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    How to improve my website?

    kristianw in SEO

    My website ranks 5th on live/msn but nowhere near the top on google and yahoo for the term sportsbook review. I'm wondering what i can do to improve this. Any ... [read more]

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    Hello :) new adwords user + question(s)

    admouf in SEO

    Hello to all First of all, wanted to say I've only found this site yesterday ! lol but that kinda makes sense as am an adwords user for only maybe ... [read more]

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    Page Rank ..From PR 6 to PR 2?

    Diver's in SEO

    Hi there, Can any warrior help me with pagerank..i mean, how to get a good pagerank and the basic thing you need to know. Thank you in advance.

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    ClickBank Products With 80~90++ Gravity.

    keivn2 in SEO

    I wonder, is it wise move to attempt to promote those clickbank products that have at least 80 to 90 gravity rate for my PPC? Because I actually have a ... [read more]

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    Adwords how to get more impressions?

    FredFarnes in SEO

    OK, I have a niche, set up separate campaigns for each keyword-group, and separate adverts for each keyword too. The real problem is that I can't get enough impressions. The ... [read more]

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    Why does Google remove indexed pages?

    version3 in SEO

    Hi there, I've just seen recently my indexed pages in Google had been removed and the number of "indexed URLs" in Webmaster Tools decreased. Anyone knows why?

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    Will This Make Ad"sense"?

    Andy Money in SEO

    Heh. Couldn't resist. Anyway, here's the idea: Take a blog, load it with SEO'd content related in a high CPC niche, like insurance, and drive traffic to it via articles/organic/video. ... [read more]

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    Dot Com Or Dot Net : Which Is Better For SEO

    yommys01 in SEO

    Which do ou think is better for SEO between a dot com domain name or a dot net?

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    YouTube Page Rank Awesomeness

    jmerrin in SEO

    Here is a fictional case study that outlines what I want to do with my youtube videos. I am allowed to type whatever I want into the youtube resource box ... [read more]

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    Squidoo SEO Tip

    mdwpsyd in SEO

    Here's a Squidoo SEO Tip: Complete your Lensmaster Profile: which has recently been expanded, allowing to add URLs to your favorite Lens (which appears prominently on your profile), blogs, ... [read more]

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    Adsense Help

    Trixxie12 in SEO

    Hi guys, im trying to make my adsense adds to vertically down the left side of the page, i enter the code correctly, but it just keeps going horizontally. How ... [read more]

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    Speed PPC Import Datafeed?

    StevesProfitSecrets in SEO

    Has anyone used the datafeed feature much of SpeedPPC? It looks like a datafeed can be pulled in and then pages and ads dynamically generated from templates. Looks interesting, I'm ... [read more]

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    and now a little humor at my expense

    Radix in SEO

    ok so I threw a WP site together super quick and I was undoubtedly drinking. I checked my traffic after a week it totally blows. I do a keyword check ... [read more]

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    MSN SERPs Surprise

    Zeus66 in SEO

    Hey all, Has anyone else experienced this lately... I have a new site (about a month old now) that I built from scratch (new domain name, too). Simple content mini-site ... [read more]

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    Quick Redirect Questions..

    Intrepreneur in SEO

    Would it be bad for SEO for me to use many redirects on my site either uisng pages or by using .htaccess, One thing about SEO I'm not sure of, ... [read more]

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    How does Google treat tagged urls using the url builder tool?

    DavidTheMavin in SEO

    I'm assuming the urls you tag with the Google URL Builder tool are considered unique urls just based on the fact that Google treats different from ? I ... [read more]

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    Google's Link Schemes Rules

    Karamazov in SEO

    I just stumbled upon Googles Link Schemes rules. What does Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging ("Link to me and I'll link to you.") mean to you? Does that ... [read more]

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    Is There something special I need to do

    petevamp in SEO

    I am assuming that it is the title tag in the meta string. How ever I was wanting to do like I c everyones personal links do. Where It gives ... [read more]

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    Need a SEO partner

    AlexMan in SEO

    Watsup guys and girls!!! I am searching for a SEO partner and I need your help!! Any recommendations???:confused: Regards, Alex

