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    What is infographics?

    franklinbenja in SEO

    Hi friends. I am new to here. I would like to know about infographics methodology used in SEO and how to share them in other website, how to get search ... [read more]

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    Spam Organic Traffic Showing in Google Analytics

    nirmalya in SEO

    Hi, I was seeing the Google Analytics for one of of my website. There was a abnormal increase of traffic from 15th May,2015. Further testing revealed that abnormal traffic is ... [read more]

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    In webmaster tools I get 404 not found errors; but I am lost as to how I can locate the root of the error so that I can resolve the ... [read more]

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    about Alexa ranking

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    I start a website last year but stop close it than this month I started again using back the same domain name. I check alaxa ranking is dam low Is ... [read more]

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    Need Schema markup help ??

    Chromemike in SEO

    I am using "All In One Rich Snippets" (Plug-in) on a word press site. It makes your schema markup for you, it seems to work well but I have ... [read more]

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    pinterst brand page permalink

    BIBI15 in SEO

    hello there, i have piterest brand page account for my website but the problem is that exact prermalink for that page is already taken. how do you think if my ... [read more]

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    One of my wordpress sites got hacked and now it has tons of backlinks and more se traffic?!

    rirara in SEO

    Hi guys, I want to share something. I have several wordpress blogs and one of them was on free hosting. It got hacked but that is not the main part. ... [read more]

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    Question about Trust flow, forward slashes, and redirecting

    lavitz in SEO

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole SEO game and I need to get some issues cleared up. I haven't been paying any attention at all to the links that ... [read more]

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    Variance Google Analytics day to day

    thet in SEO

    Hi people, What is normal variance in Google Analytics on a day to day basis?

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    Market Saturation: How Much Opportunity is left in English based SEO?

    CraigMC in SEO

    I understand that it's not that simple, but if you had to put a % to it, what would you say?

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    Watch is semantic SEO ??

    sandy012 in SEO

    I listen about semantic SEO recently but i did not understand the term, semantic SEO,properly.Is it latest form of SEO?. If so then could any one explain me the of ... [read more]

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    Social Bookmarking Software | Help?

    almostfamous9090 in SEO

    I need help. I want to know some software that will build backlinks for my site. Like 500-600 bookmarking etc. Please suggest me the best software soo that i can ... [read more]

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    Removing post ulrs from Google webmaster tools

    aligator510 in SEO

    Hello everyone, I want to remove all the old urls submitet to webmaster tools beacuse I have changed permalinks format, from; to Does anyone can help me how ... [read more]

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    Negative SEO

    chrisjohn93 in SEO

    Hello Warriors, Do any one know about the negative SEO techniques? If Yes then provide some example of it. In my knowledge Reputation Management and Negative SEO is same thing ... [read more]

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    Does using the Registered Trademark symbol dilute keyword relevancy

    Fl0wJam in SEO

    Hi, I need some help with this. We are a training centre and we have just been told by our qualification awarding body that we must use the Registered Trademark ... [read more]

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    Youtube video watching service?

    louisgeorges in SEO

    I've heard that if a lot of people search for your keyword and watch your Youtube video it will go up in ranking. Are there any "Youtube video watching" services ... [read more]

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    Text Or H2 after H1 - any diffrences? example inside

    danh2 in SEO

    Hello, i want to ask if there any dffrences regarding those situations: <h1>Main heading - inluding main keyword</h1> <p> 150-200 words paragraph including my main keyword </p> <h2> semi keyword ... [read more]

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    Own 2 websites redirect to the other will it affect rankings?

    jeremyfarrar in SEO

    Hello first of all thanks to anyone who can help me. I own two websites in the same niche both targeting local search engine results i want to redirect one ... [read more]

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    Relations of Google PR, Domain Authority and Alexa Rank?

    furong in SEO

    For all the seoers, is there any relations among Google PR, Domain Authority and Alexa Rank? In my opinion, there is no obvious relations between Google PR and Alexa Rank. ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics: What is your proces of analyzing your data?

    thet in SEO

    What do you when you analyze your data in Google Analytics? Where do you look for?

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    Any white hat SEO's

    wally247 in SEO

    Does anybody do white hat SEO on here? I don't mean article submissions and web 2.0 pyramids....I mean talking to bloggers and building relationships to get 100% legitimate links. If ... [read more]

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    Site adress url problem.

    BIBI15 in SEO

    hello warriors, On my wordpress site i am using this url structure, but competitors are using I need your advice, which one is better ? can i change ... [read more]

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    URL Crawl errors

    eslwriter in SEO

    Hi guys Can you help me out? A couple weeks a go my website was fine. Top rank of Google's first page for my key words. I'm small potatoes, only ... [read more]

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    An awesome place to find backlinks

    Dave Kash in SEO

    Hey guys! We all know that when we are trying to rank our sites in the search engines the quality and quantity of backlinks are important. Backlinks are a great ... [read more]

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    How to get lead & query by SEO/SMO work

    Prabha Yadav in SEO

    Hey guys, I am new In SEO.I have a website for a client. I have done more SEO/SMO work for this web site, but not get any lead & ... [read more]

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    Keyword Research Discussion

    Techalo in SEO

    Hey Warriors! I just wanted to get some discussion going on what methods you're using to research keywords (competitor and niche specific). I currently use a program called Market Samurai ... [read more]

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    New Fashion Links Site

    fashionyoke in SEO

    Dear Friends, I want to develop a new fashion links site. For this I need your opinion. I have already created a name and purchased a domain which is ... [read more]

