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    Google Dance? Please help explain SERP changes

    NRGUK in SEO

    Hi all I am new to this site and would firstly like to say hello and that I am looking forward to gaining a lot of information. I think I ... [read more]

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    safe as houses in SEO

    How much harder is it to rank in google in Australia with a .com instead of a Mick.

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    Free SEO ebook...

    rafiseo in SEO

    Hi Warriors! I am a newbie and I want to learn SEO for FOOD!! However I dont know even A B C D of SEO. Can anyone tell me some ... [read more]

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    Anybody having problems bookmarking on Digg?

    ikelove in SEO

    Quick question: Every time I've tried to bookmark one of my ezinearticles by putting the url in the appropriate field, before I can even hit the button that says, "Digg ... [read more]

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    what is the best systematic way to rank 40 sites?

    rileyb in SEO

    I have over 200 but want to work on 40 at a time, best way to do this?

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    Category URL keywords also part of domain SEO advice?

    mattr2110 in SEO

    I'm creating a new site that the categories keywords are also in the domain name. For example: Domain: Category: Data Backup Software So my URL would look like this: ... [read more]

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    Buying Profile Backlinks - Are They Worth?

    Chris Q in SEO

    I was wondering that there are some Warriors here who are offering profile backlink service that uses Xrumer or even manual. Is it worth for us to spend money to ... [read more]

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    Sharing with wordpress

    Dermy in SEO

    I understand wordpress run a 50/50 advertising revenue scheme with blogs. Basically they will host your free blog in exchange for 50% of all your advertising. Have any of ... [read more]

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    derekjansen in SEO

    Hi Warriors I have a question regarding's new linkchecker queue. They've recently revised the system, and the linkchecker now checks every single link to ensure that it work before ... [read more]

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    What is Alexa ranking?

    rafiseo in SEO

    I see people are talking about Alexa ranking. But dont know what is it! Can any warrior tell me about this Alexa ranking? What is it? Why its important for ... [read more]

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    So I'm building this website.........

    yukinara in SEO

    This is not a site to sell products or affiliate, I merely do this because I want to build a long term income not from CPA or selling anything, but ... [read more]

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    Please I need Google adsense Mentor

    ezennaemeka in SEO

    I have registered with Google adsense since 2007 but till date am yet to make a dime from them. May be Ihave been doing it wrong in the past but ... [read more]

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    Adding new sites to adsense account?

    oogyboogawa in SEO

    Hey, I have a quick question about AdSense. I've scanned through several topics and they are mostly about getting approved for adsense which is not a problem for me as ... [read more]

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    Youtube and video seo!!

    manish123 in SEO

    Hi, Does anyone know or has anyone optimized a youtube video ??..Please share if you know anything.. Regards

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    Searching for keywords? Need product ideas? Step inside...

    jasonmorgan in SEO

    Struggling with keywords, long-tail phrases, product ideas and generally lost on what the heck people want, are asking and searching for? Read forum post titles. Seriously. Take a gander at ... [read more]

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    Need You Backlinks Crawled? Try This to get up to 50,000 Backlinks PER DAY Crawled By Googlebot.

    NeillSEO in SEO

    A lot of people say that you should put your backlinks in RSS feeds then ping and submit the rss feeds. The tool I'm about to tell you about will ... [read more]

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    Whats a good Keyword Density % for an article?

    redstanford in SEO

    someone just asked me this and i have no idea what is ideal for affiliate marketing. any body use a formula for their articles?

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    The Competition Factor - How important is it?

    TBInternetMarketing in SEO

    I've heard a few different views on this one recently. If you type a keyword phrase into google in quotes e.g. "dog training guide" it returns about 60,000 results. This ... [read more]

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    The WordPress SEO Plugin I Can't Live Without

    DigiSumo in SEO

    Hi everyone, I've been testing the new SEO plugin by Yoast (WordPress SEO) and I'm not turning back. My sites are Indexed within days and this one plugin takes care ... [read more]

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    Pages Indexed

    Terrence Taitt in SEO

    Hi all, How do I go about getting all the rages in my website indexed? What do you guys do to get all of your website pages indexed in Google, ... [read more]

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    Adsense {KeyWord:} in Ad title

    Dreamsight in SEO

    Has anyone come across {KeyWord:the_keyword} in the title of an advert? The ad shows only the_keyword when it is displayed.

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    Problems with Conversion Prophet 2

    spartanic in SEO

    It was working fine for a few days but now it no longer wants to rotate landing pages and the links that it generates no longer redirects either. Any ideas?

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    Will moving site effect rank?

    Chris Hardee in SEO

    I am preparing to move my primary site from one hosting company to another. From your experience, if I copy the site and redirect the domain name, will it effect ... [read more]

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    Severe cpc drop with high traffic?!

    GaltMotors in SEO

    Hi all, Been lurking for a while, but could really use some input... Over the course of the last 4 days I had a huge spike in traffic (and the ... [read more]

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    Need tool which does this

    GeorgR. in SEO

    Crawl a site, obeying NoIndex/NoFollow and show me exactly like Google would index the page, eg. pages which are NoIndex/NF in different colors. G.

