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    Is this Penalty from Google for ALN ? Little Confused

    CypherT in SEO

    Hello, This is my first post here , I have been building links for my site from last 2years and Ranking well for my keywords in Top 10 . But ... [read more]

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    Best domain for long tail keywords?

    spoofies in SEO

    Hi WF, I am expanding my MNS portfolio, here is the particular scenario that I'm stuck on: I have a broad keyword that only gets about 1,900 local searches, there ... [read more]

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    long tail keyword domain name

    derprinz in SEO

    If "" and "x-y-z" .com/net/org are taken can i use "" are taken too - would that be the same in terms of serp ?

  • 1 {{ upvoteCount | shortNum }} Blocked?

    Mosa in SEO

    I tried to use but I ended up getting redirected and seeing this message: "Phishing Site Blocked Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to get you to provide personal information ... [read more]

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    PR5 dofollow backlink- low OBL

    derprinz in SEO

    Hi i am offering you a 3 months dofollow PR5 in my french site which has very low OBL *** i need a little money , that's why i am ... [read more]

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    SEO Titling for Products

    sbsts in SEO

    Is it beneficial to have the web address to a product contain keywords instead of the title of the product, or should the title be exactly the same as the ... [read more]

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    Tweaking Previously Published WP Posts

    tnydam in SEO

    I was trying to find out if google likes or penalizes a website that tweaks previously published posts to improve SEO. I can't seem to find any information on this. ... [read more]

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    can allowing comments lose "link juice"

    craigylad in SEO

    Hi I have a site that was about midway on page 1 of google for a given keyword. This has now dropped to page three. What I have noticed, is ... [read more]

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    add on domains or subdomains for SEO use in new website

    jstreet in SEO

    I am building a new website and in the past have built smaller websites with keyword specific domains. I am thinking of structuring my website now with a primary keyword ... [read more]

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    Results of "Submission" ..?

    robin2012 in SEO

    Hi friends, after how much time I can get the result for my website, after 1 or 2 month ? If I do submission per day and advertise also ? ... [read more]

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    First Post and First Squidoo

    toby26 in SEO

    Hi Warrior Knights I am so gladful to find this forum, which is even better than DP! I read some free articles as well as bought several ebooks from Warrior ... [read more]

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    Auto Placements vs Managed Placements?

    ``Yousef in SEO

    Alright, I'm starting a new campaign that is purely content network because I believe it has the ability to convert pretty damn well. I know this niche well, as it ... [read more]

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    Panda Questions

    adamcm in SEO

    Hi all, I've seen quite a bit of ranking decreases lately for almost all of my sites. I received the unnatural link message on March 21st. Most of my ranking ... [read more]

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    Recovery from google dance

    kimseo in SEO

    Hello Guys, Is it possible to recover a domain from google dance in one day? Please suggest Thanks Kim

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    Google Places?

    amitkhurana1990 in SEO

    Can anybody help me how to promote you site on local means check this keyword acting school in mumbai on google search engine you can see that there are various ... [read more]

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    Help me Get from #6 to Top 3

    dragtastic in SEO

    This post is directed towards people who have actually taken their websites from the #5-10 spot on google to the top 3. I currently rank #6 for the keyword "sdcc" ... [read more]

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    how to get ranked in 1st page in shrt time

    subzer0 in SEO

    hello every one i target 2 keywords each ne have a -200 search per month with low competion ! how times i can get ranked in 1st page ? how ... [read more]

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    Stupid Panda Update - Are You Still Relying on Google for SEO?

    Chris Q in SEO

    I know most of you guys who have spent a lot of time doing on and off-page SEO for your websites, but now the latest Google Panda update has hurt ... [read more]

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    I want to change old XSP content pages over to my new WP blog

    LarryHaywood in SEO

    Happy 420! Situation: I have existing older content on my site that was put up with XSitePro. I have since updated my site and converted it over to Wordpress. I ... [read more]

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    Link building software for mature content (last longer in bed niche)

    albi7918 in SEO

    I built a site targeting the last longer in bed niche and I was planning to use software like unique article wizard for my backlinking but I cant now because ... [read more]

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    How Do You Find Leading vs. Trailing Keyword Combos?

