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    google ranked my Tier 1 backlink 1st page..

    zon27 in SEO

    I have been trying to rank t keyword for sometime now. It was on page 2 and dropped to page 5 after penguin update. What I did after penguin 2.0??? ... [read more]

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    Adwords 'Offer Extensions' - how to get them more impressions (show more)?

    isGabes in SEO

    My adwords 'Offer Extension' is not getting triggered much; ie, it has a low amount of impressions. What are the triggers that they need to show? What can I do ... [read more]

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    AdSense Payment Delay

    toivo in SEO

    It was a while ago that AdSense no longer mailed checks and gave you the option of having payment put into an account of your choice. I did that and ... [read more]

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    When to use disavow tool? after removing the bad links manually or before?

    adnan ali in SEO

    Hi everyone, Okay, i've 2 questions: Question #1: Our company website's traffic and ranking was very badly affected by the latest penguin 2.0 updates but we received no spamming message ... [read more]

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    Where to upload related content linking my website

    andygoal in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I do think it is very important to share where we should upload our content linking back to our money websites. We all have some general information (web ... [read more]

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    Best use of parked domains

    livemusic in SEO

    I started a thread about putting ads on a site to monetize parked domains. I should have styled it as "What is the best use of a parked domain?" Right ... [read more]

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    Mailchimp's whats and hows

    Jeff Harper in SEO

    I just want to know if what is mailchimp? I've held a google search but it says that it will send many emails to many recipients. Email providers can send ... [read more]

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    Adsense Earnings/Tips

    MrJackBauer in SEO

    Hi there. Im just about to monetize my forum and blog page. Just wanted to ask around for any tips that can lead to a better income from Adsense? I ... [read more]

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    How to monetize a site with ads

    livemusic in SEO

    I have a bunch of parked sites and through a Godaddy deal, they generate revenue but it is pennies, not worth it. I mean, pitiful results. How, exactly, could I ... [read more]

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    Tweetadder still good?

    crete in SEO

    Well Tweetattacks is down and likely for good. Is tweetadder still working and good? I need an alternative, I only use it to follow and unfollow. Any suggestions?

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    How does your SERP increases?

    mandos123 in SEO

    Hello, I just wanted to know is just me or you have similar thing when creating links. For example, I create high quality links for a week - nothing happens ... [read more]

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    HOw to get links when industry doesn't allow it

    livemusic in SEO

    I've done pretty well with my limited knowledge of SEO over the years. But I have few links except ones to/from sites I own. Even some 2.0 sites I link ... [read more]

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    Netpeak Checker Tool Page Rank Reporting is Now Working? Anyone?

    Chloe Brooks in SEO

    Hi Guys I use netpeak checker tool to see which are the the low quality back links. However, the Google Page Rank status does not seem to work? Anyone has ... [read more]

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    PPC or CPM Network?

    blitz20 in SEO

    I am looking for health traffic I can target age, gender and location. I cant run on google an bing has the bid increase but still runs to other genders. ... [read more]

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    URL Forwarding the same as a 301 Redirect?

    EricWPM in SEO

    Hello, I will be moving Site A to Site B. All content and internal links will stay the same just a new domain url. My question is the Namecheap URL ... [read more]

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    I need some help - Niche Website Isn't Showing Anywhere on Google for Keyword

    BlockTrade in SEO

    Guys, I need some help - My Niche Website Isn't Showing Anywhere on Google for Keyword. This is my first time doing this. I was ranked 107 when I first ... [read more]

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    Is it common? 301 redirect after using ProfitsTheme affecting SERP. Advise Please

    Super Warrior in SEO

    Hey guys, I am using ProfitsTheme on one of my clients websites. It was fine in the beginning (I remember it). But from last 4 weeks, the website seems nowhere ... [read more]

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    Rankings are a Trap. Focus on Traffic.

    FraserC in SEO

    Here's an article I recently wrote. I thought you might find this helpful to see SEO from my perspective. Do you agree with the following statement? “If I want to ... [read more]

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    Site moving up, been stale, scared to change anything.

    SyetemIsGod in SEO

    I made a website what seems about a year ago, it was my first site and my first try at making a niche. I wrote all the content and made ... [read more]

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    2 domains, same content?

    svedski in SEO

    Forgive me if this thread is placed in the wrong category. I couldn't find another one that seemed more fitting. I have a site which is (not my actual ... [read more]

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    don't get banned by adsense cover your bases

    igg in SEO

    I have read several posts on here on people getting banned by Google for no apparent reason and i do agree some people are getting banned unfairly. I have done ... [read more]

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    Complete List of Google's 200 Ranking Factors

    ankitoberoi in SEO

    Not sure if someone has shared this link in the past: Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List But a nice list, worth a read! Thanks, Ankit

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    Best article spinner in 2013

    zquintana in SEO

    Two questions for the forum. What's your personal favorite article spinner? Is spinning worth it? Also, I've heard of Spin Rewriter, anyone have any experience with it?

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    Bank Information For Adsense Payments

    WhiteStarlight in SEO

    Hi! I am about to enter bank payment information in order to receive Adsense earnings. Does anybody know - should I enter bank account of the same country I registered ... [read more]

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    Google keyword tool doesn't show low volume phrase counts

    livemusic in SEO

    Using Google's keyword tool, it is only showing me phrases that have over 100 searches/month. Yet, each sale I get is high profit, so, I'd like to see the count ... [read more]

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    2.0's out ranking money site!?

    burton4550 in SEO

    I created 2 web 2.0's and put multiple pages and built them almost as if they were my money site (not as good obviously) They're both outranking my main site. ... [read more]

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    Best Backlink Checker

    sonarsandwip in SEO

    Which is best free backlink checker?:p

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    Adsense in custom WP plugin admin page?

