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    Directory Submission Software / Service

    jasonsluck in SEO

    Can anyone recommend a directory software or service that submits your link to high quality dofollow directories automatically? The only one I know of is sheerseo. All suggestions is appreciated!

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    What Article Spinning and Article Directory Submission tools are best?

    Anton Nadilo in SEO

    Hi, I would really appreciate anyones insights into what are the best and most proven tools for Article Spinning and Article Directory Submissions. I have looked at The Best Spinner ... [read more]

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    Ghost Writer

    boafinancial in SEO

    Delete this post

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    Sketchy backlink help

    ilovechinesefood in SEO

    Hi everybody, upon viewing my Google Webmaster account, I discovered that I have an IP address linking to me and it's not mine. What gives? How is this possible?

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    Do you ever click on your own ad?

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    I am just wondering if your guys, either by accident or on purpose, click on your own ad, EVER?

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    Is it a Bad Idea to aggregate sites into one big site from SEO view?

    YoWangdu in SEO

    Hi all, I am associated with a couple of not-for-profit websites — and — that are currently separate sites. They both feature free videos from some of the ... [read more]

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    New Update?

    coolspot in SEO

    i have been away from web design and seo for a while, but have notice a considerable drop in some of my sites traffic? is this the penguin update? and ... [read more]

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    Old Content Has Broken Links - something to worry about?

    spiker12 in SEO

    I have a blog that has had several posts written a day for several years. The site was moved between CMS systems a few times and this broke a lot ... [read more]

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    Links in profiles after Penguin.. ineffective?

    jsalcedo00 in SEO

    Hi everyone, do you still think profiles are well considered by Google after Penguin? I guess these were/are the best way to get high quality backlinks (and they stay live ... [read more]

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    Google indexing searches

    frambles in SEO

    I don't understand how Google has managed to index a search result on my website. I have categories which are indexed as normal but a search, for example "brushing teeth" ... [read more]

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    The ULTIMATE List of Linkbuilding Techniques

    RevSEO in SEO

    Some of you may have come across this and bookmarked it at some point. Other's of you may have NEVER seen it before until now. This is by far the ... [read more]

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    Need help from you SEO masters! Looking for step by step plan.

    BradRich in SEO

    So after you have some articles/ content complete, whats are the next best seo steps to increase serp ranking and get traffic? What tools do you use, how, and what ... [read more]

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    Almost all my sites are nowhere to be found on Google now!

    youngchild92 in SEO

    It has been three weeks that I started noticing drops in my rankings and suddenly, all the websites were nowhere to be found for major keywords I used to rank ... [read more]

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    Comment stats plugin, does it exist?

    Mister Ozzy in SEO

    Hi, I am looking for a simple wordpress plugin where I can see if the number of comments on my site go up or not. So I want to see ... [read more]

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    CPC $20.00+

    Blue445nm in SEO

    I don't get this. For some keywords that I type into google adsense I see that the click is like $20.00 and the competition is high. So with that being ... [read more]

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    Very urgent adsense question

    atikbabu in SEO

    Hello everyone, Recently i have applied for adsense account for my blog site.They approved me and i already placed adsense code in my site. But they took it under review.The ... [read more]

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    Wordpress Blogs List

    ITmarck in SEO

    Hi! Can you tell me a list of website that offer the creation of a blog with wordpress? Thanks.

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    MS - Would this be a good 'first' start?

    Blue445nm in SEO

    This is what I'm aiming at right now... I've checked the websites for the keyword I'm using and I've checked the websites that rank on the page #1 of ... [read more]

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    Google to unveil search results overhaul

    rambo9600 in SEO

    Google to unveil search results overhaul - Google is preparing the biggest overhaul of its search results in five years, in a change likely to draw more fire from ... [read more]

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    Easy question for someone that knows aobut guest posts

    LotsofQuestions in SEO

    Hello, Could someone please explain the difference in a Guest post and a Blog network post like bmr, linkvana etc. Many are telling me that guest posts are ethical and ... [read more]

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    BEWARE: Pricegrabber looking like a SCAM

    consultant1027 in SEO

    Been with Pricegrabber over 5 years. We had tweaked our feed to send very little product to them, conversion rate just wasn't there. We reset our filter a couple weeks ... [read more]

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    Need a basic SEO plan based on Google Penguin update

    sany00 in SEO

    Hello everyone, Here are a lot of SEO expert. I am also working on SEO but i am not expert anymore. Trying to learn as many as i can. Before ... [read more]

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    Spin Articles for Off-Page SEO

    savvybizbuilder in SEO

    Hi everyone! Do you still spun articles for your Off-page SEO? I wonder if this strategy still works nowadays.

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    Why was this blog hit by Penguin?

    TCrosby in SEO

    Can someone take a look at my blog, and give me any insight you might have as to why this may have been hit by the penguin update? This blog ... [read more]

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    It's safe to use forum profile module in senuke ?

    newbieinternet in SEO

    I have Senukex and I am using forum profile module to link directly to my main site. It's safe to my site ? Thank you !

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    How much money do you make from adsense?

    allsystems in SEO

    So I been thinking about starting a small network of sites. These will all be about topics I am genuinely interested in so I will provide unique content. I am ... [read more]

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    What is cross linking

    ashishbhatnagar in SEO

    Kindly tell me that what is cross linking and what is the difference between cross linking and reciprocal linking.

