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    Overlooked high pr sites!

    vivo in SEO

    I was just kind of looking for sites I could post my link to , when I had two ideas. Why not submit my site to a directory, and why ... [read more]

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    Ebay affiliate is it possible to geolocate ?

    cctvinstallers in SEO

    Hi I am starting as an ebay affiliate, i have put a couple of microsites online that are getting decent traffic,but i had to choose ebay uk or usa etc ... [read more]

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    Would this be considered arbitrage?

    Anton543 in SEO

    I want to run a campaign on 7Search to try and get exposure for my site with some cheap cpc but not actually try and sell anything. However, I do ... [read more]

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    take a look at this analytics report - penalty or dance?

    swi7ch in SEO I am 99% sure that's a penalty. Massive drop in unique visitors since the 27th (record for fewest numbers in fact) and out of the 15 or so keywords ... [read more]

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    Is Useful to High-Quality Backlinks Building Strategy??

    duia in SEO

    When it comes to Link Wheels, many SEOers regard as a useful site to put their backlinks building strategy into practice. It seems that is a site that ... [read more]

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    7Search ads - where do they appear?

    Anton543 in SEO

    Any examples of sites where they appear.

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    Targeting Trademarked Keyword with Adwords

    Jake Howard in SEO

    Hi All, I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some tips on bidding on Trademarked keywords in Adwords, using the following keyword as an example: ... [read more]

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    Advice regarding subdomain or subfolder

    bojankibebe in SEO

    Hi everyone, I'm about to launch a new sports shop that will focus on 3 different sports. Would you guys recommend me to structure the domain with subdomains, ... [read more]

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    buying an old domain with pr in slightly different niche

    jingliang3 in SEO

    Hi, I want to buy a PR5 domain i came across to link to my art related website (selling art, real paintings and also digital versions). The domain niche and ... [read more]

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    Multiple Path leading to Goal Conversion

    lingoway in SEO

    Hi I have set a goal in google analytics for one of my site. The Goal URL is book.htm. My website has three part, from where visitor can start the ... [read more]

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    Google.COM Question Please Answer

    Dead Body in SEO

    I have a Website with 3 keywords, one of my keywords is at no 1 in Google.COM The Problem is that when I checked the same keyword at Google.COM with ... [read more]

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    [GET] Increase your adsense income upto 20% the legal way without additional traffic

    mentallion in SEO

    Hello guys I wanna share my experiences that I used to increase my income around 20% per month without the need of additional traffic, black-hat methods or cheating. I must ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords for youtube Video - anyone using it?

    kencalhn in SEO

    Hi - Is anyone using google adwords for video? Any luck/success/lessons learned? Google AdWords for Video I stopped using adwords several years ago, because the ppc got to be prohibitive ... [read more]

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    Detecting Adwords Click Fraud

    Mikeyrooney in SEO

    Hello, Recently I noticed a huge CTR increase in one of our campaigns in google adwords so I investigated further and it looks like click fraud. I have been researching ... [read more]

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    Need High Pr Dofollow Backlinks List

    seoexpertrizwan in SEO

    I need high page rank dofollow Games Forum List please share me if any one have huge list on that.

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    Need some clarity on these questions...

    ally29 in SEO

    Hello All. Hope some of you will be able to give me some straight answers for these questions. I've done my own little 'crash course' into SEO and Internet Marketing ... [read more]

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    Google SEO CopyWriting Checklist

    sparkah in SEO

    Guys... I recently uploaded this video: Google SEO Copywriting In it i mention the 1 thing most bloggers forget... 1. adding a NOFOLLOW to all links that don't go to ... [read more]

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    Google index

    kokjaywin in SEO

    I have been posting fresh contents quite frequently, maybe once in two days. Have been doing this for two months. But why the google still index my pages slowly? Got ... [read more]

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    Real problem with Google?

    praveen1 in SEO

    Can anyone tell or explained me--what is this? I am searching for keyword (million dollar makeovers) on, then what i find is that 19 results and 21 results are ... [read more]

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    Page Rank changed to N/A by Google

    cbnet in SEO

    I set up my site in April' 12. First time I noticed about 2-3 weeks ago my home page was ranking PR0 & my site's pages were ranking PR1 & ... [read more]

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    Need Your Advice!!!!

