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    Is there a tool to get text content of SERPs?

    MChai in SEO

    For the purpose of research when writing articles. For example searching the term "mashie niblick" would return the text from each results page as my example below. Instead of the ... [read more]

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    How much google organic traffic would a keyword with 90,500 broad match receive?

    boafinancial in SEO

    How much google organic site traffic would a keyword with 90,500 broad match receive if the keyword ranking is 1st position on google? That is considering long tail keywords and ... [read more]

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    sitemap error appears

    sekhar203 in SEO

    Dear Warriors as my site is How To Stop Anxiety - it is not appearing in google, i diagnosed through webmaster tool where it was showing one message.."Your Sitemap ... [read more]

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    SEO for coupon website

    CouponPotion in SEO

    I'm not sure where to post this question - but I'm trying to figure out how I can gain traffic for my coupon website. I'm having a hard time on ... [read more]

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    My website is completely disappear from google

    chetankm in SEO

    Hello, my website completely disappear from google for all of my keywords. If the domain is blacklisted then please tell me what i do now. I am sure this ... [read more]

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    Which online SEO report generator are you using?

    ferriswannabe in SEO

    I lost my bookmarks. Other then the hubspot website grader, what seo report generators are you using. I'm talking about the online ones, where you input the domain name and ... [read more]

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    Facebooks Clicks Conversion For a Local Restaurant

    echelon in SEO

    Hello Warriors, I was wondering about the conversion that should be expected from facebook ads when promoting a local business especially for restaurants. I wanted to make some estimation about ... [read more]

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    Help, i cant get this site indexed

    seomachester2011 in SEO

    Hi I can seem to get my site indexed, i am not sure if it is a onsite seo problem, i dont think it is, I have used website auditor ... [read more]

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    A question about keyword density

    discuss4u in SEO

    It seems that most people are catering for a keyword density of about 2% nowadays. However, I have a stupid question here.... Say my keyword is "weight loss pills" It ... [read more]

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    Anyone building a mega-site?

    bigcat1967 in SEO

    Has anyone created any mega-sites (mainly informational website)? If so - how are you doing? I'm thinking about creating one...

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    Description on google results...

    aygabtu in SEO

    If google isn't using the description meta tag value in the results they show, does that mean they might have flagged it as keyword stuffing? They are currently using the ... [read more]

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    New Day And New Hope

    ian a birch in SEO

    My main site was hit hard on 24 april going from page 1 and position 1 to page 47,It crawled up to page 35 but then back down to page ... [read more]

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    Could Bing seriously challenge Google?

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    King Kaufman is a sports writer who says he reads Scripting News to learn about football. That's one of the highest compliments someone can pay me, cause I often ... [read more]

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    Disapointed at the Samurai, Long Tail Time?

    en3r0 in SEO

    I am still new at internet marketing and niche site creation. I have been using Market Samurai to do my keyword research. The PBR (Phrase-To-Broad Ratio) is rather confusing, and ... [read more]

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    Google- Please don't defame innocent "Penguin"

    saxenar in SEO

    Dear all Warriors, I like to point on 1 Keyword search HGH, Broad search- 2,240,000, Exact search- 165,000 & Competition- 36,400,000. It is short form (and popular name) of 'Human ... [read more]

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    SEO On Same Ip-address

    Mister Ozzy in SEO

    I have an interesting question... When you have for example a VPS with one ip-address and you have: - A website on it with blackhat SEO techniques - And also ... [read more]

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    Put an Ad on Bing - site disappeared in Google

    winebuddy in SEO

    Ok - maybe this is a coincidence but I have a site that has been on page 1 and on the top of page 2 in Google for a LONG ... [read more]

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    Keyword domain name with words out of order

    johnhowle in SEO

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster! How effective is buying a domain that contains my keywords, but not in the exact order users typically search for them. For ... [read more]

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    Forum profile got high PR! Is it worth?

