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    .TV Rank well?

    tinman2207 in SEO

    Hi Guys Can .TV Domain Names rank as well as .COM .CO.UK etc? Anyone had any luck with rankings using a .TV? Thanks Tinman

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    How to get article directory pages indexed?

    Chris- in SEO

    Hi all, I've got an article directory with more than 2000 unique articles on a particular subject area. It's been up for about a month, but Google's only indexed about ... [read more]

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    Using free traffic getting SEO plugin,but my blogs messed up.

    charlyms21 in SEO

    I dont know if this is the right place to post or not as I saw plugins I thought this might be the place to post questions about plugins. First ... [read more]

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    Need help with SEO - Problems with Platinum SEO Pack plugin

    TheChanger in SEO

    Hello everyone, A fellow Warrior recommended that I use the Platinum SEO Pack plugin on all of my blogs. So I went ahead and installed the plugin on two of ... [read more]

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    Checking Allinurl and Allintitle

    mekap04 in SEO

    Is there a way to check this without getting the error message about automated queries. If you do this in Google too many times, it will display that message. Anyone ... [read more]

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    MNF showing all 0

    Bajsich in SEO

    Hey all, I am having problems with MNF. Everything is showing SOC 0 and Exact count is also 0 . Why is that ?

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    Please help me with these "markosweb" reviews....

    Thunder059 in SEO

    Dear seniors, Just get to know that SmartViper - domain worth analyzer, historical statistics would be helpful for us to analysis our data and optimize the site.In their home page ... [read more]

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    Rank 3 but no traffic

    Lett in SEO

    I am ranking #3 for a keyword (i have checked my rankings in google and scroogle through a lot of different browsers and different proxies and almost all the time ... [read more]

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    OCI - How accurate?

    Calamaroo in SEO

    When the OCI says 30%, does it really mean 30% are looking to buy? How accurate is OCI, really?

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    Adsense Websites Traffic??

    warrenj1979 in SEO

    I have a few little free websites that I have adsense on and i get a little website traffic with maniley by posting ads on classifides websites and recently I ... [read more]

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    Blog Commenting - Need Advice

    Alvina in SEO

    I have been assigned to do blog commenting. Need some useful advice on it as I am new to SEO field.

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    Cheap $0.01 clicks from content network using banner ads

    GeorgR. in SEO

    There is a recent surge regarding this method again, and i wont go into detail. But if you are wondering why you are actually not getting impressions, even with HIGHER ... [read more]

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    Reasons for trademark bidding

    PhoenixFlex in SEO

    Hi, Hopefully someone knows the answer to this. I've noticed that a lot of merchants on affiliate networks (Linkshare, CJ etc.) don't allow bidding on trademark names and URLs, although ... [read more]

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    why google dont index my url in sitemap?

    dogshead in SEO

    have submitted sitemap and got admitted several days ago however when I check if google index my pages, I found google indexed pages under tags instead of url in sitemap. ... [read more]

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    Unusual $6 For 1 AdSense Click

    misterkailo in SEO

    In one of my site, I usually get between 20-25 cents per click, and it has been like that for the past 4 months. All of a sudden, I received ... [read more]

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    High PR Backlinks

    Shaunman in SEO

    Ok, this is going to sound stupid, but how do you get high PR backlinks. Backlinks from PR 2 + pages. (pages not sites) The only ways I can think ... [read more]

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    what's the best SEO method out there?

    visimedia in SEO

    I saw tons of SEO methods and blueprints and system, but what works for you and what's the best in your opinion?

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    How much development required for social backlinks

    bitriot in SEO

    Hi all - I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on whether or not building relevant content on social media sites has any affect on the quality of ... [read more]

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    I'm So Confused

    epiphanypoo in SEO

    Hello all. I am new here and have only been dabbling with blogging and SEO since August...and I do mean "dabbling". I've learned some stuff but clearly not enough. I ... [read more]

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    Do backlinks help YouTube video views?

