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    Get unlimited traffic to your Wordpress Blog

    Shazzzy in SEO

    I am launching a blog (Based on Wordpres) soon. i have about 30-40 articles and with clean and decent layout. Now I don't know how to get traffic to it. ... [read more]

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    Need a good domain name for a header!!

    Michael75065 in SEO

    Need a good domain name for a header! Any advice best way to do this?? New to this or need help. making a affiliate blog for products and content to ... [read more]

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    Why Would Anyone Pay Top Prices For An SEO'd Site?

    nik0 in SEO

    Some sites go for 20* monthly and only rank cause links are build, often from private blog networks. Why are people prepared to pay 20* monthly for such site when ... [read more]

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    how long before you can reuse deleted content on another website?

    desouza13 in SEO

    hey guys, If I have some blog posts on a website of mine , and i Delete them and want to use them on a new website with a separate ... [read more]

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    What is a dragonite silo?

    therealdeal2 in SEO

    I have heard this reference a few times but I have not found anything on it online. Does anyone know if this is a style of silo-ing, or a plugin ... [read more]

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    SEO Firms: What Is the Highest rate per 500 words you will pay for content? (QUESTION)

    Ghoster in SEO

    Hey guys and gals, I want your honest opinion here. I try to be accommodating and flexible when I give content creation quotes. Naturally, everyone wants to save as much ... [read more]

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    Any warriors do SEO on adult niches?

    Erick Griffin in SEO

    Hello all, I am looking for a warrior with testimonials that will do SEO on a site in male enhancement niche. Can anyone suggest someone? Thanks in advance. -Erick

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    Silo link building

    Andrewsfm in SEO

    Hello, When you create a silo style site, do you build links to the categories instead of the individual page? So Home Dog cages, Dog toys etc etc You would ... [read more]

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    Social/ Web 2.0 Platforms + RSS Syndication

    Paul Tovey in SEO

    This is either a really bad idea or a pretty good idea. I was going to create a profile on the big names, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress etc and then ... [read more]

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    How to create natural social signals ?

    wajdisawaqed in SEO

    Hello guys, I'm working on new affiliate website, I've been reading a lot lately about social signals and how they became very important in search engines ranking, I have ranked ... [read more]

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    Links to authority sites- matters if they are nofollow or not?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    If we have a blog on our site and link out to sources to verify information we post does it matter if they are nofollow or should it not matter ... [read more]

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    Blog comments

    accessted in SEO

    Ok so most of you guys think Blog comments are no good. My question is what about high PR 2-5 (actual page PR) Dofollow comments for tier 1? Can these ... [read more]

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    New Changes in SEO

    houque in SEO

    Hello, We all know that the SEO world is being changed day by day. Can anyone point out the new changes here?

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    Does Google have filters for neg seo?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    Do you think Google has filters for negative seo? For example over night a site gets tons of directory backlinks do you think they have filters to evaluate neg seo ... [read more]

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    Is this 301 redirect will work?

    sniperdomi in SEO

    One of my client ask me question that I don't really know what to answer. He has a website which is 1year old, and that has a good ranking for ... [read more]

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    SEO Help Needed

    parvez217 in SEO

    I want to do web2.0 profile for my site - Ryan Eagle I need 1000+ web2.0 links. How can i get ? I need help from experts .

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    Does SEO Work For Landing Pages?

    Tommyg123 in SEO

    Hi, I have never really understood how SEO works for websites that sell an on-line product unless the on-line product is just a small part of an overall site.. a ... [read more]

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    Newbie SEO Long Term Goal

    Velrajan Thangavelu in SEO

    Dear All, I am new to SEO ( though i am in internet marketing for long time). Long Term Goal: Build a wordpress website which will earn 20$/per day from ... [read more]

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    Exact keyword phrase vs Partial keyword?

    zav765 in SEO

    I'm targeting a 4 word exact keyword phrase in the health niche. I used Long Tail pro for competitive analysis and see Webmd & mayoclinic in the top 10 BUT ... [read more]

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    Duplicate content ..

    Waywardaussie in SEO

    Hey guys say I made a page on my website called "best dogs" and it has content about best dogs. After a week or two I decide to use that ... [read more]

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    How long to rank new domain with many pages on Google?

    iisark in SEO

    Hi Warriors, We spent the last 3 years building a business directory site. It is a way different then most out of the box scritps. The site offers a real ... [read more]

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    SEMRush vs. SpyFu for organic keyword list generation?

    Kadence in SEO

    I was wondering what people's experiences are on using SEMRush vs. SpyFu to generate keyword lists (for organic SEO purposes, not PPC). Do they get their data from similar places? ... [read more]

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    Self made SEO's questions?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    Is SEO a rewarding career for you when looking at stress vs reward - for example - could you deliver on a clients results? Do you get clients from organic ... [read more]

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    Give me some German SEO tips

    postschiffeonline in SEO

    I want know about some effective German SEO techniques.please reply me with relevant answers. thanks

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    Starting a review site and dealing with inevitable thin content

    Kasparov67 in SEO

    Hi all, I've worked for several prominent review websites you've likely heard of. However, they all had a bit of momentum by the time I helped out, and, in particular, ... [read more]

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    Best auto submitter?

    bostjan33 in SEO

    Hey all, I've been searching and trying a couple of services and scripts to do some social bookmarking and article submitting on an auto-pilot, but no luck. Yes, I know ... [read more]

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    New site install

    accessted in SEO

    I have a site I would like to take over from a buddy. Long story short he went out of business and gave me the domain. I have his Godaddy ... [read more]

