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    Landing Pages SEO

    marketingstatic in SEO

    Sorry If I missed it in the reading but one thing I am really curious about is how to do SEO or get ranking from a Landing Page or Squeeze ... [read more]

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    New to Adwords

    woohah in SEO

    I tend to try things out and test to see if I can figure things out. Here is my question on my campaigns so far I have 8 going Currently ... [read more]

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    Angela's Backlinks - Do you leave 1 or 2 links in bio?

    jimmy506 in SEO

    It's suggested to leave no more than 2 backlinks. But, I was wondering if it might be better to only have 1 Any thoughts on this?

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    Can anyone reccommend an affordable different Class-C ip host?

    lanta99 in SEO

    Hi, I've been scouting around the web so far and I've found that that cheapest that I can get for a 15 site network with different class c ips is ... [read more]

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    Google doesn't hate affiliates

    nichenews in SEO

    I've read quite a lot of posts recently around the internet about how Google hates affiliates and if you use Adwords and want to promote affiliate programs you're going to ... [read more]

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    Number of Google indexed pages decreasing

    2d0k in SEO

    hi to all, i have a question. what could be the problem with one of my sites? the number of indexed pages in Google have been decreasing.. what could be ... [read more]

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    No organic traffic after 4 months

    cagliostro in SEO

    I have a strange situation here. Two years ago i started a travel website and all went very well even for a new domain. Adsense also worked right away, steadily ... [read more]

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    Does link building services work?

    miset in SEO

    Hey Ppls, Ive been looking into some link building services, namely Angela and Pauls, ive heard so many good things about them that i'm thinking i really need to give ... [read more]

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    Duplicate Content Guidelines

    Christie Love in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I'm looking for a reliable reference that explains internet guidelines on duplicate content. Here's the story... I'm currently working for an online newspaper. I recently found out, the ... [read more]

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    Does Google updated PR last Week?

    warrich in SEO

    Hello all I want to know that google pagerank update this month or not. Some one told me google pagerank update now last week. Is that true or not? Waiting ... [read more]

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    My thought on Ads Placement for Adsense

    cucat in SEO

    Hi all, I don't just know this will be helpful or not, but here are some what I learned from my friend and myself in ads placement for Adsense. 1/ ... [read more]

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    How Do I Get Text Next To Adsense

    gjd6599 in SEO

    Hi, If I have an adsense block 336X280 at the top of my page, how do I get the content of my page to go up along side of it ... [read more]

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    Google is banning adwords accounts, Beware!

    DRB in SEO

    I have heard a few marketers have had their adwords accounts banned. Reasons given by Google are for having repeated low quality landing pages although apparently having good quality scores. ... [read more]

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    Angela's Backlinks and Roboform

    lonniewa2 in SEO

    Anyone here know how to use roboform to insert profile links? This would really help to speed up the process. thanks, Lonniewa

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    wpanswers + affiliate = legal?


    First I want to apologize if I post this in the wrong category. I have a site that uses the wp-answers plugin in WordpressDirect. This plugin automatically retrieves posts and ... [read more]

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    Quotes or no quotes for keyword research?

    Lunar in SEO

    Hi everyone! I'm working on an article marketing campaign, submitting targeted articles to ezinearticles using keywords that have over 10 daily search estimate and also less than 10,000 competition sites. ... [read more]

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    Difference between Alexa Rank and Google Rank

    akoni in SEO

    Hi, I really don't know a lot about the comparison between alexa and google rankings. I would like to ask for your opinion, i have a blog that i have ... [read more]

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    Which domain would you choose

    bowbell in SEO

    Which domain name would you choose for an Adsense site. or Both are currently available

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    If we already have phrase match keywords, why use exact?

    Estrella in SEO

    Hi PPC experts, Let's say we have a phrase match "blue widget". That means that when someone types in "blue widget", our ad will show up. So why would/should we ... [read more]

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    Should You Use City Names in Ad Copy?

    sunseven in SEO

    I'm running the campaign for a local business that has 2 locations and most customers come from within a 20 mile radius. I've set geo-targeting to the full state of ... [read more]

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    On Page HTML affects on Web2 page seo?

