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    Adsense account banned??

    add191 in SEO

    Hello, I tried to use Google Adsense but after I just built 4 niche sites for like a week. I did not touch anything, didn't click on any ads, all ... [read more]

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    How Important is the IP Address for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    codeswarrior in SEO

    Can any one example the Importance of IP Address for Search Engine Optimization ?

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    The power of post titles and comments I'll show you a live example

    nest28 in SEO

    Search for do ultrasound techs work 12 shifts DO ULTRASOUND TECHNICIANS WORK 12 HOUR SHIFTS <- sorry caps how many days a week does sonography technician work how many hours ... [read more]

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    Best way to check back links to a site?

    JGK in SEO

    Now that Yahoo site explorer is going away what is the best way to check backlinks for a site? I have Market Samurai but that never agreed with Yahoo anyway.

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    Google Penalty Recovery

    thomaspaylor in SEO

    Hi Guys & Girls We have a website which used to get around the 1000 unqiue visitors a day. The website is a PR4 and is several years old. We ... [read more]

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    How to use google adwords for local business

    JustSomeWarrior in SEO

    Hey everyone. I have been lurking for a long time. I've learned a lot of great stuff and appreciate everything every one has provided! I have bought a few WSOs, ... [read more]

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    Amazon Question

    stevo235 in SEO

    If you were to get banned from amazon associates would you always receive notification from them by email? I have a site that has been getting around 60-75 visitors a ... [read more]

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    free seo training

    guzer in SEO

    Hello Could you recommend some free seo training. I would like to learn a little bit more as i know right now. Thanks !

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    Questions about offering Adwords management for local clients

    kylemarvin in SEO

    Up until now, I've offered Adwords management to my local marketing clients via their own account, they'd give me the login, etc etc. What I'm trying to do is see ... [read more]

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    Any tips using adwords for local business?

    rmx in SEO

    I used to run adwords campaigns for my own websites but that was several years ago.Now I have offline clients helping with seo and Google places. Some of them want ... [read more]

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    Is 10 cents a click good for a ppc affiliate program?

    Realtypin in SEO

    We're offering 0.10$ per click on our affiliate program at Any thoughts?

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    Using + Sign in Title Tag Instead of "With"

    BethOconnell in SEO

    Hi, I have a number of product title tags I'm optimizing for a eCommerce store. There are a number of longtail keyword with the word "with" in them that I'd ... [read more]

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    Adwords won't accept my ad

    mlinch1 in SEO

    Just started doing this stuff. Here's my measly attempt at a site I signed up for the 100$ adwords credit, but these *******s disapproved my ad because apparently it's ... [read more]

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    Google Adwords Daily Budget Advice.

    werpetalpushers in SEO

    I have been using Adwords for several months, and have experimented with several different budgets. I have found that using ppc is very effective for my business, but I am ... [read more]

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    Penguin 1.1?

    Theeban in SEO

    I got an email from a link building guy saying that "get ready for Penguin 1.1"... Is it true warriors? Is there gonna be Penguin 1.1 as well, please share ... [read more]

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    Sites with interceptor link interstitials - bad for backlinks?

    Helios in SEO

    As you may know, some sites have an interceptor link for outbound links. For example, clicking a link will take you to a warning page that says you're about to ... [read more]

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    Spun or Not Spun? Can You Tell Which One of These is Spun?

    wolfmmiii in SEO

    I thought I'd start a fun exercise. Which one is spun? This one? (A) The G570 is a newer laptop computer marketed by Lenovo. It's been available through Amazon since ... [read more]

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    Pinging deep back links

    authorfriendly in SEO

    When submitting backlinks for pings, is it neccesary to convert to rss if it is a deep link? I know sites will treat a domain like like its a ... [read more]

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    Something very strange happening

    kennykjtan in SEO

    Hey guys, I need some help. Hopefully someone can advise me what really is happening to my website. My website is ranking very well with 10 keywords on Page #1 ... [read more]