    Arav in SEO

    After the latest update, some of my profile (.edu) backlinks got high PR like 3,4 even 6! But these links can't be seen without logging in. So, are they worth ... [read more]

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    Deindexing Sites at it's Peak?

    PimpinRice in SEO

    Is it me or is that I've been researching SEO services and all I hear is that people's complaint that their sites are being indexed... Like crazy! So I dug ... [read more]

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    Domain Name SEO

    Freddie Worrall in SEO

    Hi guys, was just thinking about domain name SEO and my question is this: Is it beneficial to SEO have more that one domain name pointing to your site, heres ... [read more]

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    How do you compare urls with scrapebox?

    Bjm82 in SEO

    Say i scrape ten thousand urls, how do i check and weed out the ones i already commented on in the past?

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    how to make ppc profitable campain that converts

    loka in SEO

    hello please i am trying to make ppc profitable campain that converts but i failed alot of times is there any book or wso ,,,that actually making ppc profitable campains ... [read more]

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    Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer VS Keyword Blaze PRO ?

    pafkatata in SEO

    Hello I just bought "Keyword Blaze PRO" software and now i am exploring it and i must say that i am not quite happy with the server load which is ... [read more]

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    Best SEO Plugins for WordPress?

    ShaneBreen in SEO

    Hi, So I have been tooling around with WordPress for the last few years and I have found these three plugins to work really well for SEO: All in One ... [read more]

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    google penguin

    jossefsal in SEO

    hey guys most of you have noticed the new Google update.. disaster. the update will for sure reduce the actual SERP ranking for most of webmasters.. and the funny thing ... [read more]

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    A Powerful Backlinking Tool

    Chris Whitrod in SEO

    Does this exist or do I need to build it? I'm looking for a tool for searching a list of 100 specified websites/blogs for my specified phrases and terms. With ... [read more]

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    Targeted keyword number, keywor variation, link profile percentage

    sexyweb in SEO

    Hello guys, I need some advice from real life test, hope you can help me. Lets say this is a title for my nutrition site: logo | Nutrition Plan | ... [read more]

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    I need Free and accurate backlinks checking tool? plz help me

    seo2ever in SEO

    Hello Guys.. Can anyone tell me free and accurate BL checking tool.. Thanks in advance.

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    keyword help

    yesook in SEO

    hi guys can someone help me with a but of info.. how do you implement keywords into your site and are they really important Posted from Warrior Forum Reader for ... [read more]

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    Best domain/url for forum?

    spoofies in SEO

    Hi WF, For SEO purposes, I'm looking to register a domain. if are both taken, what would you go with? TITLEforum/TITLEforums in .net/.org or one of the follow: ... [read more]

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    best keyword

    mistercooler in SEO

    What's a good keyword for a website, pls give me good examples

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    How I Find High Search But Low Competition Keywords Using Scrapebox

    mmoreal in SEO

    This method is very simple, but powerful! I come across many untapped long tail keywords with low competition and high search volume in many niches EVERYDAY. Step 1: Open Google ... [read more]

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    Can anyone give me an examples about authority blogs about health niche plz

    seo2ever in SEO

    Can anyone give me an examples about authority blogs about health niche plz I need to see how they look and I can put categories into it so help me ... [read more]

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    How do I Get More Traffic To My Site Using Social Media ? Will 50 SU Votes From Fiverr Work ?

    jimkirk1943 in SEO

    Hi Guys, After being slapped about 4 months ago and BMR going down i`ve lost my rankings and traffic i want to try to get some of that back by ... [read more]

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    Best PPC for Publishers?

    dlo1206 in SEO

    Hi, I've been working on a website for a few weeks now and have been generating a good amount of its traffic via pop under ads (pop ups that are ... [read more]

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    Can you tell me the best Free tool or software to analyze the quality of Backlinks?

    seo2ever in SEO

    Can you tell me the best Free tool or software to analyze the quality of Backlinks?

