedure ?

    riyadsouza in SEO

    I am basically in SEO from 6 months and now I know all the advantages of scrapebox, so I want to buy that ! Please help me ...... :confused:

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    How much should I be paying for a SEO Campaign?

    InternetAchiever in SEO

    Hi all, Just wanted to check up with you folks on how much should a SEO campaign cost intended to re-position a two phrase 30,000 searches per month keyword in ... [read more]

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    Best way to build backlinks to forum profiles?

    offrav in SEO

    I signed up for a service that created 100 forum profiles for my site and then pinged the URLs. i would also like to build some backlinks to the forum ... [read more]

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    This is The "Ultimate Keyword Research Thread" in SEO

    I can't see why people are getting caught up with Keyword Research? So, let's create a discussion on what make uber-effective Keyword Research, so we can all learn and create ... [read more]

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    List of forums that have dofollow signature links

    AFI in SEO

    I don't know if this was mentioned here yet or not but I thought this was great info. I've got my backlinking guy working on the list for me: List ... [read more]

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    Last Articles VS Static Page

    emarketmedia in SEO

    If you want to increase your ranking for a single keyword, what do you prefer between a dynamic homepage with the last articles and a static page which is optimized ... [read more]

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    Do you repeat the keywords in url?

    HN in SEO

    eg. if you target 3 word phrase "buy books online" and your domain is which url would you use examples 3,4,5 have 'buy books' ... [read more]

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    StatCounter vs. Reality

    LarryC in SEO

    Maybe everyone who uses StatCounter to measure visitor count to their sites already knows this, but I only recently figured it out. The number of hits you see isn't unique ... [read more]

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    Market samurai competition analysis. Your thoughts?

    belgianguy in SEO

    Hi guys and gals, i just purchased market samurai and I was wondering how to analyse the keywords mentioned below. I have a brand new domain with 45 pages of ... [read more]

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    FREE Backlink Report - a great list for backlinking articles and websites

    Kikos in SEO

    Hi, I have been reading warrior forum and learning from it as an "outsider", so thank you first of all for all the lessons learned. To contribute something back, I ... [read more]

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    Long Tail Keywords, is it working for you

    derprinz in SEO

    I am thinking of buying a lot of domains with a long tail keywords buying some articles and putting adsense Anybody have tried this ? I don't want to loose ... [read more]

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    Need some help...

    Dominium in SEO

    Hey Warriors, Four days ago I registered a new domain. Let me briefly give you the info about my niche: -4500 searches/month -very low competition -top website has 7 pr0 ... [read more]

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    Like to know more about how to use the SEOpack on WP

    djemerald in SEO

    The SEO All in One pack-plugin looks like a really good tool, but I would like to know how to make the very best use of it . How to ... [read more]

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    Need Help:How can i display my seo services on the warrior forum .??

    lalitbansal004 in SEO

    Hi All, We are offering some interesting SEO services which are very effective but whenever i am posting my services the admin is deleting that post and i am not ... [read more]

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    Who is the Google Strongest Competitor

    Provaltech in SEO

    Who will be the Google strongest Competitor in future. In the term of search and visit very few of site are competing Google. Put your comment who will take the ... [read more]

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    PR3+ instant approval comment posting website list

    seodeveloper07 in SEO

    Hello, Today I am providing all warrior forum members PR3+ instant approval comment posting site list. Download Please say thanks.

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    Fazal Mayar in SEO

    do they still work? problem is that with adsense, its hard earning even 1$ a day. You get a click and get a few cents. I want to create 50 ... [read more]

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    Buying Micro Niche Sites in Warriors for Hire Section

    friendclk in SEO

    I am interested in finding out what other people's experiences with buying Micro Niche sites from the Warrior for Hire section has been like? Would someone kindly suggest a micro ... [read more]

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    Need help solving my google PPc problem !

    neerajswt in SEO

    I have an adwords account set up for over a month and also successfully verified with the billing address n charged it with a $80 coupon. I set up a ... [read more]

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    Are you really getting backlink from RSS feeds?

    AbdulAzim in SEO

    Hi I would really love to know about getting backlinks from rss feeds.I had already submit my blog to rss aggregator sites last month.But till now, I can't see any ... [read more]

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    External keyword tool suddenly displays Broad and Exact results; how to change?

    bummed.out in SEO

    Tonight when using the Google External Keyword tool, when I selected "Exact" search results, it displayed the broad results and the exact results (with [] brackets) one under the other. ... [read more]