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    Anyone know how to get Youtube video rank high within youtube search?

    Sphinx in SEO

    It seems that people are talking about getting a good ranking from Google, the SEO tips & tricks are readily available all over the Internet, but unfortunately, Youtube Optimization is ... [read more]

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    First Page, #2 and NO traffic AT ALL!

    silverbean in SEO

    I'm not understanding this at all. I found a keyword in the weight loss niche that gets 8,400 searches a month globally. Did a little research and figured that I ... [read more]

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    [GET] Big list of HIGH pr forum profiles PR 1-9

    greatseoservice in SEO

    Vbuletin type of forum profiles for manual backlinking. High PR in this links, get high quality backlinks fast and easy Code:

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    How well do exact match .co domains rank?

    DoHNuT555 in SEO

    How well do exact match .co domains rank? Just interested in some warrior's information on how well .co domains worked for them considering I found a few .co exact matches ... [read more]

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    Adsense or Adbrite in Affiliate Marketing?

    alanna548 in SEO

    Hi dear all friends ! I saw every day some ads with direct hop link to affiliate clickbank product in Adbrite ads. Does Adsense allow to give direct link and ... [read more]

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    Any one used the keyword academy

    Find in SEO

    Has the keyword academy got any valuable resources within there site. What are they like?

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    Backlinks on multiple sites? Best way?

    Spradle in SEO

    So I am wondering what is the best way to focus my backlinks. Should I make tons of back links on one site? Or a medium amount of backlinks on ... [read more]

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    Ranking first page for 1500 keywords

    XtremXpert in SEO

    So here is this PR4 website, 25k indexed pages and around 5k backlinks. My job now is to get it on page 1 of Google for ~1500 keywords, they are ... [read more]

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    NO-follow .edu backlinks?

    loshmi86 in SEO

    Are no-follow .edu backlinks worth getting? and what is the differenc in terms of seo between no-follow and do-follow backlinks. i saw on quite few post that people directing readers ... [read more]

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    Is It Possible To Rank On Page 1 Of Google With .....

    Steve Wells in SEO

    Is it possible to rank on page 1 of Google with a domain ending with .info as long as your on page SEO is good and you have chosen a ... [read more]

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    Porn sites linking to me

    claycath in SEO

    I noticed in Stat Press of my costume sites that some of my best referrers are from a handful of porn sites. I have never linked to porn sites and ... [read more]

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    Keyword Research

    JamesRyan in SEO

    Hi Everyone, I'm new at SEO and keyword research. I am using Market Samurai as my research tool, and I was wondering if I could ask for your help to ... [read more]

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    Image SEO

    ninon in SEO

    Hey everyone, can anybody tell, how images are read by search engines?

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    Submission To Feed Directory - Backlink To Feedburner Or Your Site?

    Dele in SEO

    Hi All, If you use feedburner for your feeds and you submit your feedburner feed name to RSS directories, is it not right to say that the backlinks generated goes ... [read more]

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    Google farmer algorithm change is excellent

    gareth in SEO

    I decided to focus on the "winner" sites. I uploaded content yesterday to one of those sites (not youtube) with a very clear link to my site - better than ... [read more]

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    Be carefull when you submit articles to

    Tim Wallace in SEO is a good article catalogue with PR 4, what's more, the articles submited to them can be indexed by Google as soon as possible. However, somethings are changed recently. ... [read more]

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    Interesting ways to make $5 a day online!

    JR9982 in SEO

    Hey guys, I just came up across this site called Fiverr

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    Captain_Morgan in SEO

    Hey Guys As everyone knows and have found out that big G is taking content very seriously well always has done, so before I was using AMR but been told ... [read more]

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    Question about SEO, dynamic pages?

    Kennyz in SEO

    Hey guys, i want to build niche website. My question is what better for SEO, dynamic or static pages? Here is what i mean. i will have index.php inside my ... [read more]

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    Whats the best Adsense theme for a micro niche site?

