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    Should I Hide My EMD Information ?

    boosters in SEO

    I am planning to buy some EMD so should i have to buy whois privacy protection.. i see namecheap giving at below $10 .com domain.. can someone advice me what ... [read more]

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    Getting E-Book into Google Product Search

    sabrina81 in SEO

    Hi guys, is it a good idea to get my ebook indexed in Google Product Search? Pro: It would help if my ebook would show up in the products search ... [read more]

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    When did you checked for broken link last time !

    Taba in SEO

    While Speaking about the SEO it has too many factors and it would be unfair if we ignore any of them, So checking brokenlink for blog is also an important ... [read more]

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    Punished by Google, should I work on bringing the site back?

    AfteraDream in SEO

    Had my site in top 10 for couple of months and now it's gone from top 100 even, only one of the sub-pages is in 7th page somewhere instead of ... [read more]

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    What's the status of other blog networks?

    winrar in SEO

    After BMR down, what about other blog networks? ALN? UAW?

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    How to tell if a forum is do-follow?

    Keep Trying in SEO

    How can you tell if a forum is do-follow or not?

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    How long does a page stay cached by Google?

    sanjuk61 in SEO

    Hello How long does a page stay cached by Google? Thanks

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    Can Google De-Index Select Pages from a Site?

    herms in SEO

    I have a site where I sell many different products, each with their own product page. I used to have the number 2 and number 3 position on the first ... [read more]

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    What would be a 100% sure way to check rankings on Google US?

    GeorgR. in SEO

    I know, we had this question already in the past - but it's still an open issue No matter whether i use Market Samurai, various Proxies etc...results are ALWAYS varying ... [read more]

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    Different ranking

    peterjohns in SEO

    What are the reasons of different SERPs on different explorer through add preview tool?

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    Will Negative SEO Rise Up?

    RayFinckle in SEO

    I'm curious how google can up and penalize a site for having low quality backlinks. One of my smaller sites took a hit in the SERPs but fortunately I did ... [read more]

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    Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to http://www.

    reyhan in SEO

    I got this erro in my google webmaster. what doed it mean? Dear site owner or webmaster of http://www........... We've detected that some of your site's pages may be using ... [read more]

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    Message from ALN Private Blog Network

    cssitkt in SEO

    Hi, In the last few days blog network has been hit hard by google, so does ALN, we have 22% de-index rate this month which is quite high, normally sites ... [read more]

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    [social bookmarking] Should I create 1 account for each site?

    ikuret75 in SEO

    Hi, When bookmark your sites on social bookmarking sites, do you bookmark using the same account? Let's say I have 50 sites I want to bookmark. If I use 1 ... [read more]

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    Quick Question about ALL IN ONE SEO plugin

    lovboa in SEO

    In the settings, for the "Home Description" field, if you leave it blank, will Google just show the appropriate block of text in the description or will it actually be ... [read more]

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    Anchor text penalty

    barley in SEO

    I was actively link-building for a mid-level keyword to my homepage and was rising slowly through Google's ranking to the top of the 2nd page. I was on the brink ... [read more]

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    Does a link count if it gets crawled but not indexed?

    xxxJamesxxx in SEO

    Hey guys I'm hearing this more and more and I'm wondering if it's true? Thanks James Scholes

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    Which Senuke Diagram You Are Working ?

    boosters in SEO

    Just want to know because am i pick up the wrong template. I don't know how to make template there what to connect and what to not.. So i pickup ... [read more]

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    Meta Tag SEO... Not Dead!

    jaygonsalves in SEO

    Hi new here. This place seriously looks awesome! I have been using computers at an advanced level for many years and have a pretty techie background so I have a ... [read more]

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    Firefox to use Google secure search as default.

    ghazia in SEO

    Fire fox has planned to use Google's secure search as default. This in turns gives more "not provided" keywords in your Google Analytics.

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    ALN back in the game this quick?

    SamuraiKat in SEO

    Just got this email. Hi, We have just released Authority Link Network 2.0, here's the list of the changes that we made: - up to 30% of your distributed article ... [read more]

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    BMR Hit. A lesson to all link builders

    dadamson in SEO

    So BMR was hit, badly. Basically all blogs de-indexed. But this is a lesson and gives us more of an insight into how the algorithm works and where it is ... [read more]

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    One website or twenty geo-targeted sites?

    liban in SEO

    We have a client/friend who is asking our advice on the following: He sells a product (widgets, of course) in several physical locations scattered throughout two states. The business is ... [read more]

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    Site Penalized Because of BMR Usage

    Hasan Akhtar in SEO

    I used BMR to build almost 500 links. Now my site has received a warning via webmaster tools. It says that my links are unnatural and I should fill a ... [read more]

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    Installed CDN on WP and now organic traffic is down

    digga123 in SEO

    I recently installed a popular CDN on my wordpress blog and coincidentally the next day my google organic traffic has dropped over 20 percent. Should I uninstall it or should ... [read more]

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    Easy Free Backlink on High Authority Site

    SEOChemist in SEO

    Thought I would share a little backlinking love here. For those who use Klout, just type your URL in to your description/bio, quick and easy high value do-follow backlink If ... [read more]

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    jovykhan in SEO

    In case no one has posted this yet. They're dead!

