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    Hosting and SEO

    RSK3000 in SEO

    I am in the UK and was thinking of buying UK web hosting for my .com internet marketing blog. Is the hosting location for a .com website a factor in ... [read more]

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    I just don't understand how to fix this ranking issue!!! Revealing my case study including backlinks

    Lauren7 in SEO

    Warriors I'm seriously tired of my niche site' ranking issue. Please help whoever understands the problem because it's been months and I can't figure out anymore. 4 Months earlier I ... [read more]

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    Criteria for "easy" Keywords...?

    Jaysmyne in SEO

    What do you define an easy to rank for keyword in terms of search results? For instance, I have a keyword with about 500,000 inanchor results. Would this be a ... [read more]

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    Onsite SEO Tutorial For Everyone!

    Nicole Sakoman in SEO

    Hey, I see many questions about SEO on this and basically any other forums. There was threads in the past that were the "guides" on how to do really good ... [read more]

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    Do you put tag on post?

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    Does " tag " in the post still useful on SEO? Beside key words and meta description. whenever i post , I left tag empty only keywords and meta description.

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    Local SEO Audit

    consultant1027 in SEO

    Let me state upfront: Not interested in manual technique recommendation or solicitation from an SEO service. Wondering what sites do a decent automated Local SEO Audit? I've only been able ... [read more]

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    Most useful SEO data metrics for evaluate a site rank

    gianbizz in SEO

    A few years ago PageRank is most popular metrics used by IMers and SEO experts to measure the SEO score of a site. Until it never update anymore, many folks ... [read more]

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    Hello guys, what you should i do? How SEO features you need?

    bpoowaah in SEO

    Hello guys, so i'm a seo consultant, and need some information for yours "the customers"....what you really need on one SEO Service? What you think are good features to a ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics Showing 0 Organic

    GarrettMickley in SEO

    I took over a client from a previous SEO guy (who was terrible...I spent a week just deleting duplicate content and poorly spun, unreadable trash). Looking at their GA account, ... [read more]

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    Directory Submission

    minddigital in SEO

    How can I get my free directory submission live link? Please suggest any tools for directory submission live link

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    Which permalinks structure is the best one for Wordpress?

    tbsnetworks in SEO

    Hello friends, let's tell which is the best permalinks structure for WordPress website. Is the any SEO factor have involved in this term.

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    Google Panda 4.2 Update

    raxix in SEO

    Why Google Panda 4.2 Update Rolling Out Slowly?

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    exact keyword domain name benefits

    penoff in SEO

    Hello, i have been contacted via email by person who is offering me domain name in my business category, lets say i have a website eg. "" and this person ... [read more]

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    Google SERP's

    davidmillernyc in SEO

    How can you make your website more visible in Google search results?

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    Elements of On Site Seo

    Ryan1234 in SEO

    Hi, I want to know elements of On Site Seo.

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    Met title

    Ryan1234 in SEO

    Hi, I want to know if met title and description is required for seo purpose? If we don't use meta title and description on website page, what would be effect?

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    Video Link Question

    pgh2377 in SEO

    Hi everyone, I have a simple SEO question. Sometimes I see video's from news sources like yahoo screen and vimeo. I like to embed them in my posts and discuss ... [read more]

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    How to optimize a new website

    bpwrye in SEO

    Hello warriors! I am just a newbie and I just started my website: Best Proven Ways To be honest, the details are not completely finish. Can you please give me ... [read more]

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    Transferring content from old to new site?

    Yamcha in SEO

    Hi Guys, So I've abandoned my old domain and website in favour of creating a new one. So my question is would transferring my old content to the new site ... [read more]

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    Problem with keyword

    Erbrains in SEO

    I have a website I can see the website as indexed but not able to see it on Google for the keyword of domain name eg if website name ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to decently rank a ccTLD domain (non-English) with English content?

    emilsb in SEO

    Guess the title says it all. For example, let's suppose I own a .gr domain (belongs to Greece), but I intend to use English content on it. Question is, will ... [read more]

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    Indexing on google

    JakZ in SEO

    Hello When I check my website in google I can see two pages indexed which I created a page about but then deleted. How do I stop these showing up ... [read more]

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    Backlink Question (www or not)

    JakZ in SEO

    Hello So when I type into the search engine my website shows up as this - So the WWW. gets taken out of my domain name which I'm ... [read more]

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    paivadaniel in SEO

    What do you think about redirect? Lose many positions in G? A redirect envolving a site well positioned to a subdomain in a new domain. For example to

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    Indexing of Websites?

    Erbrains in SEO

    What are the basics that need to be for indexing a website

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    Canonical issue Please help?

    Enuke in SEO

    Dear Friends, I have one website like now my website is being opened with same page. Is there any issue according to Google. I have put canonical tag. ... [read more]

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    Quality Content

    SonuSharma in SEO

    Quality content is the king of the SEO work strategy. So guys please tell that what is the best strategy to use the content in SEO work. Is the article ... [read more]

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    To many back links , what now ?

