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    Learning PPC

    oneano in SEO

    How does someone learn PPC? I have read books, I have seen info products, I have talked to adowrds management companies. Reading just doesnt cut it, I need to see ... [read more]

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    Several Adsense Sites, ZERO Backlinks, $20/month Earnings Each!

    tommygadget in SEO

    Hi everybody, I have been doing lots of research on Adsense and niche websites and rankings, etc. I have been running lots of reports on the many websites I have ... [read more]

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    Site dropped for particular search term??

    DonTino in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I need some SEO advice. I do SEO for a clinet of mind and was succesfull over the last 2 years to have his sites on the first ... [read more]

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    How to up my Adsense revenue

    GossipCrunch in SEO

    I have blog which receives traffic more than 1000 from similar niche forums, search engines, blog comments, social bookmarkings but the irony is I only get 3-4 clicks on my ... [read more]

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    Article #1 spot in Google? When should I expect sales?

    mekap04 in SEO

    Ok, I have worked pretty hard to get this article to the 1st position of Google and it is there in only 4 days. Now the thing is, my article ... [read more]

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    Google=I think you know

    Owen Mailer in SEO

    simple i am here to moan they suspended my account i appealed they said no but i have done absolutly nothing wrong what the hell are they all about!!!! and ... [read more]

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    anne229 in SEO

    I've found a new set of codes that work great. I used them for new registrations and to renew some of my domains. Codes WONT WORK ON DISCOUNTED ITEMS. CHH7 ... [read more]

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    In need of a 30 Second SEO lesson please Warriors!

    kswr123 in SEO

    Hey warriors I bought the domain name and added a url shortening script... Aparently with the right volume of traffic this little gem can sell for $100... (Actually, if ... [read more]

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    Best/Easiest SEF URL Joomla! extension?

    DavidTheMavin in SEO

    What Search Engine Friendly URL / title tag extension do you recommend? I'd prefer to avoid hacking core at all costs.

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    Well, the backlinks were good while they lasted...

    cozandeffect in SEO

    I've been using several backlink packages for quite some time, and it appears to have hit its saturation point. Now, a lot of the websites are fully prepared to block ... [read more]

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    keywords for seo

    helenback in SEO

    hi I am searching for keywords for my site, I am using seo to advertise my site not adwords, I sell 6 different types of beauty equipmnet on my site. ... [read more]

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    Internal Linking, each linking to the other.

    Intrepreneur in SEO

    Internal Recripocal linking confusion. I added a realted posts plugin. It does so with a nofollow attribute. My main homepage rose over 200 places since doing so. I guess it ... [read more]

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    Amazing way to get HUGE numbers of backlinks!

    MrYossu in SEO

    OK, so this isn't new, but it's such a powerful way of getting large numbers of backlinks to your site that I thought I'd raise it again for those who ... [read more]

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    Which SEO Reporting program do you use?

    Barbara Eyre in SEO

    May I get a list of SEO reporting programs you use to compile reports to present to your clients - ones that allow you to brand with your company information? ... [read more]

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    photos for website

    azmom07 in SEO

    Hi...I am currently new in this forum and trying to venture into adsense. My question is, (I don't know if this will sound stupid), but is it okay to take ... [read more]

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    One Keyword Per Ad Group?

    countonuspr in SEO

    I was just curious if you felt that targeting one keyword per ad group was still a good strategy? I am a PPC novice, but a highly experienced Internet marketer. ... [read more]

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    Why is Google SiteMap Reporting Old Pages?

    Chloe Brooks in SEO

    Hi Warriors, We just changed our URL strings and then generated a google sitemap to update google. We use the free version of Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML ... [read more]

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    Get my content indexed faster...

    DaleP in SEO

    my home page has a fairly high PR for a handful of keywords....(#1 to #5 for most of them).. I have an 'articles' page on my website which is basically ... [read more]

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    Were are the best and cheapest places to get SEO services?

    gotcha in SEO

    Were are the best and cheapest places to get SEO services?

