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    Which is best SEO link-building in web 2.0 & guest blog posting?

    davidricherd in SEO

    Please tell me the best SEO link-building technique safe from Google Panda & Penguin in between Web 2.0 submission & Guest Posting.

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    Guest Posting Tips - should i do or not?

    BIBI15 in SEO

    hello folks, while running my guest posting campaign i face with same problem over and over again. when i reached people with email politely asking them for guest post opportunities ... [read more]

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    SEO Product

    odense in SEO

    My output of product schema look like this. Shell I remove the html, div, p, li code from "meta itemprop="description" content="?? <span itemscope itemtype=""> <meta itemprop="url" content="" > <meta itemprop="name" ... [read more]

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    Suggestion For SEO Friendly URL

    seo@tushar in SEO

    Hello, I am displaying city list and details along with image gallery of that city on our one of the website. I want to create an SEO friendly URL for ... [read more]

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    Does site update affects pagerank ?

    georgeweb13 in SEO

    Hi, I just made a new version for my site. (it's not yet uploaded) I want to ask these : 1) Will this, affect google's page rank for my site ... [read more]

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    Anyone used Video Schema on their website?

    rdimabuyu in SEO

    Hi Warriors, Anyone of you used video schema already? I would like to know your insights about it.. Like the process, the results, the player platform used, a/b testing if ... [read more]

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    Use PPC to target SEO keywords

    AndrewAdamSmith in SEO

    You can get instant statistics from PPC campaigns and use the popular keywords for SEO, even based on impressions. This gives me SEO structure for my website which will be ... [read more]

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    exact match or go for brandable

    thasquizza in SEO

    hi all wanting to start a website based on my views and opinions and what i do from day to day etc wondered is there anything that can help give ... [read more]

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    How to use contextual links right way

    BIBI15 in SEO

    hello there, i have done some keyword research on my niche and every time i was creating a new backlink i used those keywrods as contextual links. But when i ... [read more]

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    Disallow google from indexes "sort url"

    odense in SEO

    Google indexes anyway even though I have my robots.txt Disallow: /*?sort Disallow: /*&sort What I am do wrong? I can find on google

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    Dedicated domain for location based service pages?

    TrickyDyk in SEO

    Hello all, Although I haven't posted here yet, I frequent these boards for SEO insight. I was hoping somebody could provide some insight into a new project I'm about to ... [read more]

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    PR or SERP ?

    tkhassan in SEO

    What is most important is your opinion? PR or SERP. For me its the SERP

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    From where can i get good backlinks

    marks7225 in SEO

    I have started a blog and i want to build backlinks. I have read many articles about backlinks from forum, blogs, social networking sites, etc. But most of the forums ... [read more]

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    What is the website analysis SEO tool?

    smallseotoolz in SEO

    Can u please suggest me a free and best web analysis tools to analyze my website?

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    Campaign Tagged URL and Original URL

    alexjames212 in SEO

    I would like to know whether a campaign tagged URL is considered same as to its original version by Google and Analytics. @nettiapina Looking forward to read your answer among ... [read more]

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    How long can you see your SEO results?

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    many folks comment take about 3 months to see the effect some claim just one month? when the result come , the traffic will be more somehow " stable "? ... [read more]

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    How many time repeat a word?

    live4pk in SEO

    I am so confused about using words which could be keywords also. example I am writing article on blogging and article is of 600 words, my question is how many ... [read more]

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    Need to now about google updates

    Haris Arain in SEO

    where can i check that google new updates is came

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    About Blogspot comments link

    irenerear in SEO

    Hi friends I need an answer about "how to get backlinks from blogspot comment"?

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    HELP: SEO Problem

    codingguy in SEO

    Hello, I have a client we have been working with for sometime. Our client's ranking was fantastic, until an API we've integrated long ago into the site slowed down links ... [read more]

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    Recently aquired Hyphenated URL dilema

    Kristi61 in SEO

    Hello, Long time no see! I have a "Quarter Horses for sale" keyword optimized site that I've gotten along fairly well getting ranked over the years. Trouble is the URL ... [read more]

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    Rich Snippets - Google reviews

    cr0 in SEO

    I'm working on a WordPress based website and i'd like to know what would be the best method to use the rich snippets there ? My main concern are the ... [read more]

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    Duplicate content hurting our ranking?

    aabell03 in SEO

    I am the marketing manager for a large events firm, IQPC. I've learned that duplicate content will hurt your SEO quality rating, and could possibly hurt you on the SERPs. ... [read more]

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    Rankings Drop Today

    wAvision in SEO

    I wake up this morning to see that one of my sites has dropped majorly in rankings for a lot of the keywords it was ranking #1-#5 for. They have ... [read more]

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    What is the best method to rank keywords with low competition?

    Chiayee in SEO

    Hi all: Say you want to rank keywords with virtually no competition in search engine. What would you do if you don't have a authority website? Thanks.

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    Optimising a trade website

    MaxusMumbai in SEO

    Hi All, Need help I have my own website for which I am doing On page and Off page SEO. However since it is a new site I am ... [read more]

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    Is directory submission still important?

    JulietK in SEO

    Is directory submission still important or dead? Actually it is time consuming process. Is any benefits of ranking by directory submission?

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    Need SEO help for my Gambling Affiliate Website

    responsiblehina in SEO

    I need SEO help for my Website. I created a UK based online gambling website consisting of affiliate links. The website structure, module and link all are ready but I ... [read more]

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    How to Achieve Alexa Ranking?