    Paul Davidson in SEO

    Hello guys, As usual when i need some advise from experienced seo guys, i call in here, and all is revealed. I have been playing with getting my web2 pages ... [read more]

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    Do low impression keywords negatively affect your entire campaign?

    sunseven in SEO

    I've been running a campaign for the last 3 weeks with about 5,000 keywords and of course only a handful of them are driving traffic. Most of the other keywords ... [read more]

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    Dashes In Domain?

    Sumit Menon in SEO

    Hey, I'm registering a new domain. This is, actually, the second domain I'm registering after the one for my blog. So, I wanna know if I should put dashes in ... [read more]

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    RSS Directories

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    What are some good examples of RSS directories?

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    Wordpress Dupe Content Question

    jsherloc in SEO

    Ok, I just want to make sure that this is normal. When I was checking on some of my new sites recently to see if they were indexed yet (, ... [read more]

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    Keyword optimization- Is it important?

    Sylviane in SEO

    Keyword optimization might not be something you want to do, because it can be a hassle to go through it. However, it is something you will eventually have to come ... [read more]

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    Backlink Relevancy - Interesting Perspective

    4morereferrals in SEO

    Another viewpoint from SEOMoz Rand Fishkin discusses his experience with relevant vs. non relevant links SEOmoz | Whiteboard Friday - Link Quality vs. Quantity Read, and fire at will ... ... [read more]

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    What Is DoFollow? What Is NoFollow? All Answered Here

    Karan Goel in SEO

    If you’ve been doing any kind of reading about link building, then you’ve probably seen people mentioning “nofollow” and “dofollow” links. These are very important terms to understand when you ... [read more]

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    Duplicate Content - my blonde question of the day....

    jennyuk in SEO

    Hi everyone. If someone has time - would you be able to explain this to me S-I-M-P-L-Y ...I am blonde It's all to do with Duplicate Content. If I get ... [read more]

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    HELP! Do search engines break up phrases?

    Lunar in SEO

    This is a question for the SEO pros... When someone types in a keyword phrase, does the search engine try to match it with pages that have that exact word ... [read more]

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    Mass Backlink Analyzer?

    ethan97 in SEO

    Is there anything out there you can use (software or script) that can check and analyze backlinks for multiple sites, even if it runs slowly in the background? Something like ... [read more]

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    1 or 2 Links in profile? - Angela's Links

    jimmy506 in SEO

    It's suggested to leave no more than 2 backlinks. But, I was wondering if it might be better to only have 1 Any thoughts on this? Does 1 have more ... [read more]

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    No Clicks? Adwords and MSN Adcenter

    FTCNick in SEO

    I hope someone can shed some light on this problem. I am bidding on about 5 different compains, and with either of these ppc networks, I can't get any clicks ... [read more]

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    How Long Before I get credit for backlinks

    sandysandiego in SEO

    We all know how important backlinks can be to push your webpages on SERP. Now let's say i've submitted articles to many article directories and also submitted a few to ... [read more]

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    Should I Join Ezine Article Premium?

    zeroacid in SEO

    Hi, I am currently planning ahead to send articles to those popular article sites; however, I know Ezine takes more than one or two weeks to approve the articles we ... [read more]

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    PPC Keyword Generator

    FTCNick in SEO

    Anyone know a good PPC Keyword Generator for windows? To be used with Adwords, Yahoo Search Marking, and Microsoft Adcenter. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Nick

  • 7 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} or my own wordpress site- which is best for seo?

