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    How to harvest 1millions urls scrapebox?

    allsystems in SEO

    The majority of urls harvested in scrapebox are nofollow. I want to harvest 1million urls related to my keywords. I have about 20 related keywords,or want to be able to ... [read more]

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    What is the Proper URL to Build Backlinks to Twitter

    deanmoney in SEO

    Does anyone here build backlinks to their twitter account and if so which of the below 2 do you use: h ttp:// or h ttp://!/XXXXX I have seen both in ... [read more]

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    WP Add a post Into A Page- Need Help...

    n0tr3v3 in SEO

    Hey Guys... In wordpress how to add a post into a page like what the homepage does automatically while have it shown only in that page and not on the ... [read more]

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    Safe to Re-Use My Old BMR Articles??

    martyJames in SEO

    Hi All You can export all your old BMR posts from the BMR dashboard. Given most of the sites that the articles were posted on have been de-indexed, it it ... [read more]

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    how to analyze my competitor

    SGS014 in SEO

    i would like to know how to analyze my competitors in google serph , as i read , when i am looking for niche and keyword for my web page ... [read more]

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    Is SEnuke gone ?

    Stoc in SEO

    I go to there site and its now Free n Full Downloads anyone else getting this ?

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    What is spamprotection on scrapebox?

    allsystems in SEO

    What is spam protection on scrapbox? Can these blogs be commented on manually? I dont understand it

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    Can Your Site Lose Its Rankings Because Of Competitors’ Negative SEO?

    buzz4me in SEO

    just came across on a very good article about negative seo. read here Can Your Site Lose Its Rankings Because Of Competitors post your comments and thoughts below.

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    Can you believe it? SEO can do magic

    bikramksingh in SEO

    look at the image below and you will also say WOW...SEO can indeed do magic.

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    Where/How can I sell ad space on my site?

    RMPV89 in SEO

    Do any of you know where I can sell ad space? Is there a site that helps me do that? I have a website getting 200-300 visitors but barely any ... [read more]

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    My First Adsense website

    talbrice in SEO

    Hi All, I'll be happy if you give me your inputs regarding my first adsense website. Thanks for helping Poker Practice

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    Beating Wikipedia Number 1 pages...

    Gunsblazen in SEO

    Say you find a niche and a wikipedia entry is number 1. How do you beat it? Is this a sign of very little competition for this keyword? Or is ... [read more]

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    This is weird :S

    allsystems in SEO

    My webiste is showing as number 54 on and 76 on for my main keyword using seoserp tracker. HOWEVER when I check manually its ALWAYS at 126/127/ Anyone ... [read more]

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    Do Squeeze Pages Kill SEO?

    Needza in SEO

    Howdy Partners, I was wondering if anyone knew about whether how to SEO a squeeze page. Alright, this might be a stupid and obvious scenario, but here it is. I ... [read more]

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    BacklinksKingdom Users

    cooler1 in SEO

    A question to those who used Backlinkskingdom. What are you going to do with the articles now that BK has been deindexed? Is it best to submit them to somewhere ... [read more]

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    Best methods for website inter-linking

    Beats4Legends in SEO

    Wow I can't believe I missed this before, I wanted to share some information that a lot of SEO gurus already know, but it proved to me that even with ... [read more]

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    How Get dofollow Backlinks For Free Hight PR

    movieinhd in SEO

    hello everyone i need dofollow hight PR backlinks to my blog. plz tell me good PR Dofollow site. i know your suggestion always right

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    How to protect adsense account

    derprinz in SEO

    Hi i have some sites that are getting good positions on google first page and i am afraid of loosing my account because of clickbombing i found some programs like ... [read more]

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    Yahoo and Bing for SEO? Still worth for us?

    yookerseo in SEO

    Since Google has updated their algorithm once again, it is now tougher for us to do SEO with them. But there are other alternatives like Yahoo and Bing that could ... [read more]

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    CPC drop when adding ads

    savedbyhim01 in SEO

    On one site recently I was only utilizing one content ad and one link unit. I had enough content and decided to ad another content ad in the middle of ... [read more]

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    Bing Adsense

    dracoboar in SEO

    Does Microsoft/Bing have an adsense style program, and if so is it a quality program with a payout comparable to google? Thanks in advance.