    The Expert in SEO

    Let's say you were trying to find keywords related to "Counseling". When I punch that into a keyword scrape suggestion tool I get: counselor counselors title counselors title dc counselor ... [read more]

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    Big G followed up my reconsideration reqeust with this

    jsmith2482 in SEO

    "We received a request from a site owner to reconsider for compliance with Google's Webmaster Guidelines. We've reviewed your site and we still see links to your site that ... [read more]

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    Only Impressum gets ranked?

    normahl in SEO

    Hey there. Just set up my new site about 10 weeks ago. All in SEO etc, all filled out. But till now only my contact/about page seems indexed in google ... [read more]

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    So I have my 1st adsense website, what now?

    talbrice in SEO

    Ofcourse I'll need to promote it.. What is the first things I need to do? Already ping it, submit article directories, made few blog post+anchor backlinks at blooger,hubpages and squidoo. ... [read more]

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    Clarification about submission...

    robin2012 in SEO

    Hi guys, if i do submission per day in directory and social book marking total 100 then will it help me to increase my website traffic, if not then how ... [read more]

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    Important Adwords change you won't notice

    robcarsello in SEO

    there is a way to *opt out* of these changes.* I strongly suggest doing this to all your campaigns.* Here’s what you need to do: Existing Campaigns Click the*Campaigns*tab. Select ... [read more]

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    Effective On-page SEO Process

    jesicawillss in SEO

    What to do in on-page if a website has been given to you without doing any single seo process on it? How to handle a website by doing only on-page ... [read more]

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    How to Build Quality Backlinks?

    webmakers2011 in SEO

    Hi there, my name is Dimo from Bulgaria and I am new to warriorforum. Two months ago I have started my own blog, you can see it in my signature, ... [read more]

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    Impression in Google webmaster

    ashish123 in SEO

    Hi, what is Impression in Google webmaster ?

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    Understand Page Rank

    jossefsal in SEO

    I know most of you don't understand why their page rank is not increasing while they keep building links. will let me explain something: 1. If you are seeking high ... [read more]

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    Strange SEO situation for new crowdsourced dating website

    Marketing Fool in SEO

    Hey everyone, I've got a weird SEO situation and I wondered if anyone had any ideas... I've got a client who's running an unusual dating website called Their site ... [read more]

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    Clickbump? Possible to get a ban?

    07 in SEO

    Hello! I have a very important question and need a good reply, prefferably from Clickbump developer. I am planning on ranking many websites for keywords that have many searches a ... [read more]

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    Boom! Google Panda Strikes - Now the Fight back

    lordkensal in SEO

    Well, I'm not sure if coincidence or as a direct result of Google's "scorched earth policy" with Panda, but some (not all thank goodness) of my sites have been hit ... [read more]

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    How can I optimize my site against specific keyword?

    raymaczx in SEO

    Hello Everyone! I'm very new to SEO. I've a website I want to optimize on search Engines against specific keywords. I'm not sure how to do that and looking for ... [read more]

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    SEO - You want to know what works RIGHT NOW? This guy is spot on. Miss this at your own peril

    Kael41 in SEO

    I've always been a huge, huge, HUGE advocate of reading forums about what we do all over the net. You have to, in order to succeed. For everyone who says ... [read more]

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    Dumb Backlinks N00B Question

    n0tr3v3 in SEO

    Hello Warriors, Normally When I am building Backlinks I use my article and spinner them about two times for web 2.0 and article directory but Here is my dumb N00B ... [read more]

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    edit article or blog may hurt your ranking?

    howit in SEO

    So i have an article that is ranking 2nd page on google. i wanted to edit the article, some keywords, wording, nothing big. my question is will this effect my ... [read more]

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    How To Increase Twitter Followers?

    dataandinternet in SEO

    Make sure that you are careful about automating Twitter too much. Don’t repeat the same message several times because it looks spammy. If you want to send information about ... [read more]

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    I got screwed from google =(. Need Help!