    Anurag96 in SEO

    I recently created many backlinks from many popular website OK. These links are not indexed yet and my website is getting links from a JUNK website. Can anyone please tell ... [read more]

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    Google updates

    thinesh in SEO

    Have any latest updates from google?

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    Best Keyword Tool

    fairbjosh in SEO

    What is the best keyword tool on the market for long tail keyword research and niche finder?

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    Adwords - not a single click

    Anton543 in SEO

    Started a campaign yesterday with keywords bid ranging from 0.25 cents to 0.40 cents and yet not a single click, only a handful of impressions. These keywords are not hugely ... [read more]

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    Keyword Competition Tools?

    latnem in SEO

    Hey Warriors, Many warriors have different requirements when doing keyword research. Most everyone will do some sort of "google search research" for example a "quoted" search to find how many ... [read more]

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    An other google Update?

    luckyman2k in SEO

    Hello friends i just check ranking of my sites 4 of them are increase massively. and 3 lost badly. did any one witnessed it today ( 23 Nov 2012). Change ... [read more]

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    Former Google search memeber reveals all

    fanta81 in SEO

    Excerpt of an interview with Andre Weyher, a former member of Matt Cutts’ search quality team. Former Google Search Quality Team Member Reveals All | Site Reference – Internet Marketing ... [read more]

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    Is a keyword with millions of searches and low competition the best?

    nobull in SEO

    Hi, which one of these (masked) keywords would be preferred, given the number of searches and its level of competition? I would assume "Keyword 1" with millions of searches but ... [read more]

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    Seo help- generic or yoast specialist?

    nilitos in SEO

    for a multilingual WP e-commerce site i have installed yoast plugin. i did this as i understood it's not only about the keywords but necessary for sitewide tweaking as well.. ... [read more]

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    Google Analytic - what does it mean by " (not provided)" keyword?

    webguru11 in SEO

    What does (not provided) mean in Google analytic Search Keywords table? Where from those keywords are coming from?

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    cbreceipt in SEO

    Heard about adgooroo through a friend and was wondering if anyone is using them. They are pretty pricey though, $399/month for the Display Insight fuction.

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    .info and .ws domains - will they rank in Google?

    markament in SEO

    I wanted to post this for all members of the forum considering buying other than .com, .net or .org domains. A couple years back when I was just getting heavily ... [read more]

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    How to Check if i was hit by penguin or panda

    slimderek in SEO

    Hi Guys For about a week now, my blog traffic has seriously reduced from about 5k+ daily pageviews to 600 pageviews daily, i check my webmaster this morning and found ... [read more]

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    SEO experts can you please analyse this site

    priyankeshu in SEO

    This site has been my sole earner but right now its not Ranking in Google post panda/Penguin. Can you please look into it and suggest what i should be doing ... [read more]

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    on page optimization

    seodiva in SEO

    Can anyone tell me what are the factors that should be consider in on page. please reply me any reference site.

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    In bound and Out bound link?

    dwivid in SEO

    Hello everyone... I want to know about in bound link and out bound link what they are mean for. I am quite confuse about them. someone says that inbound link ... [read more]

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    Sites like SEMRush and KeywordSpy?

    Josh MacDonald in SEO

    I'm looking for an alternative web-based keyword database. I don't know any others. Any ideas?

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    Use of Article after posting

    sandegownc in SEO

    Article marketing that is the valuable thing in seo. After writing a unique article we submit it to different -2 article sites and then again we do social bookmarks of ... [read more]

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    Selecting Domain name

    cbnet in SEO

    Considering the latest google's crack down on EMD, what are the tips now to select a domain name.

