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    Looking to guest post on high PR blogs today

    dadamson in SEO

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the right section, but I am basically looking to guest post on some high PR (PR4+) blogs or article websites. I need about ... [read more]

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    aspect of negative seo

    parmeshwar in SEO

    What are aspect of negative seo? How we avoid it?

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    Giving credit from bought photos...

    chagler in SEO

    So some of the stock photo sites like istockphoto have some images that say you should give credit to the creator via text. Does that hurt my seo? Say I ... [read more]

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    Could anyone please give some valuable advice for a site(not NICHE)?

    anfeng in SEO

    Hi, I'm looking for good SEO provider, however, my site is not a NICHE, but a enterprise site, some of my keywords have over 20 millions searches in Google, my ... [read more]

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    This website has got thousands of new backlinks will they get penalized?

    Excitemental in SEO

    A competitor of ours who we monitor has recently in the last few weeks got hundreds of new referring domains and thousands of refering pages. What is going on? Will ... [read more]

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    Best strategy for increase the keyword ranking in SERP?

    Rajnisht in SEO

    I want to know. how can i increase the keyword ranking of my project in search engine. Give me the best tips to increase the ranking. i am already doing ... [read more]

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    Is this Google Algorithm (Penguin or Panda) effect ?

    pravinlpatel in SEO

    I am seeing lots of traffic drop/rise in past days and it seems to be Google Panda effect… What you suggest to recover from it You’re help highly appreciated

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    Will doing ths with WordPress hurt SEO?

    elevatingyourbusiness in SEO

    After 16 years, I'm changing my website from self-coded then validated coded, to WordPress. I thought I'd do it by making sure that I had all the sites files (saving ... [read more]

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    Youtube SEO

    olivia69 in SEO

    We the members of here learned many things about SEO for website's. But lets know something about the youtube platform. Youtube is a great place, Here lots of people visitors ... [read more]

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    How could infographics help seo?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    Is it by having the infographics you are proposing for websites to post on have it linked from your site, or rather that if a high authority site is interested ... [read more]

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    *Help* Please

    GregBrass in SEO

    Hi Everyone, To most of you this will be an elementary question. However, I am getting different answers from folks on another forum. So, where else to ask the question ... [read more]

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    Keyword placement

    MikeMizOne in SEO

    Hey guys, I've got a question regarding keyword placement. I bought a domain and started an affiliate website back in November, I didn't do much on it until two weeks ... [read more]

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    Mobilizing Website Impact on SEO

    ashburg in SEO

    Hey guys, Been a long time! Over a decade ago I put together a website that has worked well through the years. I get great rank. It is in Microsoft ... [read more]

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    The best source to show me the % of uniqueness of my manually changed article in search engines?

    wizard12 in SEO

    Hi mates, I am going to establish a website to promote a ClickBank product, I am going to use the articles in the affiliate page of my CB vendor and ... [read more]

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    underscore as word separator

    Steviebone in SEO

    How does Google treat the following words as keywords in url path? According to the article cited directly below, dashes are the way to go. But this one: ... [read more]

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    Thoughts on article submission

    dynamyt100 in SEO

    Ive been responsible for promoting many sites up the ranks over they years and lately, although still using the traditional methods, am seeing more and more about abandoning article submission. ... [read more]

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    Will this affect SEO in a negative way?

    karlstech in SEO

    Hey Warriors, You'll have to excuse incompetence on SEO (that's why I turn to you) but I have a few questions about a website idea I have in mind. It's ... [read more]

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    Handy tool to check Meta and Rich Snippets data

    scottmacair in SEO

    Get live meta description, title and rich snippet data from Google SERP and automatically compare to your on-site tags! Make a copy of the spreadsheet to use.

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    iAdding several sites on the same Google Analytics, is that OK?

    bodmov in SEO

    I'm not talking about thousand of sites. I just wanted to ask will be any problems for that? All of the sites are for SEO. I plan 3-4 sites, in ... [read more]

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    meta descriptions

    parmeshwar in SEO

    What are meta descriptions and do they still matter?

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    [TuT] Want Your Deleted Web Pages Removed from Google Search!

    younesok in SEO

    Hey there WARRIORS, Here's a method you can use to remove old/deleted/obsolete/removed, well you get the idea, pages from Google search. Keep in mind you may only be able to ... [read more]

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    Looking for guest posters

    bodmov in SEO

    Hello guys. I'm looking for guest blog partners. if you have blogs related to make money online, business, pm me. I have a serious list of blogs, but it is ... [read more]

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    How much time first page keywords would take to reach first postion.

    baljeet in SEO

    Hello Guys, I want your expert advice for my Seo project, Actually i have my all the keywords on the first page of google. i just want to take them ... [read more]

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    Dofollow article directories?

    brettuk in SEO

    Hi, I am looking to get into writing articles for blogs and directories, I can't seem to find any 'dofollow' sites? I see people writing huge articles and I check ... [read more]

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    keyword tool

    JohnnyHartie in SEO

    whats the best keyword tool on the market at moment ? cheers

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    Mobile friendly pages -Now a ranking factor?

    Dellco in SEO

    It looks like Google is going to use this criteria, if they haven't already. If you have many sites, it is going to be a real PITA to convert them ... [read more]

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    Google SERP - Search Results Blunderrr

    devdigital in SEO

    Hi all, Hope you all doing good. From last few week I am stuck with a very unusual error in Google SERP while searching for my main keyword. Let's assume ... [read more]

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    Does Anyone Know of a Ranking Report Software that is Accurate?

