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    [Advice Required] Restarting Afresh - On Very Limited Resources

    RichardSuhandi in SEO

    Hi folks Richard here. I'm writing from Indonesia. As the title suggests, I am looking to go into internet marketing after a 4 years hiatus when I made my living ... [read more]

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    The website by seo

    tivimedia in SEO

    how to check has fulfilled our website standart seo ? i wonder if i have to check in , one by one be too much takes me , for that ... [read more]

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    Backlink Service Review

    t3ch in SEO

    Hi Can anyone share a site that review all the backlinks service out there? I used to know one but i couldnt remember the site. Thanks

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    "Re-optimize" or leave the same?

    joetheseo in SEO

    I have a few websites that have ranked #1 on "fairly large" ( > 20k/m) keywords for the past 6-8 months with hardly any link building... Well I made these ... [read more]

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    SEO Test Results: how the Google algorithm has changed

    PhilipSEO in SEO

    I thought many people here might benefit from this, so I decided to share this info. If you are smart, you worry about these things. At my SEO company, we ... [read more]

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    Does spun content still work for you? (Esp after the update)

    GGpaul in SEO

    Sup, so people say spun content doesn't work, and it does work. Honestly, writing 400 words of unique content constantly is tiring (I'm sure you will suggest that I hire ... [read more]

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    25 Free High PR Dofollow Backlinks Inside

    sovereignn in SEO

    All downloads have been used

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    Banned From Adwords. Can I Work On Somebody Elses Account

    jwallace in SEO

    I have been banned from Adwords for a year now. I have recently been asked to manage a third party's Adwords campaign, but obviously I am worried Google will know ... [read more]

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    Is this true or not?

    cashtree in SEO

    Originally Posted by paulgl Google has labeled virtually all blog comments as spam, nofollow or not, and even made it part of their adsense TOS. Your comments do not ad ... [read more]

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    100 articles published, pinged, gave back links, used indexer, only 7 it normal?

    ikuret75 in SEO

    Hi, I'm new to SEO using tools. So I'm not sure what I'm doing is right. Recently I used AMR and published about 100 articles (spun). These are meant to ... [read more]

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    Adding content to a dreamweaver site

    ayetti in SEO

    I would like to add content to my dreamweaver site. I realize that most people use wordpress for this exact reason but I am super comfortable in dreamweaver and have ... [read more]

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    DID Anyone get approved in adsense recently?!

    karismasand in SEO

    Hi, I have a fiend that trying go get approve in AdSense program. He apply ONLY with custom websites that have an average 100 indexed pages, all unique and quality ... [read more]

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    Max # For Submitting Spin Article To?

    n0tr3v3 in SEO

    Hey Guys what's the maximum of article directories should I submit one spin article to?

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    How does word placement in domain name affect search results for keyword?

    HenrikPoulsen in SEO

    Hey all Finding prime domains for key phrases is difficult to say the least, but change up the words a bit and suddenly it become possible to find domains. Example... ... [read more]

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    Lots of ok sites or a few great sites

    Nathan251 in SEO

    Time.....we all have a limited amount of it hypothetical question, which do you think would earn more money? 20 micro-niche sites of 7-8 pages, with marketing efforts focused on article ... [read more]

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    reasons why Adsense RPM (CPM) would increase by itself?

    BeyondElement in SEO

    So I've used Adsense for quite a while and for the most part my RPM (formally known as eCPM) has gone from approximately $0.50 (for over a year) to $0.80 ... [read more]

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    An SEO Newbie Guideline

    bamstk090 in SEO

    This is intended to be kind of a reference point for people who are newer to SEO. It's the basic outline of what I do to get my own sites ... [read more]

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    How Can I report about a website to google for copying contents from my site?

    rafiseo in SEO

    My question is how can report about a website which is copying contents from my site? Is it possible? Look forward to hearing from you.

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    UAW my experience so far, any comments?

    Srdjan in SEO

    Hello there, Most links are on PR-0 blogs, some are PR1-PR3 many are no follow, some of them come with error, no article at all, many of them are landing ... [read more]

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    If you use BMR -- has your rankings dropped yet?

    singaporeasiaco in SEO

    I use BMR heavily on 2 sites.. and the rankings have not dropped yet even though i heard that the BMR sites have been deindexed. Have your BMR-ed sites moved ... [read more]

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    [ASK] Does SEO-ing the Subfolder will affect the root domain?

    Viramara in SEO

    Hi guys, I'd like to ask 2 questions : I have a major local website, and I've made several micro niche sites from its subfolders (since it has a very ... [read more]

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    Lower CTR better Position

    ToneyCr in SEO

    Here are all informations about visits: March 8: 59 March 9: 35 March 10: 36 March 11: 32 March 12: 32 March 13: 42 March 14: 34 March 15: 24 ... [read more]

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    Where Can I Get One Of Those Diagram Programs?

    dp40oz in SEO

    Hey guys I am looking for a simple diagram program to demonstrate link building schemes and what not. Anybody know of a simple free one. I don't need anything fancy. ... [read more]

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    Panda 3.4 Rolled Out...

    regenesis in SEO

    Hi, As most of you have heard that Google announced last saturday that they are rolling out panda 3.4 update. Google conveyed the message via Twitter and mentioned in the ... [read more]

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    What is the best automatic forum profile creation software?

    Sayed in SEO

    Hello Guys, I need an experience-based opinion, what's the best automatic forum profile creation software? Thanks in advance Sayed

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    What Are These?