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    Shared hosting vs reseller for SEO

    Andy1750 in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I use shared hosting. Have never had reseller hosting as I don't ever flip my sites. HOWEVER, are there any advantages in terms of SEO for sites with ... [read more]

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    Need Help! Google slapped:(

    serjogins in SEO

    Hi, I've just set a campaign in google promoting a CPA offer. Before creating a landing page I created an iframe to TEST whether the offer is going to convert ... [read more]

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    Any one know if you can share adsence

    coil101 in SEO

    Any one know if you can share adsence ad blocks on a website, like say for EG : There is 3 ad blocks on 1 website can there be 2 ... [read more]

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    SEO my web page

    cashtech29 in SEO

    Hello, I am looking for someone to SEO my opt-in web page/s. Looking for someone who is well known and good at what they do... I'll be back in the ... [read more]

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    therajeevkistoo in SEO

    Hi Warriors I have a site with a lot of backlinks from other sites and I even did social bookmarking for it on over 100 SB sites. None of these ... [read more]

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    Is There Any Way to Get Back Into Google's Good Graces?

    foxpro9 in SEO

    I just recently had my adsense account suspended/revoked. I filled out the form they have for review and at the end they basically told me that my account was permanently ... [read more]

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    Google search Question

    petevamp in SEO

    I recently changed my permalinks for my blog to be more seo friendly by changing to showing the post name instead of the ?id.php string. I just noticed that by ... [read more]

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    Back Linking

    EmpoweredCreator in SEO

    I'm developing my first website and blog. I'm having trouble with my backlinking. I'm submitting to over 25 different article directories with my link anchored as work at home. I'm ... [read more]

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    How is this site ranking for the 5th spot for this keyword?? shouldnt be possible.

    Jason Zalesky in SEO ranks for the number 5 spot for the term debt solutions. It has only 53 backlinks to the entire site none hardly even targeting that keyword. It doesnt have ... [read more]

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    Backlinking Dillema! - Has this Happened to You?

    oohah in SEO

    I am a big fan of Angela's WSO -- Backlinking packets But while they are working their magic, I have encountered an issue. Many times the sites I am getting ... [read more]

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    Should I stop this PPC campaign or keep tweaking?

    bwall in SEO

    I have a PPC campaign in Yahoo Search Marketing which direct links to a Clickbank product sales page. I was using Prosper 202 for tracking. I made 3 sales from ... [read more]

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    Urgent Assistance Needed

    denoble in SEO

    Hi, To take advantage of the present situation created by the swine flu scare I create Straight Facts About Swine Flu which is a wordpress blog and I monetise with ... [read more]

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    Relevance of a domain name in SEO

    linkisking in SEO

    Does your domain name affect your rankings in google? If it does, would it be more useful having the keyword typed as a single word or separate. For example: ... [read more]

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    Vary the Anchor Text or Not?

    Rammin in SEO

    Hi peoples, I'd like to get your take on whether varying the anchor text when you're building links to make it seem "natural" to Google is a good idea or ... [read more]

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    Need seo Advice

    petevamp in SEO

    I am in the process of changing over my blog to a new set of key words. The problem is for these keywords I have noticed that they are all ... [read more]

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    How to Format my AdGroup/Campaign?

    csstanton in SEO

    Hey all -- I have ~65 keywords I have been bidding on in a niche that bring me in some good traffic. I'd like to increase the quality score, so ... [read more]

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    Keyword Questions

    petevamp in SEO

    Ok I have recently went though a few of my blogs post and edited the keywords for the niche I have decided to target. Which I need to do to ... [read more]

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    Account Disabled - Google Finally Got Me!

    derekwong28 in SEO

    Today, I received the dreaded "account disabled" message from Google. This I have been expecting ever since CaptiveReef got his accoung disabled. I have received several warning messages within a ... [read more]

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    How to generate money from a website giving blogger utilities for free?

    jayden.fellze in SEO

    I was very confused at this question that was volleyed to me by one of my contacts. He said that he has a website like widgetbox which serves blogger utilities. ... [read more]

