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    How to Know if Your Page Got Penalized By Google?

    Warrior Y in SEO

    Hi, I've been wondering, If google doesn't show your page on its own in the results, but it does show your page in the "show more results" feature when another ... [read more]

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    Favorite WSO on Google Adwords?

    tehering in SEO

    Warriors: Does anyone have a strong endorsement for current WSO products focusing on Google Adwords? Something you may have invested in and put to good practice in building your business? ... [read more]

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    Would YOU say this is competitive?

    DanielCW in SEO

    Hi there everyone. I am using Market Samurai to find keywords and I came across two keywords that fit my criteria. Search volume: >80 searches per day Competition: less than ... [read more]

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    Hey! Need your help guys!

    trytolearnmore in SEO

    Hey guys! I've created an Xfactor blog (I target the keyword "Heart Diamond Ring"). I've created this blog on April 22 2010. Currently I'm on page 21 on Google ... [read more]

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    please delete

    Ernie Lo in SEO

    sorry wrong section please delete

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    I'm on page 2 of Google for make money online and this is how i did it!

    dsmpublishing in SEO

    Hi guys i often read on a daily basis especially on the warrior forum about how much you want to rank high for certain keywords. First of all I was ... [read more]

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    Total Backlink Different From Yahoo Site Explorer?

    t3ch in SEO

    Hi all, I have a website with almost 70 backlinks as state by Yahoo Site Explorer, however when i check with backlinkwatch or seospyglass its only display 1 backlink. Can ... [read more]

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    Video Marketing for SEO (Expert Help required)

    assassin88 in SEO

    Hey guys, Is there 1 piece of software that creates video slideshows with music and animation and distributes it across multiple video networks such as Vimeo, Youtube, Revver, etc etc ... [read more]

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    reaper30 in SEO

    Is there a way is seeing a list of all competitors adsense adverts and their performance? I would think that thats verging on invasion of privacy? but I am asking ... [read more]

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    Domain name with hypens ?

    greenowl123 in SEO

    Hello all, I will be registering a new domain and would like to know is it better to create the domain name without hyphens for higher ranking in search results ... [read more]

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    How many of you do this?

    Ryan700 in SEO

    Help each other out! So many threads about creating backlinks to your site by commenting on blogs! But, do you help the blog owner out by "Stumbling" their blog with ... [read more]

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    Adwords AD appearing in Natural Results

    Austin.W in SEO

    Hi All, I wonder if any of you have come across this before. I was doing some keyword research for one of my sites and I identified a keyword which ... [read more]

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    SEO Competitive Analysis Tool Recommendations

    levelupseo in SEO

    Hi Warriors! I've been reading the forums for about a month now, and I am just blown away by all the amazing info everyone is contributing. I hope to be ... [read more]

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    Get targeted ads at 1cent per click, any niche

    Wealthyclark in SEO

    I'm doing a test on a new method I found to find low compitition keywords that would make the first page of google for one cent per click. I'm willing ... [read more]

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    How to feed a blog automaticly with rss feeds?

    Piscola in SEO

    Hello i looking to automatized certain things, i created a blog i wanted to feed this blog with information from 3 different rss feeds, is this possible? i already have ... [read more]

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    Need help with RSS Links!

    matrix1989 in SEO

    Alright, so I am really aggravated right now. i have been using RSS Bot to submit my RSS feed, however, out of 30 or so aggregators it submits to, my ... [read more]

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    Adsense Code | Does this work?

    jasonmorgan in SEO

    I'm working on a new wordpress theme and attempting to optimize it for adsense. Does this bit of code still apply, work, anyone using it? And for those of you ... [read more]

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    blogger blog indexed in 1 hour

    whitebread in SEO

    Hey guys, i created a blogger blog today i submitted it to digg, i did a couple bookmarkings and 1 hour later! i'm already indexed by Google, how long can ... [read more]

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    Webassign And Is Trademark/Brand Violation?

