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    Google update today? 10/14

    pvijeh in SEO

    Ive noticed a drop in google traffic for some of my sites today. Looks like google is doing ANOTHER update, maybe? Anyone else notice this? Peter

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    Can sue me domain name ?

    eladwin1 in SEO

    Hello I have a question, if you have a website in English and I want to register the name of the website but the domain in Spanish Is there a ... [read more]

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    Is This A Good YouTube Lead Generation Idea? How Can It Be Improved?

    BrianMI in SEO

    I'm thinking of creating some virtual tour videos for properties in my area with the intention of driving traffic from YouTube to a lead capture real estate website. I've got ... [read more]

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    Why hasnt this site been banned by Adsense

    pvijeh in SEO

    This site: hxxp:// buys traffic from places like 7search, and sends it to a page with google search results- where it makes money from adsense. it has zero content. Why ... [read more]

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    Backlinks from web 2.0 and other sites do not appear when checking backlinks with several tools

    sexyweb in SEO

    Hello, Do you have any idea why backlinks from web 2.0 properties like blogger, tumblr or dofollow backlinks from sites similar to (but dofollow) do not show up when ... [read more]

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    Will an SEO Audit Help?

    mdotk in SEO

    I have a video games website that was, prior to September last year, always in the top 1-3 for the terms I target in Google. Then the Panda/EMD algo change ... [read more]

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    EBay/ Google Store listings

    mjbmedia in SEO

    I have a client who sells pianos amongst other things, expensive ones. Now there are search engine listings under some of their product specific phrases that come up with Ebay ... [read more]

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    Best SEO Software

    dynamyt100 in SEO

    Can anyone recommend a good solid SEO software to use?

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    Started Getting Google Traffic After Just 3 Days?

    Nicholas H in SEO

    Hello! I have not been much Into IM the past 6 or so months due to moving, family, etc,. Decided I would just set a little site up and see ... [read more]

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    Tiered Link Building? Is it for real?

    jtut21 in SEO

    I've been studying the idea of tiered link building and its benefits. Additionally, strategies for implementing the technique so that I can increase the ranking of my site. The challenge ... [read more]

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    Still dropping TODAY after penguin 2.1?

    tomatojoos in SEO

    Are you guys still seeing drops after October 6? My site dropped 69 points total across all keywords on until October 6. I checked the rankings again today, Oct 10 ... [read more]

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    Private Blog Network Basics Questions

    WhosGotMoves in SEO

    After a few days studying, learning and a little testing, I'm mentally committed to starting my own blog network. A few questions before fully diving in that maybe so of ... [read more]

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    Does the host server location effect local SEO results

    webpeon in SEO

    Having a bit of a debate with some others and curious to get all your feedback. If a host is located in a country other than where the local business ... [read more]

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    My site only generate 20 person traffic per day, does building backlinks nowadays still work?

    zunonline in SEO

    My site only generate 20 person traffic per day and with a conversion rate of approximately 5%, does building backlinks nowadays still work nowadays? Building backlink is a tedious process, ... [read more]

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    How is THIS site a PR9?

    Jeff Lenney in SEO

    Just curious Web Development | Web Hosting | Internet | Mobile Apps Fake PR checkers show it's valid The inbound link profile shows it being linked to from 65 referring ... [read more]

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    how to exceed 25 characters in adword title?

    Dmreed4311 in SEO

    I'm new to adwords but notice many ads exceed the 25 characters allowed in the ad title. How are they doing this?

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    Is there a way to see the historic prices for Google PPC clicks. By week/month/year in the past?

    Sonny Am in SEO

    Hi guys, This is a bit of an odd question, But is there a way of seeing the historic prices for clicks for Google PPC... For example. Say I am ... [read more]

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    Domain Name ? "N" or "and" for SEO

    PuraVidaProfits in SEO

    Hi. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I have a question regarding proper domain SEO. What would be better in Googles eyes or If both were ... [read more]

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    Major Google update?! Penguin 2.1

    DateinaDash in SEO

    Hi everyone, I've just noticed my website drop in almost every single position in Google. Lots of top 5 positions lost, page 1's onto 2nd page and even 3rd and ... [read more]

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    After Both Google Updates, What Works & What Not ?

    imranfaq in SEO

    Dear Fellow Warriors After both Google updates, every webmaster who dosen't follow the guidelines of Google has bee penalized in term of Manual or Algorithmic updates. In this forum we ... [read more]

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    When will people stop crying about Google updates?

