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    Incorrect data under search analytics in search console

    faizzsheikh in SEO

    I always check the keywords that are getting highest impressions under search analytics. But its very disappointing to see misleading data by Google. I found that the keyword "Exercise Bands" ... [read more]

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    What's in a name?

    Elijah Laughinghaus in SEO

    I'm debating if I should use my name as my brand, or create one. I'm an artist of sorts, so one thing that is absolutely imperative is that if someone ... [read more]

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    How can get more traffice for new website ?

    Lillie232013 in SEO

    I want good solution how I will get more traffic for new website.If any expert Guys please give me answer ?

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    Hottest SEO Trends That Are Blowing Out Like a Volcano Now

    mzzyhmd in SEO

    Let me ask you an honest question. What made you click this link? Were you wowed by the volcano or even a little intrigued? Were you genuinely interested in the ... [read more]

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    how to target keywords for seo

    Keerti in SEO

    How to target keywords for seo..?

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    Questions about bad neighborhood links and if i should disavowing nofollow links

    Ani86 in SEO

    HI, I have a few questions that need clearification. 1. My site is using shared hosting, which is shared with 35 sites. There is one adult industry site harikaporn .net ... [read more]

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    Amazon Experts: How Do You Get Your Product Review Sites to Page 1 of Google?

    imnewbie6 in SEO

    I have a nice little mini-niche Wordpress blog I just set up for myself. It has an Amazon product review on it and a few other pages of content. Yesterday ... [read more]

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    Struggling with blog traffic.Please Help

    knn125 in SEO

    I started a blog and want to grow its traffic and readership. I do post articles and then promote them regularly. My blog promotion includes: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pintrest Linkedin ... [read more]

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    Content > SEO these days?

    RS3RS in SEO

    How do you guys feel about content marketing vs. SEO these days? Obviously the best mix is to use both to the best of your abilities, but where do you ... [read more]

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    Is EMD Dead ?

    ddesigns in SEO

    Wanted to know is EMD (Exact Match Domain) dead now ? I read somewhere that now a days no one is going for EMDs except newbies, is it true ? ... [read more]

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    How to calculate Bounce rate ?

    deaninfotech02 in SEO

    Hello, my question is that how to calculate google bounce rate. I have share with you my website monthly traffic please check below traffic details. Monthly sessions - 1972 Monthly ... [read more]

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    Do you care about Bounce rate?

    Devilfish168 in SEO

    A lot claim bounce rate does affect your site ranking there are also tailor make plugin to reduct your bounce rate.. etc etc... for me I don't care as long ... [read more]

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    Moving one domain to a sub domain, and rebuilding the main domain.

    mrcrowley in SEO

    Hi all, would like to have your views on what would be the best things to do here. Sorry if I'm being all over the place, it's kind of hard ... [read more]

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    How Do You Use Disqus When Leaving Blog Comments for Backlinks?

    Travis Van Slooten in SEO

    I'm noticing that about 90% of the websites and blogs I'm visiting these days use Disqus to manage their comments. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how ... [read more]

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    Should I try to compete with Google page 1 top competition?

    Oliver Allen in SEO

    I have researched using my keyword search softwares and found over 100 keyword phrases with at least 5 keywords in each of these 100+ keyword phrases for some physical products. ... [read more]

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    How to get Linkedin Followers to grow your Business Network

    alliedintsecurity in SEO

    Hey Warriors! Does anyone know how to get more followers on Linkedin company page? Need some advice and ideas. Thank You!

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    Tell some syntax for easy searching in google for seo?

    priyaasree in SEO

    how can i easily find the submission sites for specific topic, so i need some simple tricks to finding them?

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    Question About Selling Text Links

    jv1999 in SEO

    Sorry about posting in main discussion and getting my post deleted. I hope this is the right forum. So, I write for this health-niche site -- only credentialed authors are ... [read more]

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    Choosing a host

    Elijah Laughinghaus in SEO

    Hi, I'm a photographer and sorry if this is a clueless question but I am considering between these two sites to host my website: Photodeck is MUCH superior ... [read more]

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    In 2016 - Best way to research what people are asking?

