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    Keyword density in URL?

    drewsg in SEO

    What would be better? or

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    Can I Slow Down My Posting?

    That Guy in SEO

    Right now my site only has 4 targeted pages (going to add one more), and 7 posts. I know that I have a lot more posts that need to be ... [read more]

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    New to backlinks

    DougieMajor in SEO

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to backlink retrieval so would appreciate any help you fellow warriors could give. I've got a site I started about a month back, did my ... [read more]

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    My ranking goes down?

    ursimrankhanna in SEO

    Hello friends my site ranking going down what to do more rank high again in search engine. i do all the off page work. this is my site URL link:- ... [read more]

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    Do domains with dash (-)

    Olivier Soren in SEO

    Hello, Do domains with dash (-) give some effects in SEO? For example, How the different between and in term of search engine optimization Lets say i want ... [read more]

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    Check out this Diagram. Will it be helpful for promoting my site??

    rafiseo in SEO

    Hey friends. I have created a diagram that is actually a mix of Link wheel and Link Pyramid. Can u give opinions about this diagram? If there is anything unnecessary ... [read more]

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    What is this 301 redirect problem???

    rafiseo in SEO

    Can anyone tell me what is this 301 redirect problem????? :confused:

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    Which of these software combinations looks best to you?

    junilerick in SEO

    So I've made a little over a hundred during the past month and I've decided to reinvest it into software, the problem is there is simply so many choices that ... [read more]

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    Anyone Using Google +1 Yet?

    sbucciarel in SEO

    Google +1: I guess this is Google's answer to the Facebook "like" button. Google is such a copycat ... lol. But thought I'd experiment with it and see if it ... [read more]

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    Have a That Your Not Using?

    InTheMaking in SEO

    If you have either a,, that your currently not using or bought and ended up not getting around to developing it, I would like to buy it ... [read more]

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    Your article and web 2.0 stratedgy

    jimmyloyola in SEO

    Hi guys I have been wondering what you guys for your article marketing campaign. I know its not so effective as it used to be but still. I mean buzzle ... [read more]

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    Easy way to get edu backlinks!

    Li Weng in SEO

    ok you might already know this but I"m sure there are people who don't. Just use this earch term inurl:blog "post a comment", but make sure you check that ... [read more]

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    Internal links helping a sites SEO

    Ducksauce in SEO

    I am looking at the backlinks of a site I have been asked to replace. It has 280 external back links and 152 internal backlinks. So I presume when I ... [read more]

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    Best Way to Make a 20+ page Amazon Site For SEO Ranking

    IsaacWendt in SEO

    Hi Just wondering what the best practice would be for creating a 20+ page amazon page. I know for SEO everything has to be unique content ect and has to ... [read more]

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    Tracking your Places page in Google Analytics

    alxvallejo in SEO

    Where does this show up in Analytics? I've heard that it just doesn't... and the only way to track your performance is through the Places dashboard...

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    using "e" at the start of a domain name

    thedog in SEO

    Market Samurai decided to work today, joy. Anyway, I was using the find domain name feature, and it's stuck an "e" at the beginning of the domain, for a 94% ... [read more]

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    true900 in SEO

    Ok, how can i find good keywrods with low competition, low competing websites, and still get some traffic to those keywords? every keyword i get with google adsense keyword tool ... [read more]

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    bookmarking demon potential problem

    arshavin in SEO

    When i first started the beginners process i thought there was a problem with the captchas so i closed the program as it was registering. I then logged back in ... [read more]

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    How to choose Right Keywords?

    webbyworld in SEO

    Guys I am facing big problem in choosing right keywords for one of my domain here is the domain Yellow Pages - Click2Connect I need suggestion which keywords can be ... [read more]

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    I want to backink my articles n web 2.0 , what service to use?

    visimedia in SEO

    I want to have quality backlinks to my articles and web 2.0 properties, what service should I use?

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    Help! :)

    mickhhp in SEO

    Hi, my website was top 3 on for 3 years for the main kwd "bijuterii". (www. jadealliance .ro). Since april no way to find it even on the first ... [read more]

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    Why do I just get a blank blue screen when logging into adsense?

    steadypay in SEO

    I tried clearing cookies but it didn't do anything... Not sure what to try next. This only happened since today/maybe yesterday too.

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    Do I need to use proxy for scrapebox?

    adrian8311 in SEO

    Hi Just want ask why do I need to use proxy for scrapebox? Can I use public proxy? or I have to use pay proxy? Adrian

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    Backlinks - How to keep track?

    moodykitty in SEO

    I have an older website that has about 600 backlinks according to yahoo, I want to start building more backlinks but my question is how can I do it so ... [read more]

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    Google CPC - Earn That Much?

    ChrisAlta in SEO

    I'm going to start building a niche website and make the income stream flow from Adsense. Now on the right hand side of the Google Keyword Tool it shows the ... [read more]

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    Paid-for Twitter traffic to Adsense: Safe?

    bummed.out in SEO

    Hi all, I've been reading around, trying to get a clear answer about this. It seems the general opinion is that social media traffic, including Twitter, is Adsense-safe, so long ... [read more]

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    what is addsense approval trick

    johntravis26 in SEO

    hi any 1 can guide me how can i approve adsense account please tech me or any 1 have any trick so pleae share i i need it.

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    Will Facebook Change SEO Forever?

    MatthewNeer in SEO

    Whats up Warriors? Rumor has it that Facebook has been hard at work developing a "Social Search Engine" that will rank pages in an entirely different way than Google. Instead ... [read more]

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    [Moderator Note] READ THIS NOW

    Paul Myers in SEO

    For all members: Important thread in main discussion.

