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    What Will You Do If You Are To Start Another Campaign?

    kayode10 in SEO

    hi warrior, provided that you are to start another campaign, let say basically affiliate marketing, in which you're to use SEO marketing only, from the beginning what are necessary thing ... [read more]

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    Ads direct from the advertising companies

    cbnet in SEO

    I am having adsense ads on my site. Looking into the option of putting up companies' ads on my site on monthly rental basis. My questions are: (i) How many ... [read more]

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    Website Comparison

    robg1 in SEO

    I built 2 almost identical websites in separate niches in November 2012. (By identical, I mean that they have same layout and design) One has had a lot of seo ... [read more]

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    Keywords versus customer intent

    bradudan in SEO

    SEO has evolved a lot over the last couple of years. Sure, Google makes little tweaks to the algorithm driving SEO all the time, but recent Panda and Penguin updates ... [read more]

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    When is the Google Update Coming?

    techgr in SEO

    Does anyone know when Google will be having the next PR update? February?

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    Difference between SEO and SMO?

    LoginBD in SEO

    hi! Social media optimization this word is so new to me.....SEO is Search engine optimization then what is the basic difference between SEO and SMO????????.....

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    Quality score for adwords?

    blitz20 in SEO

    What are some good ways to help increase my adwords score?

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    Can anyone review for ADSENSE?

    praveen1 in SEO

    Hello! guys , Can anyone review my blogspot blog and can suggest me that Is my Blog ready to go for ADSENSE? Or will i have to make some adjustments ... [read more]

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    Submitting one PR to many free PR websites?

    Majdi33 in SEO

    Hi warriors, Will it be considered a duplicant content if I send the same Presse Release to several PR websites with different keywords and titles? Thanks

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    How to do Guest posting?

    murphyy in SEO

    Can any one help to learn me about Guest posting?I want to know about Guest posting and how it is doing?Any good and relevant ideas are highly appreciated.

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    Trying To Give Away Free Websites

    shayman in SEO

    Hi I'm trying to think outside the box a little with this and on the fly a little so if it's crap then I apologise. I have a product with ... [read more]

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    How do you social media SEO

    EndreS in SEO

    Hello. I pretty new here so sorry for maybe a stupid question: I understand that social media is the most important tool for SEO in 2013 and have been for ... [read more]

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    Starting fresh with a new domain after Penguin. Best way?

    AlbertMora in SEO

    Situation One of our customers has a large domain with thousand of pages. Domain is not banned (results are displaying when you do a query in Google), but after ... [read more]

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    Add on domains vs. sub domains. vs. ?

    jchance in SEO

    Hello everyone. I have a question and hope I can ask in a way that makes sense. My understanding of domain names is that the more specific you can be ... [read more]

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    Post Penguin Question - How does Google know what my keywords are if i cant use them as anchor text

    smartbrain in SEO

    This has been concerning me for a little while after the last Penguin update but now knowing we should mix backlink anchors with naked urls etc and not use our ... [read more]

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    Does Bing Ads have Melbourne as a "location"?

    Kskyring in SEO

    Hi There I have been using Google Adwords for many years and finally thought I would give Bing Ads a go. After setting up the account and importing the Google ... [read more]

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    What should i do for getting more local Search traffic?


    What should i do for getting more local Search traffic?

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    Adsense | Dead or Alive in 2013…

    chikeade in SEO

    Ok. I am not one to give into fear. But I hate to be naïve and ignorant. So I would like to know since this is an Adsense thread from ... [read more]

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    Google New Update - Monkey ?

    aksports2003 in SEO

    I heard that Google is releasing a new update similar to Panda and this one is called Monkey and coming in mid Febuary. Any thoughts or info?