    Chris- in SEO

    I am familiar with the concept of backlinks (using UAW etc.) and am wondering if doing backlinks (articles, blog comments, forums etc.) to a YouTube video, will increase the numbers ... [read more]

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    seoquake Vs seobook -What Firefox plugin you use

    GautamSaha in SEO

    Hi Folks: Just trying to get the feedback on the 2 popular FF plugins.. Please share your experience and thoughts and recommendation on using one or the other, or using ... [read more]

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    Is Adsense Still Very Profitable?

    coreytucker in SEO

    Hi, im thinking about trying out these Adsense mini sites. In fact I have a blog on treating high blood pressure that gets on average 50 uniques per day to ... [read more]

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    Adwords - QS (quality socre) question

    ikuret75 in SEO

    Hi, I launched a product in Japan(that means Japanese langauge) and I am re-starting to use adwords. (I stopped after I was slapped) My new product is not an info-product. ... [read more]

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    Google is Deindexing Micro niche site?

    virginn in SEO

    Today,i read the "How Not to Make Money Online" from Grizz. and all his micro niche site was deindexed by G. blow is the article link: How Not to Make ... [read more]

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    Adsense Units Vs Adsense Links

    susinggih in SEO

    Hi all, I notice that the earnings per click coming from my adsense links are much lower than adsense units. Do you notice similar things as well in your adsense ... [read more]

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    Huge drop in per click earnings. Why?

    amunt in SEO

    Over the last couple of months my adsense earnings per click have gone down massively. What were 50 - 60 pence clicks are now less than 10 . I haven't ... [read more]

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    What is the point in icreasing PPC Bids?

    webeserve in SEO

    Hi, I always get suggestions from ADWORDS to increase my bids but I still receiving traffic from them, and some conversions... If I increase my CPC will my conversion rate ... [read more]

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    How Do You Score Links From This Blog?

    The Expert in SEO

    Can someone go over to and find out how to get a link from that site? I run into sites like this a lot when commenting where others have ... [read more]

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    XSite Pro 2

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    Quick question. I do SEO for a few clients on the side and I want to start doing a few websites for people. I get a lot of calls of ... [read more]

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    Incorrect info with Google keyword tool..alternatives?

    Piscola in SEO

    Hi warriors, recently i have been very dissapointed some time ago because it build up 2 websites , optmized them for 2 specific keywordswith supposly had great search volume, but ... [read more]

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    Backlink questions for a Wordpress user

    adamcm in SEO

    Hi all, My apologies if these are dumb questions but right now I plan on running my affiliate marketing website where I promote a product in each different post. This ... [read more]

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    Very Confused In The Advertising Part

    Dean Jackson in SEO

    Deleted! Thanks fellow warriors, Dean

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    How to Rank my website really fast? Have a decent budget

    michael98 in SEO

    Great forum, learnt a lot so far. I realize there are some highly experienced people in here - need your help people, my website is suffocating without any traffic. I've ... [read more]

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    inter123 in SEO

    Hi. If I put a link saying "Click here for more info", is it against T&C in any way as I have not stated the link is going to Amazon? ... [read more]

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    SEO and backlinks...

    Ricky Dawn in SEO

    I got a comment on my blog yesterday that went like this:- ''Let’s say I just build a new website. I have a list of 450 high quality PR9 forums ... [read more]

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    Quick Way to Boost SEO with Breadcrumb Navigation

    MarketingWiseGuy in SEO

    Most people have seen breadcrumb navigation on large sites, but it's purpose extends beyond user accessibility. Breadcrumbs help your site become more search engine friendly by allowing spiders to determine ... [read more]

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    Toby.T in SEO

    Got my first click after two weeks, 700 impressions. Changed up my ads on my page yesterday, think its better now.. and a sign of things to come. Only 29 ... [read more]

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    Link to title page or subpage?

