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    Backlinking Inner Pagers

    baby_butler2002 in SEO

    hello warriors ,another question.if my home page is and a inner page of can i build backlinks to the inner page?? to boost its ranking?

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    Confused, UAW vs magic submitter/SEnuke

    visimedia in SEO

    Hi guys, I want to invest to SEO effort which is backlink, but I'm not sure to buy UAW service or magic submitter/SEnuke which is web 2.0 builder. What do ... [read more]

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    What's the code for blog name linking?

    ionicallyenough in SEO

    What I am on about is.. I have noticed that some blog posters names are linking back to seperate websites. Where as other posters have no link at all or ... [read more]

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    Key to Search Engines

    china9 in SEO

    What are the key tings to remember when doing search engine optimization?

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    Help with ScrapeBox Query - Mel Gibson's Hot-Dog Eating Contest

    momo3 in SEO

    Hey guys Lets say that Mel Gibson won a hot dog eating contest in Malibu. And I want to scrape all the blogs that are mentioning this. What would I ... [read more]

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    Multiple entry pages - good or bad?

    BP72 in SEO

    I was taught keyword research should be done before picking a domain name. At least that is what it think is correct. If a company strikes out on the web ... [read more]

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    Sudden Google Places Listing Drop

    Marc Marseille in SEO

    Has anyone ever experience a sudden Google places drop of all keywords. The site in question was in the number one or two position for ten popular keywords and all ... [read more]

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    Thinking about trying to turn this site into a authority site can i ask for some help ?

    jimkirk1943 in SEO

    Hi guys, I`ve had this site for ages i built it after buying a WSO where i found some high paying keywords wrote a bunch of articles and used blog ... [read more]

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    Back links

    ceasero in SEO

    I'm new to the internet marketing, and I wanted to know if you submit a new video with fresh content multiple times to a social networking site, does this count ... [read more]

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    A Few Questions...

    millions in SEO

    I've been lurking around the forum for quite some time and decided to finally sign up so I can really get a start. I've come up with the following questions ... [read more]

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    Paranoid About Being Deindexed.

    momo3 in SEO

    I am so paranoid about being deindexed. Sadly, I am a person who has an income that is dependant on top G rankings. However, I do feel that my site ... [read more]

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    How would you promote this site?

    winsoar in SEO

    My client runs takeawayplanet (dot) com. He needs to get people to order takeaways at a cost to him of under 99p. Google Adwords PPC works but it is much ... [read more]

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    Link Wheel Dissection - posted diagrams

    webjedi in SEO

    Hey warriors. I have been studying linkwheels now for a couple weeks (intensively). I know G has discovered wheeling patterns (I hear a long time ago) and rumor is they ... [read more]

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    Beating Out Sites Like EHow and WikiHow?

    cryptone24 in SEO

    Just wanted to know how easy it is to beat authority sites like EHow and WikiHow? It seems like Google pretty much reference them for any "how to question". Anybody ... [read more]

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    Backlinking and C class IPs

    outwest in SEO

    This question was posted in the general forum it had several answers the thread was then closed the answers were then deleted (strange) and it was stated this belongs in ... [read more]

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    Confession: How I Got SLAMMED By Google!

    robvegas626 in SEO

    I confess, I had a bunch of autoblogs running with WP-Robot. I heard that Google was going to crack down on these types of sites, and I thought I'd taken ... [read more]

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    GoArticles or EzineArticles

    alohaoahu1978 in SEO

    Where is the best place to submit articles,if I want to build backlinks for each article? And can anybody tell me,how many backlinks do I need to get google's first ... [read more]

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    Question about first page of results

    Spiderpig in SEO

    I have been studying SEO lately and I think I have the basics down, but sometimes I get so thrown off with my research that i feel like I dont ... [read more]

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    Do URL shorteners harm SEO efforts?

    spectrecom in SEO

    Does anybody know whether shortened URL's have any backlink value at all? Do the links still count towards your SEO efforts?

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    How much duration?

    DPguy in SEO

    How much duration does it take for a backlink to be shown either in yahoo site explorer or google webmaster tools? I am building backlinks via squidoo lenses and hubpages. ... [read more]

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    hank839 in SEO

    Hello Warriors I consider myself to be reasonable intelligent, but for the life of me, I cannot get my head around anchor text. What I would like to know is: ... [read more]

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    Blogger auto post

    andyelle1 in SEO

    I am looking for free a way to auto post to blogger via Rss feed every hour. I have tried feedmyinbox and did not like the results. I have tried ... [read more]

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    a forums begining

    itsinthere in SEO

    Can please tel me what the Advantages and pitfalls of having a forum(phpbb) for your website would be? How can it help your search engine rankings? How could it hurt ... [read more]

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    schttrj in SEO

    Here's a snippet from a blog on article marketing: "I’ve zeroed in on the long-tail term “how to house train a dog”. The demand for this term each month is ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to check link building services effectiveness?

    JGK in SEO

    If I order (for example) 200 directory submissions Is there any way to do post submission checks ie 200 submissions made 124 were in effect 4 weeks after the initial ... [read more]

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    keyword Density

    baby_butler2002 in SEO

    Hello warriors and thanks in advance.My question is, how many time should my keyword show up in a 600 word article?

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    Is It Advisable To Do This?

    rickyou in SEO

    I have a 4-year old static website that is doing pretty well. However, I find updating the website a troublesome chore because I will need to use Dreamweaver to make ... [read more]

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    baby_butler2002 in SEO

    can someone explain when your ordering backlink ,you are ask for the site url ,keyworks and anchor text.I thought an anchor texts was i missing something?please help P.S what ... [read more]

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    The Duplicate Content Myth

    ChrisWF in SEO

    Is there a duplicate content penalty? I don´t think so. I´ve just checked the rankings of one of my keywords. I´m on Rank 4 in G. But on Rank 2 ... [read more]

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    Adsense: Follow me with .info authority site

    Adie in SEO

    I am not sure if we can call this as an authority site but i think is. This time, I am going to use .info domain because this website will ... [read more]

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    Best placement of ads ?

