Search Engine Optimization

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    The right way to do keyword research

    Dave Kash in SEO

    I see so many people today doing keyword research the wrong way when laying their foundations for their website. Lets face it, keyword research is what will make or break ... [read more]

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    Submitting profile pages to Google and Bing

    strangebrew1961 in SEO

    Was curious if anyone knows if submitting the actual URL's of the pages your profiles and links resides on has any benefit at all? I assume it would get those ... [read more]

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    Are these courses good?

    thet in SEO

    For I start to learn from the 'wrong' sources, are the following courses good? Matt Bailey Keyword Strategy Todd Malicoat - SEO Practitioner Certification TreeHouse - SEO Basics Udemy - ... [read more]

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    want to convert my site from php to wordpress?

    raselbste in SEO

    hello , i want to know from experts as it is so important for me i have created site on php and html and its get some rank on the ... [read more]

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    wizard12 in SEO

    Thank you guys for your replies... Can google automatically detect the copyright of say an article I am going to use in my website, or its up to the owner ... [read more]

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    about keywords ranking

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    Let say you and your competitors use the same keywords in google. than who will get rank? now break down to these ? both sites use the same keywords , ... [read more]

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    Why There is no .net domains in the search results?

    ichthyander in SEO

    I have been seeing this for a lot time that 95% there is no .net in the search results or first page. I am planning to open a site which ... [read more]

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    Am I doing something wrong?

    Perdonaaa in SEO

    Hi all of you! I read on this forum for a couple months, and i decided in December '14 i will start my own website, you learn the most from ... [read more]

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    Time Management

    thet in SEO

    Hi, If you had 2 days a week to focus completely on online marketing, especially on SEO, Analytics (company is small, online marketing importance is in awareness but not super ... [read more]

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    Is SEO still relevant?

    Knightsofusa in SEO

    Does one have to know SEO in order to success? Is it still event relevant these days because Google had made a loy of changes.

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    Is SEO sometimes a waste of time?

    foreverstray in SEO

    When you are making sites that are in hugely saturated markets, with a lot of authority sites already dominating the search engines results, does SEO become completely irrelevant? Unless you ... [read more]

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    Should Google not tell you why they are de-indexing you?

    ashishthakkar in SEO

    This is what i got: "Pages on this site appear to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or repeated or egregious ... [read more]

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    Odd external links??

    DexterGallagher in SEO

    Just checked a domain I run and it is not related to ANY adult content, but I have found under the Links from an external page stat page, some adult ... [read more]

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    so i just optimized a article on wordpress; I have about 20 more articles to optimize within my wordpress website..... If one article is optimized, and leave the rest alone, ... [read more]

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    Google Introduces Search Analytic Reports in Webmaster Tools How it is Helpful for Digital Marker.?

    deepakphalswal in SEO

    Hi Friends Once Again i am here now my question is Google Introduces Search Analytic Reports in Webmaster Tools How it is Helpful for Digital Marker.? Thanks & regards

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    Was my PBN trick debunked?

    miduo in SEO

    I have an amazon affiliate site A and 7 PBN sites B,C,D....Recently, when I check google webmaster tool data, I find my site A get less and less impressions from ... [read more]

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    How can I find out if my developer blocked all unwanted folders using robots.txt

    ClaudeMonet in SEO

    How can I find out if my developer blocked all unwanted folders using robots.txt A developer installed wordpress for my new website and in the past I lost lots of ... [read more]

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    Have you made your sites mobile friendly and...

    aygabtu in SEO

    have you seen a ranking difference whether you've done it or not?

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    SEO: Is their any authentic Free or Premium course which can lead me to the better direction?

    faizan1041 in SEO

    Is their any authentic Free or Premium course which can lead me to the better direction? I'm not fan of reading much text, any Good video tutorials please? Thanks

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    Paid Crowd Search to Increase Ranking

    singhavn in SEO

    Lots of talks going on these days regarding the use of managed crowd search to inflate rankings. Crowd search means you pay real people to search google for your keywords ... [read more]

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    TIL: Start a Google+ Page Named With Your Keyword And You Might Get On Page 1 Easily

    spurge0n in SEO

    Never saw this method here before. Let's say your keyword is "Blue Widgets" Go to Google+. Start a new page called "Blue Widgets". Regularly post content to your "Blue Widgets" ... [read more]

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    PBN question

    GGpaul in SEO

    Hey, I'm getting into PBN's. Let's say you buy multiple PBN's with a good metric across the board. Of course you'll want to link it to your money site. At ... [read more]

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    Help me please

    billelaggab in SEO

    Hi Boys, i have Google Ansense account and i connected with YouTube Partner account but i do not win any dollars, way ? i have a blog and YouTube channel ... [read more]

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    What is benchmarking?

    emilygeorge in SEO

    What is benchmarking in Google Analytics ? What is its benefits?

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    Does Google Rank Differently From Different Locations and Devices?

    RikiTTotal in SEO

    I am running a (.ie) website in Ireland and when I search certain keywords from my home computer my business comes up on the first page. However I tried searching ... [read more]

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    Trying to figure out what keywords I should be using

    northumbrian in SEO

    First post here. I should start by saying I'm not an SEO pro. But I've read around a lot, trying to get to grips with the basics, and I've invested ... [read more]

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    How to get visitor from australia

    outsourcingbbw in SEO

    Dear Friends Can any one explain how to get traffic from austalia, i have a website which mostly keyword rank under 10 but i have only 30 visitor from australia ... [read more]

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    Robots.txt in Opencart site?How to Create??

    mivid in SEO

    Helo guys How can i create a robot.txt file for an open cart site? What is the standard format? Pls help.

