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    Are Social Bookmarking Services Effective? Ie. SocialMonkee

    SiegerVinnare in SEO

    Just wondering if social bookmarking sites like socialmonkee are effective? I recently did the free 25 links to see what it was all about and once I got the report ... [read more]

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    How does Google feel about this?

    Dmreed4311 in SEO

    St. Louis Green Carpet Cleaning │ Cleaner • Safer • Better This is the home page title for a friends website, do the dots have a negative affect? or does ... [read more]

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    Link removal requests

    hometutor in SEO

    Anyone else getting a bunch of these. I finally started emailing these people back and telling them link removal requests are $20.00 per link for the maintenance request and gave ... [read more]

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    Need help--hard to index more page from google

    shanktan in SEO

    Hey guys. Normally My website online 7-14days, 80%+ page will be indexed by google perfectly. But after 25th June 's google update.everything was changed. I tested 10-20 website after 10 ... [read more]

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    Link schemes update from Google-Beaware of it

    jaisonjohn in SEO

    Google has come up with link scheme update that states "Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links", know more about it at : My ... [read more]

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    Hard To Rank New Domain? What About New Pages Within Old Domain?

    Boris_yo in SEO

    I hear a lot that to rank new domain highly in SERPs it will take longer time than ranking old domain. It may experience huge drop in rankings or Sandbox ... [read more]

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    Hostgator Down - Anyone Update?

    normahl in SEO

    Hi guys, seems like hostgator is down due they're moving their server or some stuf. anyone has inside information? Support's not answering me.. Sites are down since 2 hours.

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    Rank my posts Google?

    tko4 in SEO

    I have website a for about 1 year. I have 310000 alexa rank and Google still not rank my posts. How other websites n the same niche have first page ... [read more]

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    Does Google provide the best search results?

    trade4861 in SEO

    I just don't get it. I was ranking for a two word phrase, in number 3 spot first page for months, now on 5th page. Never built one single link ... [read more]

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    I have 85.400$ to spend on search engine ad in PPC model. Please advice.

    sten06 in SEO

    Hi everybody. Like I wrote in the topic I have to spend almost 86k on ad on search engine. But there is one problem. This can not be a Google ... [read more]

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    Good place to Outsource Content Creation?

    Paul Tovey in SEO

    Hello All, Getting pretty tired and uninspired by my fortnightly blog and could probably do with hiring a few freelance writers as I really have nothing else to add. What ... [read more]

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    How long does the adsense cookie last?

    oliverjones in SEO

    I have Adsense on my site and a fanpage on FB with over 1 million fans. I drive these fans to the site but I often get repeat visitors. My ... [read more]

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    Is there any SEO benefit to having my blog on my homepage rather than a subpage?

    jpwar in SEO

    I have a blog I am running for a small medical practice website. I want to know if there is any SEO benefit from putting the blog right on the ... [read more]

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    expl0it8z in SEO

    Anyone had use yet? If so, pls let me know some insights about this ppc network

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    What Seo Course is working? Google Sniper or Bring the fresh

    kiwilx in SEO

    So I was searching for some wsos about seo, and found this wsos: Google Sniper 2 and Bring the fresh what would be a wso suggested to rank websites? Thanks ... [read more]

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    How to start work at PPC? Your advices, please...

    DonDiego in SEO

    In my opinion, before starting work, it's necessary to have a lot of information about topic, and some good theoretical knowledge. So, what should I read, or watch, or even ... [read more]

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    Found this link on the Internet and wanted to share, Google Ranking Factors

    kiwilx in SEO

    Hey just found this around the internet and wanted to share with people from the forum With some info about Google Ranking Factors Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

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    Please help me understand this!

    mlong2001 in SEO

    Ok so I sell ACE Diet Pills online. My site is According to MajesticSEO I have 776 External backlinks, 229 Referring Domains, 1 edu link. I am currently ranking ... [read more]

