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    Domain Renewal

    Erik Ortega in SEO

    Hey guys, just wanted to share something with you that I noticed. I have a domain that was set to expire March 4th. In the weeks leading up to that ... [read more]

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    Someone Messing With My Site (Bounce Rate, Traffic, etc)

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    I have one of my own sites that I believe is being messed with. This particular site is in a competitive niche and I am on the first page (#3). ... [read more]

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    Heres the sites that gave me over 10,000 unique visitors blog commenting!

    zachary0611 in SEO

    alright I need to get some sleep so I will fully update this later this blog network will generate lots of traffic Site Directory i also have nsfw sites i ... [read more]

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    .info & SEO

    Chris Ramsey in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I'm just wondering how this TLD compares to the standard three. I don't really recall seeing .info domains much in my searches... but I was wondering if anybody ... [read more]

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    Adsense marketers, how many ezine accounts do you have?

    LK in SEO

    Just having one account with articles containing links to all your adsense sites seems a little risky. Do you have one ezine account per adsense site, or how many ezine ... [read more]

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    Number 1 on Yahoo and no traffic

    davison in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I'm still pretty new to this affiliate marketing but have been experimenting with SEO'ing some niches and made it to second page on Google for several of my ... [read more]

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    Good criteria for adwords keywords?

    TheLittleDreamer in SEO

    There seems to be an awful amount of confusion on this topic and it's no wonder people can't understand the lingo - me included! At the minuet, I'm under the ... [read more]

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    Ranked 56 from 0 out of 3,840,000 overnight

    gfonline in SEO

    What do I do now to get to #1? WHAT I AM TRYING TO RANK: WP blog post. the URL is one innerpage post focused on one Keyword phrase ... [read more]

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    Getting Indexed Within Seconds. Are You?

    Steven Fullman in SEO

    Hi all, I have a new blog. Less than 3 weeks old. I'll 'fess's a blog promoting an upcoming launch. Thing is, every new post I make is getting ... [read more]

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    is there any shortcut to improve genuine traffic ?

    scripts99 in SEO

    Hi, I tried to get genuine traffic for my website. i have done seo, submission on classifieds, forums, articles, directories, search engine, ............. but there r u not improving traffic ... [read more]

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    Squido content: Should it be unique?

    jbolte1976 in SEO

    Hey everyone, If I'm looking to create quick squido lenses for back links to my sites. Is it fine to use the unique content from my main sites for the ... [read more]

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    Which niche that adsense pay the most

    money133 in SEO

    I just wonder where can I find the latest information on which niche that adsense pay the most in click?

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    10 Free Backlinks with Facebook Connect High PR

    zachary0611 in SEO

    Why do you want backlinks with facebook connect? because it automatically fills out your profile for you - Powered by vBulletin PR 5 PR 5 PR 7 ... [read more]

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    Profitable Adsense Keywords..

    karis in SEO

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone, based on their personal experience, know which is the most profitable adsense niche or keywords? I am referring to not only cost per click, ... [read more]

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    EzineArticles and Adsense

    howinfo in SEO

    EzineArticles is undoubtedly one of the best know article directories. Whatever topic you search on internet there will be ezinearticles article on one of the fist pages at the search ... [read more]

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    Where to look for Backlink builders!!!!

    Mikedb in SEO

    Hi all, I have many sites that proof to be on top for many keywords and many niches. I have software to get the best URL's to post your backlinks ... [read more]

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    Adword / Adsense Cost per click by Genre?

    WhamSoft in SEO

    Hi, Is is possible to check what people pay for per click on the google content network? I've think I see something somewhere that allows you to check how much ... [read more]

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    SEO on CS-Cart?

    iceq in SEO

    Hi, Is CS-Cart a SEO friendly script? Do you have other suggestions for better ecommerce script (that don't cost more than 500$ Regards, Ice

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    How to find out what keywords you rank for?