    Johnm1141 in SEO

    Okay, I have a website with whose keyword is the exact name of the search. At the beginning since 3 days of my first article I was in page 2! ... [read more]

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    Ranking Dropped from #4 to #11

    c275353118 in SEO

    My site ranking stayed at about #4 for over a month. Today it dropped to #11. I did nothing but added about 10 forum profile or bookmark backlinks these weeks. ... [read more]

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    How To Build Quality Backlinks?

    amitkhurana1990 in SEO

    I am tired by listening build quality backinks for your site can anyone tell how to build it step by step process??

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    Indexing Profile Backlinks Faster

    artion in SEO

    Whats your method for indexing profile backlinks faster?

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    CrackerJack in SEO

    Hi fellow warriors, In the recent days I have seen a lot of people complaining regarding banned Adsense accounts. Currently, Adsense is pretty much my only source of income (i ... [read more]

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    Target Keywords

    longrobnc in SEO

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for any help. I have a home improvement site in NC. I get about 700 visitors a month to my site. I convert very little ... [read more]

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    Ranking sales pages?

    iconoclast in SEO

    Is it highly difficult to rank a sales page on google for a low competition keyword? Thank you.

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    Recommendations for Wordpress Social Sharing Plugin??

    Roger Mayne in SEO

    I've been scouoring the net for some Wordpress social sharing plugins. I've tried all different ones... Digg Digg Sociable Slick Social Share AddThis ShareThis SexyBookmarks (think now ShareThis) Anyway, what ... [read more]

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    Building My Site's SERPs

    vishal1996 in SEO

    Hello I have a humor website with good content and a page rank of 2, after publishing any post I use Scrapebox Rapid Indexer with 30,000 sites for deep linking ... [read more]

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    How can I find French blogs and forums site for SEO?

    rozerr in SEO

    Hello friends.. I am new in SEO field and I want your help. Is it necessary to learn french language first? Because my boss provides me details of a french ... [read more]

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    RE: In need for a person who can "buy" links from relevant websites

    YasirYar in SEO

    Hi everyone, Sorry for my continuous posts, but since the recent Google changes, I (and my partners) need to change their strategies a little bit Towards that end, I am ... [read more]

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    RE: Need a good quality guest blogger - lots of work to be done - message me ASAP!

    YasirYar in SEO

    Hi everyone, I am in need for people who have routinely done guest blogging for their clients i.e. people who have access to high quality relevant blogs. I already managed ... [read more]

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    Google Hotspot?

    eswariseo in SEO

    Anyone knows about Google Hotspot?

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    Market Samurai versus Google Keywords....

    aygabtu in SEO

    Can someone explain the benefit of market samurai over google keyword tool? I have the trial version and did a keyword research check and it doesn't show global monthly searches, ... [read more]

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    YouTube "Like" Button Is Gone

    rimam1 in SEO

    I noticed that the YouTube thumbs-up/like button is being replaced with the "Google +" It's probably a test, but definitely shows how hard Google is forcing people to use Google ... [read more]

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    Case Study: How I Lost My Link Bait Virginity To The Montauk Monster?

    Nicky Papers in SEO

    Link Bait is a practice (and art!) that's been overlooked by many SEO's as a method of obtaining links and visibility. Why? It requires effort, out-of-the-box thinking, and crafting compelling ... [read more]

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    For those of you who like my thread I make a full time income without ranking keywords

    nest28 in SEO

    I have been getting a lot of messages asking questions on my methods. So I have decided to open up one last time and share my very first site I ... [read more]

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    I finally did it

    timpears in SEO

    Well I bitched and moaned a lot about how I never seem to be able to rank my sites as easy as many tell you, especially in WSO sales pitches. ... [read more]