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    EMD Ranking Tactics?

    gotlinks in SEO

    Hey Guys I am buying some EMD sites that are made from a member here on Warrior and am curious what your best ideas for ranking these sites are. The ... [read more]

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    Best Place to Start For Keyword Research?

    natebunger in SEO

    Hi there, I am just starting to put together a PPC campaign for selling services. What and how is the best place to start doing keyword list building? Recommended tools? ... [read more]

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    Aged Domain - Does it matter if it was NOT attached a hosting for a while?

    wfcompare in SEO

    After getting my site slapped by wild Google-animals, I am finally giving up and decided to build a new site from the scratch, the white-hat style. Our company used to ... [read more]

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    Free PPC $$$ Advertising

    ToAshgrieloT in SEO

    Hey guys, Are you running some PPC campaign or do you wanna just try ppc ? I just wrote article about 18 sites, where you can get free $. link ... [read more]

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    Tell Me The Cycle Of Doing Work On Difefrent Pages & Keywords Of the Website - In google terms ?

    Grettcs in SEO

    Hye warriors, I am working on one website as you all know google is now very strict in algorithm manner and we have to follow by the guidelines of google ... [read more]

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    Silo structure themes and questions

    jodiesmitham in SEO

    Hi all, My new site is going to (hopefully) have as close to a silo structure as possible and I wondered if there are any good wp themes out there ... [read more]

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    Post Sept29th Google update, will PRWEB help?

    phil.wheatley in SEO

    Hi Guys On the 29th when Google did their 'exact domain name' update, one of my sites dropped from around 80 hits a day to 20-30. I was thinking of ... [read more]

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    Background ads

    KyleJ in SEO

    Hi, I have a site that wants to use background ads(or skins) for their site. The want the ad to be click-able. Does anyone know if this hurts the on ... [read more]

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    I give up

    seolvl1 in SEO

    I give up on making MFA sites. I have been hit hard with the recent update and it's not worth the time to fix and make more MFA sites. I ... [read more]

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    Whats mean by Exact Match Domain(EMD)?

    thinesh in SEO

    Explain that EMD concept..

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    kokjaywin in SEO

    Let say i have a domain name Can i still promote adidas sportwatch in this site?? and other brands?

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    Best Way to Go?

    wizzykid123 in SEO

    Hi all, just like to start of by saying I know a lot of people have been asking the same sorts of questions recently but any advise on my situation ... [read more]

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    One Article! Why page rank 6

    xraytech8704 in SEO

    Hi everyone, i just don't understand google sometime. this website has only one article and it is a valid page rank 6? carlscoupons dot com

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    6 Beginner SMO Tips & Tricks for social Media Marketing?

    kavinfordseochamp in SEO

    Social Media optimization has been an area that I have been looking to explore for quite some time now. We have never really looked into SMO, except perhaps the general ... [read more]

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    How Much Do You Use Fiverr For Your SEO?

    heavysm in SEO

    Since my own SEO has been pretty strong I started using Fiverr to see how cheap i could get the equivalent SEO that i already use. I setup a handful ... [read more]

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    Market samurai question

    filippot51 in SEO

    Guys can you explain me this please Market Samurai phrase monthly no filters keyword -online jobs for students- SEOC 44,500 keyword -work - SEOC 40 the competition for the keyword ... [read more]

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    Free SEO Tools for 2012

    TotalWebsiteControl in SEO

    I just wanted to share some really nice seo tools that are completely free to use and very effective. Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool Find all the ways keyword text is ... [read more]

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    Warock in SEO Hi, I SEO-ed my article for keyword ''home remedies for acne scars''. It is indexed in google. Search for in google. When I searched for home remedies for ... [read more]

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    Keywords Not Ranking?