    BubbaGump in SEO

    1. How can you find out if you are ranking on the SE? 2. How can you find out what keywords you rank for?

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    Do backlinks to a local Google Maps Business listing help?

    jgant in SEO

    Hi, Do backlinks to the URL of my local Google business listing page improve my local Google maps placement?

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    Market Samurai

    jamiedolan in SEO

    I'm pretty sold on getting a copy of Market Samurai for keyword research. I've read about some $87 / $97 deals on it with longer trial periods, but am having ... [read more]

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    Who is an CPC Guru?

    money133 in SEO

    I am looking into CPC and looking forward to learn from some mentors. Would anyone know any good recommendation? Aaron

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    Can anyone suggest me

    janestewart in SEO

    What action does Google threaten against websites that sell links without the use of "nofollow"? thanks in advance.

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    Find Out WHERE Your Competition Gets Their Backlinks

    Brenden Clerget in SEO

    I know a lot of people are into using things like SEO Toolbars and Firefox addons but I personally use Google Chrome... But if you are looking to start a ... [read more]

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    Deep Link Ratio

    dizen in SEO

    What is ideal deep link ratio? All of my sites has deep link ratio of 99:1 99% index page , 1 % inner pages . That's because I prmote my ... [read more]

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    which is a more powerful backlink

    delevonto1 in SEO

    hi guys well my question is after purchasing the google predator i was wondering if having 20 backlinks straight to the page im ranking for or having 19 backlinks straight ... [read more]

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    My Quality Score is 1/10. Do I delete everything and start over?

    ZerosToHero in SEO

    Hi, I had my first campaigns going on adwords last night. I received 20 at a 4.5% ctr before Google dropped all of my scores to 1/10. Do I make ... [read more]

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    PPC, PPA Training System

    mosullivan in SEO

    I have a personal finance blog that I have been blogging on for over a year. The Wise Buck I recently started running Google Ad Sense on my blog. I ... [read more]

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    Which is better: or

    awmi in SEO

    Have you seen any factual test or experiment indicating that placing a word after a famous keyword/term is better than adding a word in front of that famous keyword/term? E.g. ... [read more]

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    Easy Adsense and CPA Method - Make $100/day quick!

    Brenden Clerget in SEO

    Hey guys, I've been doing CPA and Adsense for quite awhile now and it allows me to bring in a nice chunk of autopilot income while not doing a whole ... [read more]

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    What page does your site fall on

    birddog200 in SEO

    Can someone tell me how to find out what page of google your site is on. Please don't mention the obvious. (look till you find it) haha.

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    web 2.0 properties for link juice, which is your favourite to use?

    ruch1v in SEO

    hey guys I just posted an article to squidoo and noticed that they use redirects, so i'm guessing I won't get any seo benefit out of it to help rank ... [read more]

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    foreign language SEO

    baronig in SEO

    How do you do foreign language SEO.In my case it's French. all the directories like ezine are in English

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    I need a good AdWords Alternative... Ideas?

    NightWriter in SEO

    Hi! I'm trying to come up with a strategy for marketing a product that Google AdWords will not allow you to promote through them. So, I'm looking for an alternative. ... [read more]

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    WordPress - Posts or Pages?

    Kev Stevenson in SEO

    I'd appreciate some advice... I'm relatively new to using WP for sites (been coding html into text editor for years). I like the ease of use of the CMS. I ... [read more]

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    How Long Does it Take for Content Network Approval?

    ZerosToHero in SEO

    Hey, I created a few content campaigns late last night. They still haven't been approved yet as far as the ads go. How long does this normally take or have ... [read more]

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    4'rth position on yahoo but not listed on google; Why?

    musicsongs in SEO

    A few minutes ago I've made a keyword analysis and I found that my site is not listed on Google (on 1 march my site was indexed by Google) but ... [read more]

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    1458 Directory Submissions in 2 weeks?

