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    SB Site Strategy - Which One Do You Follow?

    Dano1981 in SEO

    hey warriors, so what's your SB strategy, when you're trying to promote articles you've placed in directories, or trying to promote your blogs/sites? Are you trying to link to your ... [read more]

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    Where is the truth?

    rehtheis in SEO

    I have several sites on the first page of Google and I'm not getting the traffic expected. There is information on the web that tells the% of clicks you get ... [read more]

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    What is the best plugin for Adsense?

    sportsfan54 in SEO

    I want to put adsense on a blog but I'm not sure which plugin would be the best one. Any thoughts?

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    I Need an Adwords Digger Alternative

    ha_squared in SEO

    I'm using adwords digger to find websites with adsense on them. The program is non-responsive half the time and has time out errors. Any alternatives? I'd even pay if necessary.

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    Need Some Claification

    GeorgeP1 in SEO

    Hi all, I have a question that has been on my mind for a while now. It concerns edu and gov backlinks. Now I pretty much know what back links ... [read more]

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    Best WP theme to monetize diet & weight loss market

    Highkick in SEO

    I want to push target traffic to two affiliate products im promoting and I'd like to get peoples opinion on which theme seems to be the most effective. I have ... [read more]

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    Conversion Prophecy alternative?

    spartanic in SEO

    I love the AIDA concept behind conversion prophecy however setting it up sure is a pain. Would be nice if they made it easy like Prosper202 (if prosper202 had the ... [read more]

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    Ways To Loose Your AdWords Account

    KristofferIM in SEO

    Hi guys, If you've been around this forum for even just a little while. You've seen the threads where people complain about loosing their AdWords account. Well, loosing your account ... [read more]

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    Can you use Adwords for sites you don't own?

    easygoingdude in SEO

    Can you use Adwords for sites you don't own? Why would I want to promote sites that I don't even own? Well, it would allow me to test traffic for ... [read more]

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    If certain types of sites/SEO methods are so bad, then why doesn't Google stop them at the source?

    Chris Sweeney in SEO

    You know, over the past couple weeks, every time I come to the forum, I always see a new thread saying how someone's website(s) was/were de-indexed for no reason. Now, ... [read more]

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    HELP: Conversion tracking for each traffic source

    ak2000 in SEO

    Hi, I've seen a decent fall in traffic off the back of Ezinearticles and would like to do some testing on how many LEADS that source actually generates (traffic may ... [read more]

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    Has Google Algorithem Changed SEO Rankings Recently

    FMLLC in SEO

    I manage a good deal of quality sites, with unique content, supposedly "google favored" site structure and linking etc... Last week Matt Cutt's at Google posted the anti spam algorithm ... [read more]

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    what's a free and fast way to get to the first page of google?

    co-creator in SEO

    I have this blog. My first blog that I actually worked on to make money from... It's currently on page 40 for my keyword. My strategy so far has been ... [read more]

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    EasyPPC Money - The real deal?

    cooler1 in SEO

    I joined EasyPPC Money last week for $100/month. It involves sending a lot of targeted traffic to your site to increase Adsense revenue. I installed Google Analytics to the site ... [read more]

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    NEED HELP!! :( Lost Rankings

    kartikkhattar in SEO

    Few days back i posted here stating that one of my websites( my main earner ) had grown too large for shared hosting, so to ease the load i commented ... [read more]

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    Best Blog Domain / Url - help please

    Jryan774 in SEO

    Hi im just in the process of setting up a blog and need to know if there are any pro's or con's to the domain layout. i.e. Should I have ... [read more]

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    Can I start backlinking before I post articles?

    nomadiczen in SEO

    I just launched my first adsense site and I'm confident that I can make it profitable. I've outsourced my articles and want to start creating backlinks, but I haven't received ... [read more]

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    Newbies, SEO tips that will literally get you up and running!

