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    Which Article Submitter Software is Best?

    dipenb in SEO

    I wanted to buy one software that automate the process of article submissions with spinning the article. Please give reviews on the software you have used and had success with ... [read more]

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    local search help needed

    bake in SEO

    Hello, Can anybody be of help in directing me to a helpful pdf or other tutorial for finding locally searched terms, low or high does'nt matter. I have tried the ... [read more]

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    Please Tell Me A Complete Meta Tag Guide for WP!

    UTOBC in SEO

    Could anybody guide me to write a complete meta tag; keywords, description,... for wordpress? Thanks

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    Jeff Johnson Blog Post Ranks High For "Affiliate Marketing"?

    Boris_yo in SEO

    Here is the result: His blogpost should be high enough to see, the Title is: How To Become A Super Affiliate In 5 Easy Steps | Jeff Johnson How ... [read more]

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    Do you click on AdSense ads?

    04real in SEO

    I'm not talking about your own AdSense ads, because that would be a no no, but the ones you see when you visit other web sites. Do you actually click ... [read more]

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    anyone have a free adsense template for a newbie!

    monitorit in SEO

    If anyone can donate an adsense template to me i would be grateful.

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    Preventing Bad Forum Comments Ranking

    valhallabjj in SEO

    Hi I have recently discovered a number of comments on a Website forum thread that criticize an offline business that I run. The comments are inaccurate and clearly biased to ... [read more]

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    Worst Facebook PPC ad...ever?

    SurajSodha in SEO

    nobody told this guy/girl that it's all about the copy.....or should I say no1 told dis dude dat its all bout da copy

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    Twitter links showing up in Google...

    thebitbotdotcom in SEO

    Whenever I post links in twitter, I spell them out by hand ad do not use the URL shorteners. Interestingly, when I Google my website name, these links are showing ... [read more]

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    Socialbot strategy??

    jlady in SEO

    I just bought socialbot and am wondering what is the best way to use it. I am looking for backlinks not actual traffic. I have about 12 sites right now ... [read more]

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    Keyword Density

    JMac in SEO

    Just want to make sure I got this right. If my keyword is a phrase of three words, lets say it is "one two three" the I count how many ... [read more]

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    How Many Blogger Blogs Can You Have?

    Marhelper in SEO

    I was thinking about testing some strategies on some blogger blogs ... could I get away with using 50 or 100 of them? Does Google limit the amount per acct.?

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    Backlinking to home page and SEO

    adimproject in SEO

    Hi all, I was wondering if creating backlinks to my homepage for SEO purposes also helps the different pages in the same site getting better search engine ranking?? I am ... [read more]

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    Deep links from WordPress blogs & 301 redirect

    rspadi in SEO

    Hello, I would like to create some backlinks from various WordPress blogs (dofollow, comment luv, top commentator) to "deep" pages (not the home page) on my website. Now, WordPress blogs ... [read more]

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    My Blog and what might constitute Duplicate Content

    newguybrad in SEO

    Hi -Newbie here. The website that hosts my main business webpage doesn't host blogs, so I set up a blog on Wordpress. I also set up profiles on Google, LinkedIn, ... [read more]

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    Link Baiting Techniques

    feedtherightwolf in SEO

    So recently I broke through my denial, and finally admitted to myself that I suck at link baiting. I have about 10-20 people per day staying on my site for ... [read more]

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    ADSENSE - Help Needed - Tips please!!

