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    SEOmoz - 30 Day Free Trial - Juicy!

    jazbo in SEO

    Received an email today from, their premium membership, containing a ton of juicy SEO stuff now has a 30 day free trial: SEOmoz PRO Features | SEOmoz That's a ... [read more]

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    Uploading Niche Articles

    zsawevv212 in SEO

    I’ve written up a nice article on my niche. It’s not junk, but really something that would help people who want good solid info about my niche market. Hope to ... [read more]

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    new niche 1,750,000 results,competitor 7th position 39 backlinks

    allsystems in SEO

    Ok so this is a new niche I want to get into,the competitor in 7th place has got there with 39 backlinks,how is this possible?most of them are link exchanges

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    Cheaper Ranking Tool than Rank Tracker

    RizenKJ in SEO

    I've been using the demo and I have to say that rank tracker is really brilliant - I like it a lot. However, the price for the real thing is ... [read more]

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    Google certified ad networks?

    romka123 in SEO

    Hi everyone if any warriors knows what is Google setified ad networks and how it is work? Thank a lot!

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    How does a page that gets rank look like?

    BarberShop in SEO

    I'm not getting love from the search engines. I figured its my page. Its just a short copy, optin page type with huge sales message on top. So if not ... [read more]

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    Best Way To Track Domain Redirect Links?

    AceOfShirts in SEO

    I just purchased a really good domain name that I am going to use as a redirect to an affiliate program. Right now I just put up a simple php ... [read more]

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    List Building??-Do you Use Adwords, YAhoo/MSN PPC

    Sharingan in SEO

    Hey Warriors. I am starting to build my list for the fist time. I plan to use PPC(Google Yahoo and MSN) for traffic.Please help me answer these two questions 1. ... [read more]

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    best automatic link builder?

    sloanjim in SEO

    Hi I have numerous sites number one in Google and i kind of do some link building/articles/blog commenting every month.. but what I need is one or two completely automatic ... [read more]

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    how to start seo work for new website

    joy1 in SEO

    Hi Guys, I am joy and senior webmaster, we have a new site related to fashion and need login for access to site as like facebook, please let me know ... [read more]

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    Few SEO questions.

    ttcbird in SEO

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to learn more about SEO. I have a few questions that need answers if anyone could help that would be great. 1.) How come some site ... [read more]

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    Is my website SEO optimized?

    bhentschel in SEO

    Hi, We run a online furniture business. My plan is to hire someone to continue to develop my site (the guy who did my site for me, doesn't have time ... [read more]

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    what is the seo tool that you can't live without

    seo developer in SEO

    i plan to go the second level and start to spend some money on my seo. i checked many tools and services (i have a good experience with seo, but ... [read more]

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    Whats better, backlinking service or hire someone on odesk to do backlinking?

    BradRich in SEO

    I know a little about seo and using my keywords. I am not into backlinking, I don't really even know much about it. I haven't really even made a backlink ... [read more]

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    Cheap high quality backlinks

    true900 in SEO

    Hello, id like to ask where can i get cheap high quality anchor text backlinks? Thansk.

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    Bookmarking Tool / Software

    shinsawa in SEO

    Can anyone here advised the best bookmarking tool / software ? Free or paid, if paid how much does it cost? Thanks for the answer. Shin

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    How Can I Move Up The Search Engine "Google" ?

    warrenj1979 in SEO

    I have a video from youtube on page 14 for the keyword how can I get it to the first page? Backlinks? Please help im a rookie in seo

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    Google shows different results

    trytolearnmore in SEO

    Hey guys, I have this problem: i try to rank for a specific keyword, but for some reason shows me different results. Here is what i mean (i've logged ... [read more]

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    Anyone else having Market Samurai issues?

