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    What are alternative to cpc google adwords?

    BradRich in SEO

    I just learned about 2 of them- 7search and miva. I also know about yahoo ads and facebook ads. What are some other cpc places that you guys find successful? ... [read more]

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    URGENT!! Building Links For Norwegian Pages Using US links

    101millionAds in SEO

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if building foreign links to a Norwegian site is positive or do i get a bad linkjuice. Also can anyone tell me the exact Google ... [read more]

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    Adsense ads do not appear on any of my browsers

    explorer976 in SEO

    Hello, I hope someone can shed some light on this. Adsense ads do not appear on any of my browsers. I have tried deleting cache and cookies but no difference. ... [read more]

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    Best tool/methode for LSI keywords?

    Jonas Juul in SEO

    Hi fellow marketers, I need a good tool or some kind of methode for scraping google related keywords for my root keyword. Or somekind of tool / methode for finding ... [read more]

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    Market Samurai - SEOV - How accurate?

    willyboy104 in SEO

    Now, I don't want to come across as a dummy. But I just wondered, out of all the people which use Market Samurai, if anyone had tested how accurate the ... [read more]

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    Optimizing and Generating Traffic for New Websites

    Halli07 in SEO

    People who are new to the website ownership world need all the help that they can get! We are a new hosting company and we want our customers to have ... [read more]

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    What is the best way to build backlinks to Ezine articles?

    Shannon Spoon in SEO

    I have a good amount of articles on Ezine and i was looking for some guidance on the best way to build backlinks to my articles. I know about social ... [read more]

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    my competition is building links extremely fast

    nest28 in SEO

    the myth of building links to fast seems to be just that, a myth. my main competition is number one in a med competition niche where he is currently beating ... [read more]

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    stonewall13 in SEO

    Hello everyone, I thought I had the pr0 through pr10 down, and now I'm confused. When I go to a forum or blog it tells me the pagerank is 6. ... [read more]

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    Paypal Redirect Question

    flipfl0p in SEO

    How Can I make this happen? For example I will sell something in Warriors for hire? I need a paypal link on my page that directs to this one.. Can ... [read more]

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    Need advice on redeveloping 9 year old domain, SEO advice needed.

    tchoup in SEO

    I have a website that I'm currently redeveloping for a regional specialty retailer with 4 stores in 2 states. The domain name has been registered since 2002 and for the ... [read more]

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    how do I change my Adsence info

    georgehofmann in SEO

    I recently purchased a we page it runs on plig how do I change my adsence details to change the ads?

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    Confusion regarding Local/Global Monthly Searches

    toodlepipfornow in SEO

    Hi, Please can anyone help? I feel that I should know the answer to this, but I read an article which has made me doubt myself. This is my understanding ... [read more]

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    Adding Adsense Ads - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    father123 in SEO

    Hello Everyone!! I need someone's help despartely!! Me, and a friend of mine have tried to insert my Adsense Ads to one of my websites and we have tried everyway ... [read more]

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    2011 - The year of MozRank

    JackPowers in SEO

    Ok, I am only half serious, but with Google refusing to update Page Rank, where will webmasters turn? I have personally taken the consequence and added MozRank to my SearchStatus ... [read more]

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    Something's NOT right with Backlinking!

    greatyear in SEO

    I understand that there are different ways to build backlinks. 1. Some use SEO: blogging, forum posting, article submission, etc. 2. Buy backlinks 3. Linkwheels But how do you do ... [read more]

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    How to index LInks? Got many of them?

    smolodoy in SEO

    Can anyone please share a secret how to easily index links without breaking a sweat? I mean like thousands of them. I'm willing to pay for real good methods, help ... [read more]

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    How can i get more traffic on my site ?

    markandeysingh in SEO

    Hello All My question is that how i improve my site than traffic on my site and visitor become increase. if anyboby having a suggestion to related this than please ... [read more]

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    Anchor text appearing automatically on URLs in forum?

    Neil K in SEO

    Anybody knows how anchor text appears automatically on putting a URL in its regular format in a thread in this forum? I just put a url to a s/f in ... [read more]

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    Backlinking to new Squidoo lens - Unlimited links okay?