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    How Is the Competition Getting Found in Google?

    mrniceguy123 in SEO

    I know that I can install Google Analytics for my own site, to help find out what search terms people are entering to find my site, but how can ... [read more]

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    Index delay observation

    Michael Falk in SEO

    Hello, I just noticed something recently and was wondering if anyone had any insite. Most times when I publish a post in wordpress on a particular site my articles are ... [read more]

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    How Many RSS Directories Do You Submit To?

    redstanford in SEO

    - how many RSS directories do you submit to? - whcih directories do you submit to? - how often do you submit to? just once initially? after every bit of ... [read more]

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    Page Rank Sculpting

    Terrence Taitt in SEO

    Hi, I have a number of pages in my website's footer that I would like to place the "rel nofollow" tag attribute on, but I am not sure which ones ... [read more]

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    This is VERY, VERY Powerful! (Serve the visitor what they want)

    GeorgR. in SEO

    (This could be almost seen as a "trick" although i am sure that for some people this is nothing new. It is actually something VERY obvious, especially when you realize ... [read more]

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    Page Rank Calculation

    Terrence Taitt in SEO

    Hi all, Does anyone know how Google and some of the other major Search Engines compute Page Rank for a web page. Please show the formulae, and also show an ... [read more]

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    H1 tag Should Only Appear Once?

    Dano1981 in SEO

    Hey warriors, hope everyone is doing well Hey I've heard that for the best seo and what google is looking for that you should only have one "H1" tag per ... [read more]

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    promoting to Australia

    safe as houses in SEO

    Hi, I was looking at an offer to promote to the australian market, but when I went to godaddy they dont have .au, is there a reason for this, or ... [read more]

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    HELP: How can I get a list of ALL of my WP sites urls?

    magentawave in SEO

    I have a self-hosted WP site and I want to create three different url lists for it... - List 1 would be a list of all the Post urls. - ... [read more]

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    Traffic geyser/Animoto Question...PLEASE HELP!!!

    kb62591b in SEO

    Guys, can someone explain to me how I can create videos in Animoto and then distribute them through Treaffi Geyser? I would really, and I mean, really appreciate it. I ... [read more]

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    How long into blogging + adsense before you could quit your day job?

    EricShaun in SEO

    Just wondering out of interest. For me it was about 15 months till i was making enough

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    Blog Comment Backlinks Question

    laurencengirard in SEO

    When I'm leaving a comment on a blog with my domain name should I link to my articles homepage or a specific related article on my site if possible? Does ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to hire an SEO or optimize my website myself?

    jasonmark in SEO

    I don't have a lot of money and I really want to get some good rankings for my site. Can I realistically expect to get some decent rankings without hiring ... [read more]

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    Pages Indexed

    gvannorman in SEO

    Does it really matter. I am researching the top 10 competition strength with Market Samurai. The amount of pages indexed does that really matter when determining my chances of ranking ... [read more]

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    Extra Domains To Boost SEO - Is This Correct?

    Marky B in SEO

    Hi Warriors, Sorry if this has already been answered before but basically I would like to know if purchasing say an extra 5 domains and linked them all back to ... [read more]

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    Google Issues about subdomains

    rkcc4 in SEO

    Has anyone got any thoughts or issues about Sub Domains, e.g. and or Does Google see them as ONE domain even though they will have different DNS ... [read more]

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    How to increase traffic for a US site?

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi, I am having and US site and I would like to increase the traffic. What I can do to get more traffic.

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    Do you need a script for telemarketing

    humbledmarket in SEO

    I'm just wondering do I actually need a script for telemarketing? I've always been told that a script is one of the essentials with telemarketing. I'm new to telemarketing and ... [read more]

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    What is the Best link building software right now???

    Raul991 in SEO

    The question is plain and simple - I would like to invest in a link building software to expand my business. I have done some research already but would like ... [read more]

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    Strategy for new website

    Plato in SEO

    Hi there, just wondering ... when you re planning to develop a new website around one topic which will contain, lets say about 20 pages at the end (aprox 900 ... [read more]

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    How to index profile backlinks?

    GoodnightSweetRatRace in SEO

    I'm looking for methods other than Pinging & RSS Feeds as this method just does not work for profile backlinks. I've tested it on multiple articles and I've learnt that ... [read more]

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    Ranking a Micro Niche Site for moderate competition Keywords

    heavysm in SEO

    I am planning a few sites to be created around similar keywords but i am unsure whether to create one site (around 10 posts/keywords) for all my keywords or about ... [read more]

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    Possible look of link ?

    myyoulo in SEO

    Hi, I am transferring a blogs content to another. I am only doing this to be able to change the design and then move the new temporary blog back to ... [read more]

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    How to check .edu and .gov backlinks for any site?

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi, I am happy to know how to find .edu and .gov links that are presented in our business site. Thanks in advance

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    Google Dance - Why certain sites and not others?

    dwzemens in SEO

    I've got several sites that are about four months old. Two in particular are being "danced around" by Google on a regular basis while the others are not. Every few ... [read more]

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    Understanding Links

    Bobster0007 in SEO

    Whats the difference between links that are placed on a website using that just mean it a nofollow? and then some links that are reciprocal where you have to ... [read more]

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    marketingstudent in SEO

    Hey guys experts,experienced and all plz share your tips and tricks for SEO 1) Basics Of SEO 2) Directory Submission - Where to find good directories for free/Do you have ... [read more]

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    Domain name question - phrase related

    Collatio in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I was wondering if (for example) I already have the domain name: for the term ''restaurant new york'' is it necessary to also register newyorkrestaurant for the ... [read more]

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    Adgrenade support non-existent

    blkfin in SEO

    I do not usually do this but, $147 is currently down the drain. I purchased ad grenade on Oct 6, used the trial, then later sent the registration in and ... [read more]

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    How to find traffic stats for a single page?

    pkrpkr in SEO

    I'd like to be able to see how much traffic a specific URL receives. The tools I know like Alexa and Compete give a traffic indication for a domain, not ... [read more]

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    Ranking in Europe with US Hosting?

    Collatio in SEO

    Hey, How important is it to get local hosting instead of the much cheaper, better and easier hosting @ I can get a German host for a .de domain, ... [read more]