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    I have about 10k links soon to be 20k how can I get more indexed fast, hopefully cheap?

    TomBuck in SEO

    I have loads of backlinks but they are not indexed and I need to get more backlinks indexed, how can I do it. 1.) Manually? 2.) Fast? 3.) Free? 4.) ... [read more]

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    Question About PR, Backlinks & Guest Posting

    laurencengirard in SEO

    I've noticed that the homepage of a blog might be PR5, but then when I go to an individual post the PR is 0. If I write a guest post ... [read more]

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    Question about consulting services for big firms

    Frake in SEO

    Heya everyone, I was wondering how internet consultancy firms handle relatively big firms. I mean, If I were a manager in some big organisation looking for consultancy I would probably ... [read more]

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    1 tip of a flat stomach adverts

    s888 in SEO

    Hey anyone know which ppc advertiser has the adverts for stuff like 1 tip of a flat stomach which is normally alongside mum at home makes $$$ at home?

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    My First Client: Best SEO Site Structure For One Product Site

    aprilm in SEO

    I am not experienced in SEO, and have only been ranking my own sites for about a year now. I was asked to assist a small company in setting up ... [read more]

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    Social Bookmark "Approach" 4 Different Niches?

    Dano1981 in SEO

    Hello Warriors! I know there are many ways to promote a site or an article. For the moment I'm focusing on "Social Bookmarking" promotion (seeking "experienced" feedback please) I'll be ... [read more]

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    How to check the buying keywords....

    Moneyland in SEO

    I used some tool years ago and now I can't remember, anyone know how I can establish the "buying" keywords within a particular niche?

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    Scrapebox users I have an annoying question

    TomBuck in SEO

    Hi, I scraped over 40,000 urls across 1,000 keywords. I then went to the blog commenter and a message appeared about how 94% of the urls have been deleted or ... [read more]

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    Should I sell Amazon w/ Hubpages or Squidoo - which is the best?

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    Question above explains everything. However, I've ran into a lot of IM'ers that use Squidoo to sell amazon products. However, through my own testing - I've see that hubpages indexes ... [read more]

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    Blog commenting question, please

    Lumpy Rutherford in SEO

    Once you find a decent blog to comment on, will you try to build some kind of relationship with the blog owner and also start commenting on upcoming posts - ... [read more]

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    What tools do you have for your SEO arsenal?

    Xavier Tan in SEO

    Hi I know that many internet marketers have their own set of SEO tools and resources. I would like to have a set of my own and build up a ... [read more]

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    one question about keywords

    grandfaraone1 in SEO

    if i have new website....and i want to target some keywords. if i have one keyword with law competition(1) and global search =70000 how many time i need to target ... [read more]

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    Silo Structured Website

    Terrence Taitt in SEO

    Hi all, I am building a new website, and I have learned of the advantages of having a siloed structure website. Unfortunately, I am not sure how a silo structure ... [read more]

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    Best setup for SEO on multilingual - multidomain Wordpress site

    ClearWater404 in SEO

    Here is my dilemma: I need to setup a bilingual site using WP (wordpress) - I want to optimize the structure for SEO, so that each domain name's keyword would ... [read more]

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    Sharingan in SEO

    Hey Warriors. I am starting to build my list for the fist time. I plan to use PPC(Google Yahoo and MSN) for traffic.Please help me answer these two questions 1. ... [read more]

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    Frequency and Length of Blog Posts

    Nerfd in SEO

    Hi guys I've always been told to aim to have blog posts around 300-400 words. I could never find a legitimate reason for why this was. Ive recently started a ... [read more]

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    how to mearsure which keywords brings the traffic

    Millerking in SEO

    Hello warriors, I focused on certain keywords on my site, how can i measure which keyword brought traffic? which keywords broght the most traffic? or even which keyword DOESN'T included ... [read more]

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    orbis in SEO

    I could use some help getting backlinks

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    ROI for an online marketing campaign- advice needed

    sarahstudent in SEO

    Dear forum users, I am management and marketing student trying to solve coursework task. I have to calculate the ROI factor for an imaginary online marketing campaign. The data I ... [read more]

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    HELP site falls 22 pages in 24hrs

    espresso in SEO

    I was going to post here looking for advice to push my page from no 16 to no 10 but I just checked my SERPS and my site has fallen ... [read more]

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    Google Search Question

    sanmarino in SEO

    Hello Warriors, When you do a search on Google to check your SERP does changing your location zip on Google location box on the page effect your SERP. For example ... [read more]

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    What is your SEO arsenal?

    Xavier Tan in SEO

    I know every Internet Marketer has their own set of SEO tools and resources, and I'm looking to build a set of good SEO arsenal. Any recommendations?

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    What is satellite SEO?

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    I have heard some where about SATELLITE SEO. What is SATELLITE SEO really mean? How to do it? Thanks in advance

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    idn and google question

    espresso in SEO

    I recently set up a new site aimed at the german market The url is an exact match and has a german character in it (umlaut) The site is only ... [read more]

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    302 Redirect - Does it pass link juice?

    Chris Sweeney in SEO

    I've never really messed with redirects before, but here is the situation. I have an old domain that is a PR4 and it is not being used by me anymore ... [read more]

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    Do you use automated software for social marketing?

    visimedia in SEO

    Hi, do you use automated software for automated social marketing like SEnuke? for automatic profile creation, etc???

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    How to know that how many domain are there in the world?

    ameerulislam10 in SEO

    Is it possible to get the statistics of the domains? I mean how many .com/.net etc domains floating around the web?

