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    Website traffic from Fiverr

    mattlew62 in SEO

    I know this is a newbie question (as I am new to this). I was browsing Fiverr earlier and I see all of these offers about sending 30,000 unique vistorts ... [read more]

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    Propably Spam Backlinks

    skylikemake in SEO

    Hey, i noticed that i have almos 300 backlink from, this website has no authority, no DA and PA. Should i disavow backlinks from this website? i think these ... [read more]

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    Why Web Master Do This!

    millieanderson in SEO

    Hi friends, Anyone of you tell me why web master do this.? Infect my site on WordPress reviews and almost 2 month is completed but Google webmaster tool not proper ... [read more]

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    Google Deindexing Issue

    Dailylifehacks in SEO

    Is google really deindexing some of the pages from its database or It's a kind of Glitch? I recently noticed one of my important page deindexed from google, bing and ... [read more]

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    Increase web site ranking

    Nikhil Bansal in SEO

    i want increase my website ranking if you have any suggestion please write it.

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    Best search techniques

    Ahsan21 in SEO

    Hi friends, Now a days i am in trouble to find classified sites for Pakistan, So if anyone now the best techniques for searching classifieds so kindly Help me, because ... [read more]

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    Outsourced Link building - suicide?

    KulaShaker1 in SEO

    Going to be a little bit controversial here, if that's the right expression for it.. I have a small business and have been looking into link building for the best ... [read more]

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    are fiverr seo gigs damaging?

    dangermouse2552 in SEO

    I quite fancy trying one of these fiverr gigs as they are so cheap but have read many times on other forums that they can actually be harmful to your ... [read more]

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    Any one Know free website Bad Backlinks and brocken links finder ?

    Rakesh Jilljill in SEO

    Any one Know free website Bad Backlinks and brocken links finder ?

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    Creating High quality Backlinks

    Dailylifehacks in SEO

    Can i create high quality backlinks with directories? Is there any other option to Create backlinks

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    Last-Modified header: the final decision

    Michele Ing in SEO

    Hi, how you doin? My hoster put a wrong last modified header in my htaccess, setting "Last-Modified: 2014" on all the articles of my blog. The header was there for ... [read more]

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    What is the best keyword research course available on Udemy?

    bonjar in SEO

    Hello guys, You are awesome. Thank you for reading this post. I am very new to Warrior forum. My sincere apology in advance for any mistakes. I have a website ... [read more]

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    Spam Result in Google

    abhishekpandey in SEO

    I am searching this phrase "quickbooks support phone number" in google and found the result with spam. I am just want to know how they index website in just 15 ... [read more]

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    12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google

    Aman Yadav in SEO

    1. In-depth articles 2. Improving user satisfaction 3. Rich snippets from structured data 4. Video optimization 5. Google authorship 6. Improving site speed 7. Smartphone SEO 8. Expanding your international ... [read more]

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    How to Create Landing Page?

    gemstonebeads in SEO

    How to Create Landing Page? For lead generation of Jewelry making supply !!

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    4 Ways to Increase Your Traffic

    Aman Yadav in SEO

    1. Get Organic Stumbles 2. Share Content with on Other Networks 3. Build a Following Base and Share Content 4. Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

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    Xml Sitemaps.for subdomains

    vinoth seo in SEO

    Hi, My Main Domain My Sub domains Above i have mentioned my main page and sub domain question is that i have sitemap.xml ... [read more]

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    BUY SEO Group Tools FAKE OR LEGIT?

    Next Stair in SEO

    Hello Friends, For SEO tasks, I need few tools to work smoothly. Tools are: Moz, Ahrefs, Alexa, Majestic, SEMRush and more But these are very expensive indeed. I noticed few ... [read more]

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    SEO Latest update

    wondermouse in SEO

    What is the latest google update for SEO ?

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    Google Fred Update

    salmonjames21 in SEO

    I have very stable site and lucky enough that my keywords are not dropped except one. After Google's Fred Update. What should I do to regain that keyword. Should I ... [read more]

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    SEO Add-ons?

    bdsoftlab in SEO

    Which Add-ons best for Firefox for getting google page rank? I have installed all available add-ons but no one show the google page rank.

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    Backlink from DA-PA 1 website?

    skylikemake in SEO

    Backlink from DA-PA 1 website is bad for site rankings?

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    How can you track Flash Events with Google Analytics code?

    Endrue11 in SEO

    Hi guy, any body can help how to track flash event on Google Analytics.

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    How to Make Ahrefs Rank Grow

    abanghasan in SEO

    Hi everybody do you know how to make ahrefs rank grow ?

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    Question regarding Ahrefs rank and Domain Rating

    BrandPresence in SEO

    I've been building backlinks for both my company site, and a client's website, and while I am seeing very distinct results in URL rating, organic keywords, and links, both sites ... [read more]

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    Which SEO plugin is best suit for word press site?

    shilparawat in SEO

    Hi Friends !! Which SEO plugin is best suit for word press site? Someone suggest All in one and another suggest Yoast plugin so which is best.

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    How i can get maximum backlink by the Blog posting..?

    mietmeerut in SEO

    How i can get maximum backlink by the Blog posting..?

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    Weebly for Seo

    andygoal in SEO

    I'd like to use Weebly platform to build my website. Then, connect my domain name and use their hosting too. Is it OK for Seo? Any concerns/suggestions ?

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    How to rank on Google Page #1 without a single Backlink

    enstinemuki in SEO

    It's VERY possible to be on Google page #1 and position #1 for a pretty nice keyword without any backlinks pointing to your page. If you are a blogger, this ... [read more]

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    Web 2.0 pages for backlinks and SEO to money site

    mjoet3324 in SEO

    is there still value in creating 1-3 post web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and HubPages that link back to your money site? or has this method faded off?

