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    Is This The Right Way To Get High SERPs?

    Player87 in SEO

    Firstly, I did a little keyword research using the Google AdWords tool. I picked a phrase ' how to get success in life.' This has 1000 global montly searches. I ... [read more]

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    BMD is useless after Penguin was born?

    vema123 in SEO

    I used to use Bookmarking Demon to boost my targeted keywords on Google, and it worked very well. However since Penguin was born, it worked the other way round . ... [read more]

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    Adult keyword - 160k/40k (global/monthly searches) exact dot us available

    optionstrader in SEO

    EDIT: Sorry messed up topic, 160k = global, 40k = local (US) exact monthly searches according to google. thanks This might be a good longer term project. .biz also available ... [read more]

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    What i do to rank for 60k exact term

    seomachester2011 in SEO

    Hi Here is my current method i use to get a good rank for highly searched keywords, This was a test to one of my sites for a keyword that ... [read more]

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    Search result for main keyword keeps changing?

    alistair in SEO

    I have a few sites that dropped in the rankings because of the penguin update. Anyhow these sites have home pages that were always shown in the search results when ... [read more]

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    What is Link Blending?

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    i read this on another site Link blending is the process of building links in to the high authority websites such as .edu and .gov websites that is called link ... [read more]

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    [NEED] Emails masive sender

    guzer in SEO

    Hello Could you recomend me some email sender. I found Easy Email Sender 4.4 but I can not buy it. That is great program for email marketing with email serwer, ... [read more]

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    Strange inbound link problem

    sailor4528 in SEO

    I have a few sites and with the exception of one, they were not hit by Penguin. The one that was hit is my only Wordpress site, on which I ... [read more]

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    Different Browsers Different Serps

    codecreative in SEO

    Hi all. I'm well aware of the google personalised feature. That being if your logged in you get a personalised serp result. I have 3 browesers ff, ie and chrome. ... [read more]

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    Duplicate G Analytics code

    LucioMy in SEO

    Hello, Checking the source code of my Wordpress site, I found a duplicate GA code, located at the bottom of the page: I looked in Appearence/header and footer but I ... [read more]

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    Should an 18 month old site be dancing??

    allsystems in SEO

    So the site im working on is about 18 months old. The weird thing is that it keps popping in and out of the search engines. If I add new ... [read more]

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    How many bad links are too many for penguin ?

    Beardo in SEO

    A lot of talk about penguin has focused on the value of backlinks. I was wondering how many bad links do you think it takes to trigger the penguin to ... [read more]

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    Getting FB and Twitter Links to your Website for SEO

    Jon Paella in SEO

    For those who believe that social signals are important for SEO - i.e. getting a facebook/twitter link to your website - how do you do this quickly and automated? Thanks.

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    Quality SEO for a web Hosting business

    Shirlyn in SEO

    What are the most effective ways to earn targeted traffic for a hosting site? I have deployed SEO for it but needs targeted view to run successful online.

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    Help me to solve problem Google STOP crawling my blog

    money200 in SEO

    My blogger blog is daily getting more than 500 page view per day from Google but from yesterday Google not crawing my blog. Same thing also happened in 5 ... [read more]

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    Ezine article Links

    55sadhikar in SEO

    If i have my own blogger and get some ezine articles and publish on my blogspot site and put an anchor text for my given keyword, will it affect the ... [read more]

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    Tips on getting my site indexed?

    Dmreed4311 in SEO

    I launched 2 sites about 13 days ago and they are still not indexed by google I have posted them on facebook, twitter and even pinged them. I have never ... [read more]

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    Site dropping after high links :S

    allsystems in SEO

    OK the site I'm working on keeps disappearing and coming back BUT now its lower in the SERPS by 6 positions. Hit it with high pr homepage backlinks and its ... [read more]

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    Have the rules for Adsense changed?

    corelle in SEO

    I thought Google only allows 3 Adsense ads per page. I am seeing may websites with more than 3. Even authority sites such as EzineArticles have more than 3. Do ... [read more]

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    Has Anyone Had a Site Partially Hit by Penguin?

    bcmwp in SEO

    I have a large blog with about 200 posts that has been hit by penguin. What's weird is that only half the site seems to have been hit. Some pages ... [read more]

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    Was There Another Google Update Today?

