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    DataLife Engine (DLE) SEO Tips???

    mmoreal in SEO

    Anyone who are using DLE to create site please share your SEO tips or any place to learn Thanks

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    Traffic From Alexa How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast Tutorial

    entrepreneurjay in SEO

    Traffic From Alexa How To Get Quality Backlinks Fast Tutorial Cool Youtube video cool trick on how to get relevant backlinks to your Website, or Blog. Watch it here: YouTube ... [read more]

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    100,000 Visitors With NO Backlinks

    seoed in SEO

    Hi, when I was searching the web for this keyword I came across a very interesting blog post about a guy who managed to get 100,000 visitors without building any ... [read more]

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    Huge spikes in traffic, then back to normal then today another huge spike? Reasons?

    larryboy03 in SEO

    Hey guys, my new site has recently been getting some big spikes in traffic, to then back to normal to then more random spikes. You can see here. Is this ... [read more]

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    Best tool or service to identify toxic backlinks

    apcsilver in SEO

    Would anyone care to recommend the best tool or service to identify toxic backlinks. ?

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    Recommended PPC Networks for Beginner affiliate

    bakeriell in SEO

    What are the best ad networks To start advertising on as an affiliate? i have some experience with PPC but not as an affiliate, i heard that direct linking is ... [read more]

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    Equation to Traffic + Ranking

    GGpaul in SEO

    Hey, is there an equation to figure out an estimation of your traffic? Like..I heard 90% of traffic is rank 1-3 or whatever that might be. Well what about rank ... [read more]

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    Why Google Rannking Sub-Pages?

    mudassarali143 in SEO

    Before recent Panda update many of my sites targeted keywords (to home pages) were well positioned in top 3 to 5 numbers in google After the update rankings gone to ... [read more]

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    Need help with increasing visitors

    dannyboy30 in SEO

    Hi, I would love to get some advice on how to improve traffic to my established ecommerce site. The site has been around since 2004 and was on top of ... [read more]

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    Free SEO Report for customers?

    addyonline in SEO

    I have recently started a local SEO business here in Australia and wanted to know how I could provide a free SEO report to my customers? Is there a WP ... [read more]

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    Need help on Scraping

    TravisO in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I am having a bad moment now. I do not know how to scrape. I use automation while I am backlinking(ultimate demon) . Anyone can help me how ... [read more]

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    Should it be nofollow or dofollow?

    onlineblogger2 in SEO

    I am going to write a post about Top 10 Forums For Internet Marketers. I will add most popular forums like woriorforum to that list. My question is, those links ... [read more]

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    Exact Match VS Silo - Who Wins? Do those tools still work?

    mpluto in SEO

    Hi Friends, Couple questions here for professionals: 1. These days, what wins for better rankings, silo structure or exact match domain with good content, photos, etc? 2. Are keyword tools ... [read more]

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    Video Sales Page Quality Score Issues

    LR in SEO

    Hi, About 6 months ago I had good success with ppc adcenter/bing promoting my own product/offer. After sometime off I've come back and I'm having issues with quality score of ... [read more]

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    why my keywords do not comes on 1st page

    aliqayyum in SEO

    respected friends i have question. i have site inspiretrends , my articles are not coming on 1st page... guide me thanks

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    Facebook Adsense?

    ghulam786 in SEO

    Any body knows about this

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    Link building to homepage or Article page?

    bestrevenueshare in SEO

    1) if I'm trying to rank high just an article page (inside my site) should I go for link building to that exact article page or the home page of ... [read more]

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    Is using Google Analytics safe to use?

    seamy82 in SEO

    Hi, I practice what many people now call grey hat link building (my own privte blog network, web2.0s, manual press releases etc. all high quality relevant content) and I was ... [read more]

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    lutherlars in SEO

    So I used the fetch command on one site and it worked just fine. I did a cache command and saw that the page had been cached on the date ... [read more]