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    Appearing High In Google Maps SERPs

    Parcelhub UK in SEO

    Our HQ address is in Colwick, which is miles away from the centre of Nottingham (in Google's eyes). We send 250,000 parcels a month, and don't appear on Google Maps ... [read more]

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    A little bit of everything... GooglevsBing, Wordpress Multisite, Internation Domains

    tompumford in SEO

    Hi there, first off lets start by saying thank you for the reponses posted to this questions. I have been quite varied in my question but wanted to sum up ... [read more]

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    No traffic for my site

    lordzden in SEO

    Despite of my knowledge in SEO specially in OnPage my website is still suffering from low traffic. My targeted keyword is not even showing on the site queries. Please help ... [read more]

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    Guest post link building: dofollow or nofollow?

    sakib777 in SEO

    Although Google said to avoid guest post but most of the SEO experts are still getting better result from that. I am also thinking of starting guest post on regular ... [read more]

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    Help me with a side project

    thet in SEO

    At the moment, I am learning digital marketing with an emphesis on SEO (I simply find that the most interesting of all) At my job, I work part-time at digital ... [read more]

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    What is the correct way to learn SEO ??

    MetallicaFan in SEO

    Hi, I tried to follow Youtube guides and always falirued. For example in this thread: I described what I did according to Youtube guide by someone, and people here ... [read more]

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    Is My Table Code bad for the search engine?

    ClaudeMonet in SEO

    This is my table code. It's not set in the CMS. I have to add this code to all pages with tables. Is that fine or can it cause bad ... [read more]

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    how can i get traffic from USA ?

    mohamedhussein in SEO

    Dear , i have to 2 Questions first i want to bring traffic from usa ?? second i want to know what is Duflo service for backlinks and web 2.0 ... [read more]

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    Disavow Link Query

    Magaver90 in SEO

    Hi If I submit a link disavow request to google for a website can I list the individual URL's as well as the domain: to ensure that if the ... [read more]

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    Need help with the URL structure

    Jason121 in SEO

    One of my clients has been bullied by a web development company to build his website . The URL on the website dont change on navigating to the different ... [read more]

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    small new directory, opening link to follow

    Web Work Horse in SEO

    I just populated a very small directory...state by state usa, about 2-3 links per page if matters. Next stage I will double check the sites I am linking to, and ... [read more]

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    Ranked 5th page google...Few Weeks Time...Moderate Effort. Steps From Scratch

    ashareef7 in SEO

    Hey guys! I want to inform you the little I did to rank high in Google so far. The point of this post is to show what is potentially possible ... [read more]

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    Forum SEO Advice

    bertieallsorts in SEO

    Hi folks, im looking at adding a new addition to my many sites, in the form of a separate forum website. ive got my ideas and plans on the table, ... [read more]

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    SEO for small company

    thet in SEO

    Hi guys, I believe I have a specific question about SEO. Facts about company: - Low budget - Outsourcing is not an option - Nobody is 100% dedicated SEO/SEA employee ... [read more]

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    Clickbump theme after Google update

    paivadaniel in SEO

    Yeah, one of my sites, with a clickbump theme was vanished from the first page of SERPs today, all the kw gone to the second and third pages. Somebody else?

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    explore some niche topics and determine their market viability

    flightlayaway1 in SEO

    Please give me some good ideas of the following niches : - Stand up desk Craft Beer Electrolyte replacement drinks Thanks in advance

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    nik2014 in SEO

    Could any body send me to high pr site list for creating a backlinks for my site ?

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    Will I get removed from google for this?

    Jack107 in SEO

    Hi, I'm trying to rank my business as high as possible. Basically my plan is to write up a post about how my business can help a certain suburb, then ... [read more]

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    Best reporting tool or software to give customers?

    rgesm in SEO

    Hi all just wondering what you guys use who manage customers reporting or managing customers SEO campaigns which software do you use to provide them reports, reports such as competitor ... [read more]

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    Professional Keyword Research

    bounceback in SEO

    Where can i get someone to do professional keyword research and analysis for my site to find buying keywords? I have been looking at odesk but many people seem to ... [read more]

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    Help Please !!

    Xfuera in SEO

    One keywords of my site dropped down to 2nd page last week. So How can I bring back to 1st page within one week ??

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    Advise pleaase

    Carol63 in SEO

    Hi there my website is Bass Rock Framing & Gallery I am trying to rank for picture framer dunbar and picture framer east lothian I am also trying to rank ... [read more]

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    thet in SEO

    I am busy building a SWOT around traffic. What are some of the biggest weaknesses you have seen with clients? What are some of the biggest challenges at the moment? ... [read more]

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    Latest Trends in SEO

    mamtasoni in SEO

    I want to know what are the latest updates and trends in seo from google

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    in My google webmaster tools my links are not shown..?

    deepakphalswal in SEO

    Hello Friends My Backlinks in google webmaster tools are not shown & they are shown in what is the reasons behind this please help me. My websites is for ... [read more]

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    anyone still using Article Builder?

    PBMax in SEO

    Pretty much what the title says. Anyone using it to auto-generate marginal content anymore?

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    Too Much Content For New Site?

    Magaver90 in SEO

    Hi If you have a new website with 400 pages of unique content will Google penalize your website for adding too much content too fast if these pages all get ... [read more]