    IndigoJack in SEO

    Yesterday I made the shocking discovery that one of my sites is pulling in 65,000 visits a month. What's shocking is that I have done nothing more than basic SEO ... [read more]

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    IP for SEO

    goodmast3r in SEO

    If I put my main site in one server with IP x.x.x.x and put all my small sites in another server IP x.x.b.b and give backlink from my small sites ... [read more]

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    Does a different hosting company also give me a different IP address ? Pls advise

    jimkirk1943 in SEO

    Hi Guys, I`m getting myself alittle confused about hosting companys and IP address`s, I have a few auto blogs and i am going to ramp it up with auto blogs ... [read more]

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    Article Alley Bad News For Backlinks

    Mangozoom in SEO

    Hi Everyone Just been doing a little homework on some of my old sites including checking their backlinks on and discovered that Article Alley use the 'No Follow' coding ... [read more]

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    Backlink Mastermind Experiment (To #1 I Go)....

    onlinetreason in SEO

    The New Adsense Experiment - So I started with the experiment below and completely changed my mind. I decided to create a large Adsense site opposite of xfactor and clickbump ... [read more]

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    Article writing in 2 different niches

    gracetog in SEO

    My niches are in health and of course, network marketing. When writing articles, I once read somewhere that you should use different versions of your name for writing articles for ... [read more]

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    How to easily earn from Infotechse and bigextracash pay per click system

    Nordichuks in SEO

    Infotechse is an indian internet company into pay per click affilate business, many have receive from them while many didn't because of violations of its rules. They pay $0.05 p/click ... [read more]

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    Need you advice in finding a good article writer

    JFVJ in SEO

    Hello warriors, In the past i used to write my articles, but now i am getting short on time so i need to have someone else doing this for me. ... [read more]

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    Basic and advanced Offpage Optimization method

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi everyone, What are the basic and advanced SEO Offpage Optimization technique to get backlinks and keyword traffic.

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    [INFO]How Google Instant Can Help (And Hurt) SEO

    Karan Goel in SEO

    Hey Warriors. So TC came up with this post. Guest Post: How Google Instant Can Help (And Hurt) SEO Interesting data and research. Read it. Karan

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    Article length 350 or 500 words?

    russ3377 in SEO

    When writing article to post on a website, does 350 word count or 500 word count articles make a significant difference to search engines? I know some article directories have ... [read more]

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    1000 backlink to squidoo lens in 7 days! it's safe?

    freddy smith in SEO

    Hi guys i wonder if it's safe to do that, i saw offer $9.99 for 1000 backlink and it will build in 1 week, i want to try for ... [read more]

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    What is the best Backlink Method

    Captain_Morgan in SEO

    Hi Guys I just wanted to know from the experts what is the way of getting backlinks out of these 2: Blog commenting or Profile Links. Ive heard of xrummer ... [read more]

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    List of 60 Social Bookmarking Sites

    mithil in SEO

    Hi Friends... Just wanted to share my social bookmarking list with you guys. ... [read more]

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    SEO onpage optimization

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    Hi, What are the basic and advanced SEO Onpage optimization that each and every SEO analyst must know. Can any one tell me in detail. Thanks in advance.

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    Google, Your Friendly SEO Experts?

    Vincenzo Oliva in SEO

    Isn't this a conflict of interest? Drive More Visitors to your site. GET YOUR WEBSITE on GOOGLE in 48 Hrs! Our team of qualified Google experts can get your website ... [read more]

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    [Live Case Study] Unique Article Wizard vs Article Marketing Automation vs Article Ranks

    jacksonlin in SEO

    Hi Warriors I'm a fan of blogging networks and I have just set up a test for these three networks: The Candidates UAW = Unique Article Wizard AR = Article ... [read more]

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    How to get pagerank 5 in next few months?

    quickcashstrategy in SEO

    hey! I've PR 3 in my blog and I'm ready to do my best to get 4 up to 5 PR next 3 months, the question is how to do ... [read more]

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    Link Wheel ,Good news Bad News

    zronald.barker in SEO

    Hey Guys , There is something weired and strange with me I have done link wheel for 2 months now So I have some good news and some bad news ... [read more]

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    Adsense Targeting Tip

    InitialEffort in SEO

    Just thought I'd share this, but the page title has a significant impact on what ads display. For example, Baby (too broad) Baby Toys (product niche) Fisher Price Baby Toys ... [read more]

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    Does this still work?