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    Why is my Adsense block showing one big ad instead of three regular sized ads?

    jeffkeysar in SEO

    I recently put a large rectangle Adsense block on my site and have noticed recently that it populates the block with only one big text ad w/ lots of white ... [read more]

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    Can BlackHat SEO methods implemented on one site harm my Google Webmaster profile/other websites ?

    IMPromocoder in SEO

    Hi Guys, I own quite a few websites, all registered under one Google Webmaster / Analytics account. One of my sites is not evergreen and I believe it has about ... [read more]

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    I spend 600-700 per month in PPC. How should I move that over to SEO practices

    Dustin Blevins in SEO

    So at the moment I am spending roughly $20-$25 / day on PPC Google ads. They are working alright for my business and definitely helping me prosper. However. At the ... [read more]

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    High Outbound Links count - Bad?

    TuNguyen in SEO

    Hi guys, Just wondering if you can help me by letting me know if you think having a site with a lot of outbound links a bad thing? And if ... [read more]

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    Got this E-Mail today..

    normahl in SEO

    I got this E-Mail to one of my websites linked contact page: (Translated to eng) "Let me say this clear: I don't accept copied content on pages as I ... [read more]

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    Is this EMD?

    fanta81 in SEO

    Hi, I know there is a lot of talk going around EMD and I need a little more info on this. Let's say, if I am planning to build a ... [read more]

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    Local Business SEO with Local Place sub domains

    srivps in SEO

    Dear Warriors, This is my First thread in Warrior Forum. I have an idea to target Local Business. 1. I currently own 150+ Local Place Domains. My definition for Local ... [read more]

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    Googly Analytics not working properly?

    inxie in SEO

    Basically, I have the Google analytics dashboard plugin on wordpress, I added my code to my footer and it seems to be working fine, showing 86 views on the dashboard. ... [read more]

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    How To Get High Quality Backlinks (PR5-8)

    Rymen1993 in SEO

    Don't know if you knew about this but according to Some SEO experts backlinks holds 80% of Google rankings. On page SEO is important, but is less effective than backlinks ... [read more]

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    How to drive Free Traffic to your website even if it is highly competitive

    areoo in SEO

    Ok i posted this thread awhile ago and it go deleted maybe because i was on the wrong section. But here it goes. If you have a highly competitive keyword ... [read more]

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    Info on link exchange with others

    mannie85 in SEO

    Hello, I have exchange links with 2 website, it have been 2 or 3 week, they have not got index yet. How long does it take to index a link ... [read more]

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    How Does Goog Identify a Paid Link?

    WebEminence in SEO

    Did you see the recent video from Matt Cutts on paid links? Here it is: Why do paid links violate Google's guidelines while other ads don't? - YouTube He says ... [read more]

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    Backlinking-Strategy for Anchor-Layer

    rmvw in SEO

    Dear community, I plan to build an anchor-layer with blogs, web 2.0 properties, etc. for my website, pretty much following this blog post: THE Backlinking Strategy That Works The author ... [read more]

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    Tiered Linking Does Not Protect Your Website

    seamy82 in SEO

    Hi All, Tiered linking does not protect your website from negative SEO, although it may protect it from penalties. I built some web2.0s, articles links etc and pointed them at ... [read more]

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    LMFAO - Have You Been Scroogled?

    IM Ash in SEO

    Just read a thread in the main section and thought it will surely be appreciated down here. Looks like Bing have stepped up the competitive war. Is it dirty?.. nah... ... [read more]

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    How to get permanent Back Link ?

    bluesharksolution in SEO

    Hello Friends, Please help me. How to get permanent Back Link ? I have one solution : If if i create two to three new websites related to general informative ... [read more]

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    How accurate is Adwords' traffic extimator?

    Anton543 in SEO

    When you are logged into Adwords account and you want to get estimate of traffic based on cpc of a keyword, the tool returns x amount of daily impressions and ... [read more]