    Ray01 in SEO

    Guys, where is the best placement position of the google ads in a web page ? Header ? side ? between articles ? please advise...

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    Whats Wrong With My Landing Pages

    hummy in SEO

    Hi All, I've been doing some Adwords advertising and testing various landing pages. I'm wanting some advice from some experience people to tell me whats wrong as both the designs ... [read more]

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    What should i do more for my blog?

    ursimrankhanna in SEO

    Hi friends, recently i make a blog which is based on seo services. can any one tell me what should i do more my blog? Online Seo Buzz | Free ... [read more]

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    How to Create Funnel in Google Analytics

    watchesmayfair in SEO

    Can any one help me how to create funnel and tell me what are the benefits of it. I want to track all the pages that the customer visits. My ... [read more]

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    Does anyone know when Terry Kyle started his backlink packets ? Has it been 1 year yet ?

    jimkirk1943 in SEO

    Hi Guys Just a quick questin does anyone know when Terry Kyles Backlink packets started ? Its the 400 link limited packet , has it been 1 year yet ? ... [read more]

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    How detrimental is duplicate content?

    jcpeden in SEO

    Until now I'd been told that duplicate content was something to be avoided like the plague. When it comes to article marketing, I've always tried to create unique content, ultimately ... [read more]

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    All in one SEO and Thesis

    Dino F in SEO

    Hey everybody, I just changed the theme on one of my blogs to thesis theme. I have the all in one seo plugin activated but thesis also has the same ... [read more]

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    So, I got this $100 coupon from HostGator for FREE advertising on Google Adwords...

    mmixon in SEO

    So I'm thinking, Well I just put up a new blog advertising baby diapers on Amazon. I'll submit it. 10 minutes later, I get this: "Dear AdWords Advertiser, We have ... [read more]

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    Do One Page Landing Pages Seo Work?

    liovvoil in SEO

    The question is simple. If I want to do a landing page for a clickbank product, and I did link building for the page. Can it reach top of google ... [read more]

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    Domains and keywords quickie

    richjo in SEO

    Hi guys. Just a quick one, and probably back to basics. I notcie google often ranks pages within folders of websites and highlights those folders with the search term typed. ... [read more]

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    can i rank 2 different primary keywords in my main page?

    yanexcjc in SEO

    Greeting fellow warriors, Need help! What if the keyword i want to rank is "Dentist Fremont CA" and "Quality dental care" Can i rank both of those keywords in my ... [read more]

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    100$ day from adsense

    worldfxp in SEO

    Hello Everyone! I have some questions to experts here: 1.How to find a profitable niche? 2.What percentage I receive from CPC? 3.It's easy to earn from Adsense? Thanks!

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    Does .wordpress sites accept duplicate content

    Farouseh in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I am intending to have multiple sites to be used solely for backlinking to my main blog. I am intending to post the same article on all ... [read more]

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    Search for Software

    TheCG in SEO

    Is there a program or software (paid or free) that will allow you to enter a URL and selected keywords then search for their SERP? Ideally, this software could remember ... [read more]

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    sign up with a blog network VS submit article to article directories, which is more powerful?

    visimedia in SEO

    Hi guys, I know that it can cost me $67 - $147/m to join a blog network with high PR to get one way backlinks. But which is more powerful ... [read more]

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    Good Old Google Thinks It Rules The Net

    Harvey in SEO

    Morning, did any other warriors get an advertising credit from Google in a clear attempt to get us to start using adwords again? I got two £100 credits from them, ... [read more]

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    Question about Twitter Post indexing

    DavidJeff in SEO

    Hey Can you please guide something about twitter, i dont want to tweet like a blind persons, how much time it will take out tweet to get index? or how ... [read more]

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    good alternative to adsense for some low traffic blog????

    einfobucket in SEO

    I have one autoblog which is receiving 6000 pageviews permonth.I am hardly getting any clicks from adsense . plz suggest alternative for this

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    Role of META TAG ( Keywords)

    charu.seo in SEO

    I want to know the use of meta tags in seo.. Do search engine ( yahoo, Bing, Google) give any importance to meta tags? Is there any difference, if i ... [read more]

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    Anyone think Trademarks are part of Google's...

    sirkaliber in SEO

    Secret Algorithm? I've wondered about this and if this is a determining factor in taking a website to the top of a competitive keyword. Thoughts?

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    Duplicate Content Question

    PLR Basket in SEO

    Hi I have one quick question. I have a site with both unique and PLR articles on them, will I get penalized in any way? Let's say my original content ... [read more]

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    The Google Analytics Mystery Solved

    TBInternetMarketing in SEO

    Can anyone recommend some good tracking software other than Google Analytics? I've noticed a problem lately where a lot of my traffic is showing as 00:00:00 for the avg time ... [read more]

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    is a .com better for ranking in SEO than .net or .org??

    InTheMaking in SEO

    Please let me know, new to SEO.. Thanks, Jeremy

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    What's Lowest Number of Monthly Searches You would go for?

    RizenKJ in SEO

    ^Question in title - Assuming the keyword is rather specific to a problem/product/etc and thus can definitely be marketed.

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    Best Tool For Competition & Keyword Research

    jasonjohnson in SEO

    What tools do you guys use for your competition research? Currently I am using MS and would like some ideas on comparable tools. Something that shows all the info MS ... [read more]

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    Ways to monetize one site

    jcuervo in SEO

    Hello warrior, can I monetize 1 site with adsence, CPA, and others at the same time?