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    Article Marketing. is it worth it?

    seonutshell in SEO

    so i am doing SEO on my website, and i have created some pretty nice 600-1000 word articles. i want to publish these on some decent article directory's, but i ... [read more]

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    Moving Content

    mrgee in SEO

    Hi All.. How would Google view the moving of content from one domain/website to another. Say I had one site that "MAY" be penalized.. can I just move the content ... [read more]

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    1K+ Unique a day only making $0.73

    edpudol1973 in SEO

    I have this site in cellphone niche averaging 1K+ unique a day, 95% of traffic are from google search. But the earnings is very disappointing about 70 clicks a day ... [read more]

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    Is a sitewide Link from PR3 sub-blog worth anything?

    TheGermanGuy in SEO

    Greetings... I wrote on a subdomain in the past and the blog has a PR3 since two years. I wonder if I can make a few dollars with it ... [read more]

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    How to show a picture when someone search your website on google?

    kiwilx in SEO

    Hello there guys, I have seen some website with pictures when you search for a keyword, so how do you actually add this to your website? Thanks

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    No Follow Link Counted as Do Follow in Ahrefs

    chris_87 in SEO

    There is a link pointing to my site, when viewed with page info is "NoFollow". However, when I view my link profile in Ahrefs that same link is marked as ... [read more]

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    AWStats - Why Two Types of Data?

    parasitus in SEO

    I just received some stats from AWStats. But why do I have two types of data: awstats_portal and awstats_ws? Does the ws one include all server calls whereas the portal ... [read more]

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    Running adwords, bing, facebook campaign with vouchers

    Gringo7 in SEO

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to run adwords, bing, facebook campaigns for me using vouchers. All the ads and targeting details will be provided by me. All I ... [read more]

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    Looking for a Wordprss Plugin to post on multiple social pages

    kiwilx in SEO

    Is there any wordpress plugin that will post articles on multiple social pages like facebook, twitter etc? Also will this penalise your website posting the same articles of your website ... [read more]

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    Social Bookmarking every post

    Jerome15 in SEO

    just want to ask if doing Social Bookmark for every post is bad or will hurt your site? thanks

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    Pagination & Link Juice

    dreamtoreality in SEO

    Bear with me, as this might get a little confusing. How does pagination affect link juice? Say that you point a couple of PR4 links to a post on your ... [read more]

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    SEO Forum - Youtube + Adsense - What is your typical earnings per 1000 views

    Jeremy Banks in SEO

    Hey guys, I am just trying to get a grasp for how much you can potentially earn on youtube with adsense. I am hoping to hear from people with experience, ... [read more]

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    Suggesion on Image SEO?

    jay113 in SEO

    What is your SEO Tips and suggestion for image? And particularly image SEO on a Wordpress website? Thank you so much.

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    Checking Backlink For YouTube Video

    Navil in SEO

    Can anyone tell me how to check the number of backlinks for a YouTube video? I tried checking with Majestic SEO but it returns with no backlink data :confused:

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    How to rank multiple keywords

    kiwilx in SEO

    Hello there guys, I am looking to rank multiple keywords on a website I wanted to ask something, to rank this multiple keywords shall I make each page for that ... [read more]

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    Tool to choose the best words?

    zavhara in SEO

    There was an online too I used about 6 months ago where you can but in a phrase or word and it will choose the one that would gets you ... [read more]

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    Reporting Web Traffic Data

    parasitus in SEO

    Hi guys, I have statistical data gathered from 4 different tools to measure web traffic: Google Analytics, AWStats (portal and ws), SAS and Piwik. The data from those tools differs ... [read more]

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    Choosing the Right Article Submission Service

    Filipsa in SEO

    Hi I wrote article about my services and now I would like to find right article service. My article is in german language and my bussines is located in Austria.