    TBInternetMarketing in SEO

    Mainly when trying to generate the keyword list and the SEOT values. Just get an error message that the Google data server could be updating? Just wondering if this could ... [read more]

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    Market Samurai PBR Not Working -Keyword Software

    caliviper in SEO

    For those that own Market Samurai, the PBR feature seems to have stopped working. Can anybody else verify this in their copy? For those that don't have Market Samurai, PBR ... [read more]

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    Keyword software for New Zealand location?

    marketingguy in SEO

    Hi, I was going to buy Keyword Elite 2 but I found out from their support that it only uses the US for locations. Does anyone know of the good ... [read more]

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    Huge Adsense Day - Love it when Google Opens Up

    TZ in SEO

    Wow - just saying. All accounts on fire today, with a total of $274.34 at 4:00PM mountain. Last Monday was a THIRD of that. Don't want to get that excited ... [read more]

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    adsense help!!!

    Drmartin1981 in SEO

    If i am new to IM and looking to start some made for adsense sites,, on products,, what kind of Adcost would you guys recomend for my keyword searches??? and ... [read more]

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    Rank #1 in Google - All Questions Answered

    alexbbbh in SEO

    How do I rank #1 in Google for my chosen keyphrase? This is a question that I often get. And I don't see many places where you can find a ... [read more]

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    Google Content Placement Finder?

    momo3 in SEO

    There used to be this thing called ContentBully that would find all the places that use google adwords content network. But I cannot get it to work anymore. Does anyone ... [read more]

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    Very curious - which site monetization is more effective?

    heavysm in SEO

    Alright I am slowly updating my site but am very curious about two varieties of monetizing a site that I have seen. One is where a site has links embedded ... [read more]

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    Do backlinks to main page help blog posts rank better also?

    BradRich in SEO

    If a site has a lot of backlinks to it, does that make it easier to rank the blog posts for other keywords or products? Say for instance "" has ... [read more]

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    software to find forums/blogs in my niche?

    allsystems in SEO

    is there a software that I can type in car for example and it will find all the blogs and forums that are related to that niche,i then need it ... [read more]

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    A question about adsense

    tish_lynn02 in SEO

    Can u have adsense and affiliate links on the same website?

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    J.C. Penney gets busted by Google

    atrbiz in SEO

    Interesting article I just found: J.C. Penney gets busted juicing its Google results - Google 24/7 - Fortune Tech

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    Question About Ranking Exact Search Term Domain Names

    Robert T Jillie in SEO

    Hi, If you have an exact keyword domain name.... How difficult can it be to out rank a very large competitor that has hundreds or even thousands of links ... [read more]

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    Best way to check backlinks

    larryphoto in SEO

    I'm starting to work on building backlinks to my sites and would like to track my progress. I've found dozens of backlink checkers online and entered the same URL in ... [read more]

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    I'm stuck... I have an RSS feed and dont know what to do....

    Moneyland in SEO

    Hi, I have my hub page RSS and don't know what to do with it. Is it best to submit to lots of directories or just one or two better ... [read more]

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    Amazon sites - Backlinking

    cooler1 in SEO

    Im currently having 5 Amazon sites built so i'll soon need to hire a provider to build backlinks to the sites. From what ive heard using automated services such as ... [read more]

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    Social Bookmarking- How many keywords ?

    Watch Store in SEO

    How many keywords to you use per social bookmark ? Is it better to promote one keyword or do you use a few for one social bookmark ?

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    tracking links from a special report

    lunchboxdiet in SEO

    Hi, I've just written a special report and wanted to track the link to my web site, does anyone know if there's a special code that i need to put ... [read more]

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    Pinging backlink - isn't this a bit "slippery" way?

    sylarrr in SEO

    I have noticed a lot of topics in WForums about pinging backlinks, wrapping them into RSS and pinging again etc. I know, that posting a URL to ping servers is ... [read more]

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    Domain age?

    Henri Lind in SEO

    Hello, i was wondering, how much does the domain age affect SE rankings? Can i rank a site that is 2 weeks old? Its confusing because, 1 site i made ... [read more]

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    Ways to Get Forum Backlinks Indexed Faster?

