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    Makes money with adsense custom search?

    marco005 in SEO

    Hi, Does anyone makes good monthly income with adsense custom search builded websites? Also use only the custom search engine on yor website to give value to the readers and ... [read more]

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    What is next step? Help for beginner!

    Lanii in SEO

    Hey! I made 3 autoblogs that posts videos automaticaly every day. Every site is using wordpress and I got few seo plugins on it. Each site is getting now 60-150 ... [read more]

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    How google show 4-5 posts of a website in SERP for a query

    satinderbal in SEO

    How google show 4-5 posts of a website in SERP for a query Please experts i want to know how google show 4-5 posts of a website in SERP ... [read more]

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    I can't help but laugh at my competitors.. STOP DESTROYING YOUR BUSINESSES

    Icematikx in SEO

    With having 50+ Amazon sites, I regularly check out the SERPs. From time to time, I notice new competitors springing up who are trying to get their piece of the ... [read more]

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    Website has dropped? Google Update?

    PixelCreativeUK in SEO

    Hi Ive noticed my website has dropped today. From Page One to Page 3. Has Google done an update? Website is Web Design Services Liverpool | Affordable Website Design I ... [read more]

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    Link Strengthening Question

    Maxtemple in SEO

    Hi, I have been building links to a website of mine for a while now and I just thought about strengthening the links with a few blasts from scrapebox or ... [read more]

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    use keyword on the URL or use random name?

    kocenghabok in SEO

    Hi all warriors. I need some suggestions and opinions. I want to create some web 2.0 sites. And for the url of this web 2.0, what is the best? a) ... [read more]

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    Question about Adsense

    vjboc in SEO

    If I create muliple topic pages. Should I make a new ad unit for each topic? Or can I make one ad unit and use it for all of them?

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    Quality Content & Penalized by Panda & Penguin

    mejohn in SEO

    I know that Google always says that quality content will get you ranked, but I have found that is not true. I have 10 times more quality content on my ... [read more]

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    Ridiculously Low CPC rates

    cbnet in SEO

    I got 4 clicks today. The cpc rates are: USA : cents 4 India : cents 3 South Africa : cents 2 New Zealand : cent 1 Total 11 cents ... [read more]

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    Comment Spam on Google's page about comment Spam

    dvduval in SEO

    Not sure whether to laugh or cry! Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Hard facts about comment spam

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    adsense backup ads

    mogulmap in SEO

    Hey all, I just incorporated Adsense into my site but I am having trouble figuring out how to make the backup ads work. I would like to have my own ... [read more]

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    Do you do free blogger or buy new domain each time?

    cashtree in SEO

    Wondering if I should stick to buying new domain each time for each blog or try out blogger to save some money. Google takes longer to rank for so I ... [read more]

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    SEO vs Social Media ?

    techmoo in SEO

    Hi, I am a new blogger and i want you peoples to guide me that which is the better way of promoting my blog, should i do SEO (backlinking etc) ... [read more]

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    Why my competitors backlinks are just crap and not hit by google penguin or panda?

    Majdi33 in SEO

    Hi WF, I think Google is unfaire, I checked my competitors on the first page of google using backlinkwatch and spyglass and I found that 90% of their backlinks are ... [read more]

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    Best Web 2.0 Backlinks

    zspuckl in SEO

    Okay, so I did a couple of searches, I KNOW there was a thread about it but I just can't find it! I need some of the best web 2.0 ... [read more]

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    EMD Versus Brand. Do You Change or Not?

    darrenlc in SEO

    A Few months ago after loosing rankings on one of my websites from the last major Google update I was undecided whether to carry on with the domain and wait ... [read more]

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    Google and Youtube search results

    imgeek2727 in SEO

    Hi. I had keyword research done for me recently. I have a question. Every keyword that was returned to me was low competiton. I am trying to rank videos for ... [read more]

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    social adr, social monkee and only wire which is the best to use

    jackrice in SEO

    for free social bookmarking just want to know among these 3 tools which is best for free social bookmarking . only wire social monkee social adr your suggestion is highly ... [read more]