    GaryCarlyle in SEO

    My company and I are making an awesome easy traffic plugin for WordPress and I am looking for even more ideas. Would we be allowed to place an Adsense banner ... [read more]

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    Any Luck With Adhitz

    craigslist in SEO

    Was just wondering if anyone had any luck using Adhitz? Have just tried using them but it looks to be starting very slow.

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    Does having an image in a page help with SEO?

    livemusic in SEO

    Very few of my pages have images, they are just text. Do I need to stick an image on each one so I have alt tags? Does this really help? ... [read more]

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    nicolasmd2112 in SEO

    I just started to use to drive traffic to my Adscend Media CPA offers. Everything was going well until my first campaign was declined, because the the offer link ... [read more]

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    Link Pyramids Still work - After Penguin 2.0

    LindseyInteractive in SEO

    Hello Everyone, I been reading alot up on Matthew Woodward and his tutorial on Tier Link Building (AKA Link Pyramids), and I wanted to see what others thought as I ... [read more]

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    what does that mean ?

    Chuchab in SEO

    Hi my website 2 month old was on top2 and in 1 month, i lost the ranking after i added one post to home page the post has not related ... [read more]

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    is a niche Q&A site a viable idea

    B001ean in SEO

    Is a niche Q&A site a viable idea, i've setup one but i can't get users to sign up.Also, how should i generate content for such a site.I want the ... [read more]

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    Bookmarking blog posts?

    nelaffiliate in SEO

    Hi, Please I would like any suggestion about how I can automattically make sure my blog pages/posts are bookmarked as soon as I create them. Someone suggested using the Onlywire ... [read more]

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    Can you make money with solo ads?

    Bshellz in SEO

    I always get a bunch of questions about solo ads from people and the two common ones that tend to follow each other are... What are the conversions like? Can ... [read more]

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    Backlinks from .com to your .(country) . good or bad?

    watkip in SEO

    For quite a couple days i cant really find a satisfying answer. Do you benefit from .com backlinks when your website is in another language like dutch .nl or german ... [read more]

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    BAD SEO?

    Counselor in SEO

    What's the difference between elite level off page SEO and link building?

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    Can i have 2 adsense account with my name now in 2013?

    heartdragon in SEO

    Can i have 2 adsense account with my own name now? With many stories of people banned i thinking to have 2 adsense account with name name. Is it possible ... [read more]

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    Thin Content - Confusing Issue

    freeleon in SEO

    I'm actually confused with the term Thin content even after a lot of blogging experience. Basically, Imagine, i have a micro-niche site, assume it is regarding some service or sales ... [read more]

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    Everything was fine until I opened Analytics.

    TheDiazCompany in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I just started my small Graphic Design startup for Logos, cards, promoting businesses etc., I toil much adding content and trying to get SEO right but I've ... [read more]

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    Link Broker

    zquintana in SEO

    I'm looking for a link broker for some links on quality sites. Anyone out there available to help me? Zach PS - I hope this is the right forum for ... [read more]

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    Google Penguin 2.0

    amuro in SEO

    I just received an email from link assistant that Google is going to make another Penguin update. If you are into SEO and building niche sites, you might want to ... [read more]

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    Bad Bing experience

    operationbob in SEO

    When I try to login to my Bing Ads account today nothing happens. No error message, no "wrong password"... the page just refreshes without any explanation. So I contacted the ... [read more]

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    Anybody else seeing unusual Google dances everyday?

    Icematikx in SEO

    Before the recent G update, one of my Amazon sites was #3, with a competitor #2. The #1 position was held by consumerreports. Now the ranks are like: #1 consumerreports ... [read more]

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    Ha! Friendly Email

    xMizzlex in SEO

    Received this little gem in my inbox today: From: jenafer lana Message: he buddy , how are you .hope everything is alright.I visit your website and it looks very nice ... [read more]

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    A Google-friendly forum?

    adgaro in SEO

    Hi guys. I have some SEO experience with usual Wordpress and html sites. But never made any SEO for forums. What are the key features to make a forum Google ... [read more]

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    Does online site builder gives you backlink?

    murrad in SEO

    Online site builders(like wix, moonfruit) give backlink to our website ? Please let me know.

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    Does the country of hoster affect seo in target country?

    seoed in SEO

    Hi, I heard this very often and I did experience it myself either. If I want to rank my site in the US and have my hosting company in e.g. ... [read more]

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    Paid for Directory Listings Worth It?

    gzibell in SEO

    I am currently working on generating some citations to hopefully improve local search rankings. I keep running into Add Your Business--and give us money. Are these paid for listings any ... [read more]

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    High PR Blog/Site Comments

    Unpleasantry in SEO

    If I post my website on a few high pagerank blogs, perhaps in the comments section, would this be a bad idea to garner backlinks? I am aware most of ... [read more]

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    I want graphic design and logo design guest blogging websites.

    stevecohan in SEO

    I want some guest blogging website related to logo design and graphic design Industry.

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    Yall the adsense specialist

    Mindz in SEO

    I added my google code but I still see the red alert and my ads not active... What do I do next?

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    Google AdSense Account Disabled

    beatmeback in SEO

    This is awesome! Haven't done anything suspicious for invalid clicks. Making my own article doing seo for my website & boom, you've got a message! About a half month ago ... [read more]

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    How do you know "real" search engine results position

    livemusic in SEO

    If you are #1 or #10 or whatever on page 1 when someone does a search, is that called SERP? Whatever it's called, how does one know the "real" position? ... [read more]