    James Foster in SEO

    Hey everyone, A Realtor friend of mine just wants to rank his site for LOCAL terms. Lots of SEO companies are pricing him like $500 a month and up... he ... [read more]

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    Is is the right way to do backlinks?

    fated82 in SEO

    Hi all, I just receive my backlinks report and just want to verify if it is the way to get backlinks. Here is what I have questions in: The sites ... [read more]

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    Help, please. Backlinking/linkbait question

    raylm123 in SEO

    I'm not getting any traction with this in the main marketing forum so maybe someone here can help. Here's the dilemma I face: I've had a cartoonist create a humorous ... [read more]

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    backlinks not showing in google

    espresso in SEO

    SEO is causing me a fecking headache The latest problems is links not appearing in google I have a new site up I have gotten various links to it including ... [read more]

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    Google Page Rank Related Problem?

    togotutor in SEO

    I have several backlinks and my site is 2 months old, I am on google page 1 on several phrases, 3000+ UV/month and still don`t see a page rank. My ... [read more]

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    WP, www, and Google Issue - Please help! - Long Post

    Raj Riyat in SEO

    Hi All First of all apologies if this is the wong place for this question. I created a site a couple of weeks ago using WP and installed in a ... [read more]

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    Getting Clickbombed. Why oh Why.

    Jacob Martus in SEO

    Hey everyone. So today there has been some really suspicious activity in my adsense account and after some research and lots of scattering around, I've deduced that I'm being clickbombed. ... [read more]

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    what do people think of the .co extension?

    yoirqu in SEO

    what do people think of the .co extension?ranks worldwide right?

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    Best Results with Adwords

    ajmorgans in SEO

    Hi Warriors. Adwords has been around for ages, we all know that. But I really haven't seen anyone talk more in-depth about their ROI of advertising with Adwords. Yes, Google ... [read more]

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    How To Build High Quality Free Backlinks Quick With Little effort

    fskcramer in SEO

    Here's how I've been having awesome results with little effort. 1. Download SeoQuake for Mozilla Firefox 2. Once you have this installed look at your niche (ie: red wrapping ... [read more]

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    Import images to Adwords Editor via csv file?

    sideburn in SEO

    Hey Warriors! I am a newbie with Adwords Editor. I managed to import all information to Adwords Editor via csv file except the images. I get an error "Failed to ... [read more]

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    AdSense won't approve me?

    Trevor in SEO

    Hello there, I know this post is invaluable for you guys, but any response would be very valuable for me... So I beg your understanding. I have applied for Google ... [read more]

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    keyword search not showing up in GKWT results

    gracetog in SEO

    Hi there, The keyword I'm searching for in Google keyword tool is not showing up in the results. And its not showing up on the left hand side either. What ... [read more]

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    Very Low CTR for High SERP Poistions: Is this Normal, or are Google's numbers Wrong?

    Charles Washington in SEO

    I have a site that ranks in the top 5 on google for several keywords, but it seems that the CTr is around 3-4%. Is this normal. Even for the ... [read more]

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    difference is site search results

    james1911 in SEO

    site: give different reults, does somebody has an answer as to why

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    Press Releases - Pushing New Websites

    IndigoJack in SEO

    This is not an ad nor are we affiliated with any press release websites or services. We just want to pass on to people new to SEO & shoving their ... [read more]

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    SEO Onpage optimization for a new site

    samuel.johnson in SEO

    I am newbie to warriorforum and SEO. I would like the know what are the perfect white hat SEO onpage optimization which has to be taken for a new site. ... [read more]

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    Backlinks to/from the SPAM sites can hurt your site?????

    timpears in SEO

    So I have read many times that back links from bad sites can not hurt you, otherwise you could take your competition down by getting back links from bad places. ... [read more]

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    Back links no show

    rmicheal in SEO

    Can someone please help?? I have a couple 2.0 web site with backlinks on them, if I go to the blog ( squidoo lens, blogger..etc ) the back links work ... [read more]

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    Is It Wise To Change Up Keywords Late In The Game?

    DNChamp in SEO

    So, im still not indexed on a site I went line on last week (weird because I can usually get indexded within 24 hours) and was thinking maybe I need ... [read more]