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    Social Bookmarking - Software vs. Manual Submission

    Ashlindz in SEO

    Hello Fellow Warriors, I wanted to get opinions on how to properly do social bookmarking. Background: I want to begin social bookmarking my youtube videos and a few articles from ... [read more]

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    Alternatives to Google wonder wheel !?

    alinpion in SEO

    Hy! At the begining of this month I found out hat Google took off his top keyword related search tool. Since the I'm looking for a good alternative for wonder ... [read more]

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    Google Slap

    kilobytestechnologies in SEO

    my website Interior Designer Mumbai, Interior Decorators Mumbai, Home Interior Designer was by slapped by google.. don't know why but ranking just dropped from 2nd page and nw its not ... [read more]

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    Brad Callen’s KE2 keyword software update glitch

    Ashwin in SEO

    I am using KE2 from Bryxen software for keyword research. When I allow the newest update, I can’t open the software up. I get: “not a valid 32x application” I ... [read more]

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    Deleting Pages and post

    Arobi030 in SEO

    This is my first website. When I post all my content on my site (5 post). Within a week I ranked on Google’s first page (10th). I had my ... [read more]

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    how to do external link

    newking32 in SEO

    hello guys i have a problem for doing external link how to do it ? i have a keyword for my blog , so how can i external link to ... [read more]

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    Google indexing and dating issues

    thesuccesscoach in SEO

    hi there, i have a question that is troubling me Let´s say i create a page called How to build a car It get indexes on Jan 1st I then ... [read more]

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    EMD or ??????

    sham2 in SEO

    "" this is my site and i am losing my ranks. I think i am hit by emd as my keywords are Furniture stores in dallasFurniture store in dallas Dallas ... [read more]

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    2013 Google Update Name!

    Isaiah Coe in SEO

    I thought I make this post just for fun. If you would like post your predication for the next Google update that will be in 2013. Also if you want ... [read more]

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    Is Google really Validating Places Listings?

    squadron in SEO

    I had a call at 15:06 Brisbane time yesterday from whom I believed to be a worker for Google who wanted to validate our Google Places listing. He asked to ... [read more]

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    Does Free Advertising Forums Links Work?

    M_Usman in SEO

    I want to ask the back-links coming from free advertising forums works? How this impact on our rankings these kind of links?

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    The New Google Update Exposed?

    howto in SEO

    Hi everyone. Some of you may have noticed my posts on the forum yesterday about my theory about what was causing some people to lose rank in this alleged new ... [read more]

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    PageRank Passing Doubt !!!

    klhari in SEO

    If i have home page PR5 and there is 10 links in the sense, will it pass all my linkjuice to that 10 links? If it passes will my page ... [read more]

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    Does any Google Updation happen in January'13

    dwivid in SEO

    Hello everyone.. I am looking for latest updation after 21'Dec'12 in Google algorithm. If anyone knows that their is any updation within this month. please share about it. Thanks

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    Problem with Google webmaster tools.

    robertarticle in SEO

    Hi, I have a problem with webmaster Tools . all option are working good but "Link to your site" when i clicked on this option, webmaster tools said "no data ... [read more]

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    is there any new update of penguin or panda - My site's keywords are going down ?

    Grettcs in SEO

    Hey warriors , from last 1 week my site keywords are going down and some of are out of first 100 results - i have checked regarding , is there ... [read more]

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    thatdude123 in SEO

    I'm working on a Mexican restaurant's website and its brand new and I'm trying to build up its PR. Can someone layout what factors "Most" contribute to building ones PR. ... [read more]

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    observing a lot of changes within google SERP

    bluesharksolution in SEO

    Today, I am observing a lot of changes within google SERP for a variety of keyword so any buddy know about any update regarding to search engine then please share ... [read more]

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    Business review sites for local businesses

    M_Usman in SEO

    Please share do-follow business reviews websites like Is it possible that I get more than 100 sites for user sharing?