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    .me any good for seo?

    Chris Drinkwater in SEO

    Is a .me extn any use to me? I have found a search term with 15000 searches for the exact term per month according to the Google keyword tool and ... [read more]

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    Does google see this as a link farm?

    DaleP in SEO

    I have an 'articles' page on my website which is basically a list internal links pointing to my own articles (which also reside on the same website site)...I add new ... [read more]

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    Please explain this to me...

    GeorgR. in SEO

    According to traffic estimator i can get to page #1 and get clicks bidding pennies on "credit report" or "credit score" - it also says estimated Avg CpC for ... [read more]

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    Articles Submitted, Now How to Find Backlink

    robson9776 in SEO

    Dear Warriors, I got lot of suggestion from fellow warriors to create backlink to my submitted articles. Since I'm very new in the Article Marketing area, it's better for me ... [read more]

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    Link building strategy & google penalties

    boris s in SEO

    Hello, Ok so i can't quite put together a decent link building strategy! To put my work in context, I have a niche authority blog in france (where i live) ... [read more]

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    What are the chances of reaching #1 on Google with these stats...

    YseUp in SEO

    Well I've made two sales from my review site for a total of ($30). My goal is to reach $15 a day. What are the chances of me getting to ... [read more]

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    Find out how to make money from your blog!!

    hoooba19800 in SEO

    1st) adsense not just google but their is alot of adsense site can be used with google 2nd)affiliate program my favorite and trusted one is clickbank to find list of ... [read more]

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    Cool - Free SEO Tools

    toffee in SEO

    If you are interested in SEO, you have to check that. Contains over than 30 FREE SEO tools. The last one at the bottom of the page is too ... [read more]

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    Has Affiliate Marketing & CPA Become The New MLM?

    bandonflyer in SEO

    Okay, odd title I know, but hear me out... MLM - we all know that there are an elite few (3% or less) that make very good money in Network ... [read more]

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    Will iFrame on blog home page affect SERPS and make SEO more difficult?

    Paul Davidson in SEO

    Hello guys, As usual when i am not sure about something, i just come in here and ask! So hear goes...... I have put up a couple of sites that ... [read more]

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    Good ranking but not that many visitors

    ThomasTe in SEO

    Hi, I’ve been doing some SEO for one of my pages, which have reached a position of 14 on google. According to wordtracker the term should receive around 4.600 searches ... [read more]

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    Ranking Well on Google

    Desmond Ong in SEO

    OK guys, I guess it's time for me to know more about ranking well on Google -- something that I neglected from the start of my internet marketing career. So ... [read more]

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    My Site Has Just Suddenly disappeared off Google!

    phish3rz in SEO

    i was wondering if you could help me! I have had this site for around 10 months now and doing alot of article writing and backlinking I was getting around ... [read more]

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    1 AdSense account or multiple adsense accounts?

    Karrak in SEO

    How does everyone manage their adsense accounts when you have more than one site? Do you have one account with multiple URL channels or do you create a separate adsense ... [read more]

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    Tiny URL links... any backlink value?

    Tsnyder in SEO

    I was just posting some stuff on Twitter and the question came to me... does a TinyURL link give you any backlink love? Tsnyder

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    SEO - Who Do You Trust?

    naonline in SEO

    Ok, there's been a lot of 'debate' flying aroung the forum lately about what does and doesn't work regarding SEO. So who's advice do you trust? Who are the real ... [read more]

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    Video for SEO?

    DavidO in SEO

    I keep hearing that Google loves video and that any site using it has an edge. But how is this? Spiders can't read video so all they know is that ... [read more]

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    21,003 visitors in one day, only spending 5 minutes working?

