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    Can someone tell me if this looks right or not

    chawk in SEO

    I'm trying to figure out if I need to adjust anything. I'm looking at 10,379 page views in December so far with earnings of 16.79. According to Ad Sense that ... [read more]

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    How To Stop Scrapebox From Signing Me Out Of Online Accounts?

    RedShifted in SEO

    This is fairly annoying. Everytime I use scrapebox, I have various windows open where I'm logged in, like my email, or WF, WMT, or my WP ... Youtube etc etc. ... [read more]

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    Are good backlinks the main thing my site needs now?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    Any ideas for my site? We used to rank in the first page or two for keywords and penguin seems to have hurt our google results since the past few ... [read more]

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    How to ask people for links

    bodimv1 in SEO

    What do you do if you see that your competitor listed in any site?How to contact the site owner and ask him for a link.Here is what i wrote? Good ... [read more]

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    Buying cheap becomes expensive (domains)

    nik0 in SEO

    It always used to be a standard practice, buy a domain, setup some random WP theme, post articles/links on it and rank. Although that it still works it turns out ... [read more]

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    Does Google Like Duplicate Content? Yes!!

    steve875 in SEO

    Many think Google will drop you down the page rankings if you have duplicate content. But you can see duplicate content on the first page of Google all the time. ... [read more]

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    SEO For Yelp Pages

    copyassassin in SEO

    Hi SEOs, Do you of you have experience doing SEO for Yelp pages so they increase both in 1) Google Search, 2) Yelp Search ? Love to know your thoughts ... [read more]

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    High Paid Keywords or Low Competitive Keywords?

    Nicole Thomas in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I got my account approved recently and I have seen a lot of articles wherein People look for high paid keywords. So I wanted to know whether it ... [read more]

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    Wordpress information site adsense themes suggestions

    Soton in SEO

    Hello, i have just set up a domain and hosting for a new website i am going to work on, on the side. Its just going to be an information ... [read more]

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    On which VPS are you running your softwares?

    fredp in SEO

    Hi Folks, I'm actually searching for reliable VPS to install Senuke Xcr, MS, LAIO, HMA, CS and maybe a few others. I have actually a network of 40 websites to ... [read more]

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    Is Adwords "Minimum First Page Bid", Fake?

    HigherPrThanGod in SEO

    So I'm running a tiny ad campaign for a phrase which has no ads showing up on the page after multiple checks. In other words - there are NO ADS ... [read more]

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    Targeting Multiple Keywords in One Phrase

    AffiliatingAlan in SEO

    cook beans = 1000 monthly searches = relatively easy what is the best way to cook beans = 200 monthly searches = easy If I chose to make my page ... [read more]

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    When do you delete a keyword? - PPC Campaign

    mc9320 in SEO

    Currently running a campaign with about 50 adgroups, split testing 2 ads and a low number of keywords in each one. When do you say enough is enough with a ... [read more]

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    How to find a low competition keyword ?

    dragonboy46 in SEO

    I'm trying to find a low competition keyword in the IM niche.. I've found on clickbank marketplace a website which allows you to make money uploading videos on youtube.. They ... [read more]

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    Beginniner at creating backlinks

    bigfoot12 in SEO

    I am trying to find high page rank/high authority do follow blogs, forums, social bookmarking sites, article directories, and press release directories to post my links on, and the process ... [read more]

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    Get traffic from froums for a list via signature link

    cleverliving in SEO

    I was interested in getting some traffic from forums by putting a link in my signature as I only have a fresh site and thought of outsourcing it. I had ... [read more]

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    Need simple SEO tips for a newbie

    saxguru in SEO

    Hi all I am currently running my own website selling my clickbank product. I sell a website membership for $37 which teaches beginners how to play the saxophone through articles, ... [read more]

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    Steps from A to Z

    aser1312013 in SEO

    I just launched my website and I need someone expert advice to show me the right way from A TO Z on how to SEO my website and rank it ... [read more]

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    lkears11 in SEO

    Has anyone else tried this site, i did a blast of 2500 for a tier 2 blog and google has only indexed 2 of them?