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    Using warrior for hire - your experience

    toopies in SEO

    Not sure if this is the right place to post - please move if need be. I am going to purchase a service from a "warrior for hire" on this ... [read more]

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    What if I am adding multiple focus keywords with my free version of Yaost?

    Alok Rana in SEO

    I am up with another complex question here. What if I am adding multiple focus keywords with my free version of Yaost SEO plugin. What will happen? 1- Yoast will ... [read more]

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    Am I expecting too much from a SEO provider? I'm now doing it myself now

    Acuity in SEO

    Hi SEO experts, My business is in Perth. I signed with the largest firm here almost 2 years ago. My ranking has essentially been static in this 2 years after ... [read more]

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    Careers Page redirect to Another Website Sub Domain

    krithick in SEO

    My company website careers page (apply for work) is 301redirected to another website (separate career sub-domain). Example: Redirected from to My Questions? Career web page redirect good or ... [read more]

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    Fred update

    strawhat in SEO

    Is there anyone else who had an authority site that got whacked by Fred? I mean like traffic halved. I do not have any ads nor a thin affiliate site, ... [read more]

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    Bing search engine

    vinoth seo in SEO

    Hi Guys..when i type my website name in bing search engine some unwanted websites showing in my search results.kindly please let me know how to remove those links

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    How to get rid of 404, category page and tag pages from Indexing

    Maddy5 in SEO

    Hello Warriors I have a problem and it is that I am working on a e-commerce site which has total 30 pages but the problem is that google is showing ... [read more]

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    The problem of having more than one H1 tag on a Page

    Trix8 in SEO

    Hi All, How bad would you consider having more than 1 H1 tags on a page?. I´ve heard that for HTML5 having more than 1 H1 tag is also valid. ... [read more]

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    Getting Rank in USA Search Result.......

    esparkinfo in SEO

    Hello, My website is My keyword is Website Design Company, Website Development Company. Recently My Company local address is India... My site is top in Result for all ... [read more]

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    Suggest A Good Book On SEO

    Jahnavi Malyala in SEO

    Hi Every One. I Was looking for tips and tricks on Blogging and SEO. Even though Internet Provide a world of opportunities and information on SEO, I like to have ... [read more]

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    Online Reputation Management - Closed Forum Threads Still 1st Page

    HRH97 in SEO

    Hi, I'm looking at doing some Online Reputation Management as we've got 1x closed forum thread and 2x open forum threads appearing front page of Google that have been left ... [read more]

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    What is a price of single backlink?

    skylikemake in SEO

    What is a price of single backlink? For ex. Backlink from DA/PA - 60 Somebody just offer me, 1 backlink for 30$ and want to know, if price is fair. ... [read more]

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    Best keyword ranking checker tool free?

    manthan4psychotherapy in SEO

    Hello, I am tried so many tools for check my keywords Poisson in Google, but all tools showing different ranking. Suggest me best tool for keyword ranking checking

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    How do I find an SEO writer?

    Sparkster in SEO

    I am looking for a writer that understands SEO. I want someone to write me unique city based landing pages for my local website. I don't want some random fiverr ... [read more]

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    Help me with Ranking Issue

    Dailylifehacks in SEO

    Last evening, I checked my blog for keyword it was in 100 results as checked by (SERP Rank Checker tool) in google search engine results pages. But, now it's gone ... [read more]

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    What is the Google Latest Update 2017

    meharhadi52 in SEO

    Hello, Dear Experts I want to know Google latest update regarding SEO please tell me what is the latest update in March 2017.

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    Adding rich snippets.

    ravisarovar in SEO

    I have created organization rich snippets for my website using SEO profiler. And I Added the javascript code on my WP website. The thing is I know only generating and ... [read more]

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    Multiple URLs end in duplicate manner, is this a dupe issue?

    bumpus in SEO

    Inherited a site that is not ranking. Tackled low hanging fruit (sitemap, htaccess, missing elements, etc). I am at a loss. We have 100 topics each with 4 sub topics. ... [read more]

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    If a keyword has very low competition, how long would it take to rank with...

    karmadog in SEO

    a new domain/website? Would it take months even if it's a low competition keyword?

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    Keyword ranking issue

    vinsol in SEO

    when I search my website keyword (spree commerce), most of the times, it's show google 1st page, but sometimes it's doesn't appear in search engine result pages. if anyone have ... [read more]

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    SEO question after 301 redirect

    Master IM in SEO

    Basically google started to rank not correct pages instead of others. Let me show you an example, the structure is: -- -- normally i see that ... [read more]

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    Paid traffic issue

    hassanov in SEO

    Hi warriors, I need your advice regarding paid traffic. I know someone who can send traffic to my website for nearly 10$ a day. He said that he has FB ... [read more]

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    Main domain vs Sub domains

    vinoth seo in SEO

    im doing seo for my client his website was created by zencart.. my doubt is is main domain under this main domain there are 5 subdomain (for ex) Main ... [read more]

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    Google caching the Wrong Titles and Metadescription

    Andrew Ethan in SEO

    Hello Web Masters, I have a major issue with my websites kindly suggest.

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    Want to know about sitelinks.

    Edwardnic in SEO

    I'm doing seo for this website: from 3-4 months but didn't get sitelinks. Can you please tell me, what I have to do to get sitelinks quickly.

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    Want to Increase signups to my website

    krishnakodi in SEO

    Currently I am running online portal for NRIS living in US. I am doing SEO for website and not getting any good results. I am basically looking for more signups, ... [read more]