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    Indexing problem

    Fazal Mayar in SEO

    Hello, I have a 301 riderect from 2 websites to one website but problem is , those 2 websites are still indexed on Google. how do i de-index? i heard ... [read more]

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    More and more of my sites disappearing... (but still indexed?)

    mooble in SEO

    So over the past month and a half i've had sites continually drop off the google search results but remain indexed. They've been indexed but not showing on search results ... [read more]

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    How to select a domain based on keyword

    Organizationer in SEO

    Hello experts I would like to look for opinions from experts here. If I want to rank 1st page of google for this keyword without quote: "cheap queen bed" Which ... [read more]

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    Domain name SEO question.

    .Fernando in SEO

    What is better (or is the same thing): or For SEO and Direct Access, what is the best option?

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    Authority site question.

    iconoclast in SEO

    I want to start a site with a url that is a general keyword phrase and then add more specific keyword pages as the site grows, the keywords are low ... [read more]

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    G Webmaster tools - linkcounts

    Phill P in SEO

    I'm confused Google webmaster tools list my websites as having for example 2,069 but 1,971 coming form my own domain. What does this mean? I'm thinking it means google has ... [read more]

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    Is DoFollow blog commenting dead?

    Clayton Rice in SEO

    What do you think? I've had several people mention this to me lately, but I'm not sure if I agree. I still use it as part of my SEO, but ... [read more]

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    How to add backup ads on google adsense??

    high_plains_drifter in SEO

    I want to show ads from my smowtion account to fill up my inventory but cant figure out how to do it in the option screen of 'create a new ... [read more]

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    An interesting observation - and a possible solution for exact match domain dilemmas

    John Romaine in SEO

    Hey guys, I just discovered an interesting observation today and thought I would share this. For some it may be common knowledge, but this is a first for me - ... [read more]

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    Suggestions for Writing for Constant Content? (what's in demand?)

    Dano1981 in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I've been writing for a few months and wanted to begin writing for Constant Content. My concern is writing articles that are in demand for the site. I ... [read more]

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    decent list of dofollow blogs

    CDawson in SEO

    hello everyone, I was searching for a decent list of dofollow blogs earlier and came across this site: Do Follow List | Nickoo Shore Have fun

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    Are .edu backlinks pointless if they go to the same IP address?

    harchyboy in SEO

    Hey Warriors, Are .edu backlinks pointless if they go to the same IP address? Let me explain. I belong to an edu backlink service where I get sent an edu ... [read more]

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    .info domain is really BAD for SEO?

    DeusX in SEO

    hey all! does .info domains are really "bad" for SEO? I'm just reading FAstAttackSeo and Craig says: "We prefer to stick to,, or if possible, but we've ... [read more]

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    Autoblog Worked well 5 days, then Hosting Suspended acct Why?

    yourguru777 in SEO

    Hello, I bought some software that autoblogged in WP and put my banners between autoblogs. It was rocking 30-40 hits a day. Lasted 5 days and my hosting acct was ... [read more]

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    New adsense button!

    paulgl in SEO

    Well, not really a button. If you look at your adsense ads, and close, you may note something differently. On the text ad blocks, the now have the words "Ad ... [read more]

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    Best Keyword and Niche Research

    DougieMajor in SEO

    Hi Sorry if this sounds trivial or stupid but basically I have heard a lot of things and wish to get some stuff cleared up by you experts. I would ... [read more]

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    Will i rank higher if i redirect pr5 domain to my new n/a wesite?

    piotrekr in SEO

    Hi ,i have catched a pr5 info domain, will i get some seo profit if ill redirect it to my new n/a website ?? will google count that domain backlinks ... [read more]

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    Why does Bing rank my page much higher than Google?

    rankey in SEO

    I'm ranking #4 for one of my sites in Bing but I'm 26 in Google.. Seems like a pretty big discrepancy..? Should I just shut up, relax and keep building ... [read more]

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    "Buying" keywords, such as "best" or "review"

    thedog in SEO

    Hi, can someone give me a list of good buying keywords... the obvious ones that come to mind are, buy best review There was a post on here a while ... [read more]

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    Does Adwords allow video autoplay?

    Yuki in SEO

    I've been reading the landing page policy for adwords, but I can't find the answer to it. If anybody could let me know, it would be very appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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    SEO advice

    larks01 in SEO

    thanks for any advice

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    New domain point to existing site - how to tell Google?

    daninthemix in SEO

    Hi all, I've registered a new domain name which contains my keyword, and want to point it to my existing website (which I want to rank more highly for that ... [read more]

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    isnare articles

    arshavin in SEO

    I am about to publish on isnare but noticed that i am not allowed to leave html inside the body and there isnt a way to link our text. It ... [read more]

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    Does anyone have a list of free decent Press Release sites that allow anchor text?

    rankey in SEO

    I had some success with prlog a couple of threads down and I'm looking for others that are good?

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    What's the trouble with Adsense approval?

    rankey in SEO

    I just started my second blog and approval wasn't a big deal.. I keep hearing you guys talking about approval problems, is this because you're running an autoblog or just ... [read more]

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    Keyword Rich Domain Name...

    Derek S in SEO

    So last week I just entered into a brand new niche and conversions have been great using adwords! The only downside is I am stuck with a nearly constant 200 ... [read more]

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    Can somebody PLEASE evaluate my ad placement?

    mcimicata in SEO

    Hello everybody, I am new to the forum, but have been writing search engine optimized articles for Infobarrel for about a year. I recently decided to start a niche site ... [read more]