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    Does having a ebay account under your business name help seo/name recognition?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    Basically - does selling on ebay help your company/website visibility? Assuming you get good feedback and are dilligent with orders on ebay, etc... Thanks

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    SERP ranking check problem

    sanusense in SEO

    Hello, Is there any tools available for checking SERP of any page. Currently, using GWT for serp checking. But, want some more tools ???

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    Traffic From Answer Sites – Are They Worth The Effort?

    Henlus in SEO

    Is it worth it to answer tons of questions in answer sites for traffic? Please what's your thought.

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    Help please

    anasboughdadi in SEO

    hi Can I put Adsense ads and adscendmedia offer in same pages Thanks.

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    A blog Post has the same PR as its Domain

    Dokemion in SEO

    I really don't give much attention on PageRank at the same I don't ignore it since it's still existing and Google still update sites PR I will take it to ... [read more]

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    Keyword Research for finding low competition keywords..

    dragonboy46 in SEO

    Hey all. As you may know I already started a thread in this forum about finding low competition keywords.. I was and still trying to find a low competition keywords ... [read more]

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    Need Advice re selling high quality expired domains

    daveshu in SEO

    Hi Guys, I need some advice really if anyone can oblige. I have spent ages looking for expired domains for SEO purposes and have found a LOT that are free ... [read more]

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    Does indexation affect Domain Authority?

    maninthemiddle in SEO

    Is Moz domain authority affected by the number of pages indexed in Google or any other search engine? I have found many comments online confirming it but none of them ... [read more]

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    Finished Site Some Concerns

    AffiliatingAlan in SEO

    Submitted my site via google xml 2 days ago. I also used a RSS submitter to 20 sites, as well as a website ping submitter to about 200 sites via ... [read more]

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    Which Ad network has the best CPM rates?

    Rideem3 in SEO

    I currently am using adsense and make about $20 - $30 a day with 170,000+ page views per day. Is adsense the best CPM network? I think that a CPM ... [read more]

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    Webwire for SEO & Google rankings

    richardharris36 in SEO

    I have a web design business and have just launched a new site. I am currently ranking position 80 / 81 for my targeted keyphrase. The keyphase I am trying ... [read more]

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    Keyword research giving different results for same keyword?

    Ladybugg22 in SEO

    Hello everyone. Newbie here with a keyword research question. Hope this is the right place to post this, think my last post was deleted. I am using the trial versions ... [read more]

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    Traffic dropped these days - Because of Christmas?

    adystanley in SEO

    For all my websites traffic dropped a lot these days (i mean yesterday and today). But there are same SERP positions. Is this because of Christmas?

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    Is there a tool to get keyword type ins and

    domainscience in SEO

    competition to save time. Thanks

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    Promoting your posts at Facebook / Twitter helpful for SEO!?!

    nik0 in SEO

    I keep doing it now for quite a while and I see zero proof that it helps in any way besides the occasional visitor from there. What's your experience?

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    Does building backlinks for homepage affects inner pages of a blog?

    danchito in SEO

    Hello friends, i like to know between building backlinks for your blogs homepage and your inner pages ie individual post or articles on your blog which one is best to ... [read more]

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    Ten Unnatural Link Building Tactics You Must Avoid at all Cost

    johnben1444 in SEO

    I have posted this on my official site but decided to share it with this community. Since the panda and penguin updates a lot of things have changed when it ... [read more]

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    Massive Rank drop, after google algorithm, Need hire seo analyst to help fix problem!?!