    Boris_yo in SEO

    So there is and - legal authoritative websites of brand Webassign. One guy sells domain name Does that mean it is in violation of trademark/brand rights? If ... [read more]

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    Urgent Promotion Help: Considering Adsense / Facebook Advertising Campaign

    Vmpwraith in SEO

    I have created a forum for personal interest which I would like to grow. I'm interested in an adsense campaign or facebook. I have a very very tight budget because ... [read more]

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    Need to spin articles for better SERPS?

    Warrior Dude in SEO

    Hi, Can you get increased ranking and links, for your website that you link to from articles, if you don't spin them? I noticed that software like articlebot by Incansoft ... [read more]

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    Adsense sniper site question

    Diver Doug in SEO

    I don't know if I've asked this before, but in case I haven't (or if I have, I don't recall getting a reply) : Let's say I've found a great ... [read more]

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    Best BL Software? Looking for CAPTCHA Automation Please Advise

    Conrad Stuart in SEO

    I have been using a few different BL programs for a while now, and some are good and some are bad. I bought BookmarkDemon and heard lots of good things, ... [read more]

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    Can backlinks bring real human visitors to your website?

    sinpeople in SEO

    Hi, folks, I am searching for methods to promote my squeeze page freely. The warriors here suggest two broad directions, either to post article to directory with a resource link ... [read more]

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    Adam Roy in SEO

    Is it typically a good idea to set up a simple wordpress blog targeting a specific keyword if articles and squidoo lenses, and hub pages lenses are high up on ... [read more]

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    How to Improvement Google adwords

    agha in SEO

    Dear Warrior'ers.. I have campaign with Google adwords for 2 weeks and I am confuse about my campaign, I have no click in my related keyword, but there is click ... [read more]

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    Quick Question About Backlinking to articles on EZINE

    ikelove in SEO

    I've written 30 articles in the past three weeks, and all except one have been accepted by Ezine. I want to now submit these articles to other articles and backlink ... [read more]

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    Unique Articles in Traffic Bug

    Kevin Walker in SEO

    Hi, I've set up 3 related URLs underneath my main URL in Traffic Bug and for speed I used the same article and titles and descriptions (which are for my ... [read more]

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    Free SEO Review for AdSense Niche Sites

    wolfmmiii in SEO

    Hello all... A partner and I recently launched the site in my signature. We obviously want to add credibility to our site and services and what better way than to ... [read more]

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    Adwords Campaign Randomly Stopped! Help!!

    mraffiliate88 in SEO

    I am newbie to google adwords, but I think I might've just got the "google slap." I have a weight loss campaign running for about 3 days. I was bidding ... [read more]

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    Linking To Your Own Site is JUST FINE

    CDarklock in SEO

    I am sick to death of this garbage. Originally Posted by jatchue When you think about it any backlink you create yourself pointing back at a website you own is ... [read more]

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    Google Ranking with a free domain

    greenovni in SEO

    Recently I made a website about a toy for Christmas and targeted some keywords for it. I decided to use a free CO.CC - Free Domain name registration + Free ... [read more]

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    How does Google "view" your site? Answered Inside...

    Mike Adams in SEO

    Do you want to have an incite on how Google "views" your site? Run your site through the by typing your site in the "Website content " tab. I ... [read more]

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    What are some SEO methods you are using to improve your rankings?

    richgrad in SEO

    I've been using mainly paid methods to drive traffic (since it's faster). Was wondering what SEO methods you guys have been using that you've found to be particularly effective? (beside ... [read more]

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    SEO question for website

    Nickel in SEO

    Okay, this might be a totally stupid question, and I'm really really sorry if this is out there somewhere and I'm just too dumb to find it. But I have ... [read more]

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    what software is used there for tracking rankings?

    GeorgR. in SEO

    the same brad callen uses on his SEOLV site - what software is that providing those graphs?

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    Is This A "Cheesy" Link Building Tactic? Or Is It OK?

    Allen Graves in SEO

    I own several article directories and I have been watching a quickly growing number of people come in and make short, pointless comments on our articles and then leave a ... [read more]

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    Google is constantly playing practical jokes on me...