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    Google PPC question - keyword + location

    PeepMyCollar in SEO

    I want my ad to show up for all thousands of cities all over the world. Is there any way to do that without having to manually type in each ... [read more]

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    Is it safe to sell links in Blogroll?

    nitesh in SEO

    Hello Everyone, Is it safe to sell links in Blogroll if I make all the links in Blogroll nofollow? Please give your suggestions. Thank You

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    FREE first page adwords advertising ...

    bobmcalister in SEO

    have you guys noticed that google is allowing advertisers to advertise using their phone numbers in the ad ? No need to click the ad, so google is giving this ... [read more]

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    Google Hummingbird Update - 90% of Searches Affected - Biggest Search Change Since 2009

    kindsvater in SEO

    If your rankings have been in flux lately it may due to the Hummingbird update. Not a lot of details, but Google is getting better at recognizing long-tail searches that ... [read more]

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    how to get google Adsense

    azeemhakro in SEO

    i have made a blog and applied for google adsense... unfortunately my request was declined... even i have kept very precious data on blog.... please guide me what i do ... [read more]

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    SEO linking right and wrong

    miss jess in SEO

    Hello Im currently analysisng a website for a uni assignment. In researching a competitor i found that most the links to the competitors site have come from a private login ... [read more]

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    Can I test conversions of a keyword first?

    CPI2013 in SEO

    Hello guys, let me know about that can i test conversions of a keyword first?

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    the huge problem with ppc

    trader909 in SEO

    hi The huge problem i have with p.p.c. is it's basically one traffic source (maybe a couple more tops) with hundreds of companies all selling the same thing. So, where ... [read more]

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    jamesdailey in SEO

    Every time I try to advertise my site, it gets shut down! I see others in my niche building lists and try to model my site to look like theirs. ... [read more]

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    How to do this on google search engine.

    jugnu in SEO

    Hello warrior, I want to do something like shown in the picture below. when you will write big or company brand in google. you will notice their official website url ... [read more]

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    FB CPM - This is Insane

    momo1984 in SEO

    Hi, I am using FB to get more page likes. However today I am getting some really weird CPM rates. I set the Audiance to Australia and targeted are anime ... [read more]

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    SEO - Keyword : My Name

    shujew95 in SEO

    Hi so basically i am 18 years old applying for university soon. My main "strengths" are all the businesses that I have been setting up since I was 15. There ... [read more]

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    16 WordPress Speed Tricks That Will Make Your Site Blazing Fast

    satrap in SEO

    I wrote this in response to a thread where the OP needed some tips. But then I thought more people may see this and benefit from it if I post ... [read more]

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    how to remove nofollow attribute from blogger

    crescendo in SEO

    Am trying to remove nofollow attribute from my blog (Men's Health Problems/Solutions Board) but still it is showing in code. Can any seo expert help me to solve this issue

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    Using for easy seo?

    ericnyc in SEO

    If i am going to have a blog/site that is as follows and i have a bunch of links pointing to it. Will it get slapped by new google ... [read more]

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    Confused with SEO, keyword research, and Google Keyword Planner

    bigfoot875 in SEO

    I am trying to find an answer to what happens if all keywords in the world were to run out and there is nothing but competition left. Is it even ... [read more]

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    How to improve SERP ? currently my site is on 13th Position on Google

    newking32 in SEO

    Currently my site is on 13th position on google ( 2nd page of the searched keyword ) How can improve SEPR for my site .. is it good to buy ... [read more]

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    URL Removal Tool in Webmasters Still Working For You?

    nik0 in SEO

    I decided to clean up my site lately, get rid of all this crap that shouldn't get indexed in the first place. One of the issues my site has: When ... [read more]

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    Problem With Adwords and Choosing $0 CPC Keywords..

    Ernie Lo in SEO

    Hi guys I used keyword planner to find some keywords that get a small amount of searches and also show a $0 CPC price. I setup adwords campagin using these ... [read more]

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    Please help me with my offpage activities ?