    VictorMansoor in SEO

    I am trying to compete with various blogs within the geek cosmos. Screwattack,Inverse,, etc.. I need to answer questions my geek family are asking insteading just writing opinion pieces and ... [read more]

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    SEO for React SPAs

    rarutu in SEO

    Hey I am build a platform that will host multiple ReactJS SPAs and i need to find a solution for 2 pbs: SEO and i18n 1) I saw some articles ... [read more]

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    How SEO changes Boost Your E-Commerce Site

    dansilvestre in SEO

    You can’t succeed in your online business if you don’t have any online customers. And you can’t get any customers if you aren’t exposed to a large number of people ... [read more]

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    How to improve My Keyword Ranking i Chose Competitive Keywords?

    mukeshkr5683 in SEO

    Hi Friends i have website Related To Sports Betting and i chose keywords like online cricket betting, cricket betting online, cricket betting and more these keywords have competition level Low ... [read more]

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    buy backlink ?

    mathompson in SEO

    dear friend i am seo for my site but don't up to google top and i want to buy backlink for up top where i can buy it and how ... [read more]

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    How do you rank your YouTube videos?

    yunarel in SEO

    Share your experience on how do you rank your Videos on YouTube, How do you exactly put keywords in your title to make it more natural? How do you write ... [read more]

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    Have Keywords Really Become Obsolete?

    dansilvestre in SEO

    It’s really become apparent this past year that keywords are becoming less and less important, when it comes to your search engine optimization (SEO). We know that Google now gives ... [read more]

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    how to increase organic keywords

    Jesse2 in SEO

    I am using semrush. it is showing 338 organic keywords. I want more keywords. so any one tell me how to increase organic keywords, only content writing is ok or ... [read more]

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    SEO Web Ranking become OUTDATED soon?

    Connann in SEO

    I recently came across this interesting article: "As more and more people search via personal assistants, and with personal assistants trying to deliver answers directly in their interface, we'll ... [read more]

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    Android App SEO

    Divyaadz in SEO

    I have a decent responsive website with 5000 user daily. I though of creating a simple android app which just redirect to my website. Please let me know whether Apps ... [read more]

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    How to remove archive title?

    kasmanishafi in SEO

    I have blogger! When I published blog and add some tag titles after 2 or 3 days google appears but tag title with archive on google! I want to remove ... [read more]

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    How Prevent PDF From Becoming Duplicate Content?

    StefanMFR in SEO

    Hi, Currently, I'm working on a very in-depth guide on a topic in my niche (fitness). I would like to turn this guide into a PDF that can be downloaded ... [read more]

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    SEO Work Report!

    TechMate001 in SEO

    Where Can, I get some sample work reports for SEO? or the place can i get sample report formats!

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    How Do I SEO Blog Posts?

    Noitartst in SEO

    Essentially, I'm seeking guidance in SEO-ing, and was wondeing if there was anyone here that could help walk me through the process.

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    SEO vs AdWords: Why Is It Impossible to Get a Straight Answer?

    neshaword in SEO

    I don’t know about you, but I just don’t get it. Why is it so hard to get a straight answer? Which one is better: SEO or AdWords? I literally ... [read more]

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    Whats wrong with this post?

    P0tt3r in SEO

    Why isn't this blog post ranking. Keywords: Online Business Directories Business directories Content... Check Structure... Check Optimized... Check Social Shares... Check Our team is at a loss, Any suggestions or ... [read more]

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    Does subdomain like "" is bad for seo

    Linegend in SEO

    Hello, I've built a website in wordpress but I'd like to host the online store section in a e-commerce platform like bigcommerce or maybe shopify. For that, i'm thinking about ... [read more]

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    Webpages Deindex In Google / GWT Showing 6month Old Removed Pages/ Most of the webpages ranked Out

    sanjayptpl in SEO

    Hi I wants to know why my website reacting unnatural behavior. Website - Point1: Last week i index my website in google and its show 100+ pages, but now ... [read more]

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    Is Link Echoes Working Now?