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    Big keywords unchanged, major long tail drop = penguinized?

    plsearch in SEO

    We have 5 category pages with 5 10 huge keywords all ranking at or better then april 24th yet the product pages and sub category pages on our ecommerce store ... [read more]

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    Is the spin article ok for backlinks?

    dylan09 in SEO

    A friend told me that it is ok for me to use spin articles for backlinks. I want to use tbs spin articles for web2.0 sites, do you think it ... [read more]

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    MNS vs Adwords

    codecreative in SEO

    I don't get it google adwords tool shows 49,500 local searches Mnf shows 110! Thats some variance. Which is more likely to be the accurate?

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    are tag clouds good for seo?

    coolspot in SEO

    do tag clouds help with seo? my site is joomla so the tags change on each page. will the anchor text in the cloud help with seo?

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    fast and easy indexing of your money site and web 2 pyramid sites.. within 24 hours

    codecreative in SEO

    I read forum recently on how building a web 2.0 link pyramid can help you rank well. And a lot of feedback from people was that the difficult part was ... [read more]

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    Utterly perplexed about these rankings...

    teachingking in SEO

    I know google search results have been all over the place since the latest update, but I am at a loss to understand this. For the sake of example, let's ... [read more]

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    Godaddy HOSTING

    n0tr3v3 in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I am currently using free x10 hosting (Prime membership) which I now see is crap. I brought my domain at godaddy. So just wondering if they offer wordpress ... [read more]

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    3 pages website with adsense

    derprinz in SEO

    I made a 3 pages website and it's receiving some traffic can i put adsense on this site or there is a risk that my account get banned ? thank ... [read more]

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    Can Adsense Be Optimized?

    amylimcd in SEO

    I recently started using Adsense for the first time on one of my sites. When I did the keyword research, the average advertiser costs were between $9-12 for the main ... [read more]

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    Easy way to increase Backlink.

    rasel786 in SEO

    Please tell, how can I increase backlink easily.

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    Here Is A List of Ping Sites

    Lovenus in SEO

    Hello! My name is Lovenus Goh and I am from Singapore. ^^ Thank you for being my valued subscriber! For that, I will continue to send you updated tips and ... [read more]

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    Google new update - removing links

    mrkidd85 in SEO

    I know that Google have changed their algo for bad links, so I've spent all of 2 days manually requesting that the spammy links acquired by an Indian SEO company ... [read more]

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    GKW PPC vs Contextual targeting Tool

    spoiledkid01 in SEO

    Which one is the most reliable one? As i have found a pretty confusing keyword with an emd. On GKW it shows ppc as 4.68$ and In Contextual Targeting Tool ... [read more]

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    Experiences with Lexorsoft

    tiplonski in SEO

    I was wondering as to the experiences that you guys' have had with Lexorsoft if you have used their services. Did it work? Was there a method that you used? ... [read more]

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    Google Revamps Search

    LilBlackDress in SEO

    More changes ahead as Google tries to think like a person; Google revamps search, tries to think more like a person -

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    W3C Validation Correction will improve SEO?

    PimpinRice in SEO

    As the title says, I run my website on a W3C validator and seen some errors, and it says that it has a SEO score of how important it is. ... [read more]

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    Role of Social Media in SEO

    marianajones in SEO

    Do you think Social Media in SEO plays an important role in conversion or sales?

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    Keyword dancing in search engines

    crescendo in SEO

    Am doing daily seo work with my keyword “online pharmacy”. But my keyword position is not fix in search engines. Some time it is disappear from google. Some time it ... [read more]

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    Some one is trying to knock my site down by Xrumer Blast :( Need help

    vj3660 in SEO

    suddenly my site is getting loads of back links from a wordpress site. 700 back links from same site to my home page.I think some one has done a Xrumer ... [read more]

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    Deindexed - Is that it?

    sharger in SEO

    Hi To say I'm gutted is an understatement! I 'was' having my best month ever as an Amazon affiliate and Adsense advetiser with this particular site which is about 2 ... [read more]

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    Give me some tips

    jack001 in SEO

    Hello, Hi, This is Jack Cooper and I am associated with website design company eSparkInfo Solution. Please give me some tips regarding how to start SEO ??? Also help me ... [read more]

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    Is my website in the google dance????

    larryboy03 in SEO

    Hey everyone I recently lost all rankings for my website its (makepassiveincome) .ws Im ranking for (passive income) (how to be rich) (be rich) These are some keywords im working ... [read more]

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    How to boost the Google keyword ranking in specific countries?

    gilelai in SEO

    Hi all. My site's keyword ranking in Google US is not too bad. However, US is not my target markets. My products and services are related to original car audio ... [read more]

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    Fastest PR after 3 Months!

    ilovechinesefood in SEO

    Yes, I know PR isn't everything, but I'm just curious: what's the highest PR you received after 3 month on working on a new site. Just trying to see where ... [read more]

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    How to solve duplicate meta descriptions and title tags?

    esaledeal in SEO

    Google Webmaster Tools tell me that There are too many duplicate meta descriptions and Duplicate title tags. Would EVeryone tell me how to solve this , Thank you very much!

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    Are link directories next to get hit?

    problemchild in SEO

    Thinking of submitting to some link directories, but don't want to get crushed by Google down the road. These sites were safe in the Penguin update. Any idea how long ... [read more]

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    Which is the Very Best Copywriting Training?

    jamesutterson in SEO

    Hi all Having come from a sales training background I have always been interested in how words (spoken or written) can influence the behaviour of others. In my quest to ... [read more]

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    Best way to rank a video on google ?

    seomachester2011 in SEO

    Hi What is the best way to rank a video posted on youtube and to get it to rank in google organic for your keyword searches? This is what i ... [read more]

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    New post indexed and then deindexed

    the_viking in SEO

    I posted a new post on my blog the 12th of May, it got index by Google within the first 24 hours. It stayed indexed for about 2 days before ... [read more]