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    Whitehat linkbuilding techniques in 2014

    zaykem in SEO

    Hello guyz, I'm a little bit confused about what's the best white hat techniques that actualy works. So, what technique that you know get proven results in niche sites thank ... [read more]

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    too many backlinks from a single domain

    Steviebone in SEO

    Please forgive the wordy post. Unfortunately my question needs sufficient background in order to be clear. I manage a site with a very large number of pages (100,000+). Clients, in ... [read more]

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    Domain name with 2 words

    NewGuy586 in SEO

    What is the big difference on domain names? Say.. vs. Which one is better for the 2 word search?

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    Changing home page topic

    MikeMiller in SEO

    Hi All, I have a problem with one of my websites: it has been operating for years now, all of its content is about a narrow topic and it has ... [read more]

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    Crowd Search

    mattpaul2000 in SEO

    What is Crowd Search in terms of SEO? Sorry, going to sound really dumb but I want to get to grips with it as I have only recently heard the ... [read more]

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    Please Help!

    JTexan in SEO

    I own an exact match two word domain ecommerce website within a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Here's the problem..when I type the two words into google as one long ... [read more]

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    How make the sitemap for large Ecommerce website?

    Siyaagarwal in SEO

    I dont have any idea about the large Ecommerce website sitemap how to make Sitemap.xml online.

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    Organic Traffic Dropped at Year End.

    Web Choice UK in SEO

    Help: Can anyone explain if there is a possibility that the organic traffic and keyword ranking can go down during festive season or year end?

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    When i ping, do i ping my home page or updated page

    SnackMemory in SEO

    When i ping after updating my site, or a individual page, do i ping my home page or updated page

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    Barney Stinson does SEO

    yukon in SEO

    Barney Stinson creates a fake name (Lorenzo Von Matterhorn) & ranks a bunch of webpages. Playbook: Lorenzo Von Matterhorn - YouTube

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    Best Computer 2014/2015

    accessted in SEO

    I know this is the SEO forum I am in the market for a new computer. I used to be into gaming so I was always looking for the baddest ... [read more]

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    High bounce rate

    casperacademy in SEO

    Hello, Happy Christmas to everyone My site is Casper Academy of Excellence, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, CRNE, OET, HAAD, MOH, Prometric, CGFNS, NCLEX-Rn, Personality Development, Essay Writing, Letter Writing, Handwriting, Kids ... [read more]

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    Which Blog Category is So popular now?

    saranyasb in SEO

    Hai..I'm interested to start a blog ..can anyone give me a suggestions of blog category?

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    Backlink check tool

    NewGuy586 in SEO

    Is there any tools available from which I can check the number of backlinks to any sites? Thanks...

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    Meta keywords

    Sidrome in SEO

    I have been reading SEO tips and there is some diference in opinion is there need for <meta keywords> to be included on site. I watched video from Google and ... [read more]

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    need help abt robot.txt

    jsam757 in SEO

    what it mean can anybody plz tell... User-agent: * allow: /wp-admin/ Sitemap:

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    Urgent Help Required on Keywords & Tags

    pravinlpatel in SEO

    Hi Team, Can anybody please help me on below questions which are related to tags & Keywords. - Can I use same contents in META TAGS & in META Keywords ... [read more]

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    What are sub-niche websites ?

    Yavan in SEO

    I just read a post in warrior forum, in which members are sharing there goal related to SEO. I read there about sub-niche websites. I just want to know about ... [read more]

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    Am I becoming a negative SEO victim?

    yuliak in SEO

    Hello, Recently I've noticed a surge in strange links that show directing traffic to my websites. This is cPanel's Awstats. What's incomprehensible is that all these websites have no actual ... [read more]

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    981 posts on my passive blog, should I delete some posts for SEO?

    sherry_d in SEO

    I have a blog of mine that I have had for about 8 years but haven't updates content since 2011. The website has a very health amount of backlinks and ... [read more]

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    Keyword Research

    pravinlpatel in SEO

    Hi, I have read many of blogs & articles to know more on Keyword Research but understand only half of it. Can anybody help me with how to start and ... [read more]

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    Editing my Wordpress header

    convictie in SEO

    Hey guys, I have a logo with text on my website called When I enter my website description in the settings it will display this text as well in ... [read more]

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    How to index backlinks Fast?

    zappy1 in SEO

    I am facing hard time to index back links in the google search engine. I have used lot of ping services and also tried add url in google search through ... [read more]

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    Microdata tag for SEO

    redlogics in SEO

    I want to use microdata tags for in websites content. Please suggest me. It's helpful or not.

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    Posting Articles Decreases Websites Rank

    jwendz126 in SEO

    Hi Everyone, I run a website with about 80 or so unique articles. Lately every time I post a new article my website drops several pages on Google for my ... [read more]

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    Large Ecommerce Website with Multiple Domains

    Brennan Mack in SEO

    I am an in-house SEO and PPC specialist at a large ecommerce web store. Two years ago, we acquired one of our competitors. They had almost exactly the same product ... [read more]

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    Will building a business directory cause seo problems for my web design company?

    Lukegw in SEO

    Hi guys, Web designer by trade, looking into other residual income opportunities, and of course ways to grow my website Rido Media. Of course I know that I need to ... [read more]

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    Not getting good traffic to my website

    fajrtechnologies in SEO

    I am using all in one seo plugin in my wordpress website Easy Indian Food Recipes here is my website, but i feel some problem because - easy indian food ... [read more]

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    Its Here - Seo For 2015!

    dougp in SEO

    What are you goals for seo in 2015 and what do you expect from Google's next algorithm update? I plan to solidify rankings for keywords in some bigger niches as ... [read more]

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    How to check Backlinks ?