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    Question About Google Keyword

    fairbjosh in SEO

    I am doing research to find a niche and i read a sticky where the gentleman gave a lot of great information, but i am puzzled by a couple of ... [read more]

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    Would my blog which is on my site also face google dance?

    boafinancial in SEO

    Would my blog which is on my site also face google dance while building links? If I want my blogs to be visible on google, do I have to build ... [read more]

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    blogspot redirects to country tld?!?!

    paulgl in SEO

    Just had a message from google about adsense appearing on an unauthorized site. Looked at the list and it was my exact blog, just at a domain. Checked it ... [read more]

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    Have Any Warriors used PPC system?

    ebizman in SEO

    Have Any Warriors used PPC system? I spoke to a sales rep today who told me about the platform they have and it sounds pretty nice. cost per click ... [read more]

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    spinning documents post penguin?

    absoluteczech in SEO

    Is it worth it? Does it still work? I'm looking at the product called "The Best Spinner" is that any good. The video makes it look good, but so does ... [read more]

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    which route should I take with seo in mind

    webpeon in SEO

    so Im building a site and Ive come to a T-intersection relating to seo and have 2 options available to me.. option 1 will repeat the exact content across multiple ... [read more]

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    niche backlinks

    AndriusG in SEO

    Hello, I am creating games related website. its just launched new one. what would be best ways to create niche links for me ?

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    $100 Adwords Credit

    inyourzip in SEO

    I have $100 in my google adwords account. I am ready to start making money. Does anyone know, how I can start making money fast with $100. Any WSO's you ... [read more]

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    Google dance

    marianajones in SEO

    What is the reason behind Google Dance? The website getting good traffic but the conversion is less, what might be the reason for this?

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    Anchor Text Variety

    codecreative in SEO

    Ok since penguin we should have variety in our anchor text. What if your keyword is orange zebra and your site url is This domain is registered Would this count ... [read more]

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    SEO advice for 4 sites in same niche

    bjarvis2785 in SEO

    Hi all, I have 4 websites, all on same topic in same niche, but all unique content, with different domains etc. My question is what is the best way to ... [read more]

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    Page 1 in Bing, but Nowhere to be seen on Google?!? Please help!

    kevkos30 in SEO

    I started my niche site at Sprint Triathlon Training for Beginners and Intermediate Triathletes in February, targeting the main keyword 'sprint triathlon training', which was not very competitive. I have ... [read more]

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    amazon afiliate....... ways to have high pay check HELP

    kayode10 in SEO

    Hi warriors, my next move is to join amazon affiliate, but i realize that their commission percentage is too low 4%, is their any tactics that i can apply in ... [read more]

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    New site all pages index - but doesnt show up on page rank

    absoluteczech in SEO

    Hi newbie here, So I have a brand new site, about a 6 week old website. It's a real estate website in a pretty competitive market area. About 2-3 weeks ... [read more]

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    Onlywire Socialadr with Panda

    mattchart in SEO

    Hey guys can I use Onlywire and Socialadr ect to help create backlinks or will Panda hate me? New to SEO and still learning. Thanks!

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    Directory and RSS sites after penguin

    zonkow in SEO

    I built another website after my site was smashed by Penguin. Do you advise me to submit it to directory and RSS sites? Can this cause a penalty as well?

