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    Question on AdSense dashboard

    timpears in SEO

    I am trying to find where some income came from in my AdSense account. I want to see the income from each site (most don't have any) and someone told ... [read more]

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    What R Pingbacks & should I approve them?

    dsouravs in SEO

    What R Pingbacks & should I approve them? What r the advantages n disadvantages of a pingback? Thnx TC

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    Simple Adsense Question?

    tehering in SEO

    I'm just adding Adsense to a couple of my setting them up, can I use the same publisher account number for both or do I need a separate one ... [read more]

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    How to write the good PPC ads?

    baokhau in SEO

    I'm a bad writer, i don't know how to write the good PPC ads that attract more clicks. Some one gives me some idea, please

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    Major article directories

    anamikasingh in SEO

    Major 5 article directories which I am using :- If I left any other best article directory then please let me know.

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    [REQ] Backlink Service Worth $26-

    n0tr3v3 in SEO

    Warriors I have being doing SEO from January this year with Three website: One in position #7 - was at 6 before penguin last update One In position # 10 ... [read more]

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    What to learn from higher than average click?

    KellyG in SEO

    Hello, I have an Adsense site that makes a modest but steady income with Adsense. It's been running pretty steadily w/o much work on my part for a couple of ... [read more]

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    I don't know if it will work but it's all about testing

    GGpaul in SEO

    Alright......Where to start. Okay - so I decided to work on an authority site that focuses on selling products from Amazon. I mainly cover "electronics" and I plan to just ... [read more]

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    Link on FB not showing descr,picture pr title...what gives?

    Buyseech in SEO

    Hi there, I have a problem with sharing my url (new post from my blog) on Facebook. I have created another post the exact same way as all of the ... [read more]

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    I'm Scared to put Clickbank on my site

    lovboa in SEO

    I just found a really good product on clickbank that just came out and is a really good fit with my audience. However, I'm worried about what might happen if ... [read more]

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    Buy Adsense Account.. is this save..?

    egoldzone in SEO

    Hi friend I found several people selling adsense account is this save if I buy Adsense account..? Let me know if you have any experience Thanks

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    Looking to rebuild post-penguin...Marketing with Alex a good place to start?

    chadim in SEO

    Since most of my income was derived from SEO and most of that collapsed with the recent Google updates, I'm basically starting over again. This time though, I want to ... [read more]

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    Question about url, keyword selection, SEO

    rocky80 in SEO

    Hello everyone I have a quick keyword selection question in relation to the url in terms of SEO optimization. My question is if I'm targeting the keyword blue umbrellas, and ... [read more]

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    What is the best SEO tool? (SEOmoz, Raven Tool, Getstat and Lindex)

    Rukshan in SEO

    Hey Guys, I just need your idea to select the best SEO tool. I know these tools have different futures and much more. Raven Tool SEOmoz Getstat Lindex What do ... [read more]

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    Tips to get Dofollow Forums in related Categories

    karthikseo in SEO

    Hi.. Its my SEO techniques to find a Dofollow forums in related categories.. Search in Google Like... 1 . Simple machine forums "your category keywords"... 2. PhpBB forums "Your category ... [read more]

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    google adsense style ad software?? Affiliate Adwizard

    DavidParnell in SEO

    Anyone else using this and can send me a PM of it on a live site of yours? Affiliate AdWizard - Create Google Adsense-Style ads to advertise your links or ... [read more]

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    Alexa rating is dropping

    exodor in SEO

    Hi all, I have a directory online that in the beginning received a high score with Alexa and for the next three months was climbing very rapidly 'till I hit ... [read more]

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    Wait a minute... Ask The Builder really is a bad website...

    thatkeywordguy in SEO

    Following up on the interview thread here: I've been talking about AskTheBuilder for years. I've been quoting AskTheBuilder for years. I've been referring people to the Adsense Case Study ... [read more]

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    page authority VS PR

    jagarock in SEO

    im looking at two different links. one has 38,67 page authority and PR 2. other has 35,82 page authority and PR 3. which would be better for backlink juice?