    Curtis2011 in SEO

    Seriously people, it is getting ridiculous. Every time a Google update is announced, people freak out. And every time an individual's website goes down in ranking, that person freaks out ... [read more]

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    Link removal services – are the helpful?

    sefmal in SEO

    Hi all, In the effort of removing unnatural links I ran into many services that offer to help. Some examples of what i found: hxxp:// hxxp:// These are different from ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ads: Higher CTR = Lower CPC?

    iPeter in SEO

    Hi. I'm following a Facebook Ads course and the narrator claims that when we use the PPC method, the higher CTR makes the CPC lower. Is that true? If it ... [read more]

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    Which Adsense Website earn more...???

    prraveen in SEO

    Hello all respected warriors, As we all know that adsense is also a very good and clean method to fill your pocket if it should be done with correct direction. ... [read more]

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    i want help youtube partner

    massine in SEO

    hello i want some help please i have some videos in youtube but i dont have any vues :'( how i can get a big traffic vues and clicks in ... [read more]

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    soft,tools to check competion in google

    cristianx in SEO

    hi warrior im looking for a tool, software that do that scrape, check top 10 results of google for Multiple keywords (50-100)? for different google country

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    Keyword Planner - 300 clicks/day .01 per click

    KidsAreTheNews in SEO

    I found a 2 word phrase using Keyword Planner that says I should get 344 clicks per day at 1 cent/click with a $5.00 max. The phrase relates to my ... [read more]

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    How can I find an SEO company to partner with!

    jacc in SEO

    At a business event, a successful entrepreneur advised me that the way to grow my off-line business and share the same kind of success as my competitors, is to dominate ... [read more]

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    Local Listings VS Organic Listings

    Maneeshrai in SEO

    Hey all. This is the first time i am posting something in here, so let me know if i do something wrong. m looking for quick response - thanks in ... [read more]

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    What is the best plugin for wordpress site seo

    itdon in SEO

    Hello members i want to make new website in wordpress and i want you good ideas about seo plugin What is the best plugin for wordpress site seo All in ... [read more]

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    Delete sitewide to recover from Penguin?

    ThomasBrad in SEO

    Hi all, I am running a network of 15 niche sites, and haven't done anything edgy in terms of spam linking in comment fields etc. but the sites are linked ... [read more]

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    is it safe to 301 direct from old .com to new domain

    1stcompucare in SEO

    I have created a new address... i'm ranking well for it... I have an old .com site with pr 1... with the same name... the old site may have ... [read more]

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    Danny Sullivan article- are paid links part of the latest slap?

    lotre in SEO

    Hi guys this guy says maybe paid links are part of the latest algo change- what are your thoughts? Penguin 5, With The Penguin 2.1 Spam-Filtering Algorithm, Is Now Live ... [read more]

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    How Can I Produce SEO Reports for Websites?

    AffiliateRg in SEO

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to create excellent SEO reports for websites -no useless, junk reports but high quality ones. I am thinking that I ... [read more]

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    Is SEO Dead For Competitive Niches?

    DR0832 in SEO

    Recently I spoke with a person that runs large PPC campaigns for big companies. He told me that SEO was dead and that buying traffic really is the only way ... [read more]

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    How to choose your main keywords?