    Johnathan in SEO

    If you are a spammer, getting "link juice" and "google love" can be pretty easy. But, what if you aren't, and want to market your products/services, what do you do? ... [read more]

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    Outsourcing PPC campaigns

    Anonymous Affiliate in SEO

    Hello warriors, Does any one know any reliable warrior to outsource a PPC campaign to? I run a website and I want to drive PPC traffic to it, but I ... [read more]

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    seo book v google's kwtool

    Cryp in SEO

    Hey warriors, the number of searchers in google's kwtool displays 60 000 searches for a specific keyword a month but in seo book the same term only shows 86 daily ... [read more]

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    Why do some image ads on Content network just not run?

    GeorgR. in SEO

    I have several image/banner ads on content, they're on there for a week or two already but they just wont run! Its a low price niche, so it cannot be ... [read more]

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    Wordpress bad for SEO?

    FredFarnes in SEO

    We are working on SEO for a website, and are running into an issue, so we would like some advice from experts here.. See this web page; We are ... [read more]

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    A current and relevant PPC learning program today?

    Harry Behrens in SEO

    So I've been talking to some of my friends/subscribers about how they should at least think of 'graduating' to PPC from article and SEO marketing. Mostly with the ideas I ... [read more]

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    Jack Bastide in SEO

    Hey Guys, I am setting up a New Forum using SMF (Simple Machines Forums) My URLS look like this Will something like this be Indexed by Google? There is ... [read more]

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    deindexed blog/hi pr site wants to link to it HELP

    PamelaR in SEO

    I have a blog in a very specific health niche, about 2 yrs old. For whatever reason it was deindexed by G. Naturally my adsense rev has gone way down. ... [read more]

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    Tracking for seo purposes

    maxi991 in SEO

    Hi, Does anyone know which script/software should i use when it comes tracking for seo. I would like to track links from various social network sites as well as my ... [read more]

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    Anyone Ever Had Your Adwords Hacked?

    cscarpero in SEO

    I got a huge shock from Adwords today. I logged in and discovered that someone had added a campaign and charged $3900 on it! This happened in literally a couple ... [read more]

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    Traffic to my Adsense Mini Sites?

    royrev in SEO

    I started making mini adsense mini sites, all on one domain. It been a few weeks and have not seen any results yet. I only used the content of the ... [read more]

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    Traffic For Newbies

    Easy Cash in SEO

    Are you a newbie? I think everyone is a newbie. You never stop learning in IM and in life. Anyway – enough of the sentimental stuff. If you are a ... [read more]

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    All inner links no follow and another little question..

    Intrepreneur in SEO

    Are all my inner links meant to be no follow. A lot of them already are, a select few aren't.. that is my main page and category links. The other ... [read more]

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    Squidoo SEO Basic Question.

    stiznef in SEO

    When I'm setting my my squidoo lens. Let say the my key word is Yankee Doodle Dandy Is it best to make my site or Thanks so much ... [read more]

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    Doubling 'Coverage' on the Content Network?

    deedgrabber in SEO

    I read somewhere lately that Google uses your 'content network' ad copy as an important part of where it places your ads, in addition to your keywords. So, when you ... [read more]

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    hi tags

    helenback in SEO

    hi I am having trouble getting my head round header tags, and would like to know the best places to put them all on my website. for seo. please can ... [read more]

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    Great Feeling - Page 1 of Google - Holy Hell This Stuff Works!!!

    BH in SEO

    Guys & Gals - I just want to say all this stuff you read on Warrior Forum actually works! Started a site in the health/fitness niche a few months ago ... [read more]

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    Trackback spam method - Link Building

    Virtual Banker in SEO

    I have been getting some trackback spam on a few of my high PR blogs . now this is nothing new, but how they are doing it is interesting. they ... [read more]

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    How to check for my Goarticle Google Search Position?

    Snow_Predator in SEO

    Not talking about pagerank btw, couldn't give a toss. I wonder if anyone can tell me how to check my goarticle article's position on google search results for a particular ... [read more]