    TechMate001 in SEO

    What is the power that can utilized by Ghost Links Aka Link Echoes? How link echoes are saying as powerful in SEO?

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    How to do region base SEO

    paulreffill121 in SEO

    Hello guys, I want to know that how to promote my online services in a other country other than i am residing and executing business.

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    Getting Ranked On YouTube?

    dansilvestre in SEO

    Usually when we’re talking about ranking, it’s safe to assume we’re talking about Google. However, the intertwined relationship between the two largest search engines on the planet means even Google ... [read more]

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    A New Era Of Search Optimization Is Coming - It Might Already Be Here!

    dansilvestre in SEO

    As a professional who works in the marketing and search engine optimization industry, I’ve learned not to panic when Google changes their algorithm, or when a new social media platforms ... [read more]

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    (DA)Domain Authorityrelatively went up but (PA) Page Authority went down

    misha524 in SEO

    As I was checking our website status today, I noticed the site's DA went relatively high but the PA went down. May I know what are the possible cause of ... [read more]

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    Why Can't You Do It Faster? (How Long Link Building Really Takes.)

    dansilvestre in SEO

    Why can’t you make things happen faster? Why do I have to make a 12 month commitment? If you’re an SEO’er who deals directly with the end customer, these are ... [read more]

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    Youtube Playlist Ranking

    indacoupe in SEO

    I have seen much information on ranking videos but almost nothing on ranking Youtube playlists. Is there anyone out there that can consistently rank playlists?

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    Need Help About ( Articles , SEO , Keywords )

    Master7v in SEO

    I read yesterday an AdSense strategy book it was mentioned *Main Keywords average ( 1000 - 15000) Avg Searchers That Will Be used as article title *Secondary Keywords used as ... [read more]

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    How Can i got more traffic Safe for adsense

    worldvideosfull in SEO

    Hello All How Can i got more traffic Safe for adsense for my blog Njiraq Can any one help me

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    Content Wider than Screen, Clickable elements too close together error?

    bhatti22 in SEO

    I am using responsive theme on my wordpress website Online Islamic Classes - Free Islamic Courses for Sisters, kids, when i test my website on moible friendly test tool so ... [read more]

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    Fetch / Fetch and Render

    Barryman in SEO

    Hi guys I wonder what is the difference between FETCH and FETCH AND RENDER on Google webmaster tools. Anyone can help which is better to use to submit links. Thank ... [read more]

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    How to Rank adult sites ?

    Maddy5 in SEO

    Hello every one I have this question in my mind for some time I want to know what are the important factors when it comes to ranking high for adult ... [read more]

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    SEO Rankings in other Countries

    callumclarke in SEO

    Hi, I have recently found a site called GEO Rank. The site allows you to see where you appear in other countries when they search for keywords. I am number ... [read more]

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    SEO Forum website like warriorforum

    Barryman in SEO

    Hi guys Does anyone have a forum website for SEO like warriorforum. I like this website so much but I like to explore new things and new traffics. Thank you

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    Safe SEO for ecommerce site

    MattCM in SEO

    Hi, We have an ecommerce website built on the woocommerce platform in the UK. At the moment 99% of our customers are derived from Adwords. We have not done anything ... [read more]

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    Erotic pictures and art (anime) affect seo?

    NeoN777 in SEO

    Hi! If my site contain light erotic (and erotic art) does it affect ranking?

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    Content Marketing: Types of Content that Attract the Most Backlinks

    pauloadaoag in SEO

    Attracting backlinks should be one of your most instrumental goals when you create your website content. A backlink is a link from an external site that points to your website; ... [read more]

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    What's Best for SEO: Post on Article Directory (OR) Post on Your Own Blog?

    mesmerx in SEO

    Hi, I'm curious: I have 20 articles written for me. And have choice of posting either to: (A) 20 articles to 5 Article Directories OR (B) Post 20 articles on ... [read more]