    Calamaroo in SEO

    The normal advice for new websites is that you don't want to get too many links too quickly because Google would consider it "unnatural". That is, new sites aren't supposed ... [read more]

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    Ledux in SEO

    Hello, I want to start writing a blog on blogger and would use their free subdomain, but I'm planing to get my own domain name. What effect would it be ... [read more]

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    need some stats for micro niches

    ttcbird in SEO

    Hey guys im starting to think about making minisite "blogs" with micro niches to make some extra money. My goal right now is to make $2.00 a day from a ... [read more]

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    Can blogger blog outrank wordpress blog on page 1 of Google?

    joe0074 in SEO

    Hi there, I'm wondering if blogger blog can outrank wordpress blog on page 1 of Google? I'm going to build 50 adsense sites using free blogger blog. Thanks,

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    Blog Commenting

    Artavius Hill in SEO

    Blog comment internet marketing is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood types of marketing and advertising these days. You’ve simply to observe someone make a totally unrelated comment upon a ... [read more]

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    The importance of doing good keyword research...good for newbies to know

    Neil M in SEO

    I wanted to make a post about this to hopefully help some of the newer people who are maybe struggling with some of the same things I did early on. ... [read more]

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    Need scrapebox tutorial showing how to find HQ blogs who actually review and publish their comments?

    Fking in SEO

    I need a tutorial showing how to find high PR, dofoll0w blogs, that actually review and approve the good comments. Usually that would be blog that has some comments already ... [read more]

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    Reproduce site content ?

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi, Is it good to reproduce our own site content.

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    Wordpress Plugins???

    Niche_Boy in SEO

    Just installed a fresh version of wordpress and i need to know what plugins i need. Hopefully a warrior with some wordpress knowledge can help me out. Cheers. :p

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    Site Dropped in Google from Daily 1000 Visitors to Zero

    unitec in SEO

    One of my sites (health and beauty niche) was on page one for dozens of keyword phrases and got daily ~1,000 visitors from Google. Since Dec./10. it does not get ... [read more]

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    .info domains

    tszone in SEO

    Are they ok to use with a exact match long tail keyword? Would I be better off looking for a .com , net or org. ? Can you get approved ... [read more]

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    What is the best tool for finding actual search volume?

    Neil M in SEO

    So this is just a purely curious question.... I have been told by many not to trust google keyword tool for traffic volume and that market samurai is the best ... [read more]

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    How Crazy? Ranking smoother on Google is possible

    Gerald Arno in SEO

    After spending the last couple of months with doing research, doing both On Page optimisation and Off Page SEO, I figured out that it basically comes down to these few ... [read more]

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    Are these keywords worth pursuing?

    Tintin4u in SEO

    Hello, I'm looking at keywords which have very low PAGE competition but high DOMAIN competition. The 1st page of google is dominated with sites like ezine article,ehow,associated content, you tube ... [read more]

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    I See A Lot of Threads Asking For Research/Keyword Tips... Free Stuff!

    scott g in SEO

    I'll go ahead and share this little tool I downloaded a while back. I found it useful and helpful in researching and discovering keywords/niches/blogs/places to comment/etc. Description: Nichesalsa is an ... [read more]

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    Just Bought My First Domain! What are your tips for beginners?

    TravelGuy25 in SEO

    Hello All, I just bought my first domain. I plan on running an information based website that will be supported through affiliate sales. What are some tips that you wish ... [read more]

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    WP Robot Idea? Page Content Idea?