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    Adwords quality score and more

    HotDamnShortSales in SEO

    im running adwords, and i just dont get it. unless im missing something, adwords really isn't that hard to figure out, i mean google give you answers, tutorials, videos for ... [read more]

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    While private blog networks are gone..

    mandos123 in SEO

    What should be the alternative backlinking for contextual backlinks? Linkwheels, Article Submissions (AMR) and Press Releases?! What else? Thanks

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    Google Adsense hates my face...

    jt47000 in SEO

    I'm at my wits end with Adsense... :confused: Adsense is seeriously like having "Boardwalk and Park Place (with hotels and condos)" and if you don't you loose... You may be ... [read more]

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    Google WMT Message

    carlosthejackal in SEO

    Hi all, I was the lucky recipient of one of the messages that seem to be prolific at the moment about unnatural links. It was the usual " Specifically, look ... [read more]

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    Should you delete your BMR links?

    NikNak in SEO

    Now that the entire BMR network has been de-indexed and they are providing their users with the option to delete all the links that you have built using their network, ... [read more]

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    How To Find Golden Nugget Keywords

    Paul Roekle in SEO

    This is something I posted in my blog in 2 parts (don't worry I won't link to it), but I think you guys can handle the whole shabang... This is ... [read more]

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    Which numbers are accurate..Statcounter or Awstats?

    mrtrance in SEO

    When I look at my Statcounter stats for a particular site that is targeting local search terms it shows I only got 19 visitors this month so far, but when ... [read more]

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    Best Alternate for google adsense

    slimharry in SEO

    hello guys! GOOGLE adsense banned me recently, nw im lookin towards one of the best alternate of google. Because there are too many i cant sort out which one is ... [read more]

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    squidoo lens issue

    martinhelen in SEO

    Hello, I create many squidoo lens all are approved or featured. but after 3 months. Squidoo disapprove my all lens. All lens pass to work in progress. What is the ... [read more]

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    Can I direct link form Adcenter and FB to my own sales page?

    bigballin6161 in SEO

    I have a video sales page that I want to direct link to. I know adword would ban me with this but can I use FB and Adcenter? It is ... [read more]

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    Vision Quest: Ranking A Site Without Prior SEO Knowledge and $0 Budget

    incognitoX in SEO

    A Vision Quest is a rite of passage - a learning and apprenticeship of a child under the guidance of elders to contact a spirit or force. I am a ... [read more]

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    SENuke - Problem registering

    tantris in SEO

    Does anyone know if there is a problem at the moment with SEnuke? I am trying to sign up but can't. The homepage sometimes opens and when it does the ... [read more]

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    Manual Link Building - The Heart and Soul of REAL rankings

    rgb in SEO

    Link Building is still one of the most important factors in an effective SEO campaign. For search engines that crawl the web, "links are the streets between pages". Using in ... [read more]

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    Google maps or places?

    webscity in SEO

    Hey I dont understand if there is any diffrent between google maps and google places. What is the diffrent between these 2???? I went to Google maps to add my ... [read more]

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    How do you keep track of all your adsense sites?

    Kael41 in SEO

    Back in the day I was a huge spreadsheet guy. Well, after my first 50 sites it got to be a major pain in the ass. I then let the ... [read more]

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    Can I have a confirmed adsense account with this?

    beyanet in SEO

    Dear All, Please check this blog, (my signature) can I have a valid adsense account with this? Sorry for wrong signature please do not click, please type what is written ... [read more]

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    Could I use .co TLD?

    Jere Kuisma in SEO

    Hey! I'd like to make a review site for a product and the only EMD is a .co. Are .co's as valid as the others? As I haven't really seen ... [read more]

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    What I Never Understood About Blog Networks

    febbelli in SEO

    I have used several blog networks and the results I got were excellent. What I never understood though is when you use a high pr blog network such as build ... [read more]

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    Facebook traffic analyize

    FbManiac in SEO

    Hello, in our company we are using Facebook ads about 6 months. Until now we did not analyze any traffic, so we dont know what type of facebook users are ... [read more]

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    Monetize Adsense??

    jpboxersox in SEO

    Hi Guys/Gals I have a sight ranked on 1st page on Google on the 3rd spot that get 1,600 local searches per month. It is making money with Adsense but ... [read more]

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    Paid Social/Advertising Traffic for New Authority Websites

    tylerherman in SEO

    Thinking of a promotion strategy for a few websites I'm working on. The standard seo strategies don't seem to be the best avenue for me. I do very well in ... [read more]

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    Do you get to keep the test amount google sends?

    cashtree in SEO

    Google sent me quite a bit (less than a dollar but still) to verify a bank account for adsense, do I get to keep that?

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    Is it big problem for me

    money200 in SEO

    If some one just copying your content and past in his blog than is it problem for SERP.How to protect my content by so that Google not detected duplicated content ... [read more]

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    Question About Unnatural Links

    FrankJohnson in SEO

    I have a question about the likelihood of Google detecting unnatural links in a scenario I've been contemplating. Maybe I should say "about the likelihood of Google determining that certain ... [read more]

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    Anyone Using The New ALN 2.0

    Janet Walker in SEO

    Just got the email from Maulana about the aln 2.0 changes. Is anyone still using blog networks.

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    Which domain should i choose, or net?

    NicolasDaVinci in SEO

    I want to target UK residents. Firts 3 spots on google are exact match domains and have .com 1st place on the 2nd place and .org on the 3rd ... [read more]

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    BMR GONE-is it a blessing?

    papamo44 in SEO

    Now that BMR and all these other blog networks are pretty much destroyed, is it a good thing for those of us that do not solely rely on them? Between ... [read more]

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    How do you choose the best article topics?

    Anton095 in SEO

    Hi guys! If you wrote many articles for your website, but you recieve a traffic for only for a couple of the articles - do you think why? Why other ... [read more]

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    Master Web 2.0 Properties for Offline Clients, or Client Specific Web 2.0 Properties?

    toddbiala in SEO

    Quick question. I have a handful of clients and looking to take on more. I am planning for SEO to post a bunch through Web 2.0 properties for links. My ... [read more]