    Nikhil V Nair in SEO

    Hi friends, I would like to rank for some long tail keywords that are very related.I am little bit confused.Should I register a new domain name and install wordpress or ... [read more]

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    How to get Blog Comments Indexed by Google?

    mrtrance in SEO

    What do you guys do to get your blog comments (for backlink purpose) get indexed quickly by Google? Do you ping the site after you leave your comment, socialbookmark, or ... [read more]

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    Has the economy hurt your Adsense income?

    carlos123 in SEO

    People here seem real skitterish about discussing their average earnings across all sites (as asked in my last poll)....have no clue why that is...but I figured it might be less ... [read more]

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    Stupid question about backlinks

    vagabondette in SEO

    I'm still working on figuring out this whole backlink thing and I have what may be a dumb question. From reading all about Angela and Paul's links it seems pretty ... [read more]

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    Sidewiki and NoIndex

    Dan C. Rinnert in SEO

    What happens with Sidewiki and pages you've tagged with "noindex" so they don't get indexed by Google? Can someone still leave a Sidewiki comment on that page? If so, will ... [read more]

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    Default 4 links on same page pointing to one site . Is it a good idea?

    dizen in SEO

    Is it a good idea to put 4 links with different anchor on same page, all pointing to same site? Will Google see it as scammy or disregard all the ... [read more]

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    Article Submission Service

    john3 in SEO

    Can anyone recommend an affordable article submission service which submits to only the top high PR article directories instead of submitting to 100's of low PR directories? John

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    What's your biggest frustration with PPC?

    valuefundingpro in SEO

    Finding keywords, managing a campaign, spending too much, getting "slapped".... you name it, let me know.. -Vince Marketing coach, funding provider

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    Google up, Bing down

    paulgl in SEO

    According to statcounter StatCounter Global Stats - Browser, OS, Search Engine including Mobile Market Share Latest search data globally shows bing search at 3.25% of total, down from a measly ... [read more]

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    Link Building Strategy

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    Here is my current Link Building strategy - I wanna see if you guys like it: 1) I have 20 Web 2.0 properties linked to my landing page. 2) I ... [read more]

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    Can you make $100 out of $50?

    zsolt in SEO

    Hi, I am with Hostgator and they give a $50 adwords voucher for their clients. Since I want to learn PPC anyway I think I might just take advantage of ... [read more]

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    Can I Pause New Adwords Ad groups before they get approved?

    Tristan Bull in SEO

    Hey Guys, Just a quick question. I'm setting up a bunch of new adgroups for a new site of mine but the site isn't ready to send traffic to yet ... [read more]

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    Does domain age pass with a 301 redirect?

    Christian Fox in SEO

    I am helping a local company redesign their website. They would like to change their domain and redirect to a better keyword loaded domain. The old domain is over 10 ... [read more]

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    Google suddenly slaps all new campaigns

    Fors in SEO

    Hey, I have been using wordpress direct to create landing pages for a while now and it's been working very well. Usually I get 7/10 QS on most of my ... [read more]

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    SOC vs. 1st page google rank

    chestmary in SEO

    Of the two, who can tell me which method works better, the competiveness of the first page in google as determined by the page rank or Strength of Competition as ... [read more]

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    How to get backlinks from articles show up in Yahoo Explorer?

    mrtrance in SEO

    How do I get the links to count or show up in Yahoo Explorer when the actual article url is indexed in Google? I have many Articlesbase articles that are ... [read more]

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    Is it a must to have backlinks at the following high PR/Web 2.0 sites?

    Liam Hamer in SEO

    My main niche site has been up 6-7 weeks now, I've made sure the SEO is good onpage and offpage(Socialbot, Angela and Pauls packets etc) but I was just thinking ... [read more]

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    All-in-one SEO question

    SiddFisher in SEO

    I'm having some trouble understanding the plugin. I was editing the sample page provided by wordpress and after I completed the whole page, I scrolled down to see a section ... [read more]

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    some questions about backlinks ?

    mina2020 in SEO

    Hi can i get more than one backlink from one site ? for example : 2 articles in a directory with links to my blog as a resource, Will be ... [read more]

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    One Visitor Clicked On 5 Adsense Ads In a Row - Caused for Concern?

    Seekness in SEO

    *edit title- cause, not caused. I just noticed that one of my sites with Adsense got 5 straight clicks from the same visitor. It all happened on the same one ... [read more]