    Ohioquotes in SEO

    Although I rank well for most key words in my field, I notice that many of those that are ranking ahead of me use these types of websites (see below: ... [read more]

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    AGH!!! Help, did something happen Google-wise on March 21st/22nd?

    phil.wheatley in SEO

    Hi Guys I just checked my stats for a few of my sites in Google Analytics, and most of them dive bomed after March 21st. I've noticed when I seach ... [read more]

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    how to find blog simialir to my niche

    subzer0 in SEO

    HEllo how i can find blogs to leave comment & get backlinks similair to my niche ?? im tired to type in google my niche ??? i need perfect trcik ... [read more]

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    Which worked, wiki links or Angela's links?

    agc in SEO

    Since the BMR loss, one of my sites has dropped almost all of the ranked keywords, as expected. Except for one keyword that hung in there on page 2. So ... [read more]

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    How Do You know if your site is sandboxed

    yankforlife41 in SEO

    Have been working on my website for the keyword stop blushing finally got it to the 6th position and now it just dissapeared? Not even on the next 3 ... [read more]

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    Help Me Understand This Type of Local SEO

    carsonben in SEO

    A competitor seems to have several KW meta descriptions that correspond with several different KW targeted Home Pages showing up in Google searches. Can someone help me understand how they ... [read more]

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    Starting out - what were your greatest mistakes?

    Nathan251 in SEO

    I am new to IM and I have a few quick questions for the veterans when you started out, what were your greatest mistakes? Is it best to dive in ... [read more]

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    Need Help...???? Urgent

    Bhupendra singh in SEO

    Hello warriors Few day ago i check my Google webmaster ...i have found a serious problem there.MY sites Crawl Errors showing in japanese language in Dashboard of Google webmasters..what is ... [read more]

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    How can I generate the leads for my website?

    RedchilliMedia in SEO

    Any suggestion for lead generation for my web design and development websites?

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    Does Your Site De-Index From Google Search

    edpudol1973 in SEO

    Does anyone of you experience site de-index from google search? If yes did you submit your site to google analytics or webmaster tool?

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    Pet Site Tanked Today

    lutherlars in SEO

    My pet site has just dropped off the map for search results, less than a week after getting the dreaded unnatural linking penalty. I have no legit defense. BMR was ... [read more]

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    SalAG in SEO

    Do you still join PTC sites? Can you really earn a decent amount there?

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    Any Faster Way?

    SalAG in SEO

    Hi warriors! So for two years I've been creating content for sites. Every month I write hundreds of blogs and articles. Well, eventually, often I grew tired of writing. I ... [read more]

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    Need feedback about 3 Way Link Exchange Tool

    recsomu in SEO

    I am developing online link exchange tool to exchange links with other webmasters in 3 way link building process. Would like to hear back from experts about their opinions and ... [read more]

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    The new google era. Here's my guide to rank now. The day after panda

    lrdc in SEO

    Yes. 99% were affected by the new so-called Google update. Google is a search engine. It MUST care about the quality of the provided results. It MUST think first of ... [read more]

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    Answers to Your Google Update Problem

    tryinghard in SEO

    Sorry for the grammar. english is not my first language but I do hire writers for my SEO campaigns so dont worry So before someone bash me with grammar and ... [read more]

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    Competition analysis for large online e-commerce sites

    adamcm in SEO

    Hi all, Most of my sites are product based where I promote products for various merchants (i.e. no adsnese). Most of the time I find that my competition are large ... [read more]

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    Does keyword density matters?

    opportunist86 in SEO

    I have my site with good content and proper keyword density. Some of the sites with almost no keywords on homepage rank better than mine for my targeted keywords. It ... [read more]

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    Localisation on subdomain

    Magazine man in SEO

    As I undrestand a website that is using Localisation will rank better in the spesific county than a genaral. I am planning to start new site in english language. But ... [read more]

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    facebook page likes???

    northtrans in SEO

    Hi friends i create a page on facebook related to my website but its like are not increasing...Is there any way to increase??

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    Can anyone tell me how to get traffic

    Robert02011 in SEO

    I want to know how to get traffic to my website without google or ppc or ppv.

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    Google Plus 1 Killed Adsense?

    SaveSaveSave in SEO

    I have noticed that my earnings from Adsense have completely disappeared from a few sites at exactly the same time I created a Google Plus 1 account. Has this happened ... [read more]

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    Have you received the unnatural links warning? Here's some advice!

    mosthost in SEO

    Here's some advice if you just got the 'unnatural links' warning.

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    Market Samurai; Does It List ALL Indexed Links?

    payoman in SEO

    I ask this because I recently did a large automated spun article submission, social bookmarks AND blog comments, yet haven't seen a single thing in the Market Samurai link checker. ... [read more]

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    Bounce Rate

    deep150 in SEO

    Hi all, What is the meaning of the bounce rate and what is the affect of this?

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    If you had to choose just 3 tools....

    Nathan251 in SEO

    the consensus on here seems to be market samurai or micro niche finder for keyword research ctr or clickbump or optimize press or thesis for wp theme? amr or uaw ... [read more]

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    Dummy's guide to creating backlinks

    Nathan251 in SEO

    I hear a lot of talk about this but I am not 100% sure how to do it Say I have site about a new dieting fad and want to ... [read more]

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    What paid SEO services are giving you best results?

    JohnCitizen in SEO

    As the title says, What paid SEO services are giving you best results? Eager to hear your responses

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    Help Targeting adsense ads !!

    febbelli in SEO

    I am having a hard time getting targeted ads on my niche site! The keyword I am ranking for is "high" competition according to the google keyword tool and when ... [read more]

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    SEO reporting Tools

    ilikecake in SEO

    Hi Guys, Just wondered what and how you guys report to your clients? Is it a tool available commercially or just en email with their current rankings on. I feel ... [read more]