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    Discount Prose Wordpress Theme (Genesis Framework)

    jt47000 in SEO

    Hi guys, Anyone know where I can buy this theme at a discounted price? It's kind of pricey, just wanted to know if anyone knew of a place to get ... [read more]

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    how to rank facebook page in gogole seph

    SGS014 in SEO

    hi there i am new in seo optimization and i would like to know if there is any way to rank my facebook page : in google serph ? ... [read more]

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    Is 590 local searches a month enough to go after a niche?

    Gunsblazen in SEO

    I'm SURE I can get to Number 1 in google. Other than that, I think there are other ways to market this. Its an educational tool. I have access to ... [read more]

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    Does a VPN is as SAFE as a Private Proxy for running SEO softwares?

    Arav in SEO

    I'm in deep trouble as I'm unable to buy Private proxies because of the payment option. (Paypal isn't supported here, just Moneybookers). Somehow, I managed a VPN by which I's ... [read more]

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    How to make footer links "no follow" in Wordpress

    Pawprints34 in SEO

    I know there are lots of plugins out there but I can't find one that does what I want it to. I have 4 links in my footer of my ... [read more]

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    4 Killer Tips for making Successful Facebook Campaigns

    Fary in SEO

    4 Killer Tips for Successful Facebook Campaigns -...

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    sitemap on main page

    CS in SEO

    I am using Google Sitemap Generator Plugin to generate sitemap.xml, should i put a link on main page to link to this sitemap.xml, i cannot find the sitemap html page? ... [read more]

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    AdCenter Questions

    xrcv in SEO

    Hi, can anyone who uses adcenter tell me if the traffic and click estimations after you select KWs are even close to accurate? I tried adding KWs that nobody bids ... [read more]

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    How Do I Place A Wildcard Keyword In Scrapebox?

    HCRoyo in SEO

    Hi Warriors.. I am having a bit of a problem with scrapebox not returning my results properly. For example, I tried to place the custom footprint inurl:.php in the scrapebox ... [read more]

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    Want to learn about keywords and earn money?

    RyanGillam in SEO

    Write on fiverr. I have learned so much about keywords in the past 2 months it is unreal. I am finding out exactly how people choose their final 'keywords' and ... [read more]

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    to dig deep with keyword research

    laurenc in SEO

    hi guys, thanks for accepting me in this forum. i am fairly new to internet marketing and just learned how to use market samurai. i was working in IT for ... [read more]

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    Google is Flawed - You Can Influence Other Sites’ Rankings With Backlinks

    neil_patmore in SEO

    How do I know? Because I totally messed up 2 of my smaller money sites by creating backlinks to them recently. I mean totally messed them up, last page of ... [read more]

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    When judging competiton: Page Rank? Back Links? Etc?

    Gunsblazen in SEO

    When judging niches/competition what do you look at? Local hits per month: 1000? 3000? 5000? More??? Less? when looking at the top 10 in google: Page rank lower than 3? ... [read more]

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    Multiple Keyword SEO boost in domain??

    Gunsblazen in SEO

    Say a niche has two major searches. Maybe "mowing grass" and "cutting grass" Would a domain like help you rank up in both searches? Giving you double the chance ... [read more]

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    Friends website was hacked - If he re installs WordPress will he lose #1 rankings?....

    IM Lover in SEO

    Hi Guys My friends website was compromised about one week ago now, he was in fact given some code by Google based on where it was infected, he could not ... [read more]

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    Google and seoquake plugin.

    Pongo in SEO

    I installed seoquake for firefox and it seems like about every 6 or 8 searches google makes me fill in a captcha. I also installed Ghostery at just about the ... [read more]

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    Best Adsense Plug in For WP?