    Anup Mahajan in SEO

    Hey guys, I am about to start my micro niche journey and would like some advice as to which WP theme is best for such sites. I have heard lot ... [read more]

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    Back At Square One With Article Marketing

    mekap04 in SEO

    I was going to get into article marketing again but with all the changes, I am a bit unsure of how I should go about it. I was really going ... [read more]

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    A Newbie question re Bing

    Holiday Car Hire in SEO

    Hi, can anyone tell me how much credence I can put on searches with Bing. Market Samurai has just shown me that for keywords PS3 and PS3 Games (UK search) ... [read more]

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    SEO-challenged - Need help FAST!

    sylviad in SEO

    Ok. I'm not sure if this belongs in SEO discussions or in the programming / web design section, but here goes. I just ran a check of my site using ... [read more]

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    Google's Algo Change and Duplicate articles (sort of)

    staffjam in SEO

    I run a pretty popular finance site and 90% of the content comes from other sites. The information is valuable and people love what we publish (I publish what our ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking RSS Feeds. Any Value/Benefit?

    happyguy in SEO

    Hi warriors, do i get any benefit or value from bookmarking rss feeds? I normally combine all my backlinks (from articles,wordpress and blogs) and turn it to one rss feed ... [read more]

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    Online Store SEO question

    max2daz in SEO

    Hey guys, I have a few questions about SEO when it comes to an online store. I'm currently using Opencart as my ecommerce platform. I am building a clothing website ... [read more]

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    Why is my site dropped from Google

    aagekold_war in SEO

    Hi I know Google has implemented a major change to their algorithm but I am unsure if this is the cause. 3-4 months ago I created a new website ... [read more]

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    What does a site need to be accepted into google, bing, yahoo etc?

    nikeman070 in SEO

    My site is its a site I made for a local basketball league I want to put some ads on it and test it after that ill build a ... [read more]

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    Indexed in 24 hours

    rxtricky in SEO

    Hi Guys, I recently setup a new site and i got it indexed about a day later with google. What i did was this.. submit url to google,bing,yahoo Uploaded a ... [read more]

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    Yahoo Directory submission - is it worth $299?

    Swindler in SEO

    Hi! I am doing SEO for my website, and I recently found Yahoo! directory. It is possible to submit website for free or to order expedited review for $299. So ... [read more]

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    if you have been google slapped can you start over?

    arnold55 in SEO

    good news and bad news... good news is some of my blog sites have had considerable jumps in the alexia rankings in the last week. the bad news, some of ... [read more]

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    Inner Athlete in SEO

    I've heard there is some good seo benefits to be had... right or wrong?

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    Legal issues in keywords

    wandaramos in SEO

    Dear All...i am new to working with keywords and was wondering if it is legal to use a brand name, celebrity name, product name or designer name in the keyword. ... [read more]

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    Product Barnd Name iin keywods

    mrgee in SEO

    Hi,, Just wondering about the legality of including a product brand name in an exact match domain name.. For example product name and other word .com.. Is this acceptable..?

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    Ezine nofollow. Are they kidding me?

    JamesJeffery in SEO

    I just noticed ezine now convert your links to no follow. Is it just me or do you think it's ridiculous? It's us writers that make ezine what it is, ... [read more]

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    SEO and page content

    ronc0011 in SEO

    This is something I seem to always find myself struggling with. I'm trying to build a landing page that Google will like but at the same time it is a ... [read more]

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    How to remove the ADSENSE Problem

    howtomakemoneyonline in SEO

    How to remove the ADSENSE Problem Your ads have recently appeared on websites you haven't authorised. To avoid lost revenue, make sure that you authorise any sites where you display ... [read more]

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    AdWords ad denied need help

    ruecian2112 in SEO

    I have a client that came to me because his AdWords ad keeps getting denied. I looked at the ad, but I'm not sure why it keeps getting denied. The ... [read more]

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    How much $$$ per click?

    howtomakemoneyonline in SEO

    The average CPC for "insurance" keyword, for example is $20, then how much percentage of this CPC will be paid by adsense to us per click?