    Ronny Kibet in SEO

    As a newbie doing SEO can be a little tiresome. Here is a way you can create a little SEO network of your own. -Go to godaddy auctions or registar ... [read more]

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    Does Having Tons Of Auto-Made Pages Help Rank The Root Domain?

    Bryan V in SEO

    Does Having Tons Of SubPages Help Rank The Root Domain? These subpages would have 0 backlinks to them. I'm trying to see how some sites are ranking.. and it doesn't ... [read more]

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    Site indexed?

    katied772 in SEO

    How can you tell if a site/page is indexed? Just by finding it in a google search?

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    Does anyone think backlinks will become less important?

    china9 in SEO

    DO you guys think backlinks will become less important in the future in SERPs? Google did say that they intended on fighting webmaster spam......

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    How Do I Increase Traffic With SEO?

    jjnmconte4 in SEO

    I need to get around 1200 unique visitors per day to my site in order to make the profit I was expecting from it. I am selling weight loss products. ... [read more]

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    stews in SEO

    Does anyone have any suggestions for getting backlinks to a site?

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    Need some sites/materials to learn seo

    joesmith1608 in SEO

    hi,all i need some site/materials to learn seo (myself).

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    External Tracking Software

    Terrence Taitt in SEO

    Hi, do any of you know where I could find a FREE external tracking software for Adsense? I need to be able to monitor where all the clicks on the ... [read more]

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    How to Check Keyword Ranking.

    JKMiller in SEO

    I just put up my first site and I have been building back links to all my keywords, and I wanted to know if their was a free tool that ... [read more]

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    Can Someone Explain What These Mean in regards to Meta Tags?

    redstanford in SEO

    Description: Description meta tag relevancy to page content is fair. The Description meta tag relevancy to page content is 56%. Keywords: Keywords meta tag relevancy to page content is fair. ... [read more]

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    Some SEO Help with my new Wordpress website needed...

    schttrj in SEO

    Here it is: Copy-e-Writing Please review it, all ye messengers of the SEO land!!!

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    Will Google penalize a site by changing from html to Wordpress?

    TommyG in SEO

    I have a 4 year old site that I'm redoing. It was my first site and I set it up as a html site. I want to set up a ... [read more]

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    Free backlinks for a month

    darkhazza in SEO

    First up I'll say I'm not trying to spam my product here although I realize I only have a single post to my name. (I'm more of a lurker otherwise ... [read more]

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    Tool for tracking site position in Google

    katied772 in SEO

    Is there a free tool that tells you exactly what position a site is at in Google? I have a new site I am attempting to gain position for and ... [read more]

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    Totally de-indexed sites...can they come back?

    lee schmidt in SEO

    I just had ~30 sites de-indexed that were mostly small 3 - 5 page sites. Has anyone successfully brought sites like this back into the Google index or once they're ... [read more]

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    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Proxy Servers : 01.31.2011

    scott g in SEO

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Proxy Servers Source: OnHouseArrest Checked & filtered with ProxyFire MasterSuite ReChecked & refiltered with Scrapebox by scott Latency < 10000ms (636) SSL Proxies Secure Sockets Layer ... [read more]

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    Majority of my sites de-indexed....What to do?

    Steve23 in SEO

    No idea what's going on. I was just about to complete a sale one of my strong earning sites. Already received a down-payment. But when I checked again this morning. ... [read more]

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    Communicating with Adsense

    adsenselive in SEO

    How easy do you find the Google adsense team to contact? Have you been banned and found them hard to get hold of as to why you have been banned ... [read more]

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    How to make money from Adsense?

    KillerMackem in SEO

    I'm new to this site and I've been a bit strapped for cash recently. I was seriously contemplating setting up a free blog (For now) and using Adsense Ads to ... [read more]

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    Use Adwords to determine REAL keyword traffic potential?

    easygoingdude in SEO

    I know Google's keyword tool is far from accurate. Let's say I want to know how much traffic I'd get if I ranked competitively in Google for "New York Lawyer". ... [read more]

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    New EZA article has over 2000 backlinks? How?