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    PBN sites desindexed because of hosting

    paivadaniel in SEO

    Hello guys, I verified yesterday that some of my PBN sites was deindexed, I think this happened because the hostings, I always have sites hosted in differents companies, all hostings ... [read more]

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    Is Anchor Tag Useful..??

    flukmani in SEO

    Does linking through Anchor Tag helps the particular keyword in get on top of search results..?? Help me sort it out as i am a bit confused in this stuff

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    Keywords Are Not Indexing In Google

    mikeac in SEO

    Good morning everyone, Ive been running into a small problem in regards to getting my keywords to show up in Google. When i first started SEO last year, my webpages ... [read more]

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    Question about keywords

    DiamondArticles in SEO

    Hi Warriors, its me again I have question for you. Im starting new blog (amazon affilate reviews). So question is : How many keywords is recomanded to "ättack" I think ... [read more]

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    New domain to rank VS aged domain

    JackeyRoe in SEO

    Hello my friends, I'm confused, it seems google love aged domain today, then if I register a new domain and build a new site, is it possible to rank and ... [read more]

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    URL shorteners....why???

    PBMax in SEO

    What's the benefit to shortening a URL? I can't seem to think of one unless you have a super long blog post URL, but then why would you do that ... [read more]

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    Who is the Authority on Local SEO - Who do you or follow?

    ej2012 in SEO

    I can pick up bits and pieces everywhere on Local SEO, some frome Alex Becker, some from Terry Kyle and many others, including the warrior forum. Can anyone point me ... [read more]

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    Are the SERP's so incredibly jumpy or is it me?

    nik0 in SEO

    I took a network down, and then another one, I made huge adjustments to another network, I removed links from that adjusted network as well and I placed new links ... [read more]

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    Looking for a legit SEO service

    Ricebeans87 in SEO

    Hi Warriors, Since SEO is getting more and more complicated and frustrating I´d like to outsource it. I´ve been wondering if there exists a legit and "clean" SEO service based ... [read more]

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    Local SEO all about citations?

    brettuk in SEO

    Hi, When I am typing a service and a location into Google, for example... 'Dentist in Manchester'. What SEO is taken into account, for organic seo? Thank you.

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    How to rank my Google local listing by using keywors?

    nancytolson in SEO

    Hi, guys i really need your help regarding my GLL. Please tell me some effective way to rank higher on Google by using keywords.

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    Can't see Google map while in SERP

    pryidevsblog in SEO

    Hello everyone, From last few days I'm stuck in a problem that is related to Google Map. I add my business in Google local listing also create the Page on ... [read more]

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    Ranking a One Page Site - Be Realistic

    nik0 in SEO

    Yes I know there are examples of 1 page sites ranking real high, even for competitive keywords like SEO service, yes I had such client though he used massive churn ... [read more]

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    Most Results for One Google SERP?

    SEO-Dave in SEO

    Just checking some SERPs and found a long tail SERP with no traffic where I have the top 8 results :-) 1-7 are my theme site and number 8 is ... [read more]

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    Why bounce rate of a site so important in seo ?

    Yogopa in SEO

    Hello all I am here to why bounce rate of a site so important in seo ? Can anyone tell me?

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    SEO advice for promoting a mobile app

    writeaway in SEO

    Are there any SEO-specific tips and white hat 'tricks' you guys can share regarding promoting a mobile app?

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    Which Backlinks are effective?

    Velrajan Thangavelu in SEO

    Five links from one website or each of one link from five websites?

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    best backlinks strategy ?

    eslamrefaat in SEO

    what is the best backlinks strategy now ? i want your advice for me thanks

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    CF is the new DA...

    daddykool in SEO

    As a lot of buzz in seo/sem/domains/pbn seems to indicate that majestic cf/tf is the new da as a guide as to what is the right way to get ranked ... [read more]

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    SEO PowerSuite Enterprise. Is it worth £549

    Koolsteve in SEO

    Hi all, Been taking a good look at SEO PowerSuite Enterprise which is just what I am looking for but comes with a big price £549. Would consider Professional version ... [read more]

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    what someone at g00gle forums wrote on a neg seo attack

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    "Please, stop and think. Google isn't indexing those sites. That should be the biggest farking clue in the world. Follow this forum, site after site are classified as Pure Spam ... [read more]

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    How do you size up the keyword competition?

    jakal2001 in SEO

    I have tried using some tools including the MozBar's "Get Keyword Difficulty" button which isnt accurate at all saying all my keywords have a high level of competition. I am ... [read more]

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    Does comment makes more traffic ?

    kyrptl in SEO

    I am very confuse about comment in SEO. Does comment makes more traffic ? or Backlink makes more traffic? Please discuss on the same to high SEO for the blog/website. ... [read more]

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    Google Plenty in my site

    rabbysk3 in SEO

    Hallo gys, I have a android app download related site. I always unique content in my site . I write 4-6 post daily, So my visitor increase day by day. ... [read more]

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    How to get your website to 1st page if it is ranked on 2nd or 3rd page in google SERP?

    rahulpandit in SEO

    I want to rank my website on 1st page, right now it is on the 2nd page in google SERP. I did competitor analysis and found that they have done ... [read more]

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    Google SERP shaked Again .

    donalbebek in SEO

    hi all site that affected penquin since oct 18/04 ,now is back today ..stayed tight as before .How bout your site ?

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    SEO Progress, Need Opinions

    tyler84 in SEO

    Hi, I've browsed this site for a long time and need some unbiased opinions. Below is the organic traffic that my site received since starting SEO (6 months). Is this ... [read more]

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    Adwords Suspended: ClickBank

    IceCreamTruck in SEO

    Hi all, I'm going back and forth with Google because my adwords account was suspended. I wanted to share the information so I can get some feedback. I rather not ... [read more]