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    Keyword Research

    kafiemon in SEO

    Is it necessary to give more importance on "Advertiser Competition" is any one want's to lunch a website for their own business services ? I thing We in this case ... [read more]

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    can i use a Foreign language domain with english content?

    sentient in SEO

    I've got the chance of obtaining a high PR domain name, with the main keyword in it, but it has two letters at the end which is the French word ... [read more]

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    adsense vs chitika

    faisalnisbah in SEO

    who is the better adsense vs chitika ?

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    Question from Newbie To Seo expert

    Chuchab in SEO

    Hi Guys i have 4 website on same niche and same keywords and also on the same hosting ,, So can i add all the 4 website on the same ... [read more]

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    Good traffic zero conversion

    Douriff in SEO

    Hi guys and gals. Here is the problem. I had 4 600 unique visitors last month, more than 8, 600 total visits.19,229 pages; 126.000 hits - according to Awstats, Webalizer ... [read more]

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    Does Google Penalize Host Companies?

    GerryFox in SEO

    Hi, I have a nagging question: Does Google penalize/rank hosting companies? For example would the same content/backlinks fair better if it were hosted on 'HostGator' vs 'GoDaddy' or vice versa? ... [read more]

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    What is the importance of SEM and SEO?

    seocindrella in SEO

    Hello friends, What is the importance of SEM and SEO?

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    Blogging Tips from Experts

    onkar in SEO

    Hello Friends, I have just now started blogging on wordpress( confused about writing on a particular niche and make few bucks from adsense. Since,traffic is key to earn from adsense, ... [read more]

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    Panda, Penguin, and Pandora's Anti-SEO

    whynes in SEO

    Has Google just opened up Pandora's box? Is it now possible for black-hatter's to scramble a competitor's rankings just by building a crappy link profile for them? Personally, I wouldn't ... [read more]

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    Is adsense dead?

    sayan28 in SEO

    Hae , 2012 was a very important year for seo guyz. As google is changing there algorithm very frequently from google panda to penguin to Emd and so on. Well, ... [read more]

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    Heads Up! Google Adsense Update

    jvjoe in SEO

    I just receive an email from Google Adsense about an Adsense update coming soon; Here is an excerpt from the email Hi, We’d like to inform you that, starting April ... [read more]

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    adsense earnings jumping up and down

    Santr123 in SEO

    I have seen my adsense earnings jumping. It went to upto $4 and then came back to $0.5What is going on?

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    For God sake, Please Suggest me some other forumposting Sites, like

    Karan Rawat in SEO

    I am using lots of forumposting sites, but beside of warriorforum, no one have talented users. I am very much edicted of warriorforum. Its like Facebook to me.

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    Can i go ahead if the page is not seo friendly?

    danielph in SEO

    Hello, in this days i have seen some problems of one of my website. I have urls like . So i understand that perfect one will be So ... [read more]

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    Should I link to a page matching my keyword?

    Rader in SEO

    I am getting links on relavent websites. I am confused on what is best practice. I have a site called, say SEO(.)com, and I have pages on that site for ... [read more]

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    Spammed forum in sub dir killed rankings?

    oldsteel68 in SEO

    Been wondering for a few weeks why my rankings for my $ site have disappeared. I just realized a website, which i have in a sub directory had gotten forum ... [read more]

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    I want to sell an exact match domain...

    sb06 in SEO

    I have a pretty awesome exact match domain I want to sell. According to Google Adwords Kewwords Tool, it gets 590 EXACT match searches globally, 390 locally, and it's low ... [read more]

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    How to promote and backlink casino/poker websites?

    ShivJaiswaL in SEO

    Hello everyone, Need some suggestions regarding promotion of poker/casino websites. I'm not new in SEO but recently such niche project is alloted to me. I'd found some casino/poker forums but ... [read more]

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    Quality Content Sucks ? What do you think about this..

    saarbel in SEO

    Just notice this article : Best SEO Content What do you guys think ? is it true ?