    NyceGuy in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I recently hired an Asian SEO(Back-linking) "expert". Yesterday, he sent me a report with a list of 1458 directory websites in which he had done submissions to in ... [read more]

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    I rank #75 for this hot keyword(making money online) after only a few months!

    satrap in SEO

    This not a thread to show off or brag. I am posting this thread to get some advice and I am hoping this thread can be a motivation source (no ... [read more]

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    Need help with backlinks and article marketing!

    ResumeLetter in SEO

    I am new to the internet and have an online resume business! I have a good website and a great product,but not much TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!I have been trying to write articles,but ... [read more]

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    Simple Diagram - How To Own The Search Engines

    Preciseim in SEO

    Hey everyone, Since I am a bit bored on a saturday (!) I have made you all a simple diagram of how to basically own the search engines for any ... [read more]

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    Build backlinks to your domain or your index page ?

    musicsongs in SEO

    Where is better to build your backlinks to your domain name (ex Romanian Music) or to your index page (Romanian Music) ?

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    Can My PPC Campaign Target My Adsense Site?

    DavidMaddux in SEO

    I have a few adsense sites getting some traffic and making money. And, I'm having some initial success with adwords now. I would like to point a new PPC campaign ... [read more]

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    Earn 100% AdSense Revenue Using Google Sites...Just Saw This (Pic Attached)

    mikemac1 in SEO

    I'm messing with creating a site with Google Sites, so I click the Monetize selection figuring just some mention of using AdSense, which it was but then I see this, ... [read more]

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    Heres the site that people use to make their backlink packets

    zachary0611 in SEO

    Well I cant say for sure that they use this site, but if they are smart they do lol The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web! All these ... [read more]

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    question regarding redirecting and ranking

    Bill_Z in SEO

    Hey everyone, Here is the scenario - I have a squeeze page that is old and outdated, that ranks very well for a keyword that gets nice traffic. It had ... [read more]

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    Free £75.00 Google Adwords Voucher

    pauldodds1 in SEO

    Here is the code for an Adwords Voucher, it can be used once only. I was sent it by Google but I don't want to open another adwords account to ... [read more]

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    Googles PPC Effectiveness Is It Best Paid Method For Building Email List?

    entrepreneurjay in SEO

    Googles PPC Effectiveness Is It Best Paid Method For Building Email List? I concentrate most of my traffic generation methods on free marketing techniques. Article marketing, blog commenting, seo etc..... ... [read more]

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    Why isn't my site showing in Google?

    sdcindy in SEO

    I created a new website about a week ago (see it in my signature). It is not showing in Google even when I type in the complete address. I guess ... [read more]

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    Big List of Sites(urls) to Ping

    FrankBowman in SEO

    I've been on the Warrior Forum for a while now and I have to say it has helped my business, both the online and offline parts tremendously. So in the ... [read more]

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    20 Free Backlinks From Dofollow Blogs

    Frances Norah S in SEO

    Hello fellow Warriors As you already know, SEO is a numbers game where everyone needs backlinks. And just like many othes who have contributed to the forum, I am giving ... [read more]

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    Google has been CRAZY this past week!

    matrix1989 in SEO

    Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous amount of indexing then deindexing of their pages with google this week? ive had 5 pages that have all been ranking really well then ... [read more]

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    Redirecting 404 to index

    Y2E in SEO

    Does redirecting the 404 page to home/index have any benefit? I have noticed that some of my earlier pages are still indexed and some of those pages have since changed ... [read more]

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    What is better Bookmark Demon or Bookmarkingwiz?

    simpleonline1234 in SEO

    I've been reading up a lot on trying to get the best Bookmarking software on the market and so far I've come up with Bookmarking Demon and Bookmarkingwiz....between those two ... [read more]

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    Keyword research for my country

    Piscola in SEO

    Hello SEO friends, recently i have been using market samurai for keyword research, targeted for my country and language, the problem is that MS in seo competition for my keyword ... [read more]

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    $100 Google AdWords Credit for someone who really needs it!

    satrap in SEO

    Ok guys. I have a $100 Adwords coupon code that I have received from Google on Valentine's Day. (I imagine many people have received such coupon as well). I want ... [read more]