    H50n in SEO

    Hi Guys, I'm a bit of a n00b here, so forgive any rookie mistakes. I've written a few articles, but only around 1/3 of them are actually ranking. I've done ... [read more]

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    I am facing problem in ranking my website.

    reddy2011 in SEO

    Hi Friends, I am facing problem in ranking my website. I really don't understand which type of link building tactic i should follow now. I do, 1. Blog comment from ... [read more]

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    New EMD Algo Update and CTR Theme

    dannyl in SEO

    Hi, I have 5 EMD small niche sites that have all been hit with this latest update. I'm just coming into the world of IM and about to start making ... [read more]

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    Want to Setup An Authority Site. Advise Me How Should It Done..

    rafiseo in SEO

    Hi Warriors, I want to setup an Authority site on my target niche. Just wanted to know how can I do that? Internal architecture of an Authority site, backlinks and ... [read more]

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    robots.txt - is this blocking googlebot?

    GACS in SEO

    I'm not so good with web code so I was hoping someone could help me figure out whether my website's robots.txt is blocking googlebot or other search engines. This is ... [read more]

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    Google puts an end to Blog Networks!!

    giantwheel in SEO

    The basics of every blog networks depends on High PR Expired Domains. Blog Networks are the biggest challenges before Google and therefore they manually started deindexing them. But it seems ... [read more]

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    Backlink Creation Frequency after the Google Updates

    AvanzaSeo in SEO

    Me and my friends disagree in how many links you can create everyday without putting your site in danger. I thought that 7-9 links per day could be safe, but ... [read more]

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    Panda/Penguin Recovery Case Study using ArticleWyz

    simanda in SEO

    On June 28 the traffic to one of my Mortgage Lead Generation site plummeted. The Penguin had come to visit. All keywords had gone from page 1 to page 5,6 ... [read more]

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    New Sales Page.. about to send PPC traffic

    Gene.Gerwin in SEO

    ...just completed this sales page with help from the copywriting forum... As PPC experts or affiliate marketing experts, what do you think of this page's potential to be profitable with ... [read more]

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    Quick Question

    Digitalis in SEO

    I there a way to redirect visitors who find/click any of the pages of my website to the homepage automatically? thanks!

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    Is it Bad to Have TOO Many Innerlinks?

    GGpaul in SEO

    Hey all, so I've been trying to focus on my bounce rate the past week and I've been inner linking my pages. My question is, is there a limit as ... [read more]

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    Best Fiverr Gigs for Link Building

    tranceaddict in SEO

    What are some of the Fiverr gigs which worked well for you? Please share URLs of the Fiverr gigs that got you effective links and are worth trying.

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    Ezine Articles Are Back On Top Of Google !

    Dumkist in SEO

    Hey Everyone, Have you guys noticed that since the recent updates..Ezine Articles are showing up again on page one and page two for many keywords. Maybe the old days are ... [read more]

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    google panda update 20 ?

    thomco55 in SEO

    I know that everyone know about the latest Google panda update 20. But my question is first launch panda 1 to panda 3.9 or 4.0 Then launch penguin 2 update........... ... [read more]

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    A effected website by google update 20.

    thomco55 in SEO

    Dear Friends, MY website got a penalty from this website and drops ranking first page to not in top 100 so how to get the recovery? can any one suggest ... [read more]

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    should i do more backlinks after this "EMD update"

    derprinz in SEO

    I have an EMD that was hit by the last google update still on first page but went from #2 to #8 can i recover with some high quality backlinks ... [read more]

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    Post indexing on blogs?

    swm in SEO

    Hi All. Can you tell me please. Is there any way to get backlinks on posts of new blogs? The problem is I see that many of my hand written ... [read more]

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    Newbie: Ecommerce SEO

    Advanpro in SEO

    Hey guys I'm a newbie . My wife and I just bought an Ecommerce site. How can I improve the seo rankings of the site without getting hit by a ... [read more]

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    Micro Niche Site

    ryshark in SEO

    I know there is a lot of talk about not starting a micro niche site. What would the definition of a micro niche be? At what point does a micro ... [read more]

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    Can't believe this CRAP didn't got any attention ...

    aadi144 in SEO

    Hey Warriors and specially the admin of this Forum. I can't believe this crap is still on the board in one of the threads in this forums itself. Check ... [read more]

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    Posting Link/ article from Same IP of internet provider

    keokeo123 in SEO

    Hi, I wonder if there is any bad effect when I build link/ submit article from same Internet Ip address ? Thanks a lots for your help

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    Tip on buying a domain from!

    blend in SEO

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy an aged domain from register compass. Can anybody provide any tips on the best way to buy a domain? For example: what tools do ... [read more]

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    The Cheapest SEO Strategy That Works!!!