    Topper in SEO

    Hey guys, this is my first post and for my first post I thought I'd ask you guys a question that I've been wondering about for a while. I have ... [read more]

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    Can Anyone Recommend Any Good Free WP Adsense Themes?

    sportsfan54 in SEO

    I been looking for free wp adsense themes but there is so many. So I thought I would ask peopl here on wf for any suggestions. Thanks

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    New Warrior Here

    newmooon in SEO

    I'm new here. Please help me how to make a blog?

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    When will google index my backlinks!?

    spope91 in SEO

    Hi everyone, how long does it take for google to index backlinks? a handful of forum posts I've made have come up, but NONE of my ezine, squidoo, hub pages, ... [read more]

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    How do sites rank w/o even using the keyword?

    BradRich in SEO

    I have seen several sites, usually just blog post from a review site, rank at the top for popular keywords and they don't even have the keyword in their domain ... [read more]

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    Need Ideas! Page 1 to Page 3!

    Abul-Hussain in SEO

    Hi, I took a website from page 3 to page 1 in around 2 months. Last week, I got knocked down to page 2 and am now on the bottom ... [read more]

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    Adsense EPC Drops After Switching Adsense Accounts - What to Do?

    zeke in SEO

    I recently took on a partner in my business and we formed a new business. Instead of just changing my Adsense account to reflect my new business name and info ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing Robot - What's the Suggested Amount of Submissions a Day?

    LadySara in SEO

    What's the best amount of articles I should submit with Article Marketing Robot? If I do too much, will it hurt my ranking? Thanks

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    What's better? Owning a web optimized blog or writing articles?

    Diane89 in SEO

    Do you think it's better to own a blog that's ranked on the first page of Google or is writing and submitting hundreds of articles on the subject the best ... [read more]

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    Anyone in the gaming niche besides me?

    gamerseo in SEO

    IF so let me know my site is Halo Reach Tips | Halo Reach Cheats | Halo Reach Guide and I would like to hook up exchange ideas with somebody ... [read more]

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    Removed auto content posts - how long until url's are deindexed?

    _sleeper_ in SEO

    I'm moving away from using autocontent on any of my sites, so I've removed hundreds of posts and added only original content. Webmaster Tools now shows all of the deleted ... [read more]

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    Backlinks & Traffic To News Blog

    SolaceRose in SEO

    Can anybody help me find ways to get more traffic to a news site. Being a writer and partner of the site, my revenue will only be increased when the ... [read more]

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    PPC Budget For Listbuilding

    Sharingan in SEO

    Hey Guys and Gals! I've posted this question in the wrong forum. Someone recommended I would get more answers here. So here goes. I am currently trying to build a ... [read more]

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    Can you rank a blog in days....?

    BarberShop in SEO

    Well my questions are 3 fold -can you rank a blog in days? (10-30 days) -can you rank a blog in days using ezine+youtube blasting content daily? -can you rank ... [read more]

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    Free Tools for Keyword Type

    hummy in SEO

    Hi Does anyone know of any free tools where i can enter in large keyword lists which then get turned into exact and phrase matched keywords. So i enter a ... [read more]

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    need help new backlinks and index rate

    allsystems in SEO

    iv just spent approx 4 hours today creating 50 manual backlinks from paul johnson packet. I am now wrooied these wont be indexed as iv seen backlink energizer and they ... [read more]

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    after how many backlinks do you begin to get listed for your keyword

    allsystems in SEO

    how many backlinks does it take ebfore you are listed in google even on page 100 for your keyword?let me know,want to rank in google before going serious about the ... [read more]

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    PPC Spy & Management Tools

    BlackHatM in SEO

    Can someone recommend me of a PPC tool to spy on competitors? I tried PPC Bully, but it didn't really give me the results i wanted, it didn't extract keywords ... [read more]