    Internet_Corporation in SEO

    Hi, if you are a WP Robot user or add page content via other software this will be of interest to you. I'm looking for specific feedback to establish if ... [read more]

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    A Map of The Perfect #1 Ranking Website (Image Enclosed)

    The Oilman in SEO

    My partner (momo3) and I are trying to design the ultimate site structure. We feel that google will (and is) penalize long form sales pages with poor navigation. Long form ... [read more]

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    Angel's Backlinks - explain something, please

    katied772 in SEO

    These links are not niche specific, right? And, if not, how is it helping to get targeted traffic to your site from people actually interested in your topic? Thanks. ***Sorry, ... [read more]

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    Link Building Software Help!

    sulmaanaslam in SEO

    Hi guys, I bought AutoBacklink Bomb Recently to automate my link building but i am not satisfied with it. I have been looking for alternate link building softwares. I know ... [read more]

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    Did Your SERPs Take A Nose Dive?

    jacksonlin in SEO

    Hi Warriors I just noticed all the sites that I created in the past 6 months that were ranking in the search engines took a massive nose dive in terms ... [read more]

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    Atahualpa SEO plugin

    tsgeric in SEO

    If I have the latest version of Atahualpa theme for wordpress, will its SEO features take care of good SEO, or do I need to install a plugin? If you ... [read more]

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    What Is The Optimal Number Of Links In RSS Feed?

    Boris_yo in SEO

    Some say 25 is enough, some say 75. But i think that 100 links is the maximum since Google bot spider first 100 links found on page. What do you ... [read more]

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    A question on keywords

    foxanthony in SEO

    I've found a promising Amazon-type niche keyword phrase, it has decent traffic and low competition, but it's only a two word phrase. Let's say it's 'electric toothbrush'. I see people ... [read more]

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    Niche_Boy in SEO

    Well im just starting with wordpress and i need to know what the basic plugins i need for seo, security, etc. And im not sure what theme to use but ... [read more]

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    short keywords contained in longtail keywords

    oogyboogawa in SEO

    If for example I wanted to rank for both "taco meat" and "gourmet taco meat" would a backlink with the anchor text "gourmet taco meat" help in both of those ... [read more]

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    Multiple Anchor Text Backlink

    Jryan774 in SEO

    Hi if i want my site to rank for two keyword phrases is it ok to create both keyword back-links in a forum sig profile pointing to the same site ... [read more]

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    What to do with a search term that keeps showing up?

    Gewdo in SEO

    I currently have an Amazon Affiliate product review site. Every day I watch search terms for the traffic to the site. When I see a trend I tend to create ... [read more]

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    Edu Backlinks - Waiting Period vs Non Waiting Period

    Ken Leatherman in SEO

    Need some input here Warriors. I have heated debate going on with a couple of friends about; " Is it best to wait 2 weeks, 1 week, 5 days, 3 ... [read more]

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    Need an easy to learn CMS

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    REally, I don't have that much time to be an expert at HTML or CSS - but was wondering what CMS' are quick to learn that has a lot of ... [read more]

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    All In One SEO Plugin Question

    tjm2788 in SEO

    Hi I have noticed on the search engines my posts show an excerpt from my post text in the description field rather than the description that I have written into ... [read more]

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    Question on Broad Match in Adwords

    LegionNate in SEO

    I think I'm a bit confused on broad match. Let's say I were bidding on the term: Farmers Private (as in insurance), I seem to be getting clicks for terms ... [read more]

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    can i get a critique

    itsinthere in SEO

    Can i get a critique of my site please (in sig). I am just starting out trying to learn all of this stuff by reading posts and such. I have ... [read more]

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    Ping-o-Matic for Non-Blogs?

    Dan Axelrod in SEO

    Hey Guys, Do sites like Ping-o-Matic! help with non-blog websites? It only says "enter your blog" instead of "enter your site," so I was curious if this still worked with ... [read more]

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    AdSense payment by check question

    timpears in SEO

    So back on 12/28/2010 I got an email from AdSense, telling me that my check had been issued. This is my first. So here it is 1/5/2011, and I still ... [read more]

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    Finding Long Tail Keywords

    SuperStu in SEO

    Hi all, this is my month for asking 'stupid' questions because I want to earn at least $1 in 2011 So my question is: using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool ... [read more]

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    Looking for a good SEO company to get me to first page

    AFI in SEO

    Tried working with another company but it didn't work out due to miscommunications. So looking for someone else who can help me get to the front page for my keyword. ... [read more]