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    Protecting Personal Images

    CatherineMay in SEO

    I plan on using some of my own personal images on a new site (instead of only amazon images), but have no idea how to make sure they aren't used ... [read more]

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    How many amazon reviews do you have in order to generate $100 for you?

    kokjaywin in SEO

    How many amazon product reviews do you have in order to generate $100 to you? Are most of them getting traffic but not getting conversion? Are there any products that ... [read more]

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    SEO Quake Vs SEO for Firefox. Which one is Correct When Checking Whether the link is Nofollow or Do?

    rafiseo in SEO

    Which one is correct when checking external link whether the link is Nofollow or Dofollow? I see sometime SEO quake and SEO for firefox shows different results. So little bit ... [read more]

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    Does Google consider Reddit spamming?

    CMpunk in SEO

    Does Google consider Reddit spamming? I've recently joined Reddit. I posted a link to my blog with relevant content. My blog's traffic rapidly increased. This month's traffic is currently more ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to analyze another website to find out how...

    CoachManny in SEO

    Any way of analyzing a website to find out what helps them stay at number 1 on google for a particular keyword? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Manny

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    Your adsense thoughts

    little grey in SEO

    I now average about 20,000 people a month in blog visitors. I make about $8-16 per month with adsense. I have three sets of ads on my site with adsense ... [read more]

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    Silo Structure: Local Seo

    brettdc in SEO

    How would you silo structure a wordpress site properly for states and cities? Let's say my site is a site a lead generation site targeting different states and cities. How ... [read more]

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    Amazon Disclaimer & Duplicate content ???

    whitworldwide in SEO

    Hi, I have a couple of questions, which are a bit 'nooby', but please bear with me! :p I have an affiliate website and need to add an Amazon disclaimer. ... [read more]

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    Best buying keyword researcher

    enwereuzo in SEO

    Please, where can i get the best researcher on buying keyword. I need buying keyword for my niche

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    SEO for Chrome plugin - how reliable?

    bwh1 in SEO

    Hey there don't know if you guy's ever used this but I have a SEO plugin in my Chrome browser which does a backlink lookup to any URL of my ... [read more]

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    1000+ google images visitors = no money

    OkyNet in SEO

    Hi all, This is my first post, joined ten minutes ago spending all the money I earn on the last 2 months with adsense I have a site with some ... [read more]

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    Google Freshness Algo

    zecke in SEO

    Hi I got a question about Google Freshness algo... because I see that everytime I add new content to my website my rankings go higher: What elements should I update ... [read more]

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    Paid Traffic VS SEO... Which one do you vote for?

    Super Affiliate in SEO

    Dear Fellow Warriors, No doubt, I would vote for SEO since I'm a SEO guy for the past 13 years. But for the past few weeks, I've been testing paid ... [read more]

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    Amazon review site - Google dance or penguin hit?

    Danijelb in SEO

    Hi guys, I started an Amazon review site maybe a 2 months ago, I have about 20 reviews so far which made me about $400 in December. I was really ... [read more]

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    Adwords query

    cannons in SEO

    Hi Warriors, In a adgroup, if have multiple keywords and multiple ads in the same adgroup, how actually is google going to select which ad to display for which keyword ... [read more]

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    The SEO Strategy which I Follow to Rank my Toughest Keywords

    faisalmaximus in SEO

    I am an SEO expert, I make my own strategy to rank my site for the toughest keywords and test them. My long time experience says, quality first tier and ... [read more]

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    converting old super high website to another language?

    legoog8 in SEO

    I just bought a super high pr website that is extremely powerful in another language however im not that fluent in that language so i wish to start a fresh ... [read more]

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    Linking one website to another...footer link or a homepage link?

    legoog8 in SEO

    Hello which is best a footer link or 1 homepage link if you are wanting to link one of your main website to another one of your big websites? a ... [read more]

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    How are they doing this?