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    Blogging strategies 2012

    webmash in SEO

    I share my blogging experience, I am blogging from 2009 and now I started getting good traffic and got increment in Google adsense income. I have 22 blogs and I ... [read more]

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    What is the best strategy

    Dalen in SEO

    I have a website for download software "worldsofting" but do not know which is better SEO strategy for this site.. Can you give me some tips to improve SEO of ... [read more]

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    Do you know some presell pages submitter?

    guzer in SEO

    Could you help me with this subcject ? Do you know some presell pages submitter? Thanks !

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    Multiple domain checker tool ?

    paulrigby in SEO

    Hi, Is there any tool to check multiple domains that exists for a single website. ?

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    Google adsense + Pay per impression

    linux7802 in SEO

    Can we use google adsense with any Pay per impression program on the same web site or goodle will block the adsense because of Pay per impression Please let us ... [read more]

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    Negative Blog is killing us....

    unitefl in SEO

    I work for a school that does certification for people who wish to teach English to non native speakers. Basically up until a month ago the school used to be ... [read more]

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    Best way to get a high PR for free

    tahoecale in SEO

    i never can get more than a page rank of 2 i have my link on tons of blog comments and sig links on forums i really don't know what ... [read more]

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    Suggest Monetize option

    linux7802 in SEO

    Hi All, My site having good google page rank and I would like to ear good earning from my site, please check the attached snap shot for hits details and ... [read more]

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    Please help-SITE SPEED!

    ilovechinesefood in SEO

    Hi everybody, I made a post awhile back about my site being slow as ****. I got a 68 on Google's speed test. Well, i'm trying to fix this problem. ... [read more]

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    anybody here still using SEOPressor?

    swi7ch in SEO

    Tempted to take it out of my sites... anybody else still using it?

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    what are the plugins that are necessary for an adsense site?

    hazyl lee in SEO

    What are the plugins that are necessary for an adsense site? To me, i have : 1. Platinum SEO pack 2. PC search verify online 3. google webmaster What else ... [read more]

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    What is wrong with my site? Wont stay a certain position on google for longer than a day..

    skysword in SEO

    A little over two months ago my site Lower Leg Muscles | Info on Lower Leg Muscles | Strengthening Lower Leg Muscles was ranked #1 on google for weeks. It ... [read more]

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    [Solved] How Many Tags for a YouTube Video?

    BethOconnell in SEO

    Hi, I've got a number of videos on youtube all with around 10 keyword tags per video. All of the tags are definitely relevant to the video and I include ... [read more]

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    front page has PR others unranked!

    sahar6 in SEO

    Hi There, My front page has PR others unranked! how can I fix that? Thank you

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    "done for you" amazon sites worth it?

    ochaim in SEO

    From an SEO perspective, such that you're aiming for organic search engine traffic, do these "done for you" amazon site services work? I'm a subscriber to one, and I'm finding, ... [read more]

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    Rank For Profit Link Building Strategy

    VinRFP in SEO

    Hey guys, Here's the link building strategy I've been using post-penguin. I've tested this on 20 brand new niche sites since the algorithm updates. Out of the 20 sites, 18 ... [read more]

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    The latest Google penalty...

    Cataclysm1987 in SEO

    Not everyone makes it in SEO. Google wants to be sure of that. Recently I found out just how far they are going to go to keep bad SEO's out ... [read more]

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    Free blog commenting sites

    anamikasingh in SEO

    Hey , Should we consider free sites for blog commenting? Thanks Anamika singh

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    Posting Articles

    fairbjosh in SEO

    I have two questions about writing articles with your keyword on it. 1. If the keyword your going for is car styles but you put car style in your article ... [read more]

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    BreezeAds plus amazon products?