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    Negative SEO DOES Exist - Google has confirmed it

    Andrew Davis in SEO

    One of the biggest concerns of the recent Google Penguin updates, is the Negative SERP (Search Engine Results Page) impact of "Bad Links" pointing to your website. Over the past ... [read more]

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    Professional SEO tools used by SEO companies

    keshavhl in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I work for an advertising agency in India and we are trying to enter online advertising and marketing field too. This may be a dumb question for you ... [read more]

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    Is it Possible to Outrank Companies + Price Comparison Sites?

    dreamtoreality in SEO

    I've found some quality keywords in the insurance niche ( I won't give any specifics for obvious reasons), but I am unsure if I can rank for them. Therefore, in ... [read more]

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    Should I approve trackbacks on Wordpress? [SEO]

    falcon_warrior in SEO

    I've been getting trackbacks on my wordpress blog and I wonder if I should approve them. If I don't, they become one way backlinks, if I do then it becomes ... [read more]

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    Can I use existing adsense code on newly-built sites?

    kajol shafiq in SEO

    Hi, I have got my adsense code through Hubpages and left it unused for a while. Now I intend to build a host of niche sites and monetize with adsense. ... [read more]

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    Automation Dead?

    Lakbay in SEO

    With the Google penguin in place, does it mean that automated backlink builders are already useless? If not what could you suggest in order to make such software effective?

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    Which is the best software to make a video?

    camitran1 in SEO

    I am planning to make video so that if you gat any idea, please help me. Thanks!

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    Quality Links?

    lutherlars in SEO

    Hey guys: I often read on this forum, something like: "add a few quality links a day" Besides acquiring same nich links, what are some other examples of quality links ... [read more]

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    Anyone Have Any ideas On - Onpage Optimisation

    options in SEO

    Hi all, i wanted to know the latest news on onpage optimisation, do we still need to do H1 H2 H3 etc, keyword density, internal linking, Will to much onpage ... [read more]

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    Question about buying aged domains with PR

    jimkirk1943 in SEO

    Hi guys, Finding these aged domains with PR isn`t actually as difficult as i thought it would be its quite easy to spot the bad ones but one thing i ... [read more]

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    Where is the rules?

    jewelraz in SEO

    I was wondering where is the rule for posting in this Adsense/PPC/SEO forum? I have seen some members are posting same things over and over. Say "Google adsense" there are ... [read more]

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    What I've found so far about the PENGUIN update and how to fix it

    Fking in SEO

    As i was personally affected I did quite some reading and testing the last several days. I'll share everything I've found so far, hopefully it will help someone and others ... [read more]

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    Penguin 1.1 coming friday

    GMT in SEO

    Apparently going to focus more on web spam, but may not just be black hat this time, white hat as well. Source is Link-Assistant

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    adsense approve

    sanjay207 in SEO

    in want to know that my blog is ok for adsense if ok then tell me....

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    Free High Quality Press Release Website

    jameseotech in SEO

    Is there any lists of free press release websites for me to submit press releases to? pr4+

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    What's the proper Web 2.0 blog strategy?

    WraithSarko in SEO

    I'd appreciate some advice from those who have successfully used web 2.0 blogs for backlinks to their money site. I'm speaking about platforms like blogger wordpress xanga tumblr liveJournal etc. ... [read more]

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    I like sell my blog. Can anyone suggest price for my blog?

    SeoAdsenseLover in SEO

    I like sell my blog. Can anyone suggest price for my blog? PR=2 Alexa Ranka=401,099 Blogger Tutorials and SEO Tips

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    Articles All At Once

    fadihiyari in SEO

    Hi Experts, I want to start a new site and have been working on preparing the content in the form of articles for some time. I have 10 articles prepared ... [read more]

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    Recommend me SEO Hosting

    TolyZ in SEO

    What's up guys. Well I'm really thinking about pulling a trigger and starting my own blog network, so I'm looking for SEO hosting. I'm planning to have around 500 sites. ... [read more]

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    Need suggestion on Rank Tracker ! facing problems

    triobacklinkbuilder in SEO

    Hello warriors, I bought this Rank Tracker 2 months ago. Before it show approx good results. But now its really crap ones. not showing the correct results. If the site ... [read more]

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    got extra unused EMD due to adsense account disabled

    imaviators in SEO

    hey guys recently my adsense account got disabled, Currently i have 11 unused emd. I have not built any websites on this domains yet. I got this EMDs using ultimate ... [read more]