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    in My google webmaster tools my links are not shown..?

    deepakphalswal in SEO

    Hello Friends My Backlinks in google webmaster tools are not shown & they are shown in what is the reasons behind this please help me. My websites is for ... [read more]

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    anyone still using Article Builder?

    PBMax in SEO

    Pretty much what the title says. Anyone using it to auto-generate marginal content anymore?

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    Too Much Content For New Site?

    Magaver90 in SEO

    Hi If you have a new website with 400 pages of unique content will Google penalize your website for adding too much content too fast if these pages all get ... [read more]

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    Onpage / Offpage

    thet in SEO

    Is onpage SEO optimizing things like title tags, metatags, urls, copy..? Is offpage getting backlinks from other sites?

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    Affilate link

    DiamondArticles in SEO

    Hi! Does anyone know how to make my affilate (amazon) link buy button to no follow. Most important thing is affilate link is linked from image (buy button). Maybe Im ... [read more]

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    Benefit of giving DoFollow backlink

    sakib777 in SEO

    Will my site get any benefit if I give DoFollow backlinks to highly reputed site (i.e. Wikipedia, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed etc) from a relevant article of my blog? Thanks in ... [read more]

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    Vitaly Rules Google ☆*:.。.゚゚・*ヽ(^ᴗ^)丿*・゚゚.。.:*☆ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(•ิ_•ิ)(ಠ益ಠ)(ಥ‿ಥ)(ʘ‿ʘ)ლ(

    kk075 in SEO

    When looking in analytics today, I noticed that I had 8 visits from this key-phrase- vitaly rules google ☆*:.。.゚゚・*ヽ(^ᴗ^)丿*・゚゚.。.:*☆ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(•ิ_•ิ)(ಠ益ಠ)(ಥ‿ಥ)(ʘ‿ʘ)ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ヽ(゚д゚)ノʕ•̫͡•ʔᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ(=^. .^=)oo Being a white hat kind ... [read more]

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    How should I find keyword ideas?

    Tony Palus in SEO

    I am not talking about checking competitors. I am talking about how to find keywords(keyword ideas) before that checking. I am asking this because in Google Adwords doesn't show many ... [read more]

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    How can i increase my visitors ???

    shafiqrifat in SEO

    I need help ,i have launched new website and want to increase traffic to this new site only so how can it possible? please help me .

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    WordPress SEO Comments Plugin... Does it damage SEO if comments aren't of good quality?

    RajaMBZ in SEO

    Recently created my blog on WordPress script and I have been receiving a number of comments purely related to the topic for days, but with many grammatical mistakes. My question ... [read more]

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    How to set Goal?

    jackamin78 in SEO

    hi guys, i have question about Google Analytic goal setting.. if i want to set my goal for our website when user fill up contact us page after user click ... [read more]

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    Should I add a new unique page for the same product for each retailer I recommend?

    robdirect in SEO

    Hi Guys, First off thanks in advance for any help you can give on this. I have a review site. At the moments its doing well, I am attempting to ... [read more]

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    dofollow and nofollow in the same link

    IMhelper in SEO

    If any link contains rel="dofollow" and rel="nofollow" in the same link then which rel would re count by Google or any other search engine?

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    Article submission is good in 2015

    victor2015 in SEO

    Is article submission good and valuable?.Because I have heard that article submission will negatively affect site.

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    How dow UX help SEO?

    thet in SEO

    I heard somebody say that UX helps SEO. I understand how UX helps conversion, but how does it help SEO directly? It does not make sense to me.

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    301 vs 302 redirect

    iman24 in SEO

    i am very confused for which is the best for me i had penalty site since 2 years because of over optimized anchor txt and i did everything to bring ... [read more]

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    Pros Help (Newbie Here Seeking Help)

    kirakenny in SEO

    Hi there. I am newbie to SEO. May I know anyone is kind enough to share me all the tools that I should be using for analysing my site performance, ... [read more]

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    Boost your blog Traffic by Correct keyword Research

    mminhajuddin in SEO

    Finding good keywords is basically a two step process. First you find keywords with many searches using (Google Keyword Tool). You then have to check the competing sites (Google search) ... [read more]

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    Using hurts SEO?

    ichthyander in SEO

    In order to monetize more I am thinking about using ad's on my site. Which will onlky be activated when user want to go external sites. Will that be ... [read more]

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    Will this be treated as duplicate content?

    steveorg in SEO

    My site has two major sections. Each has an intro page. The home page also contains the intro text for both sections. Is that a duplicate content issue? The link ... [read more]

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    Loading speed of website...

    victor2015 in SEO

    How can reduce loading speed of websites?is loading speed badly affect SERP of website?