    Tijs in SEO

    Hi Warriors, The blog I'm writing about doesnt have any specific 'main' keywords. There are several topics I'm discussing and they might change over time. Is it okay to use ... [read more]

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    Page Rank N/A = No Google Traffic ?

    johndd in SEO

    hi i have a site related to software and games download and it's almost 3 months old but page rank is still N/A and i am not getting any traffic ... [read more]

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    blog title and description similar to other blogs and website question

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    curious , if your blog having exactly the same title , description with other websites and blog.. wil it affect your traffic? or likewise if you blog got index etc ... [read more]

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    Copyscape alternative available for free?

    bappa06 in SEO

    Anybody know their are any tool available use as a copyscape alternative in free?

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    Why Did I Drop 4 Pages in Search Results?

    Bwoeller in SEO

    I was the #3 listing on page one for my keyword phrase, then about two weeks ago I started dropping I am buried. I can't figure out what happened. ... [read more]

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    Social Monkee - Am I missing something here? Only *1* url?

    RedShifted in SEO

    So I submitted my site and came back the next day rather amazed. Being new to backlinking and all I thought it was pretty cool that this site does this. ... [read more]

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    Multi Language Issue in Google

    clarajames in SEO

    Site has two language versions and site's English version "" is not showing english title in google. Why this is so, can anyone tell me? Write "" in and ... [read more]

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    Kindly Guide Me Regarding Low Quality Link Removal Service

    WebMastersEye in SEO

    Hi Warrior Friends, kindly advise me I am suffering from bad quality links. I have a website in which previous SEO companies did a lot of Bad SEO and made ... [read more]

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    Penguin 2.1: Even more Negative SEO?

    FrankRumbauskas in SEO

    Google made negative SEO possible - you know, that dirty little secret that no one talks about and that is frequently the explanation for why a site just won't rank ... [read more]

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    Adsense Account Banned - Can I get it back?

    Aptech in SEO

    About six or seven years ago, I was making good money with AdSense. At the time, I had 25+ websites using AdSense that were bringing in a nice little residual ... [read more]

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    vBulletin SEO Plugins

    koreancowboy in SEO

    Right now, we're using vBSEO, but we're thinking about switching to something else. Unfortunately, we don't know of any alternatives. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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    A secondary page ranking for primary keyword

    adammck in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I'm not sure if I was impacted by Google Hummingbird or Penguin 2.1 but last week I noticed that I lost the ranking for my homepage for my ... [read more]

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    Recommendation for How To Make Money with Google .com

    fastlancer in SEO

    I have this domain, which I purchased with a whole site on there, The guy I purchased it from was selling e-books about adsense. Well, I was under the ... [read more]

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    Small Sitemap Issue Help

    Scottish in SEO

    If anyone could shed any light on this, that would be grand. My new client as a new website up for about 4 months and upon getting ready to start ... [read more]

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    Screaming Frog - What do I do about 303 and 302 issues

    wholesale blogger in SEO

    Hello I have just done an analysis of my site with Screaming frog and found some 302 and 303 issues. I have no idea what to do with these and ... [read more]

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    Does domain expiration really matter to Google?

    JimMichael in SEO

    I am about to register some new domains. Does Google really look at it? Not sure if I should take the 5 year registration or the 1, with auto-renewal. All ... [read more]

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    what is your best 3 linking strategy

    elis in SEO

    As building links has been subject to lot of changes with last Google updates i would like to know what is your 3 best linking strategy. mine are: guest post ... [read more]

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    Any SEO advantage for registering a domain for longer period of time ?

    jayman in SEO

    I am not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere but is there any significant SEO advantage if we register a domain for a year compare to more, let's say ... [read more]

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    Spammy Sites Still Rank In Google (quite interesting)...

    Marketing Ignite in SEO

    Hi Guys I have been doing SEO since 1998 and I can say that despite all the changes you can see websites that do hard core spam still rank in ... [read more]

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    Overoptimized anchor text %

    Bassosa in SEO

    Hi guys, My website has been hit with a penalty after the 10th of October with my homepage rakings taking a dive leaving the interior pages unscathed. Penguin 2.1 I ... [read more]

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    How quickly can I add a backlink after buying a domain with PR

    seamy82 in SEO

    Hi All, I have purchased some domains with PR last week and added some content, how quickly can I add a backlink to my money site? What has been people's ... [read more]