    Enuke in SEO

    Dear friends, I knew from Matts that we should not do the Guest blogging because its going spamming and I have also seen that Article marketing is not more now ... [read more]

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    RE: I need some help building a domain network..

    YasirYar in SEO

    Hey guys, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this in, since my posts keep on getting deleted. I was thinking of starting a blog ... [read more]

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    My keywords ranking getting up on down?

    stellajohn in SEO

    Hello Firends, My Website's Keywords ranking getting up and down on two three days once, dome time my website's keywords are in first page and some its in getting down(30th ... [read more]

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    Ping and Index Backlinks?

    TheMacMan in SEO

    Hey, I am creating backlinks in pastebin and similar website to that for my youtube videos. Should I be pinging and indexing these pastebin links? If yes, were would be ... [read more]

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    Adsense on blog with links to ILivid allowed?

    GaryCarlyle in SEO

    Hey, I have an Adsense blog but i I want to put links on it to the ILivid affiliate program. Do you think Adsense may have a prob with that? ... [read more]

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    Targeted or general site for best SEO?

    chicagomarketing in SEO

    I have several ideas for niche sites which fall under a loosely related concept. I'm wondering if it would be better to build multiple targeted sites under different domains or ... [read more]

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    SEO for Product Listings site

    Story in SEO

    Hey guys, What are the best practises when doing SEO with product listings site? It's an official company page, with around 6 categories and tons of product listings. Difficult part ... [read more]

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    Why the heck is this happening to my traffic

    oliverjones in SEO

    Please see the attachment. This is the graph from WMT showing my search queries in Google. It has been up and down like this for months. What could it be ... [read more]

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    location extensions and regional and customized targeting in Adwords

    kapde1 in SEO

    which feature distinguishes location extensions from regional and customized campaign targeting? 1) Customized campaign targeting determines which address appears below the ads. 2) Location extension will appear when an advertiser ... [read more]

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    What is th Threshold for being Smart Priced ??

    discrat in SEO

    Is it under $.10 ? or maybe under $.20 Thanks for your input as this has been relevant to me in the last couple of days. One CPC was $.18 ... [read more]

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    AdSense Introduces Extended Features Along with New Interface

    Rehmat in SEO

    Hi guys, have you noticed that Google AdSense has improved its interface? Some new features have also been introduced; like you can configure custom threshold and can schedule your payments. ... [read more]

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    Google is now Finished

    situ08 in SEO

    I think the whole internet can agree that Matt Cutts has done more to destroy Google than he has to help it. Google is now officially the most non-relevant search ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords Keyword Targeting - ADVICE MUCH APPRECIATED!

    mewer in SEO

    So I am trying to get multiple variations of the keyword phrase "start a staffing agency" to rank for a particular company. So far I have: 1. increased the max ... [read more]

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    any good auto bloging service.

    jaypatel93 in SEO

    i want good high quality auto bloging service which is provide links in the meddle of my blog post also provide images and vedios on my blogs.

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    Social Clerks

    vaporsaint in SEO

    I'm getting some really good social traffic from You can get website views, Twitter followers, Retweets, Facebook likes, Google +1's, Youtube views, Delicious saves, SoundCloud follows, and they have ... [read more]

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    Realestate application for facebook page

    Fatbazou in SEO

    Hello, Anybody knows a facebook application useful for a realestate agency facebook page. Something with we can advertise the houses and apartments for sale for exemple. Thank you very much

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    has anyone ever ranked 3 or 4 of their pages for one keyword? will google penalize this?


    I'm curious if one can absolutely dominate a search term by ranking 10 or even 20 different things that they own for one keyword or even rank 10 or 20 ... [read more]

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    YouTube Video Backlinks help SEO?

    PeterMFL in SEO

    Do backlinks from other websites back to your YouTube videos help them rank?