    Harlan in SEO

    What's the best and simplest AdSense Plug in for WP? In addition to A side widget, I want to have ads after posts. What are your recommendations? Free or paid ... [read more]

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    Have some user submitted content on my websites, should I delete them?

    falcon_warrior in SEO

    I have a squeeze page which also links to a blog where it autoposts user submitted content with their own links in order to keep my website 'fresh' in google's ... [read more]

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    Google about to change exact/phrase match calculations

    UMS in SEO

    Haven't seen this discussed yet, but if you have logged into GAKT recently, you would have noticed the message saying that Google is "improving" exact match and phrase match. When ... [read more]

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    Multiple links to same domain question.

    dracoboar in SEO

    Hello, It is my understanding that google will only give credit to the first link it sees from a specific page to a specific page (PAGE A to PAGE B) ... [read more]

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    7search : Paid for 29 clicks, got 9 - why?

    mrjosco in SEO

    I have been using 7search to get my feet wet with PPC. I have had pretty good luck with one campaign and have just started doing a better job of ... [read more]

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    Best "Social buttons" wordpress plugin

    mandos123 in SEO

    What is the best and harmless social share plugin for wordpress? Thanks

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    Sub Domain vs Page/Folder

    n0tr3v3 in SEO

    Sadly today I am a little concern whether to delete some of mine subdomains website and just create those as page/folder instead.... It Seems That Page/Folder rank must better than ... [read more]

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    SEO Report Said This... What's it mean?

    Rick Britton in SEO

    I hope some kind Warriors will help a poor dumb newbie out with some explanations because I am struggling to understand some things. I did a Woorank report and ended ... [read more]

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    Seriously guys, do you REALLY spend all day creating web 2.0 sites etc. for linkbuilding purposes?

    KatyaSenina in SEO

    Ok, I know linkbuilding is a very time consuming process and I just hate this part when it comes to internet marketing. I guess forum posting, blog commenting and submitting ... [read more]

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    Foreign Languages

    Campbell24 in SEO

    I've already posted various threads on this general topic of targeting foreign countries. I want to make sites in Spanish as it is my second language and the competition seems ... [read more]

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    important question about backlink

    Jayy in SEO

    If I made 50 blogspot websites all in one niche ( for exmaple, video game niche) Made 1 post on them all and social bookmarked each blogspot website to get ... [read more]

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    How to get Google First Page within 24 hours..?

    egoldzone in SEO

    Hi all, Do you know how to get Google First page within 24 hours..? I just using free method till now.. - Backlink submission - Ping - Forum posting Any ... [read more]

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    BACKLINKS - I'm puzzled

    isaacburks9z in SEO

    Ok So I am so puzzled?? How do some of these service get such a big list of backlinks does that make sense how can you offer 1000 backlinks and ... [read more]

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    Silo Site Structure

    adamcm in SEO

    Hi all, I've been trying to re-design my site into a silo structure but every once in a while I am finding a post that I feel belongs in two ... [read more]

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    MarketingAce in SEO

    Can we clear this who "SEO Competition Analysis" up once and for all? I'm sure that you're just another person like myself who has realized how important it is to ... [read more]

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    Site Rankings Dropped Suddenly

    fraakz in SEO

    Well I started a blog back in January 2010 and since then never engaged in black hat seo tactics. I was never engaged in building paid links or posting on ... [read more]

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    How Many Times a Day Does the Googlebot Visit?

    JeanneLynn in SEO

    I know this may seem like a stupid question, but I'm still learning about how everything works. I've tried to find the answer by searching, but too many unrelated answers ... [read more]

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    How to increase Adsense earnings..?

    egoldzone in SEO

    Hi friend Any body know..... How to increase Adsense earnings..? Please share with me here Thanks

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    Site taken down for one week, Google Penalties???

    birdman87 in SEO

    Hi guys I have been working my heart out on a big mortgage site over the past few months in the UK. It's by far exceeded my expectations and is ... [read more]