    BrianDouglas in SEO

    Look on the adsense in the sidebar of PostLoop Payment Proof How are they doing that?! The ads are headlines only, and when you float over them, they expand to ... [read more]

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    Video Submission Site List With PAGE Rank

    avtaarsid in SEO

    Huge list for Video Submission . I will update the list regularly . Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos - Pr-7 - Pr-9 MeFeedia - Media Engine -Pr-5 Watch ... [read more]

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    Do-follow And High Page Rank Forums List

    johnsander1 in SEO

    I am sharing a huge and important list of do-follow and high page rank forums. seocommunity(dot)in/forum.php warriorforum(dot)com forums.digitalpoint(dot)com internetmarketingforums(dot)net allcoolforum(dot)com 9mb(dot)com/forums webicy(dot)com seattleseoforum(dot)com siteownersforums(dot)com webmasters(dot)org/forum/ forum.triphp(dot)com/ ukseoforums(dot)com

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    Google Indexing Foreign Language Version

    StopWatch4500 in SEO

    I work for a company that has a large site with four different languages. I'd say about 1/3 of the non-English pages are completed; the others default to English. This ... [read more]

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    Article samurai - is it worth it?

    elzafonv in SEO

    Anyone can share his/her experiences with Article Samurai? Thanks in advance.

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    Should i "NoIndex" My privacy page?

    MattAdamo in SEO

    hey guys, On a new blog i'm using a privacy policy plugin. It just makes it easier and i know im guaranteed not to get heat from google. But here ... [read more]

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    noindex/nofollow category/tags in WP?

    FreeMeal in SEO

    (in wordpress) If i have my permalinks set up to exclude the category from the URL. Could I then noindex and/or nofollow both my tags AND my categories? or would ... [read more]

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    What SEO tool you wish existed?

    nietzsche in SEO

    Is there any SEO tool or application that you wish had existed? Or something that you currently do manually and can be automated? Or something that exists but could be ... [read more]

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    Google giving local results where they are not wanted?

    BenWesty in SEO

    So, my website used to be number one for a certain search term. It used to be number one for "------- Lessons", and also used to be number one for ... [read more]

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    Google Geolocation problems since algorithm updates ?

    cctvinstallers in SEO

    Has anyone else noticed they are getting more hits suddenly from different countries than they are targeting since some of the recent algorithm updates ? Does anyone have a solution ... [read more]

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    Facebook ads and paying methods

    PaoloG in SEO

    Hi i saw a guy in a course on Fb saying that for testing purposes he uses another account (fake) so that if his fake account gets banned he can ... [read more]

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    What is exact match anchor text?

    livewirerules in SEO

    The recent penguin update will penalize exact match anchor text keywords.. I’m a bit confused that what is exactly a exact match anchor text and how to different keywords other ... [read more]

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    Thinking of using google adwords for the first time

    cnckevin in SEO

    I've been doing mobile sites for about a year now and have made a very good living doing so. I also do web sites, hosting and that stuff but have ... [read more]

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    AdWords & Affiliates Links (It Still Works)

    Vikram73 in SEO

    I've had some ups and downs with AdWords over the years. I made my first few dollars online with AdWords and ClickBank products and then got dinged for the offers ... [read more]

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    Help! How to rank a game/aracade website

    opalfx in SEO

    I have built a gaming/arcade website. I am wondering how do you rank it. Any help is highly appreciated. Is it the same as SEO (link wheels, article marketing, link ... [read more]

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    Exactly what is working now to make bank with SEO in 2013...

    Make Money Ninja in SEO

    I wrote this awesome blog post earlier. It basically sums up what is working now and what i am doing for 2013. You can see the blog post here. Below ... [read more]

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    which traffic strategy should i apply to my GIF site?

    thomasdevos in SEO

    hi dudes, I get about 5000+ funny gifs and published about 500+ to my funny gif site then, i improve the site to allow user/login/register function. You know there ... [read more]

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    Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tool?

    Mosa in SEO

    I'm looking for the best rank tracking tool available. I have a ton of sites and I'd like to be able to check the ranks of all my sites at ... [read more]