    Smartarc in SEO

    Good Evening How to Achieve Alexa Ranking for a new website and my alexa rank has not been displayed? Is it important

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    Easy Way To Get Wikipedia Links

    Stop Byte in SEO

    I found this easy method of creating Wikpedia links whilst implementing my own method on the same subject and I think it's worth a mention here. This way of link ... [read more]

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    Best Course or Resources on Selling SEO?

    SENukeVPS in SEO

    Hi does anyone know whats the best course or resource on selling seo?

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    Putting AdSense code on your PBN -- footprint?

    Delta223 in SEO

    Hi, I've heard the best way to develop a quality private blog network is to build each site to make money on its own i.e. advertising or something similar. The ... [read more]

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    "Links to your site" in Google WMT broken?

    c00p in SEO

    Hello guys. About a month ago my software website has been targeted by low-life spammers via automated software. They have infiltrated by blog section and created a poisonous blog post, ... [read more]

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    My organic traffic is stop.

    mindriders in SEO

    I wan't to get solution I don't know why organic traffic of my site is stop and not rising. Referrer is increases continuously but organic is stop. if someone have ... [read more]

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    Looking for best link building strategies

    larrywells in SEO

    Can anyone let me know the best link building strategies which are very helpful in building quality links, please? Thanks!

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    SEO for News Blog

    versedtech in SEO

    I have a news blog, which publishes daily news on Soccer (only). As this is a news blog, I am confused for the keyword I should target. Generally I publish ... [read more]

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    How to check backlinks count

    PGM Sameera in SEO

    Hi, How to check backlinks count in the site..?

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    How Can I Resolve This Webmaster Tools Issue

    adetechblog in SEO

    Please how can I resolve this issue on my webmaster tools and why am I seeing it? Please how can I resolve this issue and I guess it's affecting my ... [read more]

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    What is URL mapping?

    compchamp in SEO

    Hi, Can anyone tell me What is URL mapping?

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    How to apply robots.txt to unwanted url's?

    kavyajain in SEO

    Hey guys I just wanted to ask for robots.txt file after applying which I wont be able to see the unwanted url's in my website.I want to remove some url's ... [read more]

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    Subdomains vs. categories on new TLDs?

    BlueIcebreaker in SEO

    Hi, I have recently acquired a new domain (one of the new TLDs). I am an experienced SEO guy, however this new domain comes with an opportunity that I haven't ... [read more]

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    Image Sharing in SEO

    minddigital in SEO

    What is Image Sharing in SEO and how it helps in increase keyword ranking?

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    In my google analytics page my bounce rate of my website percentage is -ve ? what does that mean

    Erbrains in SEO

    Hi guys good morning In my google analytics page my bounce rate of my website percentage is -ve but the bounce rate has reduced from 80 to 48 but able ... [read more]

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    Some activities which will help you to drive traffic to your website:

    SahaayNisha in SEO

    Some activities which will help you to drive traffic to your website: 1. Optimize your web site and make it more Google friendly: Make sure that your website is well ... [read more]

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    Search for dofollow link

    Taposy Rabeya in SEO

    I want to comment dofollow Photoshop/Graphics design link for updating my site, I tried hard, but I cant found not a single link. How can I found high PR Dofollow ... [read more]

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    PageRank 4 with Weak PR quality. What does that mean?

    Tim Alwell in SEO

    Hi there, I'm new to learning SEO. I understand pagerank and I understand that PR=4 is pretty strong. However, when I go to and punch in a PR 4 ... [read more]

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    Are keywords still important?

    shaunjamie2005 in SEO

    After taking a 5 year break, I feel like I am starting all over again. The one thing that caught my eye was hearing about a new change to Google ... [read more]

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    How can i promote my website when search queries are very low for keywords ?

    drivehunters in SEO

    should i change my keywords and start working on high traffic keywords which are less related to my business?

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    Deep Link Building for a Folder

    rapzkilla in SEO

    Hi Everyone I was wondering if you guys can help me out, I am looking to gather some ideas on link building for a folder. For example, . I ... [read more]

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    RSS feeds and SEO question

    Shlomi Khutoretsky in SEO

    hi guys, i got a question about RSS feeds and SEO. Once upon a time before the panda strike we would use the RSS feeds to publish it on RSS ... [read more]

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    Multiple Location Optimization

    tonykly in SEO

    Hey everyone, I've been looking for this answer everywhere but can't get a solid answer. Say you have a roofing business and you want to rank for multiple locations. I ... [read more]

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    Why Google is refusing to index my leading page?

    marketingismine in SEO

    I have a page on my website that I am marketing. I use it's direct url in my marketing strategy. web 2.0 profiles. Subdomains from blogger, myspace, webs, zoho etc. ... [read more]

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    Need SEO help for my Site

    Jammy123 in SEO

    I need SEO help for my Website. I already found few SEO company but there Service price is so high. In fact my SEO budget is medium and comparatively I ... [read more]

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    Frequently changing title and its effects on ranking

    Rehmat in SEO

    It seems that several good people aren't much active since Warrior Forum has been acquired by Freelancer but I'm asking this question hoping that the "GURUS" are still there to ... [read more]

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    HTML microdata Specs

    arjunraviz in SEO

    Hi, what are the advantages of HTML microdata Specs ?

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    nitishnitdgp in SEO

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys; If you go to the below link you can have 20 articles for 0.30 to 0.40 each about your website! Or have followers or just gain cheap SEO ... [read more]