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    Heading tag structure in a photo gallery

    inko in SEO

    Hallo, I wondered I could not find any information on Google about what h-tag structure to apply in a photo gallery. Thus I registered here to ask. My gallery pages ... [read more]

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    Expert Help Required - What do I do next?

    UKCopyKing in SEO

    Hey Folks, Looking for some good advice from some of you old hats I'm about to be selling a type of garment that helps with body-shaping and postoperative recovery. I've ... [read more]

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    Just built a new website. Now is it time to grovel at the feet of authority sites in my niche?

    Ejsuhh in SEO

    Hi everyone, Like the title mentions, I recently have finished up my first niche site focused around a keyword that was fairly low in competition. I understand that a big ... [read more]

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    how many keyword to target in a niche website?

    ashareef7 in SEO

    Hey guys, I just want your opinions.... How many keyword should you target in a niche website? Think low competition keywords and a niche website. Your goal is to rank ... [read more]

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    free hosting on Google

    fvsegarra in SEO

    Hello friends, was ranked on Google when searching for 'free hosting' until a few months ago. Do you know why we stopped being indexed for this search term? Any ... [read more]

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    Do I need hreflang tags?

    steveorg in SEO

    My site is structured somewhat like this: I've been working on creating sitemaps with the hreflang tag. However, a provider of automated site map software told me ... [read more]

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    Domain Authority

    Yavan in SEO

    Hello Friends, I want to increase Domain Authority and referring domains. Kindly suggest me the SEO friendly ways to increase referring domains and domain authority.

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    Access articles from dead domains.

    55sadhikar in SEO

    How can i get articles from my dead domain while the domain is still being hosted. E.g. Natural Remedies For Anxiety | Top Natural Remedies For Anxiety while the domain ... [read more]

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    How to build backlinks to new post in my blog

    MetallicaFan in SEO

    Hi, How to build backlinks to new post in my blog, except of social media bookmarking ? Thanks

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    Affiliate Links Hurt Your SEO?

    Webn1110 in SEO

    Matt cutts said that affiliate links in the WordPress post content give a negative impact for SEO. Therefore, adding nofollow attribute to affiliate links is the best way to prevent ... [read more]

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    Long vs Short Tail Keywords???

    me4444 in SEO

    My question is: what keyword is better to optimize #1 or #2 and why? #1 Keyword "supadance shoes" has 210 searches/month #2 Keyword "supadance ballroom dance shoes" has 90 searches/month ... [read more]

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    Latest Update Google?

    rafiq27ar in SEO

    I want to promote my website according to google latest update.Please help me with some information.

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    Hope for a healthy discussion - Mobilegeddon update by google!

    michalbrns in SEO

    Dose any one find any stiff changes in rankings or traffic for their websites lately? How much do you think it affected your website, in terms of responsiveness?

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    My site and keywords

    marks2424 in SEO

    I have put up a few sites over the years but my favorite site is my travel site. By the time I put this site up I thought I kind ... [read more]

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    Drive Massive traffic on Site

    rohitdhawan20 in SEO

    Hi Guys, After a long time i am writing another thread. I am still making a plan to start graphic designing website because i recently got banned from fiverr. I ... [read more]

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    Well timed page name changes?