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    Google Local = That Bipolar GF You Love & Hate

    RedShifted in SEO

    No offense to any women on WF. Or any monkeys as you will shortly see. But why is google local always changing the way it displays? I'm not even talking ... [read more]

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    Need forum posting software recommendation

    searchnology in SEO

    I need a recommendation for a good forum posting software that can handle posting the same message to multiple forums at once. I am not looking to use this for ... [read more]

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    I need help with an offline PPC campaign

    SlowlyMan in SEO

    Ok, so, I;m running a PPC campaign for an offline company. One of the adgroups is names of competition. I'm using kw variables in the ad. Click through rate is ... [read more]

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    Best Free Alternative To Majestic SEO

    virtualprincipal in SEO

    Has anyone had any luck finding a link analyzer such as Majestic, Spyglass or one of the other's that is actually free? I'm really not a cheapskate, just FRUGAL...

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    How does google determine EPC in Adsense?

    supereek in SEO

    For example, you have a 'keyword' that has a CPC of 10$ Is this CPC correct only for organic google traffic? For example, lets say you send traffic from facebook ... [read more]

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    Why Aren't My Sites Ranking - No Blackhat Techniques

    dreamtoreality in SEO

    I don't understand why my sites aren't ranking. I haven't done anything dodgy, like blast backlinks. Instead, I've gone for the whitehat approach, where I build backlinks manually every day. ... [read more]

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    Affordable Google Rank Tracker

    jape in SEO

    Hi Guys, Anybody knows of an affordable Google rank tracker that can track thousands of keywords? I have market samurai and it works great but if there is an alternative ... [read more]

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    Google SERPs Change

    yukon in SEO

    I noticed Related keywords/links is gone at the top/drop-down menu on Google SERPs. I also noticed the page preview on the right side of the page is gone. Did they ... [read more]

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    Is anyone using CloakPig v2 or Pretty Link Pro WP plugins?

    MarketingTorch in SEO

    CloakPig v2 is a competitor of Pretty Link Pro. I've been trying to decide which is better. Anyone using either of these, or preferably have both, and can compare/contrast? Thanks. ... [read more]

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    Web 2.0 question?

    nathan221 in SEO

    As I am newbie and want to create web 2.0 backlinks, but I don't understand how to work on web 2.0 sites to get backlinks, for example my main site ... [read more]

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    Pay or you will not get unique hits.. lol

    Tomas Lodén in SEO

    This idiot has posted some of my articles on his crappy blog with this coment on my site: hello, along with this article, i have written many others that are ... [read more]

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    is the Joe Archibald 40 day challenge method still viable?

    pfunkk in SEO

    Hello - I'm trying to rank for a specific key phrase and I'm wondering if basing my SEO strategy off the 40 day challenge thread is still a viable baseline ... [read more]

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    What I learned from "link requests"..

    online only in SEO

    Hey guys, I just made somesort of "case study" of asking links from different webmasters and I implemented 3 different strategies... Just to let you know, I have legit website ... [read more]

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    I would like to guest post on a high PR IT related blog with dofollow backlink

    1stcompucare in SEO

    I have written a 700 word article, I used to post articles to my ezine account and then send tier 2 links too it via Unique article wizard. However I'm ... [read more]

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    Is SEO Dead??

    zubair56 in SEO

    After so many panda updates, google down the ranks of too many websites and now the SEO work is almost looks too hard. Too many changes done in past few ... [read more]

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    Facebook Ad Help

    blitz20 in SEO

    I want to stop my ads during a few hours each day through the week as I see sales slow during these hours. How do you do this with facebook ... [read more]

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    Google Looks at Page rank OR Backlinks?

    zannix in SEO

    I was always curious about this... Upon discovering and evaluating a backlink, does Google look directly at the Page Rank or the amount and quality of incoming links to that ... [read more]

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    Get this domain ranked on Google page 1, help.