    IM Ash in SEO

    This Strategy is Now Obsolete... (public networks are dead) __________________________________________________ _________________________ Hey Guys, This month I have been testing a different strategy to rank for med. comp keywords and the ... [read more]

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    Help! Google Slapped ?!?!?!

    Tspringer in SEO

    This stinks! My site, after a year of work, was finally ranking on page 1 for a number of my main keywords and traffic had just hit 10K per month ... [read more]

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    Months of hard work finally paid off..

    DNAWRealm in SEO

    Without any results whatsoever, I kept plowing along. I am targeting literally one of THE HARDEST search terms possible. Here's what I'm targeting: "Celebrity News and Gossip" I haven't even ... [read more]

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    How many of you use softwares for link building?

    rahulbangar in SEO

    I do manual link building and have never used any software for link building. Do you guys use any software for link building?

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    New Update Finishes Off EMDs (Post status)

    Becker13 in SEO

    Hey guys As you may or may not know another huge update hit. I am still seeing the sames trends of sites that got hit. However...I would really like to ... [read more]

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    I just don't get it...

    Adie in SEO

    Well, seeing my sites disappearing from Google doe not give me a heart attack because I am not alone. But seeing my competitor page that have 78 duplicates compared to ... [read more]

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    Google AdSense Advice that's Proven to Increase Revenue

    Mousumi in SEO

    What is the greatest advice you can give to the newcomers to Adsense? I am not seeking the master key to Adsense success, but something you think is a "tip" ... [read more]

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    Targeting Adsense Adverts...

    arranrice in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I own a gaming site based on Facebook games. I have a problem with adsense ads, they don't seem to be targeted to my website at all I ... [read more]

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    Anybody Having Problems Loging In To MSN Adcenter?

    stellarbizop in SEO

    Earlier today I was able to login to MSN Adcenter now known as Bing Ads. I just felt like my test campaign is running still and can't modify or pause ... [read more]

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    PR decreased to 0

    itdon in SEO

    When start site, the PR was 2 but then after a few months the PR went down to 1 and now it is 0. Can anyone help me in this ... [read more]

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    What are the tools of internet marketing?

    adil91 in SEO

    i am seeking the names of internet marketing tools for saving time of mine. like..bulk article posting,social bookmarking,directory submission tools. I want it as free (if the paid version is ... [read more]

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    Training Courses or eBooks on building authority sites.

    DCUnited in SEO

    So I am new to the IM community. I have built some small niche sites with some success, but I am interested in trying my hand at building an authority ... [read more]

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    A+ product review

    kokjaywin in SEO

    How do you consider a grade A+ product review? How do you make people buy after reading your review?

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    Bought a PR4 `.US` domain and cannot add privacy anyone know about this ?

    jimkirk1943 in SEO

    Hi guys, I`ve just bought a PR4 .US domain but i cannot add privacy to the domain does anyone know about this ? I know that a .CA domain has ... [read more]

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    New Google algorithm update was pushed few minutes ago..

    zaco in SEO

    Hey guys, A new Google algorithm update has been pushed few mins ago, I noticed I lost rankings for few positions which is fine but I would like to see ... [read more]

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    Facebook question and Backlinking

    Geekgirl01 in SEO

    Hi Guys, A question for you, if you get a fiverr gig to backlink a FB like page say 5k backlinks would that screw my page over and have it ... [read more]