    Marketing Ignite in SEO

    Hi guys We are using advanced webranking but the software does not report the rankings accurately all the time. Does anyone know of a software that reports the rankings 100% ... [read more]

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    GWT showing completely inaccurate backlinks

    MLMBarracks in SEO

    The other day I posted a couple of comments over at the WPTavern. I later noticed inside my Google Webmaster Tools, that it's saying I have 562 links coming from ... [read more]

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    ladybusiness9032 in SEO

    Every URL link I submit on Bing Ads give me a Content Violation. What am I doing wrong??

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    How to improve a blogger educatial blog in search engines?

    nilu in SEO

    I have recently created an educational blog. I post daily 10 articles. It is a blogger blog. It is based on School and University in India. So I want to ... [read more]

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    Is Meta Keywords Tag still using in onpage optimization

    sony123 in SEO

    Currently any value for meta keyword tag?

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    Sub domain for ads

    nehinc in SEO

    Hi , this may be a dumb question, I want to use SEO and buy high traffic ads as well. Should I use a subdomain for ads ? Will using ... [read more]

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    Should I use sub-domain for our blog?

    seoace in SEO

    We're thinking of starting a Wordpress blog. Our main site is built on HTML instead of Wordpress. Based on our experience, some people say that by putting your blog on ... [read more]

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    Optimizing Old Pages

    elzorro2003 in SEO

    I just started really learning and digging into keyword research and realized all my old pages have terrible keywords. If I have pages that are even 2 years old, can ... [read more]

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    Can you reverse-engineer a Youtube video?

    Raydal in SEO

    Is there any way of analyzing a YouTube video to see why it is ranking the way it is the same way you can check for back-links on a website ... [read more]

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    About Google Adsense PIN

    solvemyhow in SEO

    Hello Friends, I had applied for Google Adsense PIN thrice. But it haven't reached to me yet. Now, the last option is Digital Proof Verification. But is it safe and ... [read more]

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    Local Back Linking Tips

    LV1203 in SEO

    For local businesses looking to rank in the search engine results, remember, the more your site ranks organically, the more your site will rank locally. Some ways to get free, ... [read more]

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    All in One SEO vs WordPress SEO by Yoast

    daschenbrener in SEO

    looking for some opinions on peoples experience with these wordpress plugins and which seems to be a better product? Thanks David

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    Long tail keyword URLs

    ClaudeMonet in SEO

    How long can a long tail keyword URL be? For example: Where can I buy a real monkey? URL long: URL short: What would you do?

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    Branding Tiered 1 link building

    TeKn1qu3z in SEO

    Hi WF, Quick question: I want to know from people who have experience doing tier-link building. Do you guys advise using the same brand name for your money site as ... [read more]

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    What are the facts kept in mind while doing On page optimization

    jackluter in SEO

    What are the facts kept in mind while doing On page optimization. Thanks

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    Keyword Research Tool

    Gdiddy in SEO

    Could you please recommend a good alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Market Samurai, for keyword research? Thanks.

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    Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting : Which is best for SEO?

    shanrocks1985 in SEO

    Hi, I always have this Question in my mind. Which one to chose ? Any idea or suggestion ? Also please let me know why ? What are the SEO ... [read more]

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    Best VPS hosting and SEO software

    Arclite in SEO

    Hi i want to make my own backlinks with a vps but this is all new for me so i dont know which software and which vps company, i was ... [read more]

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    [REMOVE!] Mod, remove this thread please, thanks.

    geost77 in SEO

    Moderator, please remove this thread. Thanks.

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    Keyword position in Google webmaster tool and Analytics

    Yavan in SEO

    Hello Guys, In Google webmaster tool and Analytics, my average positions in some keyword is in under 20. But when I check those keywords in other keyword rank checker like ... [read more]

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    Should I focus on the keywords I am ranking for ?

    darklord06 in SEO

    Hi ! I am quite new to SEO, I am in the middle of a keyword research process and I have seen in Google webmaster tool that I am currently ... [read more]

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    I have a Big Doubt...

    sandytul in SEO

    If Adsense is approved can we use Adwords or Bing ads to drive traffic. If Yes what are the rules to be followed? please explain Many people say Adsense and ... [read more]

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    Link Pyramid

    ImranKhan1990 in SEO

    Hi Guys, I want to know how to create link pyramid,I don't know the whole process. It'd be great if you guys give your precious suggestion. Thank you!

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    Google Rich snippets - Equations, Facts, getting #1 Spot

    Ashley Gable in SEO

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out how to get your site content used as "fact based" google searches. Probably better if I just show ... [read more]

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    Determining Above the Fold in different browsers, themes and designs?

    satrap in SEO

    Lately I have been thinking about the whole "Above the Fold" thing, and the fact that there is an algo for the amount of ads above the fold in relation ... [read more]

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    RSS Feed Submission

    Robyne001 in SEO

    Hi Friends, Please share Rss Feed Submission site list. I have not enough site list for Rss. I am search the site in Google but i have cached the limited ... [read more]

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    An Exact Monthly Search Question - Amazon Affiliate

    00siddharth00 in SEO

    Hi All, I have a fairly rudimentary question regarding Exact Monthly Search (EMS) while building a website for Amazon affiliate marketing. So this would be my first endeavor in building ... [read more]

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    Possible to rank well in google without off-page SEO

    redstanford in SEO

    I gave up trying to make money after a few of the panda updates gave me good reason to re-evaluate my life choices. I am getting the itch to get ... [read more]

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    Are infographics worth it?

    brettuk in SEO

    Hi, Is it really worth investing into an infographic design? The hardest part is promoting the infographic. Anyone had any successful results? They are pretty expensive..