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    Let me know your opinion about SEO Tools and Softwares for White Hat SEO technique

    marquetta08 in SEO

    Hello dears, I want to know something from all of you. Let me know your thinking about seo tools or software!. Is it usefully for black Hat seo technique only?. ... [read more]

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    One simple question about link pyramid. :)

    pcgun007 in SEO

    Hi, I am making link pyramid for my main website.. but I have a question to seo experts.. my question is, I am thinking to use auto backlink generator tool ... [read more]

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    strangebrew1961 in SEO

    I recently read a blog post about SEO that claimed your Wordpress site will rank higher and faster if you use a sub domain on their free hosting, because you ... [read more]

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    Explain Passing SEO from Domain Thats 301 Redirected to Affiliate Site

    jbmaill in SEO

    Greetings All, I am getting mixed answers and I still don;t know who is right, so I am posting here I have 4 keyword rich domains that are over a ... [read more]

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    seo question


    So to summarize, i have updated the robots.txt, have an xml sitemap, put in my efforts for keyword reseach; google has crawled and indexed my site...... the only thing of ... [read more]

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    Start a new Q&A website

    Perdonaaa in SEO

    Hi all, I want to start a new Q&A website with a friend in my own country, but i was thinking what the change is to succeed. Isn't it to ... [read more]

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    Do-Follow Oneway Anchor Text Directory Links

    brettuk in SEO

    Hi, Does anyone know of any free directories which are dofollow and let you provide your own anchor text in the link?

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    When Have You Shared A Link?

    jbearnolimits in SEO

    If and when you decide to put a link to another website on your own, why would/did you decide to do that? Also, how did you find/get those links? Did ... [read more]

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    The Art of SEO

    IamJeez in SEO

    Is this book stil worth the read? There is a 2012 and a 2015 version. Big book, 700 pages. If I am going to invest that time, it's better be ... [read more]

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    Structured Data > hatom (markup:


    Hey so I finally got my structured data activated on webmaster. I am coming up with 17 errors on it as follows: Page URLItems Items with Errors Last DetectedTitle (hentry) ... [read more]

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    Zero Unique Content But Top Ranking

    kertoon in SEO

    I am talking about the quote site brainy quotes. It rank number one in almost every keyword. There is no unique content. All the quotes are available all over the ... [read more]

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    How Can I Monetize a domain with good DA but no content

    tangoboy in SEO

    I have recently purchased which has quality backlinks hence good DA. As of now it does not have any content. Any idea how can I monetize it.

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    Youtube rank checker?

    jsmith2482 in SEO

    Anyone know any good youtube rank checker? There's one out but it's only for windows. I'm looking to check my youtube rankings without wasting all morning like I just did.

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    How to do this related content thingy in Google Search ?

    mkgg in SEO

    Ignore the search term I had it for a keyword i was #3 for but then i upgraded my IPB forums and i am still #3 but the related content/links ... [read more]

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    How do you get those types of links?

    erikme in SEO

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of starting my own health website, so I've browsed in the links of and I see links coming from high quality websites such as: Rolling ... [read more]

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    Should I Nofollow the Links?

    Rehmat in SEO

    I run an apps / games website where I have implemented a change. Previously, the app / game file was downloaded directly from its corresponding page. Now I have created ... [read more]

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    ahrefs results are different

    BIBI15 in SEO

    when i type in ahrefs dashboar, it shows different results compared to when i type domain name with www is there anybody who has a same problem ?

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    how to save a domain been mark by google?

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    i used to have a domain but it been " mark " by google now ranking sucks. Is there any ways or possible rank back in the shortest fastest ways?

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    Google gone down my ranks and I don't know why

    Rugera in SEO

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a website that was created a year ago. I spent this year working in two websites, the new one is and the old one ... [read more]

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    Who is the Best Rich Snippets Plugin for Word Press

    oliverisback in SEO

    Hello everyone, can anyone know about Rich Snippets Plugin for Word Press so please tell me . I want to add to client website to showing reviews and rating. Thanks ... [read more]

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    do article dates matter?


    I understand that article submission dates may matter in that that the older they are the more worthy SEO sees them as. Lets say I got a article website from ... [read more]

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    mouhdark in SEO

    hi everyone i have a channel in youtube but i want a site that can give 1000 subscribers i don't use any company like adsense or freedoom just i want ... [read more]

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    "Niche Finder" tool, anyone?

    strangebrew1961 in SEO

    Anyone here using a tool called "Nich Finder" by Brad Callen?

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    Rank checker that I can group kw

    paivadaniel in SEO

    For example: domain "A" - group "kw of url 1" - coca cola, beer domain "A" - group "kw of url 2" - mc donalds, burger king domain "B" - ... [read more]

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    How to submitte a news website to Google News

    chrisjohn93 in SEO

    Hello, I am working on a website and wants to submit it Google News. Any one Know the Process or Min. requirement of submission a website to Google News. My ... [read more]

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    Is this in any way useful to SEO

    ProfitFromMyDomain in SEO im looking for something similar to this.

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    Flash game ranking methods

    BIBI15 in SEO

    Hello folks I have flash game site, for almost 1 year. At this time i have managed to rank my site on couple of keywords, but the problem is good ... [read more]

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    Cheat SEO?

    paivadaniel in SEO

    Hello guys, access this site: hxxp:// and look in the code for the url: hxxp:// this url is in the header, and with "display: none", the linked site have the ... [read more]

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    Is this classed as duplicate content? What should I do?

    efil4renots in SEO

    Hey Guys, I have a website that has quite a few videos on separate pages and posts. Normally I like to have the video transcript available in a "Toggle Box" ... [read more]