    GeorgR. in SEO

    I know that most of my sites have PR0 or PR1, and my main blog actually has some kind of PR penalty on it with a gray PR. As most ... [read more]

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    Google Taking the number one spot for themselves

    Regional Warrior in SEO

    Google now integrating its own Google Health service into your search results, I came across this today thought I would post it , not sure how this will affect the ... [read more]

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    $75 Adwords Coupon

    ChristineP in SEO

    Hi Warriors - perhaps this can help some of you out. I was browsing the site: www dot usedvictoria dot com (my local area buy/sell site) and google is currently ... [read more]

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    New site - please take a look at it

    jkiley in SEO

    I just create a new website (it is a new domain as well). I would appreciate if you SEO experts here could take a look at it and give me ... [read more]

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    How to rank EZA + GA in Other Countries?

    Serenity090 in SEO

    Hi Warriors I simply want to know how can we rank articles and squidoo+hubpages on Google in Other Countries... Last time i did an experiment...on an Ezine article...I extensively backlink ... [read more]

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    Should I create this niche site?

    loginname in SEO

    Hi I wonder if I should create this niche site. I've found a long tail keyword which has pretty high exact search. 27000 exact search and only 9000 competing pages. ... [read more]

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    Getting back into PPC. Done it before. First steps for the game in 2010

    LocoDice in SEO

    Guys, I have decided to try using PPC for one of my websites. I have had experience in the PPC game back years ago, but want to back on to ... [read more]

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    Facebook Optimization the New SEO?

    Sarah Russell in SEO

    Just saw this article on CNN - Google's nightmare: Facebook 'Like' replaces links - Thoughts? Could be interesting for the early adopters...

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    Why isnt this plan working?

    Bondtana in SEO

    I have a blog that gets pretty good search engine traffic. I am really picky about the content I post on the blog though & the amount of ads I ... [read more]

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    Do you find it easier to rank for .com domain vs others?

    fattysolo in SEO

    I remember that I heard it somewhere that it's easier to have a .com domain rank on SE compare with other tld like .info. Is this true? Thank you!

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    Does google still love Squidoo ?

    greenowl123 in SEO

    Or is the romance fading ? I have heard that squidoo is falling out of favor with google. Is this true ?

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    RSS Links of Profile Links

    Rysk in SEO

    What is the idea behind creating RSS feeds of profile links, e.g. like the ice rocket feeds from Steve Hawkins Link Dominator? No one is actually going to subscribe to ... [read more]

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    $20 SEO

    cabadianp in SEO

    Hello everyone, What is the best way to spend $20 for organically promote a single inner page of my website. The website is being promoted slowly over time, but I ... [read more]

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    some new ways to find niche key words..

    LocoDice in SEO

    Hey guys, Stumbled across Niche Chick - The Niche Marketing Diva! and Niche Finder That both offer a niche a day to be emailed to your inbox daily. Kind of ... [read more]

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    Ranking for Well in what?

    thomasr in SEO

    Ok so I grabbed a website with keywords in the URL and I rank very well in the Search Engine Rankings.....but I have a dilemma. The site is Certified Toyota ... [read more]

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    Adwords - Effective keywords

    pluto1 in SEO

    I have been reading about Adwords and PPC campaigns. Soon looking to run my own. I am confused about the number of keywords that must be included in an Ad ... [read more]

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    Is Terry Kyles method Still Working?

    Intrepreneur in SEO

    Anyone still using Terry Kyle's backlink method and getting results? Cheers

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    Is this against Adsense TOS: "More product reources" above ad box?

    erazer in SEO

    Is it OK to have a title like "more resources" directly above an Adsense box? Or is this considered an encouragement to click which could cause an Adsense account to ... [read more]

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    Changing whois,hosting at the same time affects website?

    itcoll in SEO

    I have finally saved a nice chunk of money and ready to buy an old,established site.This is going to be a big investment for me.While i was going through some ... [read more]