    JoshN in SEO

    My sites seemed to move down and a bunch of random websites that I've never seen before moved to the first page. Is this an isolated incident or are others ... [read more]

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    Is SEO better for the long term than PPC?

    melahi in SEO

    I want to get an answer and comments on "Is SEO better for the long term than PPC, especially for a new website?"

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    Do NOT include TRADEMARK NAME in URL???

    magicink in SEO

    For example, I'm looking at an offer in offervault for eharmony, and in the terms and conditions I see the following: "Search publishers may not use "eHarmony," "eHarmony" misspellings/variations, or ... [read more]

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    My website fell to 40th page, is it because it's over optimized?

    sexyweb in SEO

    Hello, I hope this post won't be deleted but I understand if it does. It's just I am frustrated with one of my adult projects and I need some advice ... [read more]

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    What is Google Penguin?

    bbrmms32 in SEO

    Anyone can explain briefly in your word that i can understand this update bacause i Don`t have more exp in seo

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    Things to do for clients stuck with bad links

    rhinocl in SEO

    Say your client has a long term site that used to rank at or near the top in Google. Over the years he employed numerous different SEO firms and is ... [read more]

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    Question for you SEO geniuses - moving my blog

    davemiz in SEO

    for all you seo whiz's... my homepage is a squeeze page. my blog is located @ .com/blog I've come to the realization that its time to switch things up.... (thanks ... [read more]

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    100 Long Tail Terms that Convert - What Would You Do?

    The Oilman in SEO

    Hello I have a site that got hit by Penguin. Its been quite depressing. But I have tons of long tail terms that have been proven to convert. I want ... [read more]

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    Why adsense accounts frequently blocking?

    rkumaran007 in SEO

    :confused:Hi friends i know many Adsense genius are here plz tell me why my adsense accounts are frequently blocking by google for the same reason "significant risk to keep your ... [read more]

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    Is there any way to see how many visitors visiting my competitors website?

    rafiseo in SEO

    Is there any way to see how many visitors visiting my competitors website? I tried statcounter but it only let me check visitors of my own website. But can anybody ... [read more]

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    EDU links?

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    Does niche relevancy also matters in edu links? for example: if my client website is on health niche, so is it OK to get backlink from college Edu site or ... [read more]

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    EDU permanent Link Worth

    BRAlN in SEO

    Hi, First, I want to know what is the work of 1 permanent EDU link? i.e If someone put my link on some page. [place my URL with Anchor] ... [read more]

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    Penguin link building

    SamDermot in SEO

    Hi, I would like to know what changes you have done in terms of link building after Penguin update. How do I have to use multiple anchor text, these texts ... [read more]

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    Be Excited About SEO and Else

    Dentist in SEO

    Hey, I have been hearing a lot of whining lately on Warrior Forum and a lot of that is true. Google has done some changes that don't make sense to ... [read more]

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    So, google also dislikes "sponsored" wp themes now...

    lniskasaari in SEO

    I don`t know if you`ve read this already but google seems to also dislike wp themes that have "made by someone" link at the bottom of your wp theme: Google ... [read more]

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    Four under-utilized Webmaster Tools features - Bing Webmaster Center Blog

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    This week we’re going to take a quick look at four features which often go unused by websites. Not exactly sure why this is, as they’re very useful, and ... [read more]

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    Inexpensive bookamrking tool, besides IM Automator

    dracoboar in SEO

    Hello, I have trained my va in my link building methods and would like to expand my linkbuilding efforts. However IMautomator only allows a handful of submissions per day. Is ... [read more]

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    Misspelled EMD for correct spelling keyword?