    BizImperium in SEO

    Hey guys, Ive got a new site called Cat Cam: 10 hours footage of Maine Coon kitten Max The website is finished, Im just uploading some more videos (Vimeo is ... [read more]

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    Who can suggest a good rank tracker?

    dkt91 in SEO

    I am looking for a good rank tracker for my websites. Right now I have around 20 but the business is growing at a fast rate and I find myself ... [read more]

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    Indexing issue...

    sheffernan in SEO

    Hey there, This week I noticed that one of my e-commerce sites, which is almost a year old, only shows it's main page indexed when I search it's domain in ... [read more]

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    All in One SEO for Back Link The Lists

    Sunitha07 in SEO

    All we know back links are very important for top ranking of any website/blogs in search engines. So Here is a complete list of sites where you can create back ... [read more]

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    buy domain or 2.0 property to build back links?

    dorrotman in SEO

    is there any advantage to buying a domain Vs building a web 2.0 property (blog etc.) when building back links to my 20 year old web site?

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    Launch Dummy Site to Get Headstart on SEO?

    TacoLoco in SEO

    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a database driven site created over the next few months. Is it worth while getting the URL up & running straight away with a ... [read more]

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    A Normal CTR

    moowooshoe in SEO

    I am getting around 10-12 clicks per 200-230 impressions, is that a normal ballpark amount?, should I be worried?.

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    Ranking report ideas please

    Andrewsfm in SEO

    Hello, I have currently being using Microsites masters however they have now only allowed the root-domain to be used, some of my clients require sub domains. Does anyone know of ... [read more]

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    Links from Porn/Gambling/Foreign sites?

    3rnald0 in SEO

    I'm receiving traffic from several weird foreign porn and gambling sites. Thus I'm assuming these sites are linking to mine, even though I can't actually find the links pointing to ... [read more]

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    AD sense keywords -

    JackCronfield in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I understood that it is recommended to look for high paying keywords for adsense using the contextual search tool. But I am bit confused by the results I ... [read more]

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    2.0 property sand box

    dorrotman in SEO

    hi guys, i was wondering, i know the sand box is real but i know that to be true about a domain. how about if i open a web 2.0 ... [read more]

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    Can you please take a look at my tier 1 squidoo page

    1stcompucare in SEO

    Hello there I have created a squidoo page in order to try and improve my rank for the keyword "pc cleaning" on PC Cleaning Service London I have included ... [read more]

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    Analyzing Competitors Links. Totally Overrated or Useful?

    seoace in SEO

    With the majority of SEO tools containing features like Link Competitors Analysis Spy on your competitors backlinks Know where your competitors are getting their backlinks from etc. For me personally, ... [read more]

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    Buy links? What prices do you pay?

    Mike Anthony in SEO

    Have not sold links for a LONG time as I use my networks for more private things. For people who buy links here (and I know some purists will come ... [read more]

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    How To Do SEO For Ou Blog & Articles ?

    Grettcs in SEO

    Hey warriors , here i am back with one question that i am working one of my clothing website of t-shirts. So what the questions going in my mind is, ... [read more]

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    Ultimate SEO Tools List

    marijar in SEO

    SEO Tutor presented Ultimate SEO Tools List that contains, by now, more than 130 online and desktop tools for optimization, marketing, usability, accessibility, readability and similar listed. List can be ... [read more]

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    I Chased My Rankings Away

    Carl Brown in SEO

    I'm not too worried (or should I be?). My site was originally geared toward ranking a couple easy keywords, but I saw I was ranking #40 for a great related ... [read more]

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    michaelvv in SEO

    Hello Warriors, does anyone has some high pr business listing sites? please share it Thanks

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    What is the math behind those site that sell tons of backlinks in real cheap bucks?

    nitesh in SEO

    Hello Everyone, I have seen many sites promise to sell thousands of backlinks in very small time. If I have to build 1000 backlinks manually then I think I may ... [read more]

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    Google Webmaster Tools: Links To Your Site Question

    Vrindavan in SEO

    Google Webmaster Tools: Links To Your Site Question In this report, a) Is it only webpages linking direct to your site URL will be included ? b) Will it include ... [read more]