    Web Work Horse in SEO

    I have an 80 page site, half the pages are 1-5 years old, the others are maybe 2 months. Google has 72 indexed, and they are all landing and converting ... [read more]

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    5 weeks up. all unique content, almost zero organic traffic!!!!

    auditt05 in SEO

    I have a website, Caribbean Food | Caribbean Recipes | Caribbean Cuisine Caribbean Food | Caribbean Recipes | Caribbean Cuisine The website is up since 5 weeks ago, all a ... [read more]

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    Check out my hosting domain name suggestion

    pin9211 in SEO

    hosteria hostism hoster hostist waphost inhost hostspace luckyhost a2zhost superhost ehost naturalhost prohost hostist webhost ihost dbhost infinitehost impachost hostprovider whost bighost worldhost allhost Hostpack datapack hostmost host4ever infinitehost infohost ... [read more]

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    When is the time you can call yourself a SEO expert

    watdahek23 in SEO

    From SEO Expert right here , what are the qualification to be SEO Expert ?

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    Question about links

    thet in SEO

    How far can optimizing your onpage SEO take a website (B2B) for generating traffic trough organic search? I am asking this question because I keep see coming back the importance ... [read more]

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    I have a one page website can I do SEO of it?

    ronak1111 in SEO

    I have one page website including tabs like Home,subscribe,about,service,, when you click on about the url is like bcoz it is one page website so,I want to know what ... [read more]

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    How to get traffic on Blog or article ?

    prashantparate88 in SEO

    Hi, I am new in SEO, Can anyone please guide me how to get rank my article or blog's on google and how to get more traffic on articles...

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    ProMediaCorp - Keyword Suggester

    onlineseomarketing in SEO

    Hi Warriors! I used to use a free keyword research tool called ProMediaCorp but it seems to have stopped working. It was called "ProMediaCorp Suggester". This tool was really good ... [read more]

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    Native Ads Help SEO, yes! or noooo??

    yuvalh in SEO

    Hi guys, What do you think? Do native ads at the bottom of the each article/post helps SEO in any way or not? Share your opinion!

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    New Domains vs .Com

    wallstcheater in SEO

    There is a dot com domain that is parked that I want to buy. Let's all it Some domain squatter guy wants hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. ... [read more]

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    h1 - Is Google able to identify this source code as h1?

    ClaudeMonet in SEO

    Is Google able to identity this headline as h1? Can the additional added information (class="we_accept_tag_line" style="margin-bottom:0px") cause irritations? This is the whole part of the source code: <h1 class="we_accept_tag_line" style="margin-bottom:0px">I'm ... [read more]

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    Getting Backlinks from Warrior forum

    Face Cap in SEO

    Hello I Noticed that i started getting backlings to my site from Warrior. I want to ask, is this good for my site considering the fact that my site has ... [read more]

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    Pingdom vs Google

    sweetysilver in SEO

    So, I have found something to be really confusing to me as I seek to get my site rating up. Why is it that my site performs well on the ... [read more]

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    How does he give me 150 Visitors/day with Full Seo TRAFFIC Over 60 Day?

    msamara in SEO

    I saw this when I was searching using google ... someone offer to give traffic as following " 10000 Real Google Search Engine Visitors To Website Full Seo TRAFFIC Over ... [read more]

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    I'm Terrible at Linkbuilding! Please Help!

    Zenith Blue in SEO

    Hi guys, So I have set up an Amazon Affiliate niche site. It's my first site. I did extensive keyword research and chose my niche accordingly. I believe that if ... [read more]

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    How can i gain organic traffic easily?

    mivid in SEO

    Hello guys Can anyone please help me in finding out a method to gain organic traffic?? I have been assigned a target with short time span

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    Different brand name accross social media platforms

    cudarz in SEO

    Hi all, I have a question I couldn't find an answer for, I would appreciate if you could have a look and advise on the below. I have a brand ... [read more]

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    Cross-Linking for SEO?

    amalricjosef in SEO

    Heloo warriors .. I have a question .. What is cross linking? How to benefice from it? I have google it but I don't really find useful resources! Thanks

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    How to make my important post as the always last post?!

    wizard12 in SEO

    Hello mates, I have a 5 page review website (wordpress-based) which I am going the post which reviews the product I am promoting be the "last post" of the website ... [read more]

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    Question about hiring SEO Expert

    Face Cap in SEO

    Planing to get a SEO Export for my site He charges $7 per Hour.My question is,how many hours a day should i go for to get rank? Does it necessary ... [read more]