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    JUST THE FACTS thread - Google's algorithm change

    Mike Anthony in SEO

    Lots of thread flying around the place with suppositions and unconfirmed theories and there will probably be even more threads so I am going to take the time and this ... [read more]

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    Which Low Cost SEO/Backlink Services Do You Outsource To?

    PhoenixWS in SEO

    I have just read a WSO about SEO and it got me thinking - what reliable low cost SEO companies/agencies are other Warriors outsourcing their SEO/backlinking to... Now I don't ... [read more]

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    I FINALLY found a keyword phrase

    OKFarmgirl in SEO

    Ugh, after hours and hours of research, I finally found a keyword phrase and bought an EMD domain for it. I'm developing it now, and it looks pretty slick if ... [read more]

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    Everything is dead - Get a job.

    johnhoefer in SEO

    I thought I would consolidate many of the posts over the last week since the Google update and slap down of Overstock, JC Penny and Ezine Articles. Everything is dead. ... [read more]

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    possible to rank above wikipedia in local search?

    yunie6 in SEO

    let say i am ranking for the keyword 'weight loss' in my country. when i search for weight loss in (for example), the top malaysia site is in position ... [read more]

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    How reliable is Microsoft's OCI? Should I pursue a keyphrase with low OCI?

    msafi in SEO

    I found a good key phrase to optimize for and it has very good traffic. However, according to Microsoft's Online Commercial Intention calculator, people who are typing this, are only ... [read more]

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    URL with WWW and with out

    Wilter Quesada in SEO

    Hey guys I have a potential client that has 1535 backlinks to his url with WWW. now he only has 84 back links to his url without the WWW. but ... [read more]

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    Should I add blog as subsite or subfolder

    cssitkt in SEO

    I want to create a blog to compliment my site and I was wondering if adding it as a subsite (ie blog.mywebsite) will benefit my root domain (in SEO terms) ... [read more]

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    Is the OCI tool in Market Samurai Really Reliable?

    3afash in SEO

    Is the OCI tool in Market Samurai really that reliable? I know that no tool is a 100% accurate and that I should also use common sense but for example ... [read more]

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    How has the google update affected blog networks?

    droog in SEO

    Or any good posts you've come across somewhere that addresses the issue? I'm talking about stuff like ArticleRanks where you spin your article and get it on a bunch of ... [read more]

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    HEEEEELP - On-site SEO in Wordpress - Site Structure - How to??

    momo3 in SEO

    ok I realize SEO Platinum and All in ONe SEO pack, and Yoast's thing are real slick for doing title tags, meta tags, keywords, and all that jazz. But what ... [read more]

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    Am I the Victm of the New Algorithm, or the Google Dance?

    sree94 in SEO

    On Thursday, my two year old site that was in the number 3 position of page one for a keyword with 1.3 million results dropped to the middle of page ... [read more]

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    Recommend me a High PR dofollow Bloglist provider... Please :)

    sniper34d in SEO

    Hi guys, I have 5 niche sites recently finished and I need to start backlinking. I would love to be able to add 15/20 PR4+ backlinks (on relative blog sites ... [read more]

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    Long tail key words and building backlinks

    mrgee in SEO

    Just wondering about the practicality of building back links with a long tail key word. Hypothetically say my key words were "wooden dog kennel costs" anyone forseee difficulty building back ... [read more]

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    Delicious - A nofollow site.

    imava12 in SEO

    When I try to bookmark some few stuffs this day, I found out that Delicious is a nofollow link site. I use Search Status to check if the site is ... [read more]

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    Social bookmark slap!

    neilruss in SEO

    I'm trying to find an answer to this and have found mixed opinions; Which is better: using an automated bookmarking service to submit your blog post to 30+ different networks ... [read more]

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    What links are good for you?

    ahago in SEO

    Hi all, Every one knows that back links bring status to your site. That idea is as old as Google earth! As for I have been building links here and ... [read more]