    Levitikon in SEO

    Lets compare the following two keywords. Where to find socks and Were to find socks Lets say "where to find socks" gets 50k global exact matches a month but has ... [read more]

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    Different Rules for the Big Guys

    Carl Brown in SEO

    Is it possible they're violating Google TOS, or do they have different rules for the big guys? Could any of us get away with this?

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    Is there a theme with 0 HTML and CSS errors

    extremejava in SEO

    I have my site at http://extreme-java(dot)com and I can see following issue: There large number of W3C HTML and CSS errors Is there any theme with 0 HTML and CSS ... [read more]

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    If Google values Freshness then how can...

    Steadyon in SEO

    If Google values Freshness, then how can you keep writing new content about the same topic, without getting hit by a penalty for writing content that is too similar to ... [read more]

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    Google's New Dashboard for Webmaster Tools

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    After announcing Webmaster Tools spring cleaning earlier this quarter, it’s time to do the job. There are a few changes coming along: an updated navigation, revamped dashboard, and a ... [read more]

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    What About Backlinking Services

    spiderwire29 in SEO

    What do you guys think of outsourcing some backlinking with backlinking services? I'm also thinking of automating my social bookmarking? PLease give me some advice because i have no clue ... [read more]

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    Why Google did not open their algorithm for correctly work?

    alexwfix in SEO

    (Practical Query) Now, I am working on new site. What is surety given by Google, that Google Panda didnot attack our sites again? Why Google didn’t show their algorithm to ... [read more]

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    Fresh directory List that can help you SEO

    zelthost in SEO ... [read more]

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    Is Twitter a good source of traffic?

    dalc in SEO

    If I were to have a twitter account with a lot of followers, would it be a good source of traffic to my website or affiliate links? Do people click ... [read more]

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    Detailed analysis of what happened to my site from a wmaster who makes he's living from webmastering

    sexyweb in SEO

    Guys, ty very much for the answers! I was sure my post would get deleted since it was about an adult site but you proved me wrong, open minded people ... [read more]

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    Auto comment poster

    bloggerd in SEO

    Hi im looking for a comment posting software that is free preferably or one at reasonable price that i can use a list of websites that i can put into ... [read more]

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    Canonical URL - How to remove from my Wordpress website, Help needed.

    markwilson4074 in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I am just having problem with my URL structure (I am using Wordpress CTR theme with "all-in-one SEO plugin) when I do the following search command in Google: ... [read more]

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    Keyword Stuffing in URLS

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    How many times is too many times for a keyword used in a long string of URLS? For example: If you are using a nested set of folders in your ... [read more]

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    I Think that Penguin is Causing People to Make Bad Decisions

    The Expert in SEO

    I just got an email from someone who had a list of things to do in order to help adjust for the Penguin update. I couldn't believe it but he ... [read more]

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    I Think that Penguin is Causing People to Make Bad Decisions

    The Expert in SEO

    I just got an email from someone who had a list of things to do in order to help adjust for the Penguin update. I couldn't believe it but he ... [read more]

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    Get rid of error 404

    Hafeez in SEO

    My website was Joomla based and now i have switched to Wordpress. From previous version of Joomla there are several hundreds pages of different urls indexed at google. In google ... [read more]

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    Help Needed - Canonical URL structure and Duplicate content in Wordpress

    ALearner in SEO

    Hey Warriors, I am using Wordpress theme (CTR) for all my websites. When I search my website in Google as follows: I comes up with all the pages indexed ... [read more]

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    301 redirect ???

    VegasLights in SEO

    If youre' ranked for SomePage.html and you do a 301 redirect to somepage.html and do this site wide for all pages which are indexed and ranked in google for NonLowerCase ... [read more]

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    Value Of Yahoo Best Answer?

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    How Much Value should Yahoo best Answer Contain in SEO..?