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    Is it valid with adsense?

    chengwong in SEO

    Hi, I am a newbee with Adsense. I wanted to start a Web Directory and wanted to know something about the Ad placement. I have seen many directories have placed ... [read more]

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    Site ranked on google 1st page

    krestup in SEO

    Goodday Warriors, Am new to IM, i have some site am managing but i discover my one m site ranked on google 1st page. Which send me traffic, but am ... [read more]

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    Is there an easy way to see what position my site is in the serps?

    BradRich in SEO

    Instead of going through every single page on google to find out where my site is ranking, is there a fast easy way. Can you do this with one of ... [read more]

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    How can i rank first in YOUTUBE

    Thunder059 in SEO

    Hi Seniors, I would love to upload some videos in YOUTUBE. My question is simple. How can i take that videos in to first page. Please help me to find ... [read more]

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    Great Traffic-Need to increase CTR

    acroagogue in SEO

    Hello Warriors. I found this forum a few days ago and am sure I will be spending a great deal of time on it in the future. 37$ for a ... [read more]

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    newbie on profitable keywords

    tish_lynn02 in SEO

    ok, so I have found a lot of keywords in a particular niche that has little competition and quite a bit of monthly searches. The only problem is, according to ... [read more]

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    Quick Question About Market Samurai

    PabloVTB in SEO

    Hey guys, I have a quick question regarding Market Samurai. The Rank Tracker Module, I'm not sure if it looks for Ranking in only, or, if the project is ... [read more]

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    Any Auto RSS submission or ping plug in Suggestions?

    Webmarketingmaster in SEO

    Im looking for a wordpress plugin that will automatically either submit my RSS feed to several places or automatically ping many other sites when I post new posts. Anybody have ... [read more]

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    Keywords choosing straegy

    DPguy in SEO

    Hello Warriors, this is my first post here in warrior forum. I am a DP member. Actually i haven't seen any related segment to post regarding keywords so i think,this ... [read more]

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    how i use sitemap.xlm what purpose we use this ?

    ayushiinfo in SEO

    i am little confused about sitemap.xml what purpose we use sitemap.xml ? anyone explain me :rolleyes:thanks in advance

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    can Adsense be on an archery site?

    Ovark in SEO

    Ok, I have been thinking about creating an Archery website and placing some amazon and adsense on it when time comes to monetize it. But I notice on Adsense TOS ... [read more]

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    What type of linking needed for this .gov forum (Free)

    RizenKJ in SEO

    ACM :: View topic - I'm bored This is a free gov link you guys can use to post links - But one question, what type of coding is needed ... [read more]

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    Question about arrangement of Internal links

    coykiesaol in SEO

    I have a website in which there are lots of section so what I did that it shows sub-sections only when you are in that section or any of its ... [read more]

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    robot dot txt

    kanhaiya in SEO

    what is robot.txt file and why it is used.?

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    Link building resource site idea

    coykiesaol in SEO

    Hi, I have an idea like below and appricate your thoughts Create some blogs in wordpress and blogger and have unique non duplicated content on them and maintain them by ... [read more]

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    question regarding WHOIS and SEO on private blog networks

    mattlaclear in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I am in the midst of setting up a 500 site blog network I'm going to use to post spun articles on for backlink purposes. I have close ... [read more]

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    Adword Account Disabled - Help

    SecretEdge in SEO

    I made a mistake and submitted a site to adword that had google adsense on the page and they disabled my account. How can I go about challenging Google to ... [read more]

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    How do I get my site listed up the keyword I want?

    Glen1 in SEO

    Hi This is my first post so go easy I have done a lot of searching and can't find out how to get my websites listed under the keywords i ... [read more]

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    Very few Add Clicks

    Nerfd in SEO

    Hi guys, long time lurker here. I recently started branching out into SEO areas for my own blogs, after blogging relentlessly on free sites for years. Ive also started advertising ... [read more]

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    Adwords? Google Favoritism?

    BizLeadMachine in SEO

    I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question: Does google favor sites/links (organically) if they are running/involved in adwords campaigns?

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    Looks like google changed algorithm to kill xrummer and scrapebox

    ankur sharma in SEO

    For those who build their rankings using xrumer, scrapebox and bookmarking. Looks like google has changed their algorithm to penalize these sort of backlinks. Any other warrior saw any changes ... [read more]

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    Yet another Adsense ads placement 'trick'?

    affuan in SEO

    How do I put this? Ad placement for Adsense is not something you can just say: This way is TRUE and that way is NOT. Back in 2004 (and still), ... [read more]

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    Are micro niche adsense sites (xfactor, clickbump) really dead

    cweber in SEO

    I have been reading up on the clickbump and xfactor methods but I am hearing a lot of people say these types of sites are dead. However if you look ... [read more]

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    DoFollow Links On Facebook

    gijoe in SEO

    Howdy, is there a way to generate dofollow links from any areas on facebook (fanpage, etc.)? I didn't find a way, would be glad if anyone has any ideas here ... [read more]

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    Raindance in SEO

    I use a tool for my seo. The tool is quite famous and mostly gives accurate stats. I came up with a new plan and I knew it that it ... [read more]

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    wordpress permalink google indexing problem

    movado in SEO

    I had been using blogspot for all my past blogs and have decided to try wordpress. i have used permalink to have a url such as this: ( ) ... [read more]

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    Is Facebook PPC getting too expensive?

    LukeShavak in SEO

    Hello Internet Marketers! I am brand new to the forum, and a bit of an intermediate at Internet Marketing. I have a question about Facebook PPC. I watched a training ... [read more]

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    I must have gotten something right...

    aygabtu in SEO

    On about my 4th major revision to my pages for SEO, my new visits from yesterday to today went from 16% to 23%. Although my bounce rate went from 10% ... [read more]

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    Autoblogs as backlinks

    martfay in SEO

    Is it a good idea to set up autoblogs for backlink purposes? Will this work? I have an autoblog software that i am not using for now for monetization...I can ... [read more]