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    Big traffic change for top URL problem

    seoman2012 in SEO

    hello warriors i have get this message in google webmaster tools “Search results clicks for xxx site have decreased significantly.” after search all said that it is penguin update what ... [read more]

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    How we have to check that our site is in sandbox ?

    Grettcs in SEO

    Hey warriors , if i want to check that my site keywords are gone in to google sandbox due to any reason in terms of google quality or any concern ... [read more]

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    Description tags picked by Google instead of you writing them increase ranking!?...

    satrap in SEO

    We have all been told to write great description tags for our posts, and many WP users use all in seo or other plugins to let Google know exactly what ... [read more]

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    Few doubts regarding to use software or not

    gillw254 in SEO

    HI, I just wanna ask some few things: a) Does anyone here still using softwares like senuke or magic submitter etc..? (after panda and penguin) Ofcourse I do not go ... [read more]

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    bradudan in SEO

    You hear all the time about bad SEOs. Bad SEOs are offering worthless services, failing to deliver on their internet marketing promises, polluting the search engine results-well, a lot of ... [read more]

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    Is january slow for adsense normally?

    frambles in SEO

    I stared using Adsense on a non retail website in December. Christmas was slow as expected but through January my revenue has not picked back up to Decembers peaks. I ... [read more]

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    From page 35 to page 14 in one week

    Majdi33 in SEO

    Hi warriors, Last week I posted several ads on different classifieds websites, I choosed only free classifieds with a higher PR than 2 and with an advanced Alexa rank too. ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Robot Results - Anyone With Positive Experience?

    theresultshow in SEO

    Hi Guys! I was wondering if any one here has good results with wordpress robot. Care to share how you did right? Below is the traffic i get since 23rd ... [read more]

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    Google Trust Rank

    dvduval in SEO

    With google having access to registrar information and server IPs and linking patterns, as you create sites do you think about your long term reputation with google?

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    How To Set An Account Level Budget in Adwords

    rvrabel2002 in SEO

    Does anyone know how to change the account level budget in adwords? I followed their guide here: How do I edit my account-level budget? - AdWords Help but there is ... [read more]

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    Drive traffic

    odesk in SEO

    Hi Friends, I am going to make new Hollywood Showbiz News Blog I have my adsense on this blog. I want to earn through this blog. how to drive traffic ... [read more]

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    Amazon Plugins for Wordpress - Does anyone have the full low down?

    TuNguyen in SEO

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you could help me. Does anyone have the full low down on Amazon plugins for Wordpress? and what are your thoughts on them in general? ... [read more]

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    How to make profits from Google Adwords

    stodary2000 in SEO

    Hi All, I created a site in the health niche (about hair loss) allhealthproblems[dot]com/overview-provillus-fight-baldness-hair-loss/ Replace the [dot] with . I used Adwords, with my 1st 100$--> I had 51 clicks ... [read more]

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    Does Google Favor Blogger over Wordpress?

    Jaysmyne in SEO

    Hey! So I just kinda noticed that my blogger blog out of all my blogs is doing the best in terms of traffic. I take a completely different approach with ... [read more]

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    sb4f in SEO

    Hi guys, last November I set up an overblog account and linked my twitter Facebook and site. Google has picked up on all the links as per Web master tools ... [read more]

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    Google Rank Dropping

    djdropscentral in SEO

    Does anyone have any idea why my website has dropped from the 2nd page to the 15th page in just one day? Site was holding steady on 2nd page for ... [read more]

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    Struck by Panda

    LogoDesignExpert in SEO

    My site is 7 months old - it was on Pagerank 1 and 2 for 5 keywords on Google, all of a sudden today it has slipped to 9 or ... [read more]

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    Can it be bad for a new site, to link highly relevant, high quality links to it?

    RedShifted in SEO

    I have a bunch of older, highly relevant, high quality youtube videos ranking well in google serps. So many that I decided it would be stupid not to start a ... [read more]