    Chromemike in SEO

    Looking at my competitors I may have too many back links of coarse some are low quality. Is there a free tool to analyze all your links so I can ... [read more]

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    Remove the Bad backlinks

    SonuSharma in SEO

    Hey guys plz suggest me some solutions. Actually my website has low quality or bad backlinks, which we known as spamming, so guys please tell me how can i remove ... [read more]

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    How to add Google My Business for my Stratup?

    tbsnetworks in SEO

    Hello, Need a brief explanation about the Google My Business for my new Startup. 1. How add my business in Google My Business 2. How to Make better visibility of ... [read more]

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    International SEO

    endovdayz in SEO

    Hi Warriors, i am relatively new to the SEO world and have been doing some research to get started.. i have almost understood the over all process of Local SEO ... [read more]

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    Need help creating Amazon super URL

    JDCbooks in SEO

    Hi, Newbie here. I hope this is the right forum to ask about creating super URLs, since it's like SEO for Amazon. I'm a Kindle author published through KDP. I ... [read more]

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    How to target keywords?

    Ryan1234 in SEO

    Suppose We have done all good with on page seo. We have super content which we don't want any further change. Now we want to target a few keywords. How ... [read more]

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    People Copied my Data and Now they are on Top

    sjlabar in SEO

    Hello Everyone, I have a website, monitizing it via adsense. Was earning $3000 per month about 2 years back, than i faced a penguin penalty. (I never used to make ... [read more]

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    Tools For Checking Daily Visitors

    Bookmark555 in SEO

    Hi Everyone, Is there any reliable tools which can give exact daily visitors of website(Except Google Analytics)

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    Submit Website To Directories ?

    adystanley in SEO

    Do i need to submit my website to directories or Google algorithm don't accept this? My website age is 15 days. I want to start from 1-2-3 per day.

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    Tips to improve keyword rankings

    SunilKChiara in SEO

    Guys, please suggest some proved techniques to improve the website rankings for some keywords.

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    What are the High DA Q/A sites?

    Lauren7 in SEO

    Hello Warriors. What are the High PR, authority and trusted Q/A sites EXCEPT Yahoo answers, Quora and

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    Not Provided Data in Google Analytics

    JamesScruggs1 in SEO

    Hi All, When I check the Google Analytic data than found that there is lots of traffic drive on my website by "Not Provided" status. Can you please tell me ... [read more]

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    Sending my SEO Consultant my log in details?

    seoinprogress in SEO

    The SEO consultant I am working with says he needs the details of my cpanel access and hosting. I have no idea what this or how to locate it so ... [read more]

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    YouTube Creaotr Account - Increase SEO?

    DexterGallagher in SEO

    I see Youtube are now promoting a creator account, can anyone tell what the difference is between an existing yt account and a creator account?? Will this boost the SEO ... [read more]

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    Google Panda 4.2

    designbrandindia in SEO

    Is anyone of you having affected with this update. Kindly share your experience. I think my website is affected from this update. Not sure what to do?

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    Anyone used Rio SEO?

    BennyP in SEO

    Hey all, Has anyone here used Rio SEO? Just looking for some legit feedback on the product.

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    Problems with Wordpress Setup and Duplicate Content

    David C. in SEO

    Hello Warrior Forum! I currently have a blog, lets call it When you get to it has my last 6 or 7 blog entries, all on one page. ... [read more]

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    Is it common practice for SE0 company to want to work with you indefinetely?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    As in they get you ranked and keep your SE0 services going and expanding your keywords overtime? As compared to working on a site for a few months to a ... [read more]

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    Are Blogspot backlinks matters for SEO?

    SunilKChiara in SEO

    I want to know are the backlinks earned from blogspot blog comments can help us for better SEO experience?

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    Is backlinks from Facebook and Twitter effective?

    AzlanR2 in SEO

    Before this, I kept reading that I need to promote my website on social media and forum for backlinks. However, after reading several threads in this forum, I've learned that ... [read more]

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    can I submit same blog on different websites for my SEO campaign?

    SunilKChiara in SEO

    I am a SEO executive by profession. I just want to know can I submit same blog on different website for my SEO campaigns. Now,I use to submit a single ... [read more]

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    Building up backlinks?

    windrider07 in SEO

    Pretty common question but I don't know if it's been asked before in this group and it just now got me curious: everyone's got their own strategy when it comes ... [read more]

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    Ranking progress of a website how to see this?

    wizard12 in SEO

    Hello Mates, I have a 3-4 months old MNS website which is now in page #2 of google for some keywords, I am wondering what is the best method/source/platform or ... [read more]

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    The home page and the category pages and the article pages must operate the different keywords?

    inmatrix in SEO

    1) If not, will hurt the keywords PR? 2) Then I post a new article, the article will show on the home page (at least the title of the article ... [read more]

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    Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) not showing accurate ranking position in search analytics?

    windrider07 in SEO

    GWT is showing a website I am managing being ranked in specific positions. But when I look them up, I can't see them. Screenshot attached. eg: It shows the website ... [read more]

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    Ranking on First Page on Google

    sesantek in SEO

    Hello. I am already putting up a website that will be involved in teaching online self publishing strategies and creating platforms for authors and readers to interact. I want this ... [read more]

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    Same Blog on 5 Different Website?

    SunilKChiara in SEO

    Can I submit the same blog on 5 different websites for my SEO campaign? Please reply.....

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    Is it possible to SEO your social media profiles ?

    James3013 in SEO

    Hello Folks, Just wanted to know whether it is possible to rank social media profiles for your name as a keyword on top of search engines. Has Anyone tried it ... [read more]

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    Whic is the best ways to Drive huge Traffic to Adsense blog?

    mminhajuddin in SEO

    I just want to know that the best methods to generate more traffic to my adsense blog with safely. What can i do to gain this? Badly need help from ... [read more]