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    Average time to get main site indexed in google?

    intellect22 in SEO

    Ok with all the ways to get indexed "in 24 - 48 hours" in google these days I am wondering why the heck I cant seem to accomplish it. I ... [read more]

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    Offline Gold SEO Techniques for Business Portal Website

    manjit129 in SEO

    Hi Guys, A little help required here. I would like to design an Offline Gold business portal website to target businesses of a certain town. Lets say my business portal ... [read more]

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    Sorry for this silly qn regarding Yahoo Search Marketing

    falcon_warrior in SEO

    In YSM, there is a "US and Canada" market, how do I make it such that I get US traffic only? Sorry cant seem to figure out the interface etc. ... [read more]

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    Tracking, Tracking, Tracking - John Reese

    chini in SEO

    John Reese Stresses that the most import aspect to IM is tracking. Heres the article: John Reese ( - Articles - The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake Online I have search ... [read more]

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    Question about ranking #1 in google.

    SocialWiz in SEO

    Well I was wondering, suppose a keyword has 110,000,000 results but only around 19,000 results in quotes, is it worth trying to dominate that keyword or should I leave it ... [read more]

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    Your Average cost per click in your adwords campaign

    PPCninjaman in SEO

    Hey I'm doing some heavy calculations here so I need some data. I was wondering what your average cost per click is in adwords. And please tell me if it ... [read more]

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    Authority Blog Builder

    Lak Kader in SEO

    Greetings, I was wondering who has the best Authority Blog Builder Script with built in seo plugins, auto content dripper and auto promote to social sites and directories etc:

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    Making Adsense More Relevant to Each Blog Post Question

    AnneE in SEO

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a solution to the following problem. I write a blog, Self-Publishing, Children's Books and Me and the optimized keywords are 'self-publishing children's books', ... [read more]

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    Why Longtail Keywords?

    Zeus66 in SEO

    Longtail keywords are proving to be very valuable to me in my niche site business. I have a site that's a few months old now. I sell the products from ... [read more]

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    Optin On Someone Else Site

    BigJace in SEO

    Hello guys, I have done some PPC to ShareaSale for individual products but wanted to look at doing PPC to Clickbank products and every product I see has "affiliate leaks". ... [read more]

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    Looking for a PPC Guru to Hire

    AbilityMind in SEO

    Hello, I am looking for a Google PPC Master to Hire. I have experience myself with Google Adwords, studied Perry Marshall's materials, understand most of the concepts but just don't ... [read more]

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    Hmm Blog No Longer Receiving Search Engine Traffic?

    Emoney in SEO

    Hiya fellow warriors, So I have this blog that launched back in December, I slowly posted, maybe 1 post per week, then in the month of March I posted 10 ... [read more]

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    How long for content network to give impressions

    Brian_Mahaffey in SEO

    Hi, I started a content network only campaign on google about 3 days ago but still do not see any impressions.. Do these ads have to be manually approved? Anyone ... [read more]

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    Want To Start With A Content Site?!

    cantor007 in SEO

    Hey, Hopefully I'm in the right forum? As a total rookie I want to start making money with AdSense, Amazon, Clickbank, etc. with some content sites. I researched on that ... [read more]

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    Google Webmaster Tools vs. Doing Nothing

    pixelpusher in SEO

    I've searched and haven't found any info on this yet here, so sorry if there is an answer somewhere. I'd like to get opinions on whether or not you think ... [read more]

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    Creating new adwords account?

    chini in SEO

    I have had a adwords account which has a below average history from when i was learning adwords. The overall CRT is below 0.44 and would be hard to recover ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Finder SOC

    Saidar in SEO

    Hello warriors I was wondering if anybody here knows how micro niche finder calculates the SOC score? Why I'm asking is because every time I do a "check SOC" on ... [read more]

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    Someone explain "no follow" please?

    falcon_warrior in SEO

    I was reading up on SEO, and some of the guides told me to check for "no follow". Could someone explain to me what this is? Thanks