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    Too many attention required in Ultimate Demon

    Jeff Harper in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I need help how to fix this ultimate demon problem of mine. Anyone has an idea how to fix the attention required in ultimate demon? There are so ... [read more]

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    Track conversions on Market Health products

    GowebMkt in SEO

    I have an affiliate site set up to promote products seen on They pay 50% of the purchase amount. I want to track what keywords from my Bing Adcenter ... [read more]

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    [IDEA] Increase traffic from search engines by 50-100% free. Suggestions?

    adster in SEO

    Hello! My name is Andrey and I was brainstorming the idea of a system (tool) that allows you to increase targeted web traffic from Google by 50-100% with the use ... [read more]

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    Affiliate links in post effect ranking ?

    kithara in SEO

    If a post has affiliate links can this effect its rankings in SERPS ? I had a very popular post and i decided to add an affiliate link, then i ... [read more]

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    Amazon review site - Post tags?

    cooler1 in SEO

    I've heard some people say that when they used post tags in Wordpress on their Amazon review site that it had a negative effect on the search engine ranking. Generally, ... [read more]

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    How to add double click publisher ad in our website?

    rediscoverindia in SEO

    Can anyone tell me! How to add double click publisher ad in our website?

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    Ranking a website

    kiwilx in SEO

    Hello there I am looking to rank my first website on google 1# page will it rank doing this make website with wordpress, edit it with plugins (all in one ... [read more]

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    Index pages in my website

    hck1 in SEO

    Hello friends… Here is my website Harish Chandra Khulbe – Personal Blog / Forum – Offering Information and Latest News on All Niches | Greetings from With this website ... [read more]

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    Step By Step SEO Plan Intermediate [Method]

    mediamarket in SEO

    Hi everyone, I've been around in the online community for a while now, I thought I would share with you guys one of my SEO Outlines I normally give my ... [read more]

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    About web 2.0 websites

    kiwilx in SEO

    Hello there guys, I am looking to use web 2.0 for manual link building and then use senuke for other links and tiers Let´s say my niche is about sotwares ... [read more]

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    What are natural backlinks?

    zombie22 in SEO

    That's my first thread here and I am a newbie, so forgive me if this is too obvious to most of you. I am not totally sure what the natural ... [read more]

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    Annoying Adsense bug

    Lokahi in SEO

    My main Adsense account is not the same email address as my primary Google account. And, since I stay signed into my main Google/Gmail account all the time on my ... [read more]

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    Custom audience targeting Facebook page UIDs?

    Hunk in SEO

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    Does Google Crawl PDF Documents?

    ActionToCash in SEO

    Hello Warriors, Does anyone know if the Google spider crawls the text of pdf's which I provide for download on my website? I am considering promoting a product that would ... [read more]

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    Multiple addresses in 1 forum signature?

    maceemiller in SEO

    Hi all......this is probably a silly question, but can you have more than 1 URL in a forum signature or a backlink? Its something I thought about today at work ... [read more]

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    Adsense approval question

    Todd702 in SEO

    I got my adsense account approved but only for YouTube and blogpost/blogger. Is it possible to use a friends website (already adsense approved) or a way to rent a website ... [read more]

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    Energy/Electricity blogs

    berap in SEO

    Hi I'm looking for some who owns Energy/Eco friendly relate niche sites to post my infographic. willing to pay depends on the quality. thanks!

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    Which Link Budiling Service You Use ?

    shanrocks1985 in SEO

    Hi, I like to know which link building service you prefer and why? Any suggestion on this will be really helpful for newbee blogger. Regards Shan

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    about robot.txt ?

    kiwilx in SEO

    just making my website with wordpress, what is a robot.txt and how to add it to wordpress? will this affect rankings Thanks

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    Google Video Sitemap Help! It ranked us right away, but not the video thumb!?

    ShawnP in SEO

    We submitted a google video sitemap and within 2 hours the new site/pages we built with custom video on them (not YT vids) were ranked right at the top of ... [read more]