    KatyaSenina in SEO

    I found an article on EZA, it's ranking for a pretty competitive keyword term and it's fairly new... about 3 months old and it has over 2000 backlinks pointing to ... [read more]

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    Volume Blogging and AdSense

    gigianciobanu in SEO

    Hello, I have a question for the more seasoned members around here. I have access to about 1000 original and unique articles / month. They are all over 400 words ... [read more]

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    1st place on google but not anymore...

    Spartacus in SEO

    So yesterday right before I went to bed I checked my position on google and to my surprise I was on the 1st place! From page 6 to 1st place ... [read more]

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    video in search results?

    espresso in SEO

    I am sure there is a wso on this but I was wondering how do you get video into google's main search engine You know when you google something you ... [read more]

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    Convert article into video?

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi, Is there any free software to convert our article into video. Any help is very much appreciated.

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    Seo Advantages When Getting A Old Parked Domain

    101millionAds in SEO

    Hi, I bought a domain the regular way at Bluehost this week and it popped up as a premium domain with the "request price" first but after 2 sec i ... [read more]

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    autoblogs = adsense ban?

    thebalance in SEO

    A few days ago I had a talk with a friend of mine. He told me that he's now banned from Google Adsense, obviously because of his tons of autoblogs. ... [read more]

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    3 No-Follow Questions...

    Chris Sweeney in SEO

    So I've heard mixed answers from a lot of different people, and I was wondering if anyone knows the answers to these questions about the no-follow tag. Here's what I ... [read more]

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    Get Blog Indexed

    redstanford in SEO

    my blog is not showing up at all in the SERPS even when i enter the complete address in the google search engine minus the .com. when i enter ... [read more]

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    How to increase back links for website?

    largeformatprint in SEO

    Getting back links is very important to increase the traffic towards the website and to get highly indexed by search engines. There are several ways to increase the back links ... [read more]

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    On Page SEO question

    Nic Oliver in SEO

    Does anyone have any evidence through testing whether, for on-site optimisation, using a wordpress blog, linking from within the text of a blog works any better than using a Related ... [read more]

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    Problems in Ranking

    largeformatprint in SEO

    Hi, I am doing SEO for my site I have done many off page & on Page activities. But my site can not ranking in Google for my keywords. ... [read more]

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    I need a list of100 top google PRblogs with a domain co UK 2 publish articles

    basiliskt in SEO

    Hi folks I need a list of about 100 high Google rank UK blogs with a domainco UK that allows me to publish my articles ASAP. If any1 can ... [read more]

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    PR pass-through

    tonyburr in SEO

    I've bought some domains - about one hundred or so with PRs 1-3 - and want to consolidate these since the content on them is almost identical (just about enough ... [read more]

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    Post Tags on WP Blogs

    redstanford in SEO

    so i've noticed after about a month or so of working on my WP blog that i havn't been touching the "post tags" option of the post editor when i ... [read more]

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    Search Engine question

    mysterrio in SEO

    Hello Warriors - I have a question about SEO. I just started with internet marketing and some of you might know I am a full time magician. So, I made ... [read more]

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    Converting HTML to WP: site structure vs crawl errors

    barbdear in SEO

    I have a 2-year old HTML site that I'd like to convert to WordPress, but it was set up by a programmer who didn't know a lick about SEO, and ... [read more]

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    Outranking high PR and aged domains...

    Underground SEO in SEO

    I'm thinking about going for some slightly more competitive niches now instead of micro niches. Basically I've found a bunch of keywords where the top 10 results are around PR ... [read more]

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    MNF so different from Google Keyword Tool

    katied772 in SEO

    I have Micro Niche Finder but when I put the same keywords into the Google Free Keyword Tool, the results are vastly different. Can I rely on MNF or just ... [read more]