    LP_User in SEO

    HI All. I am wondering when submitting articles and posting your links all over the interwebs if its best to send all links to your home page or vary it ... [read more]

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    Ranking for a keyword in Google

    JFVJ in SEO

    I have a website that was created and started doing backlinks about 3 weeks ago. I am using anchor text for the keyword i want to rank for Google. The ... [read more]

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    Adsense Units Vs Adsense Links

    susinggih in SEO

    Hi all, I notice that the earnings per click coming from my adsense links are much lower than adsense units. Do you notice similar things as well in your adsense ... [read more]

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    New Adwords Account: €uro or $-US currency?

    Marc Philipp Schildmann in SEO

    Hi there, I am living in Germany and have an adwords account. Currency is in €uros. I am wondring if it is better to open another account with $-US currency ... [read more]

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    Blocked by Robots.txt?

    techwarrior in SEO

    Adsense report for the past 15 days showed a lot of stuff like these: Blocked URL: http:// webcache. googleusercontent. com/ search? blah blah blah Reason blocked: Robots.txt But my robots.txt ... [read more]

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    A question on google content search?

    plato123 in SEO

    I have been messing around with google content search and I came across this... What does it mean when it seems your ad is approved but none of your keywords ... [read more]

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    Your Blogging Questions Answered

    Glassjaw009 in SEO

    Hey everybody! You might know me from my other threads "Your SEO Questions Answered" and "Your Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered". I've realized that though these two threads cover a lot ... [read more]

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    Simple linking question

    nsjaqson in SEO

    I have a large site with many products and keywords. I want to focus on about of those keywords. I plan to buy about 100 PR3-5 links. Would it be ... [read more]

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    Some list of RSS Directory

    VictoriaXavier in SEO (Pagerank7, Alexa 57,372) icerocket (Pagerank6, Alexa 6,672) feedagg (Pagerank6, Alexa 9,243) azfeeds (Pagerank6, Alexa 314,389) feedage (Pagerank5, Alexa 6,116) feedraider (Pagerank5, Alexa 34,951) rssmountain (Pagerank5, Alexa 42,115) feedplex (Pagerank5, ... [read more]

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    is there a way to figure out if your site has been blacklisted by google?

    LastingLifeSuccess in SEO

    Hi, I've been doing some SEO for a client and all of a sudden, there site isn't even coming up for their name. I'm hoping I didn't do something wrong. ... [read more]

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    Worth of site in dollars

    meblogger in SEO

    How do we decide the actual worth of a site in dollar terms? Is it based on traffic, pagerank, backlinks or revenue generation potential or all? One of the valuation ... [read more]

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    BillWilson in SEO

    I was ranking well in google then changed my homepage to a layout where we had less text and more product photo's for better shopping experience for customer and we ... [read more]

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    Looking for alternatives to UAW Wordpress plugin

    r3bb in SEO

    I'm a publisher and currently using the UAW wordpress plugin to deliver daily blog posts. I love the plugin and am wondering if there are any alternatives out there... Can ... [read more]

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    Need Help with dropping CTR's

    Bruha in SEO

    I'm seeing a decrease in my ctr over the past few months on one of my most visited sites. The earnings are not dipping to bad though, which is nice, ... [read more]

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    Where to sell links? in SEO

    I have a pr website and I want to sale links. Which is the best place to sell links??

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    A New SEO technique

    simonedrich11 in SEO

    A New SEO technique : Courtesy my competitors While checking my competitor’s sites that appear on Google, I found the use of a very interesting SEO method to write text ... [read more]

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    Whats the best software for link building and site ranking but Senuke?

    pana in SEO

    Whats the best software for link building and site ranking but Senuke? What would you recommend?

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    zakenbons in SEO

    Hello everybody, If I put 50 backlinks in 1 day will Google find this unnatural? I guess its just a program ? or is it better to build links over ... [read more]

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    Worse instead of better?

    Groovystar in SEO

    So I cleaned up my site, codewise, hired a programmer to fix errors. I reduced the page's file size by about 1/4. {It was way overlarge before--still quite large but ... [read more]