    TGforever in SEO

    I know there are a few threads about breezeads(dot)com but they just explain that it works well with clickbank products. I was wondering if anyone has tried it with amazon ... [read more]

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    Link building for a site which hasn't launched

    myksterg in SEO

    Hi, I've built an ecommerce site which will be selling computer accessories. At the moment, I haven't made any deals with wholesalers/manufacturers and so the site is finished but the ... [read more]

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    SubDomains [VS] Multiple Domains??

    chensab3 in SEO

    Hey everyone. Although my new user name, I have been looking around in here for a year or so.. im not new in SEO, I have a few sites that ... [read more]

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    Free Mass Rss Submit... but does it work? bulkping

    thedog in SEO

    Hi guys, I came across this site a while back, Free Mass Ping Unlimited Websites or Blogs or RSS on There a mass rss submit option, free and some ... [read more]

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    Why am I receiving so many visitors per day (100+)....I didn't do anything!

    Vid Yo in SEO

    Ok, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I'm receiving a lot of visitors to my wordpress site. Averaging around 120 per day! The reason for my concern? ... [read more]

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    Is this normal right now?

    Vivers in SEO

    Seems nothing is moving like it usually does for me. I do some small time SEO for myself and 2 other companies and I have always been able to get ... [read more]

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    Help Me Out On How To Use Google Keyword Tools

    kayode10 in SEO

    hi everyone, please i want you to help me out on how to use Google keyword tools, the reason i opt in for free keyword tools is that am on ... [read more]

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    Blogs That Are Moderated, Active and Popular

    authorfriendly in SEO

    Is there a good way to search for blogs that are moderated, active and have some visitors, as well as in your niche? I have tried Alexa but it doesnt ... [read more]

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    Is any problem for creating profile backlinks with Xrumer

    pushmon in SEO

    Is there any problem for creating profile backlinks with Xrumer software. Why i am asking this because last day i found an article saying that creating profile backlinks with Xrumer ... [read more]

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    Can we index sites in short time?

    anamikasingh in SEO

    Hey, How we can index website in less time ?Anyone knows ?

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    You see, this is why Google call your %&*&*% niche site "webspam", and I don't blame them

    markowe in SEO

    I was just following the trail of tiered backlinking from some pingback spam on a site of mine and found this really "hot niche". See, if you are a football ... [read more]

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    Anyone can do some SEO analysis for this keyword?

    sacrg793 in SEO

    I have a plan to sell diablo 3 gold recently and my keyword is diablo 3 gold or buy diablo 3 gold, it seems it is impossible to rank on ... [read more]

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    Question for Yukon about Cross-Linking

    CatherineMay in SEO

    Yukon, in post # 39 of this thread from April called "If You're Not Using Silo Structure...", you give instructions for cross-linking internal pages by using the main keyword from ... [read more]

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    Is it panda or penguin or something else?

    maheshr in SEO

    Hey guys, My site also penalized badly. But I am not sure whether it is Panda or penguin or something else. Can anyone please tell me that whether I can ... [read more]

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    Google Just Tricked You... BIG TIME!

    The Mysterious Marketer in SEO

    Hi guys, I've been reading a lot of threads about people getting automated messages in their Google Webmasters dashboard telling them to remove their links from sites. Even though those ... [read more]

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    Any Sniper site's deindexed ?

    Darnscotty in SEO

    Hi there guys, I have been kind of looking into IM for a while now, but never really looking. Always bought a load of BS that got me nowhere. So ... [read more]

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    Keywords in the URL?

    pgloor in SEO

    Hello, I'm new to Affiliate Marketing and as such I wanted to create a blog where I document my journey. It will have something like "Peters Affiliate Marketing blog" in ... [read more]

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    Alexa High Impact Keywords - what are they?

    JaguarXKR in SEO

    If you do a report on your website, you get a list of "High impact search queries". Does anyone know where Alexa gets this data from and why some ... [read more]