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    IF the 1st competitor has 2600 backlinks and 2nd has 50 backlinks can I compete??help

    seo2ever in SEO

    IF the 1st competitor has 2600 backlinks and 2nd has 50 backlinks and the average PR of the first 10 sites is 3 can I compete or NO ??help plz

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    Any body help me with tested method to make 100$/day with ADsense?

    seo2ever in SEO

    Any body help me with tested method to make 100$/day with ADsense?

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    Ho much the averageac time to make 50$/day?

    seo2ever in SEO

    Ho much the average time to make 50$/day from ADsense?

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    Which is the best video Adsense course for about building profitable authority sites?!!

    seo2ever in SEO

    Which is the best video Adsense course for about building profitable authority sites?!! :confused:

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    Warrior forum thread #10 for make money online on Google!

    satrap in SEO

    A thread from warrior forum's "Warriors For Hire" section is on the 1st page of Google (#10) for "make money online"!... I thought I was seeing personalized results, but I ... [read more]

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    backlink from squidoo lens?

    TheProgrammer in SEO

    Hi i want to know backlink from the pr4/5 squidoo lens is also counts as authority backlink and have much linkjuice than any other pr4/5 article backlink?

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    My two cents about the Penguin Update, personal findings

    sexyweb in SEO

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum but I think there's no harm in contributing with my two cents to the penguin - he must have hundreds of dollars ... [read more]

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    What would you say about forum links

    SamDermot in SEO

    As I offer forum link building services so I need to know how effective it is in penguin update, it works like before or there are some changes. With the ... [read more]

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    Warrior forum thread #10 for make money online on Google!

    satrap in SEO

    A thread from warriorfourm's "Warriors For Hire" section is on the 1st page of google (#10) for "make money online"!... I thought I was seeing personalized results, but I logged ... [read more]

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    Backlink for website with alot of content

    krestup in SEO

    Please i will like to know the best way to build backlinks for a website with alot of content with over 100 articles?

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    Facebook ads!!!

    theone30 in SEO

    I was trying to promote some offers from Maxbounty on Facebook and no luck, getting this message (Sorry The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive ... [read more]

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    Penguin Killed Me Partially - Mainly My Long Tails

    momo3 in SEO

    Penguin hit me .. but on my best site it hit me far less than on my other sites. On my best site it brought many of my main terms ... [read more]

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    MUST READ: Google's Penguin Analysis

    BigG95 in SEO

    I found a very interesting article, which analyses the latest google algo update based on their own data and the conclusions on how to go about SEO post penguin. Penguin ... [read more]

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    Adwords quarlerly review...

    aygabtu in SEO

    Anyone get an adwords quarterly review in the mail? This is my first one although I've advertised with them off and on for the past 18 months. Is this something ... [read more]

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    Mage monster software $1500+ amount? useful?

    arnie19 in SEO

    Who have been here in the webinar a couple of minutes ago? How will you see mage monster? will it be useful? SEO value? monitize purpose to earn money? let ... [read more]

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    anyone running scrapebox on a dedicated server?

    allsystems in SEO

    I am thinking that I need to increase my scrapebox efforts especially if I am going to be running several sites as high pr blogs are free,just need to find ... [read more]

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    Authority blog updates & no backlinks

    IMdeaming in SEO

    Hello warriors! I have a "quick" question for you guys: So im in the process of mapping out my SEO plan for this summer for a 9 y/o authority blog ... [read more]

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    Forum Profile Links for SEnuke

    geekscode in SEO

    HI Everyone! Where Can I buy scraped Forum Profiles link lists? and also I'm looking for AA comment list as well

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    Another keyword jumped back up post-Penguin...

    aygabtu in SEO

    I did nothing to promote it since the Penguin update, but a term that I ranked as high as #3 for pre-penguin had dropped out of the top 100, but ... [read more]