    Yavan in SEO

    Hello guys, I need to know is there any online tool to check the number of backlinks in the site. Please suggest some best tools.

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    Does facebook help for seo?

    AndrewAdamSmith in SEO

    Will links from facebook be helpful to increase my blog's search engine rankings?

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    Query on keyword Not Found

    prasantavimpur in SEO

    Hi, After promotion of 3 month for a website the keywords are in Not Found position. Need someones assistance on this . Waiting for any valuable reply....

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    What's The Best Way To Use SEnuke?

    socialagency in SEO

    We're an SEO company thats been struggling with off page SEO techniques. I used SEnuke in the past, not sure if it's good anymore or still works with all the ... [read more]

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    PBN question time

    joeymills in SEO

    for those that are still practising building PBN's I have a few questions. 1) say you found 4 domain's to use that will be used in one particular niche and ... [read more]

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    Does this improve seo??

    richardharris36 in SEO

    I currently have a blog that I has a .com domain name, there are domains available in .net .etc etc. Should I also register these domains and if I ... [read more]

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    Social Signal Service? Fiver Gig?, or Software?

    nf2458 in SEO

    I need to get some social signals to this link in order to rank above my competition. I have 0 social signals and its ranking on page 2. The competition ... [read more]

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    SMTP information that comes with my hosting

    accactg in SEO

    How can I find out SMTP information that comes with my hosting?

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    Any keyword research tools that can do this?

    luke4 in SEO

    Hi everyone. We will be conducting outbound marketing later in the year to sell our SEO packages. However, there's obviously no point in offering these services (that range between $2,295 ... [read more]

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    Where can I learn the basics?

    K4rl in SEO

    I'm a web developer and I'm starting a web hosting company. But I'm finding it difficult to get my name out there and get any sort of traffic. Where are ... [read more]

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    Backlinks 4 PR4 website

    mojjo in SEO

    I bought a PR4 website that had tons of backlinks and just let it sit. Now it has 0 backlinks 0 Domain Authority, etc it only has 2 pages and ... [read more]

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    Affiliate posts

    ep2002 in SEO

    Hi, So I remember reading somewhere a while ago that Google is going to crush anyone who's an affiliate. I assume the way they are going to do this is ... [read more]

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    Silo question

    watman in SEO

    I have a question about silo websites. Please be gentle with me I'm a newbie. If I wanted to target a large niche, would the following silo setup give me ... [read more]

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    If Google Were To Do SEO

    amenwolf in SEO

    If Google were to do SEO to rank google. com on their search engines.... Where will they end up? Considering their bounce rate should be on the high side?

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    what things should i focuse in SEO

    kashifriazghgh in SEO

    On what things should i focus more in soe. In my mind there are 4 things 1: Keyword analytics 2: Facebook 3: Links building 4: On-Page Optimization (title,meta tags,headers,keyword stuff ... [read more]

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    backlinking and link building


    The title says it all. What's the difference between the 2 and similarities if any? How does an I.M. utilize and benefit from it?

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    Backlinks do's and don'ts

    NewGuy586 in SEO

    Anybody can advise on how to build backlinks? What would be some do's and don'ts when building backlinks? What are good examples of Tier 1, 2, 3 links?

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    How to check the Quality of backlinks ?

    Yavan in SEO

    There are many tools where we can check the backlinks of the site, but how can I check the qualities of them ?

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    Pointing multiple domain names to main .com domain

    skitblack in SEO

    Back when I registered my domain name, I purchased the .net and .org version as well. At that time, I just forwarded them to the main .com site instead of ... [read more]

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    Does Domain name matters?

    NewGuy586 in SEO

    I am trying to rank higher on search engines... Does the Domain name matters when you are trying to rank higher on search engines for an specific keyword? Example... Keyword: ... [read more]

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    What rank trackers do you use?

    willyboy104 in SEO

    Very curious in knowing what keyword rank trackers everyone is using these days. Please if you could let me know which it is & why you use them. Thanks

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    How to submit a News site on Yahoo News

    Mike Hussy in SEO

    Hello, I have a soccer news website. I want to submit my site to the Yahoo News section too. I have applied for Google News but It has not approved ... [read more]

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    Is having signature links on different forums at all valuable?

    TekNite in SEO

    I have signed up to 100 forums. 91 of them are NOT nofollow. so basically only 9 of them are nofollow. Will I get any ranking for this or do ... [read more]

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    Product Launch Jacking

    sakralarab in SEO

    Hello Any one can recommend alternatives for Products Launches Boards instead of Joint Venture (JV) Product Launch Calendar MunchEye – I.M. Product Launch Calendar Thanks

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    Internal Duplicate Copy?

    mattpaul2000 in SEO

    This is going to sound like a really silly question but how badly will a website be hurt for..."Internal Duplicate Copy" on the site. So, the copy is duplicated internally ... [read more]

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    Drop in SERPs as I widen the topics

    Eoon in SEO

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share what happened with one of my websites. It was going strong and steady for a two of my main keywords as I decided to ... [read more]

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    How we Optimize Old Sites without Destroying SEO

    deepakphalswal in SEO

    Hello Friends My Websites is 6 Months Old e.g SEO Freelancer in India and i want to update it so please tell me how can i update it without destroying ... [read more]