    Bruce99 in SEO

    I hope this is the right WF section ... I posted to the main forum before and it went missing. Is it ok to post hiring questions here??? IF NOT ... [read more]

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    Best Backlink Checker?

    opalfx in SEO

    a website seller posted his blueprint for the taking. trying to figure out his backlinks as he says he only has 200. what's the best software or web based backlink ... [read more]

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    Matt Laclear SEO Service

    sumi1984 in SEO

    I took Matt Laclear seo service long before for my blog. After Panda and Penguin update his links have become totally useless. Now my blog has been severely affected because ... [read more]

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    Local directories in Australia

    Shounak Gupte in SEO

    Does anyone know good directories where I can submit local businesses in Australia? The ones I know are: yellowpages truelocal aussielocal

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    Would it be easier to rank with a new domain/business name?

    Xelaetaks in SEO

    Our site used to rank in the first two pages for our keywords, now our rankings aren't in top 5 pages for keywords and they used to be. We have ... [read more]

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    Help with AMR footprints

    checkingitout in SEO

    Hi Can anyone help me with AMR foot prints for Article marketing robot please? Or if anyone has a nice upto date list they could share that would be great ... [read more]

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    Strange Google SERPs Results for One Keyword

    danparks in SEO

    I've had keywords the rise in SERPs, then fall. And I've had keywords that linger around low, then jump up. But until now, I've never had a keyword that, almost ... [read more]

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    Considering a Link Removal Service to Recover from the Penguin

    redstanford in SEO

    Hey guys I've had some sites get nailed by the Penguin update. I paid an seo guy from India to do my backlinking and I'm sure there are plenty of ... [read more]

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    [SEO] Good position in search results without meta keywords... why?

    FelixVeilands in SEO

    Hi, I trying to build SEO optimized site and searching google for seo tips, but that's out of topic... What I found, that sites with no meta keywords, sometimes without ... [read more]

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    EZA now all no follow?

    32paul52 in SEO

    Hiya, I havent uses Ezine Articles for a while and decided to get a few articles up last week- to now see all the links are no follow? Am I ... [read more]

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    They can disavow it, but why not?

    SpaceSerbian in SEO

    Recently I got mail from a guy claiming that footer links in my free WordPress theme are hurting his SEO rank. And he asked me to remove them. Part of ... [read more]

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    How adsense work . Few questions

    gladiator6 in SEO

    First I want to say hello to all. I'm new in this community :-) I want to know is this accepted in google adsense regulations: I have site for cooking ... [read more]

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    Your "privacy" and "(user agreement)terms" pages are essential for your application

    misshang in SEO

    Did you get your adsense account approved? I figured out it might be something I neglected, so I wanted to share with you all. I just found out we need ... [read more]

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    How Do Google Penalize Duplicate Content?

    the_icon in SEO

    Just wondering as in the past I have Copyprotected my content on site however is there really a need anymore? If someone does copy my content does G see that ... [read more]

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    $150 Or A Backlink?

    JRJWrites in SEO

    Hi all, Second thread I'm posting today. I just seem to be chock-full of questions. Ok, so here's the deal. I've written a truly awesome, long guest post that's incredible. ... [read more]

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    How to find new SEO clients

    seophalanx in SEO

    I based in India and offering SEO service since 2008. Currently I am doing adwords, cold calling, sending manual SEO proposals to different websites worldwide to find new clients but ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing and Off Page SEO

    info126 in SEO

    I am writing articles and submitting it to (Article Marketing). My question is... is if I do Off Page SEO effort to my articles on ... will it ... [read more]

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    Ranking a Site Post-Production

    AffiliatingAlan in SEO

    So I built my site, added articles, spent hours optimizing them to yoast's approval, submitted my sitemap to google tools. Used a few tools to submit my RSS feed to ... [read more]

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    Amazon Affiliaters your Focus Keyword

    AffiliatingAlan in SEO

    This seems like an obvious question but it doesnt seem to be for me. For affiliating amazon products, physical product review sites. Is your landing page focus keyword targeting: "(product ... [read more]

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    Traffic Problem ?

    rajamalw in SEO

    In November my website had good traffic daily around 8000-1000 visits. But